Egyptian Arabic insults and crude language

Here are some insults, swear words, and general crude words used in Egyptian Arabic. I tried to arrange them generally from least to most insulting — but all of these are (obviously) impolite, so be careful how you use them! A lot of these insults use ‫( اته الـ‬ibn il-), "son of a..." The equivalent for a woman would be ‫تىد‬ ‫( الـ‬bint il-), "daughter of a..."

‫( اته ولة (ج) والد ولة‬ibn kalb [pl.] welaad kalb)
Son of a dog. This is insulting, but on the milder end of the scale. Parents even call their kids "ibn/bint kalb" when they're mad at them, so it's not too bad. And it can be used in all kinds of ways:

‫( دي ضزوح تىد ولة‬di šerka binte kalb)
This company is a bitch.

‫( مطىار اته ولة‬mešwaar ibne kalb)
a bitch of a commute

‫( طعمه اته ولة‬Ta3mu ibne kalb)
It tastes horrible.

.‫( يخزب تيره‬yixrib beitak.)
May God destroy your house. Also on the milder end of the scale of insults. Can be embellished by adding something like gave birth to you."

‫( وتيد اللي خلّفىن‬wa-beit illi xallafuuk), "and the house of those who

‫( اته الذمار‬ibn il-Homaar)
Son of a donkey. You can also just say ‫( يا دمار‬ya Homaar).

‫( أتى لزع‬abu 'ara3)
Someone bald from ringworm.

‫( جزتىعح‬garbuu3a)
The jerboa (little jumping rodent that lives in the desert). A woman can be called garbuu3a or bint garbuu3a as an insult.

.‫م الهاري‬ ّ ‫( اطفخ تس‬iTfaH be-somm el-haari)

You can say this to someone eating, kind of like "I hope you choke on it!" ‫ اطفخ‬means "Eat," but it's not a nice word and is often used in reference to sewage. So the phrase means something like, "Eat burning poison."

‫( طش فيه‬Tozz fiik)
"Screw you." Can be embellished with something like those who gave birth to you.

‫( وفي اللي جاتىن‬wa filli gabuuk) - and

‫( هللا يىعل أتىن‬allaah yin3al abuuk. ." .e. Here are some more insults: ‫( تهيمح (ج) تهايم‬behiima [pl. . so this is pretty insulting." Literally something like "I hope your heart gets hit.) May God curse your father.‫( طيشن دمزا‬Tiizak Hamra.go to sixty (thousand) hells. . you son of a shoe. ‫( يا جشمح يا اته الجشمح‬ya gazma yibn ig-gazma) You shoe. Shoes are associated with dirt and connote impurity and degredation.) Your mother's cunt.) Sort of like "Drop dead.) Your ass is red (i. stupid or uncouth) animal foolish . he's an idiot).‫( يلعه أتى أمه‬yil3an abu ommak." except worse. but not too bad. .‫( جاذه داهيح‬gaatak dahya) . And ‫( ياذه داهيح ذخذن‬yaatak dahya taxdak) .‫( عمله ضارب‬3a'lu Daarib. .e. the equivalent of "Fuck you. The literal meaning is something like "His head was hit.I hope a disaster takes you. .] Hayawanaat) ‫ هثلح (ج) هثل‬.) Curse your grandfather (mother's father). This is as insulting as it gets.‫( أهثل‬ahbal .‫( هى عاوس الضزب تسريه جشمح‬howa 3aawiz iD-Darb bi-sittiin gazma.) Like "The fuse went out" (i.feminine form habla." ‫( اذىيل تىيلح‬itnayyil bi-niila) means about the same.) He deserves to be hit with sixty shoes.‫( ياذه ضزتح في للثه‬yaatak Darba fi 'albak. . This is pretty insulting.‫( مالىش ستز‬maluuš zobr) He has no dick. livestock (i." Insulting. like a monkey's).e.‫( مخه جشمح‬moxxu gazma.‫( جاذه ويلح‬gaatak niila) Both are roughly equivalent to "Go to hell.) His mind is (as low and dirty as) a shoe.‫( وس أمه‬kuss ummak.] bahaayim) ‫( ديىان (ج) ديىاواخ‬Hayawaan [pl. .. You can also say ‫( روح في سريه (ألف) داهيح‬ruuH fi sittiin (alf) dahya) ..

‫( العزتيح الشفد دي‬il- . The same goes for "crazy" (‫ مجىىن‬magnuun).] 'ulalaat il-adab) ‫'( لليل\عذيم الذيا‬aliil/3adiim [pl. really insulting.] safala) ‫( همجي (ج) همج‬hamagi [pl.] hamag) ‫( وسخ‬wisix) ‫( مخىث‬moxannas) ‫( خىل (ج) خىالخ‬xawal [pl.] 'ulalaat il-Haya) ‫'( لليل\عذيم األصل‬aliil/3adiim [pl.] Haraamiyya) ‫( وصاب‬naSSaab) ‫( سافل‬saafil [pl. filthy (has connotations of moral filth as well) effeminate. barbaric dirty.] 3iluu') ‫( معزّظ‬mi3arraS) ‫( اته العزظ‬ibn il-3arS) ‫( اته الىسخح‬ibn il-wisxa) ‫( اته الطزمىطح‬ibn iš-šarmuuTa) ‫( اته المذثح‬ibn il-'aHba) ‫( اته المرىاوح‬ibn il-mitnaaka) ‫( اته اللثىج‬ibn il-labwa) simple-minded. sissy faggot faggot pimp son of a pimp son of a filthy woman son of a whore son of a whore son of a whore son of a lioness** * Calling someone a liar in Arabic is really. so this is very insulting. in English. horrible (lit.] hubl) ‫( عثيظ (ج) عثطاء‬3abiiT [pl. Some general crude language: ‫( سي الشفد‬zayy iz-zift) Like crap. it can be a joke to call someone crazy.] xawalaat) ‫( علك (ج) علىق‬3il' [pl. silly rude shameless from a bad family liar* thief swindler base.] 'ulalaat il-aSl) ‫( وذاب‬kaddaab) ‫( دزامي (ج) دزاميح‬Haraami [pl. but in Arabic people take it really seriously. like tar). Ex. more so than in English.] 3ubaTa) ‫'( لليل\عذيم األدب‬aliil/3adiim [pl.[pl. loathsome uncivilized. ** The lionness is like a symbol of an over-sexed woman. This is on the milder end of things.

‫( أدا‬aHHa) An interjection expressing frustration or anger." but it's very crude to do that. this crappy car. can be used to describe something really annoying. ‫( سخح \ ضخاح‬šaxxa/šuxaax) A crude word for urine. ‫( خزج‬xara) Shit. Obviously very crude. .3arabiyya z-zift di).‫( وان‬naak ." usually used in reference to legs.There's nothing shittier than this. Considered vulgar because it supposedly represents the sound of a woman's orgasm. ّ ‫( ف‬faššax) ‫طخ‬ A really crude word meaning "to spread something widely. ‫( تيضان‬beiDan) A very crude word for testicles. You can also say ‫أخزج مه وذج‬ ‫( مافيص‬axra min kida mafiiš) . you can describe something you strongly dislike as "fašx.yiniik) To fuck. ‫ يىيه‬. Can be used as an interjection of frustration as in English.

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