Allied Unit Summary GI: This well-trained grunt is a bread-and-butter unit who deploys his heavy

machine gun for increased range and damage. Engineer: Revenge of the nerds: Like their Soviet counterparts, these technicians can capture enemy buildings, heal friendly buildings, detect and disarm Ivan bombs. Rocketeer: With his rocket pack and machine gun, the rocketeer shuns walking in favor of flying, making him excellent for quick air-to-ground attacks. Spy: It's a costume party: In “Disguised” mode, the spy looks friendly to enemy forces, allowing him to sneak in and steal enemy technology and credits. Beware, though -- even the Spy can't fool the attack dogs. Tanya: This saucy soldierette carries C4 charges to flatten enemy buildings and sink ships with one hit. She can also swim. On the down side, Allied regulations prohibit bikinis in the theater of war. Chrono Legionairre: With his time-warping chrono suit, the Chrono Legionairre can teleport from place to place. Call him a time-killer: his unique attack permanently erases enemies from temporal reality. Grizzly Battle Tank: The standard Allied forces tank doesn't boast any frills, but it's a meat-and-potatoes unit that every happy home should have. IFV: The versatile Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a veritable can of whoop-ass -- its weapons upgrades depend on what kind of infantry you put in it. Harrier: This VTOL attack aircraft is the stock Allied air force. They boast no special powers, but you don't want to run into a fleet of them in a dark cloud bank at night. Mirage Tank: The woods are alive: Deploying a Mirage tank turns it into a tree or bush at random. When deployed in this way the unit can still shoot -- and your enemy will be wondering just who the heck is firing. However, enemies forcefiring on it will reveal it and make it a valid target. On the other hand, their infantry will sure look silly if that suspicious-looking tree turns out to be. . .well, a tree. Prism Tank: "Seeing the light" was never so painful: This huge mirror harnesses solar energy to focus a beam of light that easily bounces off objects to strike nearby enemies. The Solar Refractor's beam can bounce many times, striking multiple targets, making for multiple mayhem.

a single unit can shoot down anything flying in great numbers -. carrying 5 men or 1 tank. . and it will drive home if the Refinery has another Miner in it.including enemy missiles -. When stationary. They can also remove squids from ships being crushed.Nighthawk Transport: This dual rotor chopper can whisk carry 5 infantry into battle on the sly. Destroyer: This versatile naval unit carries a plane that can take out subs with powerful depth charges. Aircraft replenish automatically at no cost to the player. Aegis Cruiser: This pricey anti-air ship returns investment handsomely -. the destroyer's radar can detect submarines. However. Chrono Miner: Call it "slip mining":This efficient mining vehicle harvests ore. War Factory: Manufacturing facility for vehicle units. Aircraft Carrier: Fly the frenetic skies: The Aircraft Carrier launches aircraft that swarm enemy targets. being cloaked to enemy radar. MCV: The roving workhouse of the Allied army.making it the perfect AA weapon. Battle Lab: Specialized lab that gives the Allies access to a number of advanced units. Naval Yard: Manufacturing facility for naval units. and then automatically teleports back to the refinery when done. Dolphins can also detect enemy submarines. and also has a cannon to pummel surface or land targets. so you can buy all those fancy things. Refinery: Turns Ore into credits. Allied Building Summary Power Plant: Generates the base's power. this vehicle is the root of Allied bases. Barracks: Training facility for Soldier units. Amphibious Transport: This naval transport is good for storming beach heads. the Chrono Miner must drive back to the ore site after unloading. Service Depot: Repairs vehicles. Dolphin: Flipper with an attitude: sub-surface unit that can devastate enemy forces with a special sonic attack.

giving the player the ability to use lightning. wind and rain to harass an enemy base. Prism Tower: Fires chromatic beams at enemy units. However. Spy Satellite Uplink: Once built.AirForce Command: This provides the allies with radar. . this sneaky satellite allows the Allied player to see the whole map. Gap Generator: This cloaking device shrouds the player's base from snooping enemies. the Chronosphere lets players teleport around the map for lightning-fast attacks.okay. and also serves as a location to land four aircraft units Ore Purifier (TBD structure): Once built. Pill-Box: A tough little anti-infantry emplacement that's a formidable defense. Chronosphere: Once built. nifty big device -. Weather Control Device: This nifty little device -. giving new meaning to the term "shedding light on the situation. Concrete Walls: Standard walls to keep out pests. the map becomes shrouded again. the efficient Ore Purifier gives the owning player +20% credits whenever a shipment of ore or gems comes into the refinery. If the uplink is destroyed.can lead to some stormy relationships." Prism Cannons can work together to create a web of Prism defense. Patriot Missile Site: These flak machines keep the skies friendly by taking down enemy aircraft as well as missiles.

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