Continuous Control Concepts 3

Lab Guide
Introduction In this lab , you will use the Integrated Control Configurator (ICC) to build an OUTSEL block which selects between two output signals ( the higher or the lower) to be the final output signal to the process. At the end of the lab, You will be : • • Able to configure the important parameters of OUTSEL block Familiar with its default display in FoxView

I/A Series Training – Lab Guide


.....................................................................................Continuous Control Concepts 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 OUTSEL Block Configuration ...... 3 2 I/A Series Training – Lab Guide ..

Try to see the outputs of these blocks in FoxView with different input values. In FoxView. (Do not miss to connect BCALCI of both controllers to BCALC1 and BCALC2 of FY0070) 4. put both controllers in Manual mode. you will find a compound called FLUSHPUMP. by changing the values of outputs and check which controller will be choosed by FY0070. You will find two PIDA blocks FIC007B and PIC0079 inside this compound.Continuous Control Concepts 3 1 OUTSEL Block Configuration The Output Select (OUTSEL) block is used in control strategies that require the higher or lower of two output signals to be selected as the final output signal to the process. I/A Series Training – Lab Guide 3 . Open ICC. and begin to test your loop. Fill the following table that represents the needed parameteres that you must configure in the FY0070 block: Parameter DESCRP LOOPID PERIOD PHASE HSCI1/HSCI2 LSCI1/LSCI2 HSCO1 LSCO1 Parameter EI1/EI2 EO1 SELOPT INP1 INP2 Table 1-1 Entry Entry FLUSHPUMP:FY0070 OUTSEL Parameters 5. 1. 2. then configure it to choose the lower value of FIC007B and PIC0079 outputs. Build an OUTSEL block called FY0070. 3. Note: The FY0070 will be in automatic mode. while providing the appropriate handshake data to prevent integral action from “winding up” in the block supplying the unselected signal. In this section we will use an OUTSEL block to select the lower value of two controller's output.

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