Seed that Changed My Life

A Gate way to Secret of Nature
Einstein said "Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand

everything better".

Nature is a cradle of information. It is said Newton's

world was constructed on simple observation of an apple falling and Einstein's world on a spider moving on a globe. I was fortunate to be working with life. It helped to build a Living Vision of Nature that eventually accounts all the conceptual developments in physical science and goes to evolve it further to visualize Truth of Nature and its existence in time sensibly and in simplicity. I did share these ideas and thoughts with you all in "Canada Daily" under an articles Titled "Origin of Gravity - A New Perception and Key to Understand Nature " and " A Thought on Einstein's E=mc2". Root of these thought were accidental and dates back to 1983-84 when I was working as a bio-technologist, to clone few highly difficult but very commercially important plants. I thought, I should share this simple accidental discovery that profoundly changed my thinking and which can come handy as a wonder tool to investigate many aspects. A biotechnologist spends huge amount of money/energy in the lab to strike a correct combination of macro and micro nutrients and hormones [ratio of cytokinins and auxins that influence shoot and root growth] to get going with cells/tissues culture for a chosen species. As a biotechnologist observing life in test tube, I felt that the response of the cells and tissues in culture was a struggle to survive. I was only helping it with conditions that can facilitate the struggle to survive. Once in my village my eyes stood to observe a "cashew seed" germinating. The vigor of growth surprised me. In my curiosity, I cut the shoot apex and root apex of the geminating seed and kept them in moist plastic bags to see how its struggles to survive. I just

wanted to know what the system will do. To my surprise within days large number of shoot appeared in cotyledonary axis and a ring of root appeared at the cut end of hypocotyl. See Fig. My curiosity made me to take it to lab for a deeper study.

The cotyledon is understood as a modified first leaf holding nutrients for seeds growth. A leaf normally has axillary bud, that give rise to new branches. My observation of Cotyledon axis showed no such buds. The tissue in the axis was dedifferentiating and differentiating to give rise to many new shoots. Same was true for roots. Closer observation showed that they appear initially as "embroids" [Name given to embryos formed without the union of male and female information] before they suppress their individualization instinct to cohere with Mother explant thus supporting it. This dedifferentiation and differentiation is the basic goal a tissue culturist strives in his lab. This surprised me. My curiosity grew further. I tilted the seed such that the edge of the seed axis escaped the gravitational axis of the plant. See Fig. My instinct was right I could isolate a complete plant with shoot and root [See Fig] and transfer them to soil to gain complete plants. I could cut and root them in test tubes and directly in soil and thus produce many plants from one seed.

Later I conducted many other curious experiments with it. But the key point is that it brought a vision of "Physics of whole life". Some salient observations are 1] It was noted that the number of roots and shoots appearing on the left and right axils of the system were never equal and there appeared a relationship with the shoot and root formation in opposite way. That is, if the shoots formation was good in the left axis then the root formation is good in the right side of the cut end of the hypocotyl suggesting a balancing aspect going on in the system. Later this observation also turned true in root and shoot distributionl in all branching plants.

2] When the axis of the seed model was tilted in relation the gravitational axis force the tendency to form a ring of roots appeared be disrupted and it split up and the shoots began to fuse as if a spiral wave force exist in the central column. See Fig above 3] I started to visualize two spiral waves, expanding into space-time field and material world [Earth], mutually supporting and moving in opposite direction originating from the center one being dominant the other being recessive. At first, I thought anti-gravity is dominant and one toward gravity is recessive. Very quickly from Nature I realized that they exist in two phases;    in one phase anti-gravitational force exist as dominant and the gravity as the recessive. In next phase gravity exist as dominant and anti-gravity as recessive. They seem to support each other. This change in phase relates to day and night cycle and the environment in which it exist. I saw an opposing relationship between life and Nature.

Very important note- We are now seeing a world separating the spacetime or environment containing energy and information and material Earth. This mean a plant system is opposing the gravity force and its tendency to collapse to a point. We are seeing a second world or parallel world that oppose the world that Newton, Einstein and all those who fallowed them are investigating with huge labor of mind power. The fallowing figure explains this.

Sun Light - Unwinding force


Anti-gravity Force of shoot supported by root Limit of physical stress

Black Hole

Anti- Gravity force of Root supported by shoot Action of force on Plant system from Environment - Note the force need to be visualized as spiral one here

The key points to observed are 1] When shoot and leaves are exposed to light/heat from Nature, it experiences it as unwinding force. They react to it by winding - it absorbs light/heat.

2] This winding stress is transformed into root facilitating it to unwind and grow into Earth. 3] When environment makes phase change and goes into darkness and Earth unwinds, then roots seem to wind helping the shoot to unwind and grow. This is supported by the fact that much of shoot growth occurs in darkness. Anyone who cares to observe will note flowers and seeds unfold in night or early morning period [ There are many aspect involved here but all of them can be deduced down to unwinding and winding force] . These observation invariably meant there is physical process that precedes all the chemical process that build the biological mass and sustain the O2 to CO2 ratio of the environment for all other life to flourish. We all know plants form the base of pyramid of food chain. This thought persisted in me and became seed thought, that flowered once I revolted and left "Plato's Chair", Seeking answers to many fundamental questions that modern science left behind, such as Why triplet code? Why DNA is double helical? Why pairs of chromosomes? Why dominant and gravity is weak force? Why speed of light is the maximum speed? Why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3? Why gravitational and inertial mass? Why wave particle duality? What is life? What dies?

What takes birth? And so on. In my quest, free in Nature, I tried to enter the Great minds of modern science trying to understand their concepts in relation to what the Seed and Nature was revealing. Nature began to expose the simplicity behind complexity. Nature began to reveal many simple techniques in place of complex approaches we taking. My attempts to reach out to temples of science to discuss these budding thoughts repeatedly failed. So my mind pursed bigger and bigger question. Eventually it ended in one point, how the universe came into existence and exist in time? My mind contemplated on this subject for years. These years were like a dog trying to catch its tail. I was going round and round, when I connect one patch of the circle it breaks somewhere else. Eventually in a "Retreat Center", where I went as an observer but ended up participating. Here I surrendered unconditionally and accepted death to "Higher Force" governing us. In few moments here all my thought collapsed into order, revealing the secret.

The seed as a path to Secret of Nature
In the model above we are perceiving both physics and life. In the above figure, it is natural that any mind seeking Truth now concentrates on the "black hole" in the "center" and tries to figure out the process happening in it. It was clear something is transforming "gravity force" into "anti-gravity force" in the center of life in the above figure. From this center the development of Ultimate Theory of Living Universe was a few logical steps helped by Grace. Observing life showed that

Life strives to sustain certain symmetry or equilibrium with constant expenditure of energy. In contrast to this, gravity force of the material world is built on the assumption of non equilibrium.

Between matter [Earth] and the space-time field manifesting into environment containing energy and information, life seemed to exist as factor opposing gravitational collapse. [Nearly two decades back, I wrote this idea and shared it with many temples of science. I wrote that even one single cell can stop gravitational collapse. All of them overlooked]

This means at the center of life there is some matter that has equilibrium or symmetry in space and it is trying to protect its equilibrium through constant intake of gravity force and transforming into anti-gravity

This central matter not only has the capacity to transform the force but also has the capacity of creativity and ability to expand in to space time utilizing the matter. In short, it creates a biological mass that resist the collapse of the system under gravity.

Next logical step of thought was that 1] since gravity manifest through space-time net which forms the back bone binding matter and since gravity is centripetal force winding and directed to center. Ther should be a "second space-time net" binding all forms of life that is unwinding and expanding into space thus balancing teh system 2] The above model was giving the existecne to two parallel worlds that are opposing and yet one. In addition there was symmetry that is chareterized by a left and right. This design seem to exist in animals and humans with some baic differnece. Unlike in plant where male and female exist as one, in animals we have male and female as diffent systems. Within

the system there is inner world and outer world; Brain being the center of the outer world and heart being the center of the inner world. 3] A breakthrough link between life and material world emerged when I observed Earth and its energy cycle. Earth we note has dual world design. When one part of Earth opens to light and heat and unwinds another world simultaneously goes into darkness and winds. When the light in one world peaks the dark cycle emerges from within, simultaneously opposite happens in other world. Very Cleary it is instantaneously communicated and a from information exchange is occurring. This phase change occurs in 12 hour cycle. This cycle exist in bigger cycle of 12 month forming the climatic cycle with similar process. Now I began to see a parallel between life and Earth. When a living system breaths, it strives to sustain certain balance between the inner and outer space. It is opening up to communicate with outer space to strike a balance. A second level of communication occurs in life, when the cells goes into mitotic division to renew its information. This could be compared to climatic cycle where Earth is renewed. Now I could see Why DNA is double helical? Why gene exist as dominant and recessive? Why pairs of chromosomes. There are different levels of response to change in external information.   The first level of information change is handled by gene pairs at double helical level. The second level of information exchange is managed by pairs of chromosomes coming together to exchange not only information but recreate its own images to

grow.[Mitotic division and growth]. Now we have two parallels between life and Earth. The breathing of life can be compared with day and night cycle and climatic cycle can be compared with mitotic division and growth- My attention now got concentrated to "centromere" where pairs of chromosomes come together.

Note - At the system level we focused our mind at "black hole" for investigation. Now we have corned a "black hole" in a cell. The "cetromere" where two chromosomes come together before it creates the wave of creation to create of two cells from one. It seems to hold some secret. Note - From the beginning I carried a notion that humans play an important role in Nature. This became clear when I began to introduce plant, animals and humans into the energy cycle of Nature manifesting as day and night cycle and climatic cycle. I found earth's energy cycle a "self-sustaining Gaia" as Noble Laureate James Lovelock proved. However, when I introduced adult humans into the energy cycle, I suddenly began to see a time direction to gravitational collapse. There are two basic perception of the world; modern scientific that thinks it is material and ancient spiritualist which views universe as Living and Conscious being. In both case time direction is inevitable. Thus origin and end and new beginning is a reality that needs to be understood. 4] All life we note has a life cycle, that has four distinct phases; Birth and Early Childhood, Early Adulthood, Late Adulthood and Old Age leading to death, that can be grouped into two phases; up and down. The first two phase is up phase and last two phase is down phase. One can divide and put it in 1:2:1 ratio. It is important now to note that the ancient Vedic scriptures and even our modern science speak of "Universal Cycle of Time". Which means the Earth and the whole universe has beginning and end. The Vedas

of the ancient east divided this "Universal Time Cycle" in to four portions, where Truth and Justice deteriorates. Note - The critical Juncture where modern science as well as spiritualist fail, is when it comes explain how the universe came into existence and how it is perpetuated in time. Einstein's Theory of gravity extended leads us to BIG BANG origin, where all the laws of physics fail. This theory is not comprehensible to common sense and is devoid of cause for origin and fall. The question how universe conquers time and initializes is left unanswered . This ignorance is the key to all ignorance. Under the cover of this ignorance religious people exploit humans, modern intellectuals exploit Nature. They form the "Twin Ignorance" that is endangering Earth and humanity. The twin ignorance are;   Lack of "Truth of Nature and its functioning" and the Lack of "Truth of God and His Functioning"

The former is manifesting as violent climatic peak and falls leading the world to huge destruction. The latter is turning more destructive. In the absence of "Truth of God" religions are polarizing humans and they are taking self destructive path with all the weapons of mass destruction in hand. The solution to the first problem exist in understanding the "Principle and Design" on which Earth functions to sustain certain energy to matter ratio and thus heat of system. This is discussed in the following article. "Climate Change and Solution to it From a New Perspective" published in "Canada daily" The solution to the second problem is to "Reinvent the Big Bang Creation" in sensible manner involving life. To Reinvent Big Bang all we need is to extend our thoughts further.

5] The key question of origin and existence can only be approached by visualizing universe as "Living conscious and intelligent being" as Eastern philosophies taught the world. It is a sensible approach because life is bestowed with the capacity to conquer time and initialize. We already noted that life is intermediate between the space-time web that carries energy and information and material Earth towards which all the gravity of the material world seems to point. This means collapse is directed to life and living world. Life conquers time when the "Spirit of the Male" leaves it body enters the recessive world and goes into recreation and restoration phase. We need to invent this phase in the Universal Time Cycle. This phase should manifest before death strikes the universal being. A "Grand Plan" should exist in the universe by which it is lifted from near death back to Life. This invention would create break through for our Journey back to Golden Age or Kingdom of God. It would take us from "Darkness to Light", Imminent "Death to Life" This is explored in the article "Reinventing Big Bang". and PPT presentation "God's thought - Reveled by Grace" These article point that universe originates from the "inner space" of a "Absolute Soul" and "Absolute Life". The "inner space" of this Soul carries all the information and capacity to transform the "Gravity Force" of the universe to lift it from "0" or gravitational collapse to back to "1". The "Absolute Soul", is the product of "two parallel worlds". It was formed when the "Spirit" or information from the dominant male world enters the

"feminine and recessive world" to "Create New Soul" and "New Life" that is Absolute. The absolute life "arrest the time" and unfolds its "inner space" lifting everything to the initial state. Universe is the "consciousness and intelligence" of the Creator unfolding and enfolding to sustain life. It says that we humans are "self centered" and "material centered" and is the cause for time direction to disorder, destruction and death or "gravitational collapse" , The "Good News" is that this death exist conquered. The "Life force" or "Information" is unfolding to lead us to Truth and Freedom. The fabric of the universe is stable what creates and sustains it is the "Spirit" or "Information" that unfolds and enfolds. We are edging to gravitational collapse by our ignorance. We cannot survive unless we "Awaken to Light" and "Information being Unfolded" We are in that phase where the Creator is recreating to restore us back to the glorious period or the Golden Age. The misery we are witnessing around the world is Birth Pang. Note - Theoretical scientist have discovered parallel worlds. Three scientists Neil Turok of Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University and Burt Ovrut of Pennsylvania university have come out with a solution to concept of time and singularity by suggesting that at singularity one world pierces and emerges on the opposite. I am not sure how they came to this thought and how they perceive the universe from their thought. But it makes sense from biological point. The universe is static, the Life to it is given and sustained by a "Spiritual Entity". In its Creation Phase it is "Absolute Love" But in Created state it works to uphold "Truth and Justice" balancing the system. What is at the center of the seed we visualized, is what is at the center of "centromere" and is explored in the PPT presentation "God's Thought -Reveled by Grace"

In conclusion
In conclusion life is not a chemical soup, it is not gene and DNA. It has a spiritual field reality and material reality. The DNA and Genes are built around this spiritual core. This core of life is the back bone of life. The living universe similarly has back bone of spiritual core to which we are related. Our "self" is an illusion. We are in phase where "consciousness and intelligence of God the Creator is unfolding from within with free will to human souls. There is a spiritual awakening but this happening within the frame works religion is turning to be most dangerous to humanity. I see people flooding this field with material intent. This would be much more catastrophic than modern science that gave technological tool into the hands a pathologically criminal and self centered people without first comprehending the whole "Truth of Nature and its functioning" - We have come to an end. We cannot advance the way we have been. We cannot survive unless we first bring a Paradigm shift in our thinking and "Awaken to Truth" - Life can give simple solutions to complex problems we have created in every field of human interest, energy, health, food, socail. I have been approached for technologies, but none has given a hand to spread the Truth. Einstein said

 

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when

we created them".
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more

violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." Returning to the seed -- Exploring its Applied Potential
I saw immense possibilities to use this seed model as a wonder tool for many research. They all remained dream, as I stood with my consciousness as I quit the "Plato's Chair" and lost a lab to work on. Seed model can

1] Give a sensitive tool to check the influence of chemicals on plant life. 2] It can lead us to invent new plant hormones. 3] I am against genetic engineering, yet in special cases where it is useful and where it is not against Nature, this can hasten introduction of new genes or traits into plants. 4] Very importantly it gave new visions to manipulate plant life to human advantage manipulating the external environment to influencing the internal environment to develop new information's or amplify the quality and strength of genes. Note - This research and thoughts dates back 80's. This work was used to gain huge grant for "Tissue culture of cashew". These plants were claimed as "World's First Tissue Cultured Plants" in media. It then came on front page of text books, produced PhD's. I revolted against a system where most people strive to flow with the tide against once own consciousness. They thrive to amass wealth, name, fame by false means. The revolt was violent because the lab where I worked belonged to a Priest. It became more painful because he spoke about Einstein, Mendel and so on to rope me in, to work in his lab that was not recognized by the university and none was willing to work. Against odds I struggled day and night with some of the tough problems all alone and made immense progress. The lab became recognized at national level. But at this point I was reduced to a lab assistant. In a quest to take Doctorate Degree and enter academic line to explore these fundamental thoughts, I had to bow my head, I even gave up my job with multinational company and over looked an offer to lead commercial ventures with big private companies. After 7 years into my research career, on the eve of submission of doctoral thesis, I quit science than surrendering my consciousness for the sake of Doctoral Degree and position in academic line. I write this because our system kills many a minds and resist evolution into new thinking. We cannot survive unless we evolve

and bring Paradigm shift in our Thinking. Evolution calls breaking the boundaries of self. I see million ideas in internet that goes unnoticed and unsupported just because they fail to twist it down to one or other schools of thought that dominate. A great wealth of knowledge lies hidden in Eastern and ancient cultures simply because it is not compatible with modern western thinking that is erroneous. Unfortunately the whole world looks to west and Big Temples for answer. It is nearly three decades, I struggle against to find a intellectual circle to discuss it. I am convinced that the Creator is in control, I keep struggling against odds because it is a "inner call" that I cannot throw out, especially when I see millions suffer due to failure of intellectuals governing us. Max Planck said "A

scientific Truth does not triumph by convincing its

opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

The only way to approach it is to look at universe as "Living and Conscious and Intelligent being". 1] Gravity is a centripetal force in three dimensional space directed to a center. This mean it should be a spiral force. Anything that is spiral cannot move one bit unless it moves something else in opposite direction. Thus light

particle striking Earth bring heat should be taking some other matter out of it. We know light/heat displaces Cold. 3] Uncertainty theory also breaks down the idea of force as moving in staright line. Thus it led me to visualize particle of light as ratio with design in the form of 8 with a 4:3 ratio that is capable of quantum dancing between two state 4:3 and 3:4 creating spin and spiral motion a pair in space in timetheir union forming systems or atoms in space- See article4] By virtue of non equilibrium the light particle can creates a "inner space" that can open and interact with external space. This inner takes space in system that have symmetry in three dimensional space [example - Inert atoms] 2] Newton's gravity is a field where an instantaneous communication takes place. Einstein's gravity field is a net where communication takes place in time. These field form the back bone linking the material objects. But both by second law of thermodynamic have force directed to center. Newton perceived an instantaneous force that bind the system. Einstein perceived the physical force that communicates and bind the system in time. 3] By virtue of second law of thermodynamics these fields have a centripetal forces and directed to a center. In the above seed we can perceive it being directed to the seed center. 4] But looking at the seed and life, I began to perceive a inner space where this field force and its gravity and it is converted back into anti-gravity force. Thus I began to visualize gravity field as double net; in one the forces is acting towards the center in the other it is going away from the center. what is coming is appeared instantaneous and what goes out is time bound manner. 5] Then came the perception that what Newton and Einstein perceives coexist in Human Llife. Life has instantaneous communication as well as time bound communication. Much of the internal vital objects are controlled by instantaneous communication. The brain and its wiring a thing that communicates in time. The next logical conclusion was simple - the universe is a Living being and the Big Bang is created from a single cell and is beyond it in from single Soul.

visualize the four quantum mechanical steps in the system before the observed quantum action action takes place.

It started beginning point of my search to explore the dynamics of individual living system as whole and community. It opened the possibilities of using whole system to manipulate its gene, its traits, it characteristic as parallel and simple Nature compatible methods in place of highly unpredictable

genetic engineering and expensive cell and tissue culture technologies to clone plants. As a alternative I even went ahead to develop a concept called eco-culture, where environmental changes was used to control the auxin and cytokinin production of the plant to initiate axillary bud multiplication to obtain complete cloned plants. This was successfully done with cashew and Coffee plants I started to visualize two spiral waves moving in opposite direction one being dominant the other being recessive. At first I thought anti-gravity is dominant and gravity as recessive. Very quickly from Nature I realized that they exist in two phase, in one phase antigravitational force exist as dominant and the gravity as the recessive. In next phase gravity exist as dominant and anti-gravity as recessive. This change in phase relates to day and night cycle and form the basics on which the system survive against time. Against time direction of Nature, the system is always anti-gravitational and here lies the secret of information building. These fundamental physical vision of forces I perceived, influenced me to visualize action of force in material world as spiral one and eventually develop new picture of the universe involving life [read article - - published in Canada Daily]

a path Nature revealed to my questioning process. During the initial period of my research career when I was trying to clone some highly difficult commercial plants. I had failed to elicit any results and I was totally frustrated. I had no body to fallback for support and guidance. I found my guide wanting. Just when I was about give up, Mother Nature called me. I developed a strange form of communication with Nature that led me to reviewing everything I am doing. Looking back on my work, I found that what I am trying to do in the lab is to find the internal secrets of plants system. They dedifferentiate and differentiate information periodically against time cycle. My interest in Time Cycle began here. The perquisite to my success lies in developing a media and microenvironment that supports the plant system in hand. In Nature, I could clearly sense an instinct among living system to survive. I realized that I am trying to exploit this survival instinct. Once in my farm, my searching senses landed on a germinating Cashew seed and I was astonished at the rate of growth it produces once the germination was induced. I also noted the immense power in it to handle the

stress force. This is related to stored food and hormones in the system to facilitate growth. This led me to conduct a curious experiment. I cut off the shoot and root meristems in germinating seed of cashew, and maintained it in a moist environment. My argument was that since the plants are toti-potent, the circumstances should lead to a situation where some cells with in the system should regenerate, shoot or root meristem or dedifferentiate to form embryoid which in turn would give rise to shoot and root meristem. My argument turned right. Within in few days large number of shoots emerged from the axil of the cotyledons and a ring of roots appeared at the cut end. See fig. It is known that leafs are the primary source of production of hormones and cytokinins and Auxins. The auxins produced in the leaf move towards the Earth to the root tip and cytokinins move against it to the shoot tip. So naturally my second childish question was, can the shoots produce its own root, I tilted the glass so that the axis of the shoot stand apart from the axis of the mother seed. I was expecting the plants in the corner of the axis to produce roots at its base. My thinking turned correct and I could isolate many plants from the seed and transfer them to soil. Later it was found that these shoots could be easily rooted in the in the lab or can be made to root directly in soil in a controlled glass house conditions.

This is the beginin point of serch to explore the dynamics of individual living system and community as whole and changed my vision of life 1] It was noted that the number of roots and shoots appearing on the left and right axils of the system were never equal and there appeared a relationship with the shoot and root formation in opposite way. That is if the shoots formation was good in the left axis then the root formation is good in the right side of the cut end of the hypocotyls end suggesting a balancing aspect going on in the system. Finer observation showed that this is true in root and shoot distribution and its branching pattern in space in the plant systems Nature. 2] In the above seed model when I tilted the axis against the axis of the gravitational force the tendency to form a ring of roots appeared disrupted and it split up and the shoots began to fuse as if a spiral wave force exist in the column. Thus this seed began give me physical vision of biological system and force. This is the foundation which later made me propose that force in Nature is spiral not directed entity and thus it should exist in four pairs. This intern led me visualize the quantum mechanical process that proceeded in the system before the observed action takes place. Note - this picture arose form large number of experimentations. The wave dynamics of the system is sensitive and influenced by many factors. Reader would understand this statement when we understand the life and its functioning discovered from the system point of view

Most of these experiments were conducted out side the laboratory. Later I shifted the model as a tool to evaluate the influence of various chemicals on the system, so that I could develop an appropriate medium for tissue culture of the plant. The observation was elaborate, from a birds eye view of it, they also begin to speak some tendency - a definite non linear phenomenon within life. 3] Use of hormone reduced the tendency to form roots at the hypocotyl and the tendency to form embryoid and independent plants increased. In other words the chemical were showing the physical phenomenon that resulted in complete plant - the distancing of the axis of the mother plant induces the newly differentiating cells to go the independent way of embryoid formation. In short my observation led me to discover two principal forces that control the plant system. One is against gravity [anti-gravity] and the other with gravity . See fig

I noted that all living system by instinct is anti-gravitational. This becomes evident when we apply second law of thermodynamics to living system and material system. Even our common sense observation tells us this Truth. When all material systems tend to wind and become compact in space, life unwinds growing out into space. From the observation, It is an evident fact that shoots and flower growth occurs during the night and maximizes with dawn and the opposite is true for root. In other words against the cyclic change day and night cycle a flipping in the direction of flow occurs in plant system. In all the different type of plant seeds I explored, I observed the principal force that is first expressed is the Anti gravitational force that manifests as shoot meristems growing against gravity. The root meristems have a supporting role. The growth of shoot is supported by a phase of root growth. In other words the root and shoot growth alternates. I started to visualize my experimental tool as double spiral axis, which is capable of producing many double spiral axis cohering into one or differentiating into many. Thus a seed of "Physics of biology" or "Biophysical

Reality" began to take root in me. This was supported by observation in Nature, where I was seeing spirality every where. It was suggesting some fundamental double spirality guiding the whole phenomena of Nature. I began to visualize dedifferentiation which, I was attempting in order to clone plants as simply a process of compression of the system to certain near critical state and holding it there giving the system time to react and survive [ differentiation] The traditional tissue culturists speak of a unique medium arrived at by permutation and combination as the secret way to differentiate a system. From the random design approach I adopted to clone coconut later adopted for all tissue culture work , I realized there are different paths [combination of medium] to the same goal. Everything in the end becomes deducible to appropriate stress. This meant that the whole process of dedifferentiation and differentiation can be induced by many other mechanical means than total dependence of hormones. Everything should in end should transform and translate into some winding force. Back tracking my experimental tool [the seed] to its root stage [embryo] and beyond it. I began visualize some particle behind life whose motion is producing the spiral wave around which the system is growing. This particle probably is working as a drill displacing matter and force to the opposite. It was stupid thinking in this way but my search to know the Truth of Nature slowly began to uphold the vision. This thus became the starting point for the System Design , Unification Theory and Biophysical Reality that Nature revealed to me. A flurry of applied possibilities which centered around handling the whole system at the seed level and various other levels to increase productivity and resistance to the pest etc came up, but I had to over look them in order to seek the fundamentals.

The human mind in me saw many possibilities to exploit the above observation
1] As a model to study the mechanical force at work in biological system. 2] As a model to study the effect of various chemicals on particular system, such that time taken to determine suitable medium and hormones for particular system could be drastically reduced. 3] As a model to invent new chemicals that produces auxin and cytokinin effect in plant system.

4] A model to develop stress resistant variety very quickly – The Modern built of patrician knowledge and complexity lack the simple Truth on which Nature and life is founded. Thus it is moving from simplicity to complexity and taking knowledge of life away from common man. The intellectuals existing in the temples of science are inherently aware of it. But they survive by creating more complexity. The world and every individual of the democratic world is giving a price for it. The dedifferentiation and differentiation of information is means by which life conquers stress and develops means. The plants are totipotent, because they have both male and female element. Their first choice is to mix the information. The male part opens first and when its pollen dissipates the female opens. But in situation where it is not possible they do mix they fertilize within to form seed to survive against time. Now in the above experiment we saw a dedifferentiation and differentiation of information in the most natural and food and hormone that the plant developed. Now we can turn this seed model to develop stress resistant plant quickly, saving, huge resources spent on complex approaches being used now in biotechnology. 5] As model to develop quickly and safely genetically altered plants. Modern world spends billions to successfully introduce particular isolated genes into a cell in tissue culture and develop a plant with that gene. It necessitates the development of species specific standard techniques. The technique itself is beyond control because innumerable factors near and far affect it. The above seed gives us model to quickly and safely introduce genes. The theory is simple. When the system is stressed, it is already looking form solutions. When the solution is provided it quickly incorporates to survive [Way back, a small project written about it submitted to US National Science Foundation Resulted in invitation to join a US University. I could not submit my thesis it meant I should join the university as a under graduate. One experience of being exploited led me to resist the invitation. Importantly the call of the fundamentals was too strong for me to deviate into a small branch and sacrifice the freedom of search] 6] To promote the growth of embryoids, which differentiated in the tissue culture but are failing to grow in the medium? 7] To develop hybrid embryos when the seed fails to support its growth and so on

The plants obtained in the above manner out side a tissue culture lab were successfully transferred to the soil. It formed the basis for obtaining a huge funding to the lab from the government and getting recognition to the Lab. After I left the lab, I saw the human greed for fame name manifesting to its highest level both cheating oneself and the whole world. I witnessed my work presented to public by a cabinet minister. The national media carried the picture of cabinet minister transferring the plant obtained in the above manner to the field, it was claimed as worlds first cloned plant of cashew. The real potential of the work remained with me for want of out lets to explore. Being preoccupied with Unification Theory I could not divert my attention to it. ] Nature provideds such simple clues to complex problems. The common man and his mind become fascinated by picture of cells being manipulated in test tube plants growing test tube and so on. The funding bodies quickly fall to the potential projected in paper. But the result we get is wanting and in many cases against the intended goals. Huge funds are being lost and the common man whose money instead of benefiting him is being wasted, in some case out of ignorance, in most cases being consciously aware of the Truth.

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