Tunnel Guru VPN is a fast and secure VPN service. It is one of the most affordable VPN services online. To use Tunnel Guru with MTN blackberry Nigeria all you need do is: * Subscribe for the blackberry subscription by Sending BBC to 21600 for one month service (N1, 000), or BBCWEEK to 21600 for weekly service (N500). * Configure your modem profile Profile name; MTNBIS APN: blackberry.net Password/username: web

com and click on FREE REGISTRATION to register a free account. YOU CONTACT ME TO HELP YOU UNLOCK IT. JUST LOCATE “NETWORK SETTINGS” ON THE MODEM YOU HAVE AND APPLY THE ABOVE SETTINGS CAREFULLY WHERE ITS NEEDED. . * visit www. you will need to upgrade your account to premium with the voucher code. ALSO IF YOUR MODEM IS A NON MTN MODEM AND ITS NOT YET UNLOCKED. P a s s w o r d w i l l b e s e n t t o y o u e m a i l a d d r e s s . To upgrade your account. login to the tunnelguru website with your details. . NOTE THAT NOT ALL MODEMS HAVE THE SAME INTERFACE AS THIS ONE I HAVE USED FOR ILLUSTRATION. enter the other details and click APPLY. . Your account is now upgraded. .tunnelguru. When your account is registered.Click save and make sure you always connect using this profile you created. . . paste your voucher code there. click on APPLY VOUCHER. Now let’s get straight to the matter. .

zip For 64bit http://tunnelguru.exe For 64bit.com/download/TGv2.0_WIN_32Bit.0. Download Tunnel Guru Software here. open the folder you downloaded. http://download. Extract the file.**** SE TTINGS **** 1.com/download/TGv2.2. I f y o u d o n ’ t h a v e j a v a You can download it here. For 32bit http://download. Make sure you have java installed on your computer. For 32bit http://tunnelguru. Stop Windows Firewall [G o to Control Panel => Security Center => Windows Firewall=> Turn Windows Firewall => Off] 3.oracle. .oracle.zip 4.2.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/6u25-b06/jre-6u25-windows-x64. or open “TunnelGuru. exe” if you are using windows 7 or vista.0_WIN_64Bit. and then open the file named “Tunnelguru_winxp” if you are using windows XP.exe 2. See illustration below.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/6u25-b06/jre-6u25-windows-i586.0.

5. When its open. enter the settings the way you see it on the image below .

500 Lport. the following window will appear Click OK and wait for adapter to install. 0 Username/password. click START on the software. after that.11. the following window will appear… .. Enter the username/password you registered on tunnelguru website. wait for a while. RPort. (please make sure that MTN BIS is connected before you open tunnelguru so that the DNS can change to the correct DNS)after that.. Now connect your MTN BIS from your modem. Tunnel DNS Querry.SERVER. which is a German server. choose any server you like.” as an example.13 6. I used “ger2.12. you don’t need to modify this. once you are connected with MTN BIS the DNS automatically sets itself to 10.

Email. Congratulations! You have now successfully connected.com GOODLUCK! . then open your browser and start browsing (No proxy settings is needed for your browser and other applications) For further enquiries. do not hesitate to contact me on. Now minimize every window. greatmindsng@gmail. the window will minimize automatically. 080-333-283-64 http://www.greatmindsng.Click OK and then wait for it to connect.com Phone. Once connected.