-------------------------------------------------------------------------README WARCRAFT III VERSION SWITCHER

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Index------------------------------------------------------------1. Installation
2. How does the program work?
3. Error messages - what do they mean and what sould I do??
4. Credits and About
-4.1 My Info (about Wvs)
-4.2 Info about Zip-dlls
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Installation
-------------------------------------------------------------------------* There is a full manual at the Wvs (Warcraft Version Switcher) homepage: http:/
/www.ugge.surf.to *
1. Extract the zip-file you downloaded (Warcraft Version Switcher) into any fold
er you like.
2. Run the program.
3. Enjoy!
NOTE: If you want to switch versions and stuff you will have to read the online
manual or figure it out by yourself, it's not very hard. Just click the second b
utton from the left and read.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------2. How does the program work?
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Wvs stores all the versions in zip-files ex. wc3-version 1.00.zip, wc3-version 1
.02.zip etc. All zip-files are saved in "x:\your wvs directory\wvs". Wvs only st
ores files that are being changed by blizzard patches.
------------------------------------The Files that are being stored are:
------------------------------------Also all the multiplayer maps:

w3x (4)BrokenShard.w3m (4)Legends.w3m (4)Deadwaterdrop.w3x .w3x (4)Tanaris.w3m (6)GnollWood.w3m (6)Moonglade.w3m (4)LostTemple.w3x (2)TirisfalGlades.w3x (4)DesertStrife.w3m (6)ScorchedBasin.w3m (8)PetrifiedForest.w3m (8)Battleground.w3m ------------------------------------And all the Frozen Throne multiplayer maps: ------------------------------------(10)RagingStream.w3x (4)TurtleRock.w3x (4)FloodPlains.w3m (6)SwampOfSorrows.w3m (6)Stromguarde.w3m (8)GardenOfWar.w3x (4)HailStone.w3x (4)ColdHeart.w3m (6)DragonFire.w3m (4)TranquilPaths.w3x (4)Islands.w3m (4)DragonMountain.w3m (4)Adrenaline.w3x (4)FrozenClover.w3m (6)DrywaterGulch.w3m (8)Plaguelands.w3x (2)Circumvention.w3m (4)MysticIsles.w3x (2)Korea.w3x (4)FloodPlains1v1.w3m (6)DarkForest.w3m (6)TimbermawHold.w3m (8)TheCrucible.w3x (4)Ruins.w3x (4)DevilsCauldron.w3m (8)PlainsOfSnow.w3x (4)Adrenaline.w3m (9)Riverrun.w3x (4)ParadiseIslands.w3m (4)HarvestMoon.w3m (5)TheGlaive.w3m (8)GolemsInTheMist.w3x (4)IceFlow.w3x (2)TheTwoRivers.w3x (4)Avalanche.w3x (2)GlacialThaw.w3m (4)Frostsabre.w3m (8)BloodvenomFalls.w3m (8)BlastedLands.w3m (4)Borderlands.w3x (4)LostTemple.(3)Nighthaven.w3x (4)Roundabout.w3m (4)Duskwood.

what do they mean and what sould I do?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------When you start Wvs.w3x (6)ScorchedBasin.---------------------------------- . wvs\zipdll.w3x (6)TimbermawHold.dat -------------------------------------When you get one of theese errors there are files used by Wvs missing.w3x (8)LastManStanding. If it isn't a big white box will appear under the program wi th alot of text that is blinking.w3x (8)Deathknell.w3x -------------------------------------------------------------------------3.w3x (8)Northshire.w3x (6)RiceFields.w3x (8)Friends.w3x (6)EnakrosWay.w3x (8)Mur'gulOasis.w3x (6)Monsoon.w3x (4)Whirlwind. --2.w3x (8)SpiderFalls.w3x (6)ThunderLake. it does an automatic filecheck.w3x (8)RockQuarry.w3x (4)Venetia.w3x (4)Wetlands.w3x (8)PlainsOfSnow.w3x (6)SavageStorm.w3x (8)GardenOfWar.w3x (8)Sanctuary.w3x (6)BloodstoneMesa. Copy all files and dirs in the zip-file to your warcraft III folder.---------------------------------ERROR: File not found.w3x (8)TheCrossroads.w3x (6)SilverpineForest.w3x (8)TwilightRuins. By reading this you should understand what to do when a error comes up.(4)TwistedMeadows. --1.w3x (8)MarketSquare. How to fix it: 1.w3x (6)StranglethornVale.w3x (8)Feralas.w3x (6)Andorhal. Error messages .w3x (6)UpperKingdom.dll ERROR: File not found.w3x (6)Wellspring.w3x (9)RoundVillage. Possible reasons: 1.dll ERROR: File not found.w3x (6)WheelofChaos.w3x (6)JungleFever. wvs\unzdll. to check id wvs is located i n the right folder. wvs\help.w3x (8)Battleground.w3x (4)WindyWaste. You have not copied all files from the zip-file you downloaded into your Warc raft III folder.w3x (6)GnollWood.

How to fix it: 1.com/SiliconValley/Network/2114/zipbeta. Inst allation Help" -------------------------------------------------------------------------4. war3.2---------------------------------Info about Zip-dlls -------------------------------------I have used a Zip-componet named Zip-master. Do as it says in the error.html . Look up your warcraft III folder and copy all files in the zip-file directly into your Warcraft III folder.1---------------------------------My Info (about Wvs) -------------------------------------This is a freeware program and you may re-distribute this program in its origina l package. including this file. Credits and about --------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Please visit: (All same site but with different url's) http://www.geocities.html .txt for more help. which is freeware.ERROR: File not found.The Info-Zip's WWW home page URL .com/rjpeters_au/zipmaster. ERROR: Wvs Seems to be placed in the wrong folder.exe ERROR: File not found.cdrom. How to fix it: 1. game.to or http://w1. see readme. -4.com/~u51503693 or http://surf.The "official " web site http://www.geocities.com/pub/infozip/ . For you who want to know more please visit these sites: http://www. And read the first section in this file: "1. war3.Latest Versions and change s available here http://www.mpq ERROR: File not found.ugge. It's a great com ponet and it deserves some credit.to/ugge for latest release and news.telia. Please put wvs directly in yo ur Warcraft 3 folder.dll -------------------------------------If you get one or more of theese error you have most likely copied Wvs to wrong folder. -------------------------------------You get this Error if you get any of the errors listed in example 2.---------------------------------3/3 of the searched files were NOT found.515. --3.surf. and with all files intact.

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