KERTAS SPOT SUBJECTIVE ANSWER Standard 5 ( subjective question) 1 a) The temperature of the water increases b) because the water

gains heat from the flame c) the water changes into water vapour d) boiling 2 a) b) c) d) because microorganisms grow type of rice/plate of experiment/surrounding temperature If the number of days increases, the number of black patches will increase 1. Microorganisms breathe 2. Microorganisms move

3 a) b) c) d) To investigate the relationship between the time and the phases of lunar eclipse decreases and increases 10.00pm- 10.10pm The full lunar eclipse happen at P than at Q.

4 a) b) c) d) e) To study the relationship between the number of bulbs and the brightness of bulbs Brightness of the bulbs The more the number of the bulbs, the dimmer the brightness of the bulbs Dimmer The brightness of the bulbs will decrease when the number of the bulbs increases.

Light cannot pass through opaque object d) . and space while the chick in cage P does not have to compete. the Earth and the Moon lie in a straight line. c) 1. d) The mass of the chick will more decrease e) -The transfer a few chicks to other cage -Enlarge the cage . b) The more the number of chicks .KERTAS SPOT SUBJECTIVE ANSWER Standard 6 ( subjective question) 1 a) increases b) type of bread c) i) The number of water drops ii) Size of black patches d) Larger than the size of black patches on the bread sprinkled with 25 drops of water 2 a) Q b) The Sun.Because the Earth is spherical in shape . The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. Light travel in a straight line 2. the less the mass of chicks after three weeks c) Chicks in cage Q have to compete for food.Because not all the parts of the Earth experience night time at the same time 3 a) To study the relationship between the number of chicks and the mass of chicks after three weeks. water.

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