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Tamper-Evident Deposit Bags

Serrated edging enhances

Minimize fraud and loss during cash transfers – the physical aspects of the
maximum security features make it nearly security technology, but does
not compromise the strength
impossible to cover tampering attempts of the closure.

Features Security closure incorporates a

"honeycomb" void pattern which
& Benefits includes specially-designed "tar-
get" lines within the heat indicat-
Release liner ing dots. Exceeds all require-
exposes adhesive and ments for levels of tamper-evi-
also serves as a receipt dence at temperatures ranging
for your records. from -60°F to 160°F.

Bar code Strong pouch seams

matches sequential are indented from the
alphanumeric num- edge of the bag by a
bering and has a high minimum of 1/8". If cut
readability rate for and resealed, portions
accurate scanning. of the microprinting
along the seams will
be visibly missing.
numbering Sturdy, co-extruded
stamped on bag recyclable plastic
and release liner construction ensures
creates tracking no ripping or puncturing
capabilities. occurs under normal
This feature use. Film thickness
prevents thieves ranges from 2.25 mil. to
from stealing and 5.0 mil. depending upon
replacing the bag. bag size.

Yellow shaded Bottom edge of bag

write-on area is folded, not sealed.
accepts notations Any attempt to enter
using a pen or the bag through the
marker. bottom would require
puncturing the bag,
which would be
instantly visible.

Tamper Indicators
Blue dots appear on seal when Black “star” graphics under seal
tampered with heat from a hair appear distorted when saliva-soluble
dryer, vehicle heater or other source. ink comes into contact with saliva,
solvents or other chemicals.

‘VOID’ graphics on seal give instant SEAM INDICATORS
evidence of attacks on the bag by Microprint along sides is missing
freezing agents such as coolants or distorted if seams are cut
or Freon. Serrated edges tear and resealed.
when tampered.