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Games for Language Learning

Games for Language Learning

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EFL games
EFL games

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Published by: francescablanc on Aug 21, 2013
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PreparationDecide on which phonetic combinations you would like the learners
to focus on, for example the sounds /a /, / /; /ks/, /ɒ/

1Introduce the game by writing on the board examples of words
containing the sounds you have chosen. Have a different column for each

Games for Language Learning


sound. Invite examples of rhyming words. For example, you might write
box.Learners may suggest the following rhyming words: fox, chicken
pox, locks, socks, rocks.

2Ask the learners to choose and write down four of the words, each word
containing a different sound.
3Read out a list of words, some of which should contain the examples on
the board and some not. The first learner to hear and tick off each of his
or her four words is the winner. Make sure you keep a record of the
words you have read out so that you can check the winner’s claim to be
the first with all of his or her words crossed out.

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