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Published by: David McLoughlin on Jun 08, 2009
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sDae (the Digital Society of Authors and Publishers) is a company founded in 2000
by SGAE with the aim of centralising and optimising all its Investigation,
Development and Innovation activities. Much of their work involves putting into
practice and integrating new systems and technologies that provide SGAE with the
means to carry out its work within a digital world.

In recent years, sDae has been especially involved in the TESEO project, which has

entirely redefined SGAE’s negotiating processes, computer systems and

applications and its organisational structure via a new management model.

The other major project for which sDae is responsible is the Portal Latino web site.
Via this web site, SGAE was the first collecting society in the world to offer its
members a web site creation service, which helps them promote their work. In

December 2004, Portal Latino launched the “Locales por la Cara” project,

providing its members free access to musical rehearsal studios with the added
bonus of a DVD made of their rehearsals, an invaluable tool for promotion. This is a
Madrid-based project which aims to widen its coverage to cities such as Barcelona,
Seville and Valencia in the near future. Portal Latino is also technologically


responsible for “La Tele Latina” (www.latelelatina.com) which rebroadcasts
cultural events via streaming.

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