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DISCHARGE PLANNING A case of JTR, 22 years old, female, single, Filipino, Roman Catholic was admitt ed onOctober 1, 2010

for complaints of fever and vomiting with the final diagnos es of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and hypokalemia. She decided to go home again stmedical advice as of October 4, 2010. Subjective Muuli nalang mi kay dili nami ka-afford sa gasto sa ospital. , as verbalizedby pati ent. Objective -Seen packing things-Signed HAMA form-Received directions from physician Analysis Noncompliance related to cost of hospital stay Planning After 15 30 minutes of health teaching, the patient will be able toenumerate act ivities that will enhance her independence in the performance of herADL s with saf ety and infection precautions. Interventions A= Instructed patient to minimize contact with individuals with respiratorytract infections and other communicable diseasesM= Emphasized to patient the importan ce of adhering to the prescribedtherapeutic regimen= Enumerated accepted herbal medicine that could possibly serve asalternatives to prescribed drugsE = Avised patient to gradually resume to usual activities as tolerated= Advisedto schedule periods of uninterrupted rest T = Taught methods to alleviate pain such as warm compresses and topicalliniments.H= Encouraged ptient and SO to maintain a clea and safe environment at alltimes.O = Referred patient to social services and sup port groups that could assistthem financially and pyschologicallyD= Encouraged a high protein diet= Advised patient not to sip meals= Identified foods rich in p otassium and vitamins and minerals for thepatient. Evaluation Goal was met. Muadto lang unya mi sa social worker, basig makatabang pa nanamo. , p atient verbalized.