A foreign visitor has only one day to spend in your country.

Where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice. I was on a south India tour to Tirupathi Balaji, Mysoor, Kunoor and Ooty. There I met many tourists from different countries. I had interactions with them and found that foreign nationals from developed nations like US and UK are more interested in small towns and country side villages than Indian metro cities. The visitors don’t find anything new in metros as they say. Hence I would like to take the foreigner to my country side village Chandod. I will elaborate why I want so. Scenery of farms all over side is hilarious. When we reach the village, the villagers shall be overexcited to see a foreigner, this being a rare opportunity for them. Well, Indians are well-known for their politeness, and hospitality. The kind of hospitality the visitor shall get in this village would be second to none in the world and he or she would be delighted to receive such a warm welcome. Visitor may have a chance to have a bullock-cart ride for fun sake. My village Chandod is on the bank of holy river Narmada. This is a very religious place and people from all over India including many NRI also come here and holy dip in Narmada river. The visitor shall have a privilege to visit the famous temple with ancient sculpture and have a holy dip in the river Narmada. Most foreigners love Indian culture very much that is evident from the live telecasts from Allahabad on Janmasthami (Lord Krishna’s birthday). Many foreign nationals dressed as Hindu Sadhus in saffron gowns sing and dance with the Indian men and women. Also the visitor shall have an opportunity to taste Indian village food that has a unique taste that is absent in the food prepared in our big cities. -(294 Words)-

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