How can you make the most of the Word Banks? Read the Tips below and find out. Teaching Tip #1 The longer 63-item Word Banks can be used in a variety of ways with almost any intermediate-level group of learners, but are especially well-suited for at least two kinds of EFL/ESL classes: 1) ESP (English for Special Purposes) classes where students have a limited time to improve their vocabulary on a specific topic – for example, students who may be planning international air travel by a certain date. 2) Mixed ability classes in which some students do not feel adequately challenged with the existing curriculum. In this case, the word banks can be distributed to certain learners as additional after-class study material. Teaching Tip #2 When using the 63-word-item Word Banks, consider breaking your class into several groups of three to four students. Then, assign 10 or 15 words to each group to study for homework. They will probably already know a number of the words. Then, in the following class, have them peer teach their words to their classmates. This might be done in a formal manner (with students at the front of the class) or in a less formal way (with students seated in small groups) Teaching Tip #3 The 63-word-item Word Banks provide a great source of inspiration to learners who are engaged in a writing activity, or who are preparing for an oral presentation. Are they going to write or speak about their favorite restaurant? Then give them the “Restaurant” Word Bank to spark their creativity! Teaching Tip #4 The shorter, gap-fill Word Banks (with 12 to 15 word items) focus on more commonly used vocabulary. They can be used as a short introduction and/or “diagnostic” test to see how much your learners already know (or don’t know) before embarking on the main part of your lesson. Teaching Tip #5 A number of the Word Banks offer visual cues to help your learners. Among the “Picture Match” Word Banks are: Animals and Birds, Body, Bugs and Insects, Clothing, Face, Fruits and Vegetables. Teaching Tip #6 Most of the Word Banks come with corresponding activities in the other folders.

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