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Alayance visited campus (PESIT Bangalore) 1.

Write the program/algorithm or pseudo code to do following operation given matrix Input Matrix 123 456 789 Output Matrix 987 654 321 the algo or program should be able to do this. 2. Hotel owner to teacher: you know that mohan came here with 3 girl friends. if multiply their ages the result will be 2450. and the sum of their ages is equal to u'r age. the eldest girl is elder than mohan can u tell me mohan's age. 3. one more question answer approach is 2+3+.....127 ans: 137 (Pls. verify) 4. one more question about 4 ships do it well there are 7 conditions and 7th condition will not be satisfied.dont go for that consider the first 6 conditions Instructions: First do the program part and write down the assumptions u made. Be careful with your interest : suppose if you say reading news paper you should be knowing the current news. and good communication skills is a must. dont write any thing that you don't know in resume. no problem if you say you don't know c. because they will give you training. pay package is 2.04 lakhs. Interview Questions: 1.differecne b/w c and c++. 2.polymorphism, decalring functions in structures,virtual base class.

if it is HTML then question will be draw a bar graph without using IMG tag.3. that’s all .