Rehan Sheikh

PO Box 7978, Stockton, CA 95267 Phone 209.475.1263 Email; Dr. Richard Pan Chairman Assembly Committee on Health State Capitol, Room # 5006 State of California Subject: Date: Aug 20, 2013

Hearing on Senate Bill 304 Sunset Review of the Medical BoardImpact o f Quality of Health in California

Dear Dr. Pan, I’m writing to request that Assembly Committee on Health initiate hearing on Senate Bill 304 (Sunset Review of the Medical Board of California). Currently that Bill was referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee because the fiscal impact of the Bill was unknown. Since the Medical Board is meant to ensure quality of healthcare in California, and the impact of various provisions of this Bill is unknown, this is best that your committee grant hearing on the Bill. Secondly, the Proposed Bill, as amended, mandates that the Medical Board grant licensure to those physicians who have completed Medical Education from the Medical schools that have been rejected by the Medical Board for lower standards. What are adverse effects? As a physician, you would also wonder, what is the Role and function of the Medical Board? I respectfully ask the assembly committee on Health to set hearing on this Bill and review its impact on the Quality of Healthcare in California. Thanks, Rehan Sheikh

Dr. Richard Pan Chair, Assembly Committee on Heath Hearing on Senate Bill 304 August 20, 2013 Page 2 of 2

CC Assemblymember Mike Gatto Chair, Assembly Appropriation Committee Assemblymember Gordon, Co – Author SB 304 Chair Assembly Rules Committee Assemblymember, Susan Bonnilla Chair, Assembly Committee on Business & Profession Senator Ted Lieu, Author SB 304 Chair, Senate Committee on Business & Profession
Initiating Discussion on Selective Regulation of Healthcare Professionals

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