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Can candles make electricity?
Starting with the fact that candles generate a lot more heat than light, it's not at all unreasonable to
harvest some heat and turn it into light. The candle power increases the thermal energy to light
conversion efficiency of a candle by placing a Peltier element over it. The heat causes the peltier
element to generate electricity, which creates electricity.

*To lessen in paying your electricity bills.
*To lessen the amount of use of electricity.

Materials Needed:
*2 candles
*2 nails
*2 lead with alligator clips
*1 magnet

First take the nails and stick them into each candle. Make sure it doesn’t come out to the other side.
After sticking the nails into each other candles, you will need the magnet. Rub the surface of the magnet
against the nail to magnetize it. Do the same with the other one. After rubbing the surface of the
magnet, attach each lead to each candle. Now, you can power up almost anything that uses batteries.
Example is the bulb of the flashlight. Attach the other lead to the wires of the bulb then light the candle.
And there yah go! :))