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Tariff Plans






Blackberry Plans
Existing and new customers can activate the service by USSD Activation or SMS activation as listed in the table below:


Data Allowance (MB) Monthly Unlimited

Retail Price (N)

Validity period

USSD Activation Code *440*16# *440*17# *440*18# *440*19# *440*20# *440*21#

SMS Activation Code bbum bbuw bbud bbcm bbcw bbcd

1,500 525 100 1,000 350 70

30 7 1 30 7 1

BB Unlimited

Weekly Unlimited Daily Unlimited

Monthly 200 BB Weekly 50 Complete_NEW Daily 10

1. The Postpaid options are currently not available- this will change within the next fortnight 2. Each of the plans above can also be activated through the *141*1# USSD Menu 3. The data bundles are valid for the associated stipulated times- any unused data will be forfeit by midnight of the valid date, cannot be carried over and cannot be transferred 4. Auto-renewal WILL ONLY BE APPLICABLE to monthly plans 5. For plans with Capped limits, customer will be charged on PAYU rates for further data transactions on expiration of the BlackBerry bundle OR any other bundle subscribed for (where applicable) 6. Data Bundle Subscription: customers will get the associated reminder SMS days to service expiration- based on whichever data bundle plan they are on 7. All data usage is LOCAL i.e. within Nigeria alone

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