Holistic Marketing

A New Way of Looking at Getting & Keeping Customers

Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Principal, Communication Miracles Consulting, LLC, larryros@gmail.com


Open Mind, Genuine Learning
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Some ideas will be comfortably familiar, Other ideas may seem uncomfortably unfamiliar. Please suspend any judgment for the duration of this presentation, To increase the probability of genuine learning.



  3.  3 .  Marketing Holistic Holistic Marketing 2.Let’s Define the Key Terms 1.

distribution. people. What you have – products/services. financials.1. 4 . brand. create strategy and tactics. identity. values. What you do – set goals. spend money. reputation. What Is Marketing?         Who you are – vision. promotions. target markets. competencies. facilities. make sales. To get and keep customers – relationships and returns. prices. assess competition. etc. image. gather information. goodwill.

1. What Marketing Looks Like Who You Are What You Do What You Have Getting & Keeping Customers 5 .

Interconnection and Oneness   6 . Inspiration.2. True Self. What Is Holistic?     Body – Health (Tension/Stress Free) and Vitality Mind – Thoughts and Emotions Spirit – Deep Source. Core Information. Wisdom. Peacefulness.

What Holistic Looks Like Mind & Heart Centers Spirit Body Center 7 .2.

What Is Holistic Marketing?         Utilizing the body.3. mind and spirit Of both the marketer and customer To bring them into a lasting marketing relationship For greater marketing success 8 .

Website. Radio. What Holistic Marketing Looks Like M-C (Energy Systems) Marketer * Body B-M-S (Energy Zones) Mind Spirit 1 3 5 Customer 2 4 6 * Personal-Impersonal Spectrum: Face-to-face. Magazine. 9 . Phone. Brochure. Email. If you get the more personal ones right. you are likely to do a better job with the impersonal ones. Television.3.

Holistic Marketing in Action   The Marketer obtains more power when he/she accesses all of his/her B-M-S energy zones.     10 . When the Marketer gets closer to the Customer. When the M-C energy systems become integrated/One. marketing success follows. the Marketer helps the Customer access his/her B-M-S energy zones and thus power.

Creating promotional messages and integrating media. And others. Conducting marketing research. Managing marketing/distribution partners. Managing the sales force. Configuring products and services. Selecting target markets and key customers. 11 . Making value and price statements. Doing internal marketing. Developing a strategic plan.Holistic Marketing Applications                       Articulating business vision/values. mission. and goals/ objectives.

trustworthy – by use of your attention. Strengthen your power center (abdomen) through tapping and intestine exercise. Release tension from your body with stretching and breathing – in the spine’s freedom area (neck) and power area (lumbar or back of the abdomen). Be present in your body – grounded. Body: Marketer           Realize the strong messages your body sends out.1. reliable. Check your optimal physical energy:       Head is cool (calm to focus) Heart is open (for exchanging feelings) Abdomen is warm (energy circulating) 12 . solid.

2. holds. Body: Customer   Suggest activities so that Customer moves his/her body – walks.   13 . stretches. etc. Tell stories that deepen Customer’s breathing rate and direct his/her attention internally. lifts. breathes.

Enhance the self-awareness and change how you respond to stress. 14 .3. Action). Sharpen body-mind communication with challenging exercises. Mind: Marketer           Smile because you are alive. Do. Communicate by practicing PDCA (Plan. Check. Prepare by setting a goal and gathering a lot of positive information.

Mind: Customer     Use humor to elicit smiles. present and future Self and others Facts and speculation   Suggest that Customer use PDCA (Plan. Do. Action). 15 . Check. Ask questions to prepare and expand Customer’s mind:         Goals and action Past.4.

Meditate on the deep needs of Customer. calm your mind. Have a conversation with your brain – asking it any question. and feel the energy between your hands.5. Spirit: Marketer       Stimulate your body. happiness and peace.   16 . empowering. Silently direct sincere thoughts to Customer – positive. health.

6. Spirit: Customer   Ask Customer to think about and then speak about his/her highest vision and values. 17 .

To support the Customer by expanding his/her body. mind and spirit potential.   18 .How Can You Get in Shape?   To realize more of the potential of your body. mind and spirit.

Answer-within System – for strengthening the executive competence for people in organizations.  2. Self-Discovery Workshop – for opening your heart and finding your essence. Power Brain Method Workshop – for upgrading your Brain Operating System. 19 .  Dahn Yoga Classes – for overall health and energy conditioning.Recommended Trainings 1.  4.  3.

2. weight loss.Training 1: Dahn Yoga Classes   Activate and strengthen the energy system of your body. 20 . 12 months).    Daily classes through membership plans of different lengths (1. 3. depression management.    For Your Body – Vitality. joy and peace. concentration improvement For Your Spirit – Mental clarity. flexibility. and improve the functions of your internal organs. Dahn Yoga Benefits 1. through stretching. circulation. meditating and other body-brain system methods. breathing. self awareness and confidence. pain relief For Your Mind – Stress reduction. strength. 6.  3. restful sleep.

joy. memories and limitations – your Ego. emotions. You get in touch with your very essence – love. peace. You open yourself to a new life that is free from your old thoughts.       21 . strength and wisdom – your True Self. harmony. You search through your layers of consciousness to find out Who your really are and What you genuinely want.Training 2: Self-Discovery   A two-day workshop about deeply opening your heart and finding your essence there.

Training 3: Power Brain Method   PMB. Brain Mastering – Creating the reality you want to experience in your life. 22 .  Brain Sensitizing – Making your brain more aware of itself. PBM Training Steps 1. Brain Integrating – Putting chosen. positive beliefs into your brain.  4.5-day workshop. Brain Refreshing – Removing negative thoughts from your brain. a 2.    3.  2. Brain Versatilizing – Making your brain more flexible and adaptable to new information. develops your ability to utilize your information and attention for managing your brain. the 5-step process empowers you to take charge of your life as its creator and manage your brain as its master.  5.

000 organizations. The workshop version in South Korea has trained 440.      Vital Self Management Communications Enhanced Creativity Effective Teamwork Leadership Without Ego 23 . Workshops Available 1.000 employees of 1.  4. from 1 to 3 days.Training 4: Answer-within System   AWS Training.  2.  5.  3. helps people in organizations discover and develop their built-in system that finds solutions to the problems or challenges they face.

Realize Holistic Marketing           Improve your body’s capability Expand your mind’s creativity Engage your spirit’s power Ask your brain any question Combine them for marketing to get and keep customers Enjoy greater marketing success 24   .

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