60 Minute YOGA Program

Centering and Breath Awareness: (5 minutes)

1. Sit in a cross-legged position (or position comfortable for you), close your eyes, focus attention on the breath--breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth 2. Gradually deepen the breath and elongate your spine 3. (Optional) Chant the universal sound of OMM 4. Relax a moment, open your eyes
Warm ups: (about 10 minutes)

1. Remain seated. With hands on knees, rotate torso to the right at least three times, then to left 2. Open your legs wide apart, sit erect with your hands behind your hips to support your torso 3. Rotate your ankles at least three times to the left and then right 4. Inhale, point your toes. Exhale, press heels out drawing toes toward the chest 5. Exhale, bend forward over the left leg. Follow with the right leg to gently stretch the hamstrings. Continue several times 6. Forward bend: grasp calves, ankles or each big toe, exhale and bend towards the floor 7. Bring feet to a wide-stance squat, hands to chest in prayer position 8. Hands to the floor, push hips toward the ceiling, knees bent, hang forward in "rag doll" 9. Stand up slowly 10. Slowly circle the knees at least three times to the right then the left. Circle the hips, circle the torso 11. Circle your outstretched arms forward and backwards at least three times 12. Rotate your head left to right (but not to the back) and then drop your chin towards your chest and do three more neck rotations 13. Stretch arms overhead, arch to left then to right

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