No one to think. Therefore there is nothing to think. There are thoughts.

These thoughts now occur in a mind somewhere do not belong to anyone. Neither do they exist, nor do they do not exist, because there is no one to know. These thoughts on which some search is going on are themselves ignorant utilitarian interpretations of a unification activity. All these are just the disintegration process in the universe made by no one owned by no one seen by no one.

Fig.12 Seeing Nothing © Author : Unification And Disintegration p.122

Nothing to see, No one to see. This is not the ‘Real Me !’

Seeing Beyond
© Author : Unification And Disintegration

Absolute Truth And Agreed Truth

If the experience of ‘Seeing Nothing’ is seen as pessimistic making one fears to see so, it is because such seeing is seen from a foundation of the values created in ‘Agreed Truth’. If you do not have attachments with anything in what is seen as the world, which attachments are made only by seeing in Agreed Truth, then there is no such foundation to base in ‘Seeing Nothing’. Such experiences of “Seeing Nothing” without any foundation will be the best in Experiencing Truth.

Read : Agreed truth and Absolute Truth - R. Subasinghe
8th July 2009

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