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Finacle commands/menus for LOCKER maintenance
11/18/2012 05:56:00 PM Finacle, , FINACLE COMMAND COMMAND, , finacle command for locker maintenance maintenance, , Finacle Finacle Commands, , Finacle commands for locker maintenance, Commands maintenance, finacle commands for locker transaction, transaction, locker report, report, locker upload No comments Dear users, you might know Banks provides Safe Deposit Locker facility which ensures safe keeping of your valuables i.e important documents, jewellery and other valuables. Banks also Provides Lockers of different Sizes and they do charges accordingly annually or monthly for that. For Maintenance of Lockers being a banker and a finacle users you should know these basic commands/menus related to their maintenance. I hope these finacle commands /menus helps you while dealing with Locker in your Bank


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LOCKER MAINTENANCE COMMANDS 1. LKPM – Locker Placeholder Maintenance 2. LKTRM – Locker Types and Rent Maintenance 3. LKKM – Locker Maintenance 4. LKCM – Locker Customer Maintenance 5. LKCHM – Locker Transactions – History Maintenance 6. LKRCM – Locker Rent – Change Collection Maintenance 7. LKCPM – Locker Type Charges Maintenance 8. LKOPS – Locker Operation Maintenance 9. LKREPM – Locker Reports 10. LKUPL – Locker Upload I will explain each of these menus with screenshots in finacle in my coming posts.

▼ 2012 (35) ► December (10) ▼ November (24) Wrong Entry & Verification of Instruments in Outw... Customer Id & Account Related FAQs TTUM Posting ( Salary Credit posting) in finacle Finacle Common FAQ -2 for Promotion process in Ban... Finacle Common FAQ -1 for Promotion process in Ban... Freezing/Unfreezing of Accounts using finacle comm... 286 selective Finacle menu options / Finacle comma... Finacle menu/command to print Pass Book

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Frequently used Finacle Commands Infosys, the Universal Banking Transformation Part... Why Finacle ? Why CBS in Banking Industry worldwide? Function Keys used with finacle commands

CBS Manual – Finacle Menus/ Commands for your ready reference · · Huge Collection of 938 Finacle Menus 286 Selective Finacle Menu options

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II. reta.TM for Transaction maintainance Part I TM (TRANSACTION MAINTENANCE) . First of all Thanks to team F i nacle commands for allowing me to be part o f their team.. we present the largest collections ever of Finacle Menu . List of Banks using Finacle worldwide Finacle is the universal banking solution of choice of all leading banks and large regional banks across the world.. TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) in Finacle Part -I . before going in to the topic I .. furnishing Form 15G and 15H to NIL/ Low Deduction of TDS on interest on Fixed Deposit in Banks Dear Readers.. I hope this post will help . having more than 900 menu option for your ready reference . Menu Option Description...They audit through the audit menu and/or with the h.Finacle commands/menus for LOCKER maintenance ~ Finacle Comman. Huge Collection of 900s Finacle Menu Dear Readers .. This c. TTUM Posting ( Salary Credit posting) in finacle In Finacle when we have large no of transactions (Debit & Credit). provided the lis. Creating a Memo Pad in Finacle Part . Deleting Memo Pad in Finacle Mass Transaction Posting in Finacle using Finacle Menu option TTUM. http://finaclecommands. Opening of SB and Current Account in Finacle through OAAC Menu Dear readers.. we have option to post transaction through TTUM ... Today we are covering the account Opening Procedure in short ... Freezing & Unfreezing of accounts in finacle using Finacle Menu AFSM Passbook Printing in Finacle Finacle Teller Cash account Maintenance using Finacle Menu GECM Finacle Menu option TM for Transaction Posting and Maintenance 2 of 3 21-08-2013 07:52 AM . · · · Category wise Commonly used Finacle Menus Finacle Menu options/ Commands for Bank Auditors Frequently used Function keys in Finacle in Account Opening through finacle menu -OAAC in short Account Opening through OAAC Menu Dear Users .. Finacle Commands for Auditors in Bank Auditors are often review the available reports in the CBS software of the bank branch....... ► April (1) Customer ID & Account Opening related Menu Options / Commands · · · · · · Customer ID creation and Verification in Finacle by using CUMM menu Customer ID creation in finacle in short by using CUMM menu Changing Customer ID of a Customer Account Opening (Savings/Current) in Finacle using menu option OAAC Account opening in Finacle – in short Frequently asked questions related to Customer ID and Account Opening POPULAR POSTS 286 selective Finacle menu options / Finacle commands for your ready reference Dear Users. Category wise Commonly used Finacle Menu Options Here are the commonly used finacle menu options/ commands listed categorywise for your reference. Demand Draft / Pay Order related Menu Options / Commands · · · · · · Issuing a Demand Draft using Finacle Menu options TM Issuing Multiple Demand Draft / PO using Finacle menu option TM Printing Demand Draft / PO using menu option DDPRNT Cancellation of Demand Draft in Finacle using menu option DDC Marking a Demand Draft Lost and issuing Duplicate DD Inquiry and Reports finacle Menu related to Demand Draft Miscellaneous Finacle Menu Options / Commands · · · · · · · · · Standing Instruction Maintenance using Finacle Menu Options SIM. Finacle Command ...I... Leading universal. accordingly we are presenting the process of account .finacle command for Transactions In day-to-day banking operation various customers are making transaction. we have already covered the topics on Customer ID creation in detail . Creating a Memo Pad in Finacle Part . This Post is shared by o...blogspot. I have compiled 286 selective Finacle menu options / Finacle commands for your ready reference.

blogspot. like to be a part of our Team.... (i)Interest Report for Accounts AINTRPT (ii)Loan Interest Details Inquiry AITINQ (iii)Abnormal Transaction Inquiry ATI (iv)Bills Inquiry BI (v)Rate List History Query RTHQRY CLICK FOR MORE DO YOU THINK FINACLE IS THE BEST CORE BANKING APPS? Yes No Votes so far: 19 Poll closed 14 (73%) 6 (31%) Join Finacle Commands First of all Thanks to all regular readers of this blog. SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR MAIL BOX TRANSLATE THIS PAGE Powered by Translate 5 COMMANDS FOR AUDITORS : Are you an Auditor and auditing Finacle based Bank or Branch .. Email us at : finaclecommands@gmail.This website is growing at first pace with already having 75000 Visitors in 3 months. finacle commands for ready reference is for http://finaclecommands. If you a Banker having Knowledge of Finacle with some IT aptitude.Finacle commands/menus for LOCKER maintenance ~ Finacle Your post will be featured in this website quoting your Name and your name will be featured in our Core Team list About the Author : Team Finacle Commands 3 of 3 21-08-2013 07:52 AM .

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