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Urban Renewal and Conservation

Urban Renewal and Conservation

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Published by: Divya Gor on Aug 23, 2013
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Divya Gor

I 2012MUD016 I SPA Bhopal I semester III I Urban Renewal & Conservation I Assignment 1

businessdictionary.com/definition/urbanrenwal. Urban renewal often part of the gentrification process. Reference: Collins English dictionary The process where an urban neighborhood or area is improved and rehabilitated. Urban renewal is usually undergone for the purpose of persuading wealthier individuals to come and live in that area.Urban Renewal The process of redeveloping dilapidated or no longer functional urban areas. up to date housing or adding in features like a theatre or stadium. The renewal process can include demolishing old or run down buildings.m. Reference: www.html . constructing new.

One of the chief activities of urban renewal is redevelopment. Early efforts usually focused on housing reform and sanitary and public health measures. inadequate transportation. or obsolete housing. such as crime. followed by growing emphasis on slum clearance and the relocation of population and industry from congested areas to less crowded sites. traffic congestion and the sociological correlates of urban decay. as in the garden city and new towns movements in great Britain. deficient. comprehensive scheme to redress a complex of urban problems. haphazard land use. which is achieved through the clearance and rebuilding of structures that are deteriorated or obsolete in themselves or are laid out in an unsatisfactory way. sanitation and other services and facilities.Urban Renewal Urban renewal. Other aspects of urban renewal . including unsanitary. Late 20th century criticism of urban sprawl prompted new interest in the efficiencies of centralization. Each country approaches urban renewal according to its means and its political and administrative systems.

by requiring or assisting adequate maintenance while preventing inappropriate development or in characteristic changes in the use of land and building. rehabilitation of structurally sound buildings that have deteriorated or lost their original functions and conservation – a protective process designed to maintain the function and quality of an area.Urban Renewal urban renewal involve the reuse of the land for new purpose. Ref: Encyclopedia Britannica . for instance.

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