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Who We Are Over the coming weeks students will be looking into who we are.

This unit is an inquiry into our interactions with each other and our relationships. Please find below details of the unit and outlines of how Language Arts and Mathematics are integrated within it.
Central Idea Key Concepts
Everyday choices can affect ourselves and our relationships.

Connectionhow are things connected ? Reflectionhow do we know?

Lines of Inquiry Making choices

Interactions with others Impact of our choices

Learner Profile and Attitudes Integrated Maths

Reflective, Caring Respect, Cooperation Measurement

Time: We use tools to measure attributes of objects and events. Simple Graphing information can be expressed and organized as structured

Data Handling


Integrated Language Arts

Speaking and Listening: Everyone has the right to speak and be listened to. Active listening Presenting information Reading: Connectiontext to self, text to text, text to world Schema and prior knowledge Writing : Personal narrative Viewing and presenting: Our feelings are not only expressed in words (body and facial expression).

Key Vocabulary

Choice, effect, relationships, connection, cooperation, respect, reflection, problem solving, conflict, decision