Science Revision Unit 6.2 and 6.



6.2) The particle theory The random movement of the tiny particles in liquid or gas is called______________. This motion is caused by liquid or gas particles________________ the tiny particles at all sides. The particle theory can be summarized in five statements: a) All_____________ is made up of particles. b) Different____________ are made up of different particles. c) The particles are______________. d) The particles are moving or______________ all the time. e) There are_______________ between particles. All matter is made up of hundred kinds of _____________. 6.4) Gas pressure _________________ is produced by gas particles hitting on the walls of the container. Gas pressure can be increased by a) ___________________ the speed of gas particles b) ___________________ the number of gas particles. c) ___________________ the space in which the gas particles can move about. A _______________ measure gas pressure. The unit of pressure is _____________ or ___________. There is a layer of _________________ surrounding the earth. The pressure it produces is called_______________________.

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