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258 Reliable Series O~ Prepare a report on the inaugural function of.

the sports day in your college : Day and date of function. Welcoming the chief guest and the other invitees. Introductory speech. Inauguration of sports day. Chief guest's address. Vote of thanks. Read the following family tree and prepare a short paragraph describing it. (4) Family tree showin~ Bachchan family Harbansrai Bachchan (a renowned Hindi Poet) Teji Bachchan (Socialite) I Ajitabh --- Ramola (businessman) (Socialite) I Amitabh --- Jaya (Hindi film actor (actress of matinee idol) repute) I Abhishek - Aishwarya (Hindi film actors) I Nilima (Phd. in Aeronautical Engineering from UK) 1 I Namrita (Artist author) I' Naina (banker) ShwetaNanda- RahulNanda (House wife) (a businessman from Delhi)

(2) By highlighting the hero resorting to violence to take revenge for the injustice. (A) Imagine as a member of the NSS unit of your college.7.I Agastya Aradhya I Bhim (Investment banker who shuftles between Mumbai and Delhi for his job) I Navya Navelli OR (C) (2) Prepare a paragraph for the counter-view section on the following topic: ''Hindi films are harming the society" (4) View Section (1) Hindi films are degenerating our culture. an appeal *** . films glorify violence. Q. . (4) They try to aceomplish the impossible and take people away from the reality making them daydreamers. (i) Organising a meeting to explain the importance of eye-donation. (4) (B) Prepare a speech stating the importance of eye donation. . You can use the following points. (ii) When and who can donate the eyes. . Frame eight questions to interview one of the inmates of the home discussing his/her experience of staying away from the family and their day-to-day life in the home. you have visited an old age home. (3) The vulgarity in the costumes and lyrics of the songs as well as their picturisation create a negative impact on the youngsters . (iii) Concluding lines with.