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Finland Handbook

Finland Handbook


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Published by: David McLoughlin on Jun 08, 2009
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Music Managers’ Forum Finland is a Finnish member association of the International
Music Managers’ Forum, IMMF. MMFF promotes and protects the interests of the
Finnish professional managers and management companies both nationally and
internationally. The MMFF also supports networking between their members

3.2.7 CIAPC (Copyright Information and Anti-piracy Centre)2

Established in 1979, the Copyright Information and Anti-piracy Centre is a non-
profit organisation, which operates against piracy within the creative industries,
including music, films and games.

The main functions of the CIAPC are to monitor the copyright both on physical and
digital products, support copyright law enforcement, educate people about
copyright and prepare and distribute information on copyright.

The member organisations of the CIAPC represent the creative industries
comprehensively, and therefore the operations conducted by CIAPC are effective
and beneficial for all involved. CIAPC is financed by its members, the Motion
Picture Association and the Ministry of Education.

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