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Maximum power extraction in grid connected DFIG using 3 level diode clamped inverter

Wind energy is the most promising renewable among all other renewable and hence successful integration of wind to the grid will certainly a better option. Double fed induction generator (DFIG) technology allows extracting maximum energy from the wind, while operating in narrow speed ranges. It has the ability for power electronic converters to generate and absorb reactive power. A three-level back-to-back AC-DCAC converter used in the system. This analysis is based on reduction of the maximum common mode voltage levels of the rotor side converter which plays the key role in shaft voltage generation of the DFIG. The advantages of proposed method are: voltage balancing of DC link capacitors and controlling of the active and reactive power delivered by the wind generator. The proposed DFIG with multilevel inverter aims at integrating winds farms even in weaker grid with improved Maximum power injection, Minimum harmonic issues with reduced impact on WTG. The proposed method, will improve the power quality which is delivered to the grid in terms of harmonic, inject the maximum power to the grid and improve the voltage profile.