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Stephanie, Samantha

Qnews Assessment Matrix

Category 4 3 2 1
Group researched Group Group Either no research
the subject and researched the researched the was done or it was 4
Research integrated 3 or subject and subject and not clear that the
more facts from integrated 2 integrated 1 group used it in
their research facts from their facts from their the newscast.
into their research into research into
newscast. their newscast. their newscast.

Speaks clearly Speaks clearly Speaks clearly Does NOT speak
and distinctly all and distinctly all and distinctly clearly and
Speaks of the time and of the time but most of the time distinctly most of
clearly mispronounces no mispronounces 1 and the time AND/OR
words. or more words. mispronounces no mispronounces
words. more than 1 word.

Stands or sits up Stands or sits up Slouches or Slouches or
straight and looks straight. appears too appears too casual
Posture confident and Establishes eye casual but AND establishes
and Eye relaxed. contact with establishes good little eye contact
Establishes eye audience during eye contact with with audience
Contact contact with most of audience during during newscast.
audience during newscast. most of
most of newscast. newscast.

The group The group The group Some members of
functioned functioned functioned fairly the group were
Group exceptionally well. pretty well. Most well but was often off task
Work All members members dominated by one AND/OR were
listened to, listened to, or two members. overtly
shared with and shared with and The group (all disrespectful to
supported the supported the members) was others in the
efforts of others. efforts of almost always on group AND/OR
The group (all others. The task! were typically
members) was group (all disregarded by
almost always on members) was other group
task! almost always on members.
Total 13 / 16
Comments: Well done Girls. I thought your use of props was fantastic
and you excelled with your research. You could improve the clarity of
your speech and use more eye contact and expression. Mr Herring