Psychic (Distant) Healing Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D.

News item: 7 June 2000: A paper released on June 6, 2000 in the Annals of Internal Medicine entitled 'The Efficacy of "Distant Healing': A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials" concluded: "The methodologic limitations of several studies make it difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the efficacy of distant healing. However, given that approximately 57% of trials showed a positive treatment effect, the evidence thus far merits further study."

Over the centuries, miraculous recoveries from illnesses have been associated with the work of God, saints, healers, shamans, witch doctors, and power spots. Depending on the circumstances, we describe these different forms of recovery with terms like psychic healing, spiritual healing, faith healing, laying-on-of-hands, etc. What's common to all these phenomena is that a person has recovered from illness or injury without the use of any known curative agents - whether physical or psychological. But the question I'd like to address here is whether such healing really involves some paranormal element -- like some 'cosmic energy,' or a form of psychokinesis -- or whether, appearances notwithstanding, it can be attributed to more mundane factors. The issue is very complex, actually, because people sometimes do recover even from extreme illnesses, apparently without any intervention whatsoever -- whether medical, psychological, or psychic; in medical vernacular, this is called 'spontaneous remission.' Beyond this, we also know that people have an enormous self-healing potential, given the right conditions. It's been known for some time now that many illnesses are at least partly caused by psychological and mental issues. More recently, medical science has come to also recognize that the mind can have a very beneficial influence on the body, as well. For example, many studies show that people who are hypnotized and given the right suggestions can rid themselves of warts, or resist skin poisoning when touched by plants like poison ivy, or even undergo dental operations and surgery without anesthesia. Even in the absence of hypnosis or mental training, people can heal themselves of a specific ailment, simply because they believe that they will be cured by a drug. The wellknown placebo is an inert chemical substance, like a sugar pill, which is typically prescribed by a physician as if it were a "real" medication, along with the standard reassurances that it will cure the illness or alleviate symptoms. Controlled studies examining the effects of this "white lie" are truly incredible. In one review of the relevant literature, it was found that placebos gave substantial relief to diabetics, peptic ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, radiation-sickness, and other serious health problems. [The clinical study of the effectiveness of minoxidil, the drug that is used to regrow hair in balding men and women, showed the surprising result that 11% of the patients in the placebo condition regrew new hair!]

People will even develop some of the adverse side-effects associated with the 'real' medication (e.g., headaches, nausea, insomnia, constipation, etc.)! Given that there is no active substance in the placebo, this research shows that the cures and symptom alleviation are triggered by the patient's own mind -- even though the person is completely unaware of it. If the unconscious mind can accomplish such feats of self-healing, then it is likely that much of what goes by 'psychic healing' is in fact more like a placebo effect: it seems likely that many instances of psychic healing are due not to a mental force or cosmic energy channeled from healer to patient, but rather to social and psychological factors that trigger self-healing mechanisms in the person's unconscious. People who come to a healer may be desperate; they may have abandoned hope with conventional treatment methods. To many, it might feel like the healer is their last hope. Others, having developed a solid distrust of allopathic medicine, may feel that mental or psychic means of treatment are the only way to go. Either way, many coming into a healing session have high hopes and expectations, or are in a hyper-suggestible state. If, coupled with this receptive state of mind, we have a healer who engages in all kinds of unusual rituals -- magnetic passes, prayer, chanting, etc. -- then the situation may be just right to trigger a self-healing process, leading to alleviation of symptoms or even a cure. Of course, as in classical placebo studies, the patient will tend to attribute the healing to the external agent (in this case, the healer); but the real agent would be the patient's own unconscious mind. Now, I'm not saying that all psychic healing is necessarily a placebo; far from it. What I'm getting at is that the many, many anecdotes and testimonies about miraculous healings, even if genuine, don't permit us to infer what kind of mechanisms are involved -- whether the healing was based on 'normal' psychophysiology, or whether it involved a truly 'paranormal' element. Generally, it is very difficult to distinguish psychic healing from self-healing. Of course, you might ask yourself -- so what, as long as it works? Who cares if healing is really a fully internal process, the 'healer' being just a convenient trigger of self-healing, or if it is a genuinely paranormal process actually caused by the healer's intentions, thoughts, or energy? Well, for one thing, scientists do care: the theoretical or metaphysical implications, if you will, are mind-boggling (that's one of the reasons there's so much resistance to accepting psi phenomena in general). But, beyond this, there are also some very practical issues: a world in which people can only affect their own bodies through mental means is a very different world from one in which they can affect each other at a distance. For example, if we were sure that psychic healing is just self-healing, then all we need to do, in order to encourage such self-healing, is to understand the psychological and interpersonal factors that trigger it. On the other, if the healer really 'does' something to the patient, then we would want to understand how to enhance or amplify that healing 'power' -- and, also, how to protect ourselves from its possible misuses. EXPERIMENTS WITH HUMANS: REACH OUT AND [PSYCHICALLY] TOUCH SOMEONE So, how do we go about testing the existence of 'paranormal' healing effects, over and above the more common (though equally astonishing) self-healing effects? Generally speaking, researchers have adopted two different approaches: One approach, which I

What was especially striking was that this increase in vitality was not just a short-term. The other approach. then we need more solid proof: we need to eliminate all sensory communication between healer and patients -. i. rather than clinical (or medical) contexts. are not subject to unconscious suggestion. the fact is that many healers claim to be able to function just as well -. Estebany thus treated 49 patients. and thus serve as a comparison (or 'control') group. since that time. is quite straightforward: experimentally investigating healers' influence on human physiology. who were suffering from a broad range of illnesses. the patients which Estebany had visited were in better shape.g. presumably. or some combination of the two. So. but rather on specific physiological measures which can be precisely monitored in 'real-time' -. and how much was due to Estebany per se. a nurse and teacher at New York University.or even better -. Experimenters focus not on illnesses.will be presenting in the next column. before and after the healing session. which wouldn't know a psychic healer from a Neanderthal. She found that hemoglobin levels of 'treated' groups had increased much more than the hemoglobin level of the 'untreated' patients: as attested by an objective measure. a pure placebo. So we still don't know whether we are dealing with a genuinely paranormal healing effect. by focusing on a photo of the patient). increasing their body's ability to fight off the illness. Vitality is associated with metabolism and oxygen consumption.. Krieger thought that healers may help patients by somehow increasing their overall vitality. in a follow-up study. it may seem artificial and arbitrary to investigate healing while separating the healer from the patient. transient effect. Granted. which can be objectively measured by hemoglobin levels in patients blood cells. When all sessions were completed. If we want to establish a 'paranormal' element. But from a purely scientific perspective it's not entirely sure how much of the healing effect was really due to self-healing. with hope and expectation for improvement. to determine whether there were significant changes as a result of the healing. investigates healers' influence on non-human organisms. Mice or plants. MAKE MY HEART FLUTTER Most of these 'distant healing' studies have taken place in experimental. Krieger selected another 29 patients with similar problems and medical profiles who would receive no psychic healing from a distance (e. which I'll be presenting here. it is not that unreasonable to expect at least some distant healing effects if a paranormal component really exists. One of the earliest studies of a healer's influence on patients was conducted by Dolores brainwaves. Krieger compared the blood samples of the two groups. thus depriving them from the human contact which is so important. . Yet. a Hungarian who seemed to have an uncanny ability to treat all kinds of problems by the 'laying-on-of-hands': he would simply place one or both hands on the person (or near their body) and visualize a positive energies surging into the patient's body.. There's little doubt that patients in Krieger's study would respond psychologically to the healer. body temperature. they're more like simulations of healing situations. Krieger found that the difference in hemoglobin levels were still statistically significant a full year after Estebany's treatment! The social and clinical importance of such studies is undeniable.e. so Krieger decided to take blood samples from each patient. nurses all over the US have adopted the practice of 'therapeutic touch' as an adjunct to orthodox medicine. this alone could increase the 'vitality' of treated patients over untreated individuals. so we can conduct all kinds of studies without worrying about placebo effects and such.hence all 'normal' triggers of self-healing. The healer for this study was Oskar Estebany.

in addition to the procedure described above (biofeedback information given to a distant 'healer') participants were also given the opportunity to learn to control their own GSR.monitored through one of these physiological measures -. DID SOMEONE SAY 'VOODOO?' It's interesting to note that these 'distant healing' studies do not necessarily suggest that . The 'patient'. comparing each person's average GSR activity during 'influence' vs.could use the real-time physiological information to affect the 'patient's' body. vs. situated in one of the laboratory rooms.. using sensitive electrodes attached to the person's body.g. would be in the same ballpark as the influence we have on our own physiological system..the 'healer' -. through normal biofeedback. It turned out that during the self-control sessions. At the Mind Science Foundation [San Antonio. by trial and error. GSR shifts when someone else is attempting to influence them.heart-rate. Texas]. Subsequent studies. In the last section. was hooked up to the GSR electrodes. the average GSR shift was 10%. we look to determine whether the 'patient's' body -.both for talented 'healers' (including 'psychics') and for 'normal' folks. in the late 1970s. located in a distant room. say. from a distance. they electronically channeled this information to someone else. The researchers could thus compare GSR shifts when the person is controlling his or her own body. body temperature.' Recall how a common biofeedback session works: first. The idea was to see whether this second person -. etc. What's really surprising here is that the influence of another person. still. Braud and Schlitz analyzed results. because the GSR is a good general index of sympathetic nervous system activation: high GSR levels indicate that a person may be anxious or nervous (which is why the GSR is one of the main measures in lie-detectors). After running a large number of 'patients' through this protocol.e. The effects obtained were sometimes quite strong. how to voluntarily control these socalled 'autonomic responses' (e. in sessions with a distant healer. the difference was not that great. I spoke about biofeedback and 'psifeedback. the average GSR shift was about 19%. psi researchers William Braud and Marilyn Schlitz introduced a novel twist to this standard biofeedback procedure: instead of displaying the ongoing physiological information to the person it came from. 'rest' periods. to increase body temperature). say. blood pressure. in a very precise manner. It turned out that the GSR activity during 'influence' periods was significantly 'shifted' from GSR activity during 'rest' periods: the distant 'healer' had somehow succeeded in affecting the other person's physiology. Essentially. who claim no particular psychic talent. the signal coming from these electrodes was channeled into another room. have similarly yielded significant results -. then it becomes much more plausible that they can have beneficial effects on overall health. Obviously. one-minute 'influence' periods and one-minute 'rest' periods. So the healer was instructed to alternate between. In one of the studies. to increase or decrease GSR activity). The signal from these electrodes is electronically amplified and 'fed back' to the person who then uses this real-time feedback to learn. at the Mind Science Foundation and elsewhere.reacts specifically at the moment the healer is focusing on it and returns to normal when the healer focuses on something else. self-control did produce a stronger effect. but.' The healer was given a precise schedule which instructed him when to attempt to 'influence' the other person (i. Braud and Schlitz chose the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR--essentially a measure of sweating) as the physiological measure. and displayed through a polygraph to the 'healer. The idea is that if we can find solid evidence that healers change some component of the person's physiology at a distance. we monitor the minute fluctuations in. and when to simply 'rest' (ignore the graph and concentrate on something else).

an 'opening' of one person to the beneficial thoughts of another. But there’s a catch: what if patients are not truly isolated from the healer’s mind? True. I began to present research addressing the complicated issue of ‘psychic healing’ . visualization. through their hands. and where healers are highly committed to helping others.e. What distinguishes these approaches from all other forms of cure including those based on homeopathy. subjects acting as ‘patients’ are hooked up to electrodes which monitor small fluctuations in some aspect of their physiology . some healers do claim that the cures they effect are based on a kind of ‘magnetism’ -channeled. A psychically mediated placebo? These results do exclude an explanation based on the common placebo. One thing is certain: if we can obtain such distant-influence effects in laboratory simulations. As I showed in the last column. for example. but in 'influence' periods which coincided with their own 'protection' visualization. In the last section.' flowing from the healer to the patient. Sure enough.I also believe that placebos cannot be the whole story. and which show that people can affect others at a distance. and so forth . blood pressure or skin conductivity . But. In these studies. researchers have found that patients’ physiology shows a ‘reaction’ or ‘response’ specifically at the moment healers are focusing on it. True. healing affirmations. by comparing say. Now.the apparent ability of certain people to cure others by mental or ‘psychic’ means. The short ‘influence’ periods are randomly interspersed with short ‘non-influence’ periods (at which time the healers no longer focus on the distant person). we have a large number of laboratory experiments which were designed to exclude explanations based on placebo effects. . So. is that most of these cures must be based on suggestion and self-healing: they must be placebo effects. a protection surrounding their body and preventing any external influences from reaching them. while I think there’s good reason to believe that placebo effects DO play a role in many such healings . In other sessions they were asked to allow the effect of the distant person to come through. and the ‘influence’ vs. rather than thinking of healing as a 'force. then it seems more than likely that similar kinds of effects occur in real-life settings. In one particular study by Braud & Schlitz. from the perspective of classical science. where there are real.while ‘healers’ attempt to influence the person’s physiology from a distant room. body temperature. the GSR did not change significantly. at least. while placebo effects and self-healing certainly play a major role. It's much subtler than that. allopathic medicine . patients' GSR activity shifted from baseline. gestures and rituals. and by the patient’s ‘openness’ and suggestibility. ‘non-influence’ periods are based on random schedules. acupuncture. Since healers and patients are separated from each other.g. I think that we can now safely state that that psychic healing does not seem to involve any known physical substance or energy. there’s little evidence that they are indeed emitting an energy with strange curative properties.just as they play a role in orthodox. something even more profound and miraculous is indeed taking place. pressing needs. in orthodox medicine. differences in physiological activity between these two periods cannot be provoked by the isolated patients themselves. The preferred explanation. as through prayer.. and so forth. Thus. herbs. the patients’ skin conductivity during ‘influence’ periods with that same measure during ‘noninfluence’ periods. subjects were sometimes asked to visualize a mental wall. the patients have no way of knowing when it is an influence vs a noninfluence period. So it seems that. the ‘laying on of hands’. it may be more appropriate to think of it as a kind of cooperative relationship -. it was found that during the usual 'influence' periods. triggered by the healers’ strange words.just anybody can come along and 'force' another person's body to conform to their wishes.

then one (the patient) may simply be acting as a ‘receiver’ in a telepathy experiment. [This article used with permission of the Psi Explorer CD-ROM] nDISTANCE HEALING With BDevine.. If we find that healers can induce such ‘bio-PK’ effects on these simpler organisms. At the moment the influence period begins. a healing truly based on another person’s a person. By Page 2 This EBook may be shared.on the basis of a telepathic contact with the healer. which are not likely to ‘self -heal’ through suggestion. free from edits. But researchers have also been exploring psychokinesis (PK) on other kinds of biological systems. a patient may not have the resources. placebos etc. it would be nice to know if lab results are pointing to telepathy or to psychokinesis. even given the kinds of suggestions which usually trigger placebo effects. Given the complexity of human minds.but what if they have a ‘paranormal’ means for knowing this? While they cannot hear. healers undoubtedly have thoughts like ‘ all rights reserved. So. it would be very difficult to answer this question as long as the ‘patient’ .a telepathically induced placebo effect! Am I’m splitting hairs here? What’s the difference between telepathically triggered self healing. for non-commercial use only.DevineMiracles. confident healer could still input positive ‘energy’ into the patient’s organism and restore health. www. when the rest period begins. In real instances of illness or disease. In this case. based on psychokinesis (mind-over-matter)? Well. to induce self-healings. in its entirety. there are several theoretical issues here. see or sense the healer. now I must focus on the person’. ‘noninfluence’. Page 1 of 15 .the subjects in these experiments have no ‘normal’ way of distinguishing influence from non-influence periods -. vs. she or he may think ‘now I can relax’. unconsciously picking up information from the ‘sender’ and then inducing slight shifts in his or her own physiology. nor logically infer which periods are ‘influence’ vs.really comes from an external source. i.the recipient of the healing effect .DevineMiracles. mentally. perhaps they really do have this knowledge -. if healing . but there’s also at least one important practical concern. Copyright© 2013 www. then a vital.and not just healing suggestions . we are back to a form of self-induced healing . If there is some telepathic rapport between the two persons. and the different possible interactions between them. then there’s a good chance that the healing effects observed with humans indeed are based on a true ‘healing force’. psychologically or physically.

shape or form DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES The information contained in this EBook is for general information purposes only and is not intended to substitute for informed professional medical. Page 3 of 15 Distance Healing By BDevine Welcome and thank you for taking the time to download this mini-eBook. all rights reserved.. for non-commercial use only. . opinions or other content in this transcript.IMPORTANT: Your Rights To This EBOOK This report is created by DEVINE MIRACLES® – Copyright © All Rights Reserved Feel free to give this report away – as long as you do not. accounting.DevineMiracles. Neither author nor publisher accepts any liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage alleged to have been caused. in its entirety. in its all rights reserved. by the information. free from edits. psychiatric. Page 2 of 15 CONTENTS: 2 CONTENTS 3 DISTANT HEALING 4 WHAT IS DISTANT HEALING? 6 A LITTLE EXERCISE TO TRY 9 WHAT WILL YOU FEEL AFTER THE HEALING? 11 HOW DO I CHOOSE SOMEONE TO HELP ME? 12 SOME THINGS TO BE AWARE OF 13 MORE EBOOKS BY BDEVINE 13 WHERE CAN YOU FIND BDEVINE Page 4 This EBook may be shared. Copyright© 2013 www. legal. ideas.DevineMiracles. psychological. for non-commercial use only. – Change any content – Claim it as your own – Or charge for it in any way. tax.. Page 3 This EBook may be shared. Copyright© 2013 www. free from edits. directly or indirectly. or other professional advice.

it is simply the way that I have been doing healings. the world is also healing. and many other abilities. later in this mini EBook. Being a healer. to whoever needs it-whether a person. and how you can prepare for the healing to take place. that you have a responsibility to develop your ability. and the way in which I have had the best results. Copyright© 2013 www. Even situations. in both administrating. can also be sent healing energy-not to mention you can heal the future self as well! . We are all connected. in its entirety. I am sharing this with everyone. I will explain more about this. but in my experience. for non-commercial use only. in the spirit of the web! WHAT IS DISTANCE HEALING? Distance healing means different things to different people. may not be what you are used to. This focus of intention. mentally or out loud. or what you already know or have learnt. becomes a white light (or whichever light you feel is right) of pure healing energy. and teaching healing. What you are reading here. Page 4 of 15 For the purpose of this mini eBook. at any time or place! If you are about to have distance healing. and you were born with all rights reserved. of bringing in loving and healing energy. or across the world. I shall keep this just about Distance Healing. to be a conduit of energy for yourself and others-as you are healing. and learn how you can do this yourself. and is sent. and the past. this will also help you to understand what is actually happening. My hope is that each of you will pass this on. it is a focus of intention. to others who may also be interested. with a special mission. free from edits. that you are a healer yourself! You are here on Earth right now.It is designed to help you. or be healed that creates a lot of healing Universal & Angelic energy. or it is included with one of my personal readings. across the room. plant or animal. means. to heal. Page 5 This EBook may be shared. to familiarize yourself with distance healing.DevineMiracles. and our attitude towards healing. so that you each can see.

your Spirit Guides. in any healing that you are sending or accepting. Copyright© 2013 www. Angelic realm. can do anything that you set your mind upon. it is up to the individual. and healing energy especially. Page 5 of 15 All you need to do to become comfortable with performing distance healing is the willingness to help another. is. Page 6 This EBook may be shared. or are comfortable with the most. You can use healing energy. that you are placing an INTENTION of healing. You also must accept that you were born with healing abilities.DevineMiracles. . This is something that you would focus upon. Other people may work with Spirit Guides which are generally healers in some way and people may also use them because that is what they have been taught.(I shall give instruction below) You always. and leave it to others. and in a sense you are a healer because of this. and the Angels. and also protect everyone involved. or healing in any capacity. or whoever you feel an affinity with. but not often used. God and Jesus when I am giving distance healing.Jesus. I personally only work with the Angelic realm. who they feel are more qualified. This is a terrible mistake! It does not work that way-you must feel that you are worthy or all rights reserved. People may believe that they are incapable of anything like this. in its entirety. Guides or who you are comfortable with does ALL THE ACTUAL HEALING WORK. is something that is available to every soul. for a specific area in the body or for a specific ailment. and knowing that you are a conduit of energy-not the actual healer. or just for an aura cleanse. and imagine this arriving instantly. This is so important. What this means. There is energy everywhere. free from edits. for non-commercial use only. and accept that you too. calming and healing the situation. by asking them to facilitate the entire process. God . would work with the Universal energy.You visualize who or what or where needs this loving healing energy.

and should continue the rest of your life. to allow you to build energy. There are many methods of all rights reserved. to give healing to yourself.BUT do not make the mistake of believing. Your intentions and thoughts of healing. or others to think in this way) YOU ALONE can NOT heal. You are a conduit of energy. you may decide to add things to your special place that bring in loving energy. for non-commercial use only. Page 7 This EBook may be shared. close your eyes. and does nothing to help you. The Angels or Guides etc. this is helping you. that you are some miracle worker. without the assistance of the Universe. and awakening the senses more completely. You may not feel anything but know deep down. that everyone has the right to ask and accept in their lives. and feel at peace. because healing energy is powerful! Get used to sending energy to you first. heal others with your hands or thoughts. concentrate this energy. some incense and sit yourself in a quiet place. who can all by yourself. Over time. or the World right now. Take your time to feel this light of love around you and feel it healing you. and rub them together. Take your hands. in its entirety. (This is an ego based perception. Gentle music helps greatly. everyday! This is important. free from edits. A little exercise to try: Light a special candle. be sure that they know this. When you are ready. and the above outlines the basics. Copyright© 2013 www. Then hold your palms together. and feel the tingles of energy . Now imagine that the Angels (or who you choose) are very close. If you are going to send healing to another. and puts you in the focus quickly. until you feel warm. and are increasing the healing energy within you.DevineMiracles. for the healing to take place. bringing you peace. This light is opening your abilities. and imagine that you are surrounded in a huge cloud of white and golden healing light. and feel calm. Page 6 of 15 You could practice this exercise below. along with the Universal healing energy.

This is a very simple way of beginning the healing process within you. long before anything occurs. the healing and the Angels will bring you into a deeper transition. Copyright© 2013 www. that the more that you are sending healing energy. and anyone else. focus on healing the Aura. This will happen for yourself. even with distance healing. When you feel that you have made the energy ball big enough. in its entirety. bring it over to your face and step „into‟ the energy. This step is most important. This is the energy. So be aware. When you are ready. and then move on to other body parts. if you can let go. As you develop your confidence. You can even place the hands directly over certain trouble places on the body. It is very important. because you will find if you do not do this. for non-commercial use only. to visualize the whole thing taking place. who has this beautiful healing. but don‟t touch them together. out of balance. Move your hands in and out. free from edits. You may stop at your aura. Page 7 of 15 As you are playing with this ball in your hands. and finishes the session. and allow this beautiful healing to take place for you. to clear you of any impurities that may have been released from this healing session.there. Ask the Angels to continue to add extra energy to you. This is the basis of the Distance healing. or start to experience some of the symptoms from the person you were helping! The cleansing of the hands is the closing of the healing as well. open the hands slightly. . then each part of your body one by one. Page 8 This EBook may be shared. When you are done. Visualizing the light. where you need it. It stops the flow of energy. You may feel a resistance type of feeling between the palms. This is forming an energy ball.DevineMiracles. you may start to feel a little all rights reserved. be sure that you wash your hands. within yourself. your senses also awaken to a state that you can sense when something is not right. and ask that an Angelic healing take place there. for both of you. and you will have greater results.

that if there are those who are doing this. to place a light of pink around you. If you focus on negative energy. and also to place you in a shield of mirrorsPage 9 This EBook may be shared. this is what you will radiate. It may be helpful. and continue to send loving energy. If you send love. and impose their thoughts and will on others. you will draw more of this towards yourself. with the power of your mind. send people the most negative energy.DevineMiracles. you receive it. to the senders of the energy. free from edits. or fear based energy. Page 9 of 15 WHAT WILL YOU FEEL AFTER THE HEALING? There are a range of things that people may all rights reserved. the law of attraction works in both ways. Page 8 of 15 this way. it will backfire in their own life. to those thoughts. Remember. and healing. which radiates love. to a massive and all-encompassing life change. Energy grows. Let me just say. You have the ability to control your thoughts. Copyright© 2013 www. and change anything you have ever believed. What will it be for you? Page 10 This EBook may be shared. and negative thoughts in your own mind. you receive this also. If you send hate. from nothing at all. and replace this will loving light always. Some people. for non-commercial use all rights reserved. in its entirety. with a much greater force then was given. to ask the Angels.the more sensitive you also become to energy. if anything negative is sent your way. Take control of negative energy. and what you will attract. Copyright© 2013 www. This is because. who are out there in the world of healing. it will be reflected back to where it came from. in its entirety. Fear grows-just as love grows. free from edits. for non-commercial use only. . Those who feel that they have been energetically „attacked‟ by someone else must ask that the Angels clear this attachment.

Copyright© 2013 soon as you do accept it. is that. you feel different. if in the all rights reserved. rely on you. and your body‟s ability to heal. someone has worked with you. when YOU ACCEPT IT! Healing energy can be sent to a million people. that it works! Here are some of the symptoms of healing energy that is working on you: A sense of relief-many people may not even realise. A feeling of tiredness-You have held onto so much stress in the body. Page 10 of 15 occurring. . but only lasts a very short time-once this clears. guess what? YOU BEGIN TO HEAL! It does not matter when the healing was sent your way. You may even vomit or have diaahrea in the worst cases. you have been tensing up for years. and your body is tired! A feeling of emotion-you will be releasing long held emotions and ways of thinking. but they must accept it-it is only then.perhaps you have some cramping. without realizing it-thus when you finally relax. until you do. or flu like symptoms as part of the healing. & the Angels to help you heal. for non-commercial use only. and you did not accept it then. Some tension in the stomach. When you believe that your life can change. then nothing will happen. only that something is different inside of them.The effects of the healing. A need for extra sleep as your body becomes used to the new energy. in its entirety. it only begins to work for you. and you are willing to believe in yourself. that you can easily cry-even when it is not so much a sad event. but a beautiful one. the healing will begin to occur! What is fantastic.DevineMiracles. If you do not believe that anything will actually change for you. and what you experience. so you may find that when healing is Page 11 This EBook may be shared. that they are feeling relief. free from edits.

Healing energy. or very hungry-just go with the flow. and when you are ready to accept it. (I will explain more about this further below) Your symptoms or body aches and pains. try not to block yourself from getting well! There are some people who are scared of what will happen if there IS no problem anymore. Please do not stop any medications whatsoever. for example. Page 12 This EBook may be shared. These are some of the most common feelings that one may experience during a healing session. for non-commercial use only. body and soul experience. and believe in the power of your mind. you must always ask yourself “what have I learnt from this happening to my body?” if you can honestly answer this question. before this can occur however. before they get better-but this is only temporary. can happenbut it very much depends on what your soul purpose is and how your illness. Copyright© 2013 www. You may be very thirsty. in order to teach yourself.A complete feeling of wellness all over. and therefore. is a total mind. and heavier diseases in the body. Perhaps this is also something that you decided that you would have in your lifetime. is a bonus to your life-over time. and does change the way you are-but once again. you may not need medications at all.DevineMiracles. and energy. *including cancer*. free from edits. Page 11 of 15 *Curing cancer. Most importantly. to help heal the cells in your body. You must use your judgement on how you are feeling. but do not be silly about this. you go on to teach others about this. Healing therefore. You know . that you can heal this. There are a lot of other things that need to be cleared from a all rights reserved. you can have healing from this. in order to do the most good for others-or perhaps you have this. can get worse. An end to any ailments that you have been trying to get rid of with medications. on your terms. may actually help other people. Since healing energy is set with your own intentions.healing energy has been known to cure any disease in the body. in its entirety.

I NEVER go with who someone else suggests. free from edits.?” Check how comfortable you feel-if at first glance. through all directions of time. and can reach anyone at any time anywhere. unless I feel a connection with them. and what they offer you. when someone or something is right for you. Try to read more information about anyone who is offering this service. find out what or how they do their healings (everyone is different) and truly ask your own self“how do I really feel about this person?” “do I resonate with them?” “Can they really help me to help myself?” Page 13 This EBook may be shared. Choosing someone to help you. of going to someone who is the most well-known healer.I only go with who I am guided to go with. come my way. SOME THINGS TO BE AWARE OF: . before you start. and also when it is not.what is right for you at all times. just because others swear by them-it may not mean that it is right for you. and will benefit with distance healing. in its all rights reserved. that only those who are truly guided. Page 12 of 15 “Are they working with the Angels/guides/Universal Energy etc. So let your feelings be your gauge. Your distance healing will be just as effective as hands on healing. and are truly open to it. Copyright© 2013 www. Try not to make the mistake. Trust yourself wholeheartedly!* HOW DO I CHOOSE SOMEONE TO HELP ME WITH A HEALING SESSION? When you want some assistance with healing for yourself. You should know what to expect. For example. the one that you choose must always be the one that you really resonate with the most. for non-commercial use only. Energy has no limits. when I am in need of assistance and healing. you are not sure LISTEN TO IT! Your body will let you know. must be your choice. I always ask. I also put the intention out there to other healers.

WALK AWAY! Never under any circumstances. in this way! If this is happening or has happened to you. because you pick up on their thoughts. and that the Universe/Angels etc. WALK AWAY! This is false. Copyright© 2013 www. God. or teach you. cause you to feel as though you have a mental illness. and also charges a „weekly‟ fee or such. You must also know what you are paying for up front. who do come to me. with this complaint. that you have a „curse‟ or „spell‟ placed upon you. that they are being harassed by a „healer‟ or such. or you want to learn to open your healing abilities more. and only they can truly help you-WALK AWAY! This is the ego talking. ask your own Angels. and absolutely ridiculous-since you have now learnt. If you feel that this may be happening to you right now. WALK AWAY! You would not believe the amount of people. is not. If you start to get emails. You must gauge what you think is a fair price.DevineMiracles. there are some things that you should be aware of before you start. which only this „healer‟ can cure. Jesus (or what resonates) to please. please. in its entirety. If you are asked to „give control‟ to the healer. „give control‟ to anyone period! This can mean that this person will step into your energy centre whenever they choose-and in some cases. for non-commercial use all rights reserved. or . are the actual facilitators of the healing-not the „healer‟ Page 14 This EBook may be shared. free from edits. If someone claims that they will heal you 100% of all ailments and issues. unfortunately for now. without realising that you have given permission. clear this negative energy away from you.If you are looking to work with a healer. and believe that you can take control of this whole situation. that YOU are in charge of how healing works for you. WALK AWAY. and never how the Angels would work with you. Page 13 of 15 If someone charges you a ridiculous amount. If someone claims to be a miracle worker. The healing itself is free-the time the person puts into it.

the choice is always yours. You can also choose to believe in dark energy or not. talk. that will be a barrier to anything negative ever again. having access to you. healing energy is sent. so when you walk. What is most important is that each of you develops a way of healing that is unique to you. It is a beautiful gift that all of us have the duty of sharing. Page 14 of 15 it. I hope you all have a better idea of what Distance healing. that anything that is having a negative effect on you. as I have said. to stop this right now. and believe it has taken place. free from edits. This has been a wonderful help to myself. yourself and the all rights reserved. for non-commercial use only. and the support of the Universe. those who are manipulating energy for a . be released right now. If you are doing this. You may want to learn different types of healing. and this is a personal choice. or spend time with people. and keeps you from saying a lot of things that you may later regret! Working with healing energy. Copyright© 2013 www. and the world. Please do not let fear rule you-love wipes out fear instantly! Those who practice in darker energy work do exist in the world unfortunately-but. in ALL directions of time. in its entirety. is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. then you are creating for yourself many unexpected blessings in your life! As explained.DevineMiracles. you have the power within you. you must accept that you are always protected. with loving intentions for others. By now. and that a shield of light is placed around you right now. Simply ask. since the healing itself is free to anyone to use. into the light of love. is and how it works. as long as you ask for Page 15 This EBook may be shared. You may want to ask that the Angel are always present with you.someone is just using energy to make you feel weak in any way. and different ways of sharing healing with others. You do not need to spend big money to learn about healing.

Like always attracts like. and that you will really begin this with yourself without delay! With blessings and healing energy to all of you! BDevine MORE EBOOKS BY BDEVINE? BDevine’s Angelic Reading And Attunement Guide www.devinemiracles.reikiprofessionals. Page 15 of 15 Remember. free from edits. forty scientists from universities and research laboratories around the United States gathered at the Swedenborg Chapel at Harvard .devinemiracles. MD Published in Noetic Sciences Review ¹ Can one person's thoughts influence the experience or the health of another -far away? While there are many complex and meaningful aspects to the practice of prayer or hands-on healing.twitter. in its entirety. with love and light.darker purpose shall create for themselves unexpected losses and bad I hope that each of you have a better understanding of for non-commercial use only. What you give out is always returned 3 This is the html version of the file all rights reserved.pdf WHERE CAN YOU FIND BDEVINE? BDevine’s Articles www. that you can change anything negative into positive. Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the Facebook Twitter www. Page 1 Distant Healing By Elizabeth You Tube www. Copyright© 2013 www. a sixty-four million-dollar question remains: Is there an effect at a distance? In December 1998.facebook. Page 16 This EBook may be shared.

recently published in the Western Journal of Medicine. and the proceedings closed. or prayer. Page 2 A seminal paper presented at the 1998 conference was "A Study of Distant Healing as an Adjunctive Intervention for People with Advanced AIDS.University for a three-day conference jointly sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Harvard University School of Medicine. While distant healing has historically received little attention from mainstream medical institutions and laboratories. more than 150 formal. Most of his interviewees stated that they tend to work with patients over a period of time. a substantial body of published data supports the possibility of a significant effect.after interviewing numerous healers. The term "distant healing" and the more precise but cumbersome "distant mental influence on biologic systems" (now adopted by the National Institutes of Health) -. controlled studies of distant healing have been published more -." initiated by IONS member Fred Sicher. or recovery from minor surgery -. Sicher had observed that many healers feel they do their best work when the need is greatest. energy healing.the patient should be in extremis. in scientific an attempt to find a way to objectively describe the outcome of what others call psychic healing. expectation. While many studies of distant healing have focused on more benign conditions -. that the treatment should occur over at least two months. high blood pressure. The most exciting and the most controversial studies in the area of distant healing have involved human beings as subjects. distant healing is not usually performed as a one-time effort. there has to be a significant motivation -. In an effort to bring the scientific approach in line with this "community standard. Continuing his survey. Sicher also found that. Over the last forty years. often many weeks. The healers suggested that if we want to see a significant effect on someone's health. and the role of the relationship between the healer and the patient.than two-thirds of them showing significant effects (a less than one-in-twenty likelihood of the effect having occurred by chance. These studies are challenging to design because of uncontrollable factors such as hope.such as headache. and that many healers be ." Sicher then proposed that a study of distant healing should involve people with an incurable disease such as AIDS. Preliminary data presented at this conference suggested that we are on the verge of an explosion of evidence to support the efficacy of distant healing. The attendance list was confidential.05)². This project. unlike in many healing studies. represents five years work by a research team at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). p <. Their focus: to examine and evaluate data on a remarkable phenomenon baffling to modern medical science.

the second study included women. produced the surprising finding of 40 percent mortality in the control group. and newspaper advertisements. the research protocol was discussed and reviewed by numerous scientists. Two studies were eventually completed. and had been HIV-positive for an average of eight years. patients were recruited from around the San Francisco Bay Area. THE CPMC RESEARCH TRIALS OF DISTANT HEALING FOR AIDS In 1994 Sicher joined our team at the California Pacific Medical Center to design a methodologically airtight collaborative research project. or researchers knew which patients were in the treatment group and which were in the control group. Baseline illness severity was calculated by summing severity scores for previous and current AIDS-defining illnesses. number of previous AIDS-defining diseases). considered exploratory. The sole purpose of the study was to determine whether or not there is an effect of healing intentions over distance. Because the study itself was a . using flyers. physician contacts. The pilot. Kaposi's sarcoma. by AIDS specialists. THE PATIENTS In each study. and by self-identified healers before the first patient was enrolled. physicians. The study was triple blind: None of the patients. Page 3 Both of these studies are reported in the December 1998 issue of the Western Journal of Medicine. Patients in the study had an average age of forty-three years. No significant differences were found on any of twenty-seven baseline variables. but no deaths in the treatment group. Because of the variable course of HIV at different stages it was important to choose a group of patients at a similar stage of illness. Because of the controversial nature of this area of investigation. and that the two groups were balanced for CD4 count. age. followed by a confirmatory study of another forty patients. The patients were randomly divided into two groups using a formula that equalized both groups on factors relevant to disease course (CD4 count. or cytomegalovirus). The CPMC trial of distant healing for people with AIDS was a "proof of principle" trial. The study inclusion criteria required all patients to have T-cell counts less than 200 and a history of at least one AIDS-defining illness (such as pneumocystis pneumonia. In the first study only men were included. THE HEALERS Healers for the study were recruited by word of mouth and from schools and professional organizations all over the country. This striking result occurred despite the fact that patients and researchers did not know who was in the treatment group. It made no effort to investigate any mechanisms.involved. a pilot of twenty patients.

" 25 percent described their work as meditative or contemplative. averaging more than seventeen years of experience performing healing-at-a-distance on an average of 106 people. and 10 percent described their work as "shamanic. including several medical doctors. The healers were given the first name of the patient. THE STUDY OUTCOME . The healers selected significantly surpassed these criteria. In addition. A majority of healers reported working with chakra imagery for healings. other frequently reported modalities included prayer. and a Philippine woman with no formal education who performed healing in the Christian tradition. Healers were required to have had at least five years of experience as professional healers. for ten weeks. Healing techniques were quite varied. Other healers included a Baptist minister. Researchers collected names based on healer reputation among colleagues and patients. to have performed at least ten healing attempts at a distance. we selected only healers who believed the study would succeed. just as one would select only a physician Page 4 who believed one could get better from an illness. Each week. each patient had received "healing effort" from a total often different healers. a head and shoulders photograph of one of the treatment patients was sent via overnight mail to a healer who was then instructed to "hold the intention for the health and well-being of the patient" for one hour a day during the time the patient was assigned to them. nurses. 15 percent came from devotional or religious traditions. one hour per day. Half of the healers in the study described their healing techniques as "energetic." Many had received training or were now instructors at well-known schools of energetic or spiritual healing. and psychologists who also maintain a regular professional practice using nonlocal healing. Thus. by the end of the study. a cu-gong master. and two or three sentences describing active elements of their illness. visualization. and to have worked with at least two people with AIDS. six days per week. a Native American shaman.test of the efficacy of distant healing. The healers worked on a rotating schedule so that each week. The healers had an average age of forty-seven and represented a wide variety of educational backgrounds. for the study. and work with crystals. there was no objective test that could be used to determine which healer might be "the best. THE HEALING INTERVENTION The healing intervention consisted of each patient in the treatment group receiving healing efforts from one healer at a time. the patients CD4 count." Healers were therefore selected using the same type of criteria that might be used in selecting any healthcare practitioner. each patient was treated by a new healer.

it would be possible that their increased level of expectation might have influenced the outcome. ethnicity. the patients who were randomized to the treatment group were individuals who had initially higher scores on measures of psychological distress. and those hospitalizations were significantly shorter. In the above studies. At the end of six months. age. Page 5 patients in the treatment group had acquired significantly fewer new AIDS-defining diseases than people in the control group. this observation opens the possibility that their improvement on psychological outcomes may represent a regression to the mean. Eleven specific outcome measures were used.Patients in the study were followed for six months. . including decreased depression. such as becoming more ill. Extensive statistical analyses were performed by the research team and were reviewed by several biostatisticians from outside institutions to determine whether some factor other than the distant healing intervention might have accounted for the differences between groups. Neither group knew whether or not they were receiving the treatment. treatment patients showed significant improvement on psychological status. In addition. medical utilization. for example becoming more depressed. This assertion relies on the assumption that the two groups had equal levels of expectation about the possibility of being treated. religious orientation) could have accounted for any of the medical outcomes. and increased vigor. the usual scientific explanation for medical improvement in the context of distant healing or prayer is that the patients' hopes or expectations in the context of the treatment are what lead to any benefit. Three categories of outcome were assessed: progression of illness. First. Historically. Analysis did not reveal evidence that any baseline factor (such as medications. decreased anxiety. and quality of life/psychosocial data were collected using standardized paper and pencil tests. gender. they had had significantly fewer hospitalizations. the main effect of hope or expectation is eliminated because the study was double blind. This question was addressed in two ways. The question arises: Did the group that received the treatment simply contain more patients who "guessed" or believed they were being treated? If that were the case. changes in psychological outcomes. thus neither group should be differentially influenced by being in the study. The treatment group also showed more recoveries from AIDS-defining diseases (six versus two). their overall illness severity scores were significantly lower. Medical data were collected by blind chart review. but this result did not reach statistical significance. By chance. compared to controls. Interestingly. and quality of life. which went up slightly for both groups. did not correlate with medical outcomes. There were no significant differences between groups on CD4 counts. decreased anger.

Thus it appears expectation does not account for the differential benefits seen in patients in the treatment group." Noetic Sciences Review . Despite the fact that only one group was receiving the treatment. We look forward to seeing the results of the many other studies which are ongoing. physics. "Distant Healing. nearly half of the patients in the control group had (mistakenly) guessed they were in treatment. philosophy. or with medical utilization. CONCLUSION No single study can be decisive in demonstrating an effect. This work raises many more questions that will be the focus of future studies. What healing techniques or attitudes are the most helpful? Are certain individuals more likely to be able to develop healing abilities? Is distant healing more effective for some conditions than others? What is the role of the patient in the healing process? Is healing additive? Is it beneficial to have groups of people sending prayers or making healing efforts? Are there certain biological pathways that are specifically affected by healing efforts? And last. Page 7 ¹Elizabeth Targ. confirm such an effect.the two groups were compared to see whether one group showed significantly greater likelihood of believing that they were in the treatment group. and repeating studies to evaluate the effects of healing attempts at a distance. It turned out that in the early stages of the study. like the majority of other published studies. More important. MD. of course. Significantly. nearly half the patients in the treatment group guessed that they were not being treated. how does it work? The work described here is one piece in a puzzle that is bringing together The two studies presented here represent only the latest work in a nearly forty-year process of developing. with development of new illness. patients who thought they were being treated were those whose T-cell counts had been rising (a fact that would have been known to them and may account for their guess). refining. with psychological outcomes. believing one was being treated did not correlate with severity of illness. The two current studies. and spiritual science to create a new picture of a highly connected and interactive universe. The second approach to this issue was to ask whether those patients in either group who thought that they were being treated showed significantly better outcomes on any measure. In the later part of the study. despite the fact that they were doing significantly better than the control group. patients who were showing more recoveries from AIDS-defining illnesses were more likely to guess they were being treated. The Page 6 answer to this question was -. and to exploring ways of introducing these interventions into mainstream medical settings.

Benor.Official Website of Larry Dossey. 1.(August--November 1999 #49). p. Distant Healing Links Project Home | Research Studies & Articles | Media | Links | FAQs Web Links: These websites offer a range of information on emerging complementary and alternative healing practices. 24 ²D.         Institute for Health & Healing at California Pacific Medical Center Wholistic Healing Research . assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California. England: Helix Editions.. but does not endorse either individual healers or specific healing practices.Hosted by leading researcher Dr. and a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. San Francisco. 1992 Elisabeth Targ. MD Spirituality and Health Magazine Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Magazine National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) Samueli Institute . Daniel Benor Larry Dossey. Deddington. MD .an IONS research partner focused on developing integral medicine paradigms Koestler Parapsychology Unit of the University of Edinburgh . Vol. She was principal investigator of the studies of distant healing in AIDS described in this article. MD. IONS encourages individuals to explore and become informed regarding the possibilities of various distant healing practices by visiting the following sites. including perspectives on distant healing. Healing Research. is director of the Complementary Medicine Research Institute at California Pacific Medical Center.J.

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