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live the life

Forest. . Coffee at tree house. Suites and Villas at dagshai hills kasauli. Pool. sound of breeze. Clouds • Music to the soul. sound of water. The Cottages. relax your soul. make a statement with colors that echo nature. Spa. refresh yourself • Resort. • When living is but part of the echo of nature then style and elegance blend discreetly to enhance each nuance of serenity. sound of your own breathe • Relax your body.kasauli • Destination for peaceful life and aroma for soul • Waterfall. and views that leave one gazing into the enchantment of God’s own country.

dagshai hills Cottages. Apartments. Resort. Studios……… .

Suits. 4100 / 5100 Spa Resort • 25 acre Resort • Resort Cottages. Ayurvedic sqft • 1000 sqyrds / 1200 sqyrds landscaped cottages Spa. Studios • Spa Club spread in 20000 sqft • Spa. Healing of Soul nature • Finished at excellence • Living is but part of the echo of .Presenting to You…… “LIFE” Cottages • 55 acre Luxury Hills • 5600 ft above see level • Luxury and More…. Swimming Pool.

5 km off National Highway • Zero km from Nature .Location: Dagshai Kasauli •10 km from Kasauli •1.

Location: Heaven on Earth Natural Water Body Actual Site Picture .

Luxury Cottages • 1000 sqyrd & 1200 sqyrd landscaped plot area • 4100 sqft and 5100 sqft finished luxury cottages • Exotic Hill View • Part of 25 acre Spa Resort .

Exotic View and Living Pure Soul .

Greens and Greens Living in Heaven .

kasauli Actual sky view .

licenses and zoning plan approved . dagshai hills. kasauli.Come to us…. Come to Heaven……. Himachal Pradesh All approvals in place...