INTEROFFICE CORRESPONDENCE Los Angeles Unified School District Office of the Superintendent

TO: Dr. Richard Vladovic Board President Dr. John E. Deasy, Superintendent COMMITTEE SENIOR ADMINISTRATOR/SPONSOR ASSIGNMENTS The administrative team is in the process of assigning a senior administrator/sponsor to each of the seven established committees; Committee of the Whole, Facilites, Auditing and Budget, Common Core Technology Program, Pre-K, Parent Engagement, Curriculum and Instruction, Meeting Improvement Process and Adult Education. Another administrator, along with clerical support, will be dedicated to the chair of each of these committees to facilitate agenda planning, agenda preparation, material collection and distribution, establishment of requested speakers, establishment of meeting dates, establishment and scheduling of media coverage/KLCS, organization of security, meeting rooms, custodial, public speaking, minutes and postings for each of these committees. This administrator will report to the senior sponsor. We should have this process initiated within one week. During our deliberation, a few topics emerged that we have had a great deal of community inquiry and discussion on over the last year. It seems to me that these topics boil down to a few areas that I would strongly recommend consideration for the establishment of several extra committees to deal with these on a regular basis. I believe it would help the district, under your leadership, to establish a committee for the following:  Arts  Human Resources & Personnel Commission  School Safety and Discipline  Government Relations and Legislative Affairs  Charter and Prop 39 Oversight  Magnet and Autonomous School Expansion and Oversight  Ethics Each of these topics are critical and frequently discussed at board meetings and has high community interest and engagement. I respectfully request guidance at the September 10th Board meeting so that the administration could be prepared to staff these additional committees should the board desire to increase smooth functioning and transparency in these areas. c: Members, Board of Education Sr. Leadership Team Jefferson Crain 1 DATE: August 22, 2013


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