BABE Chorus: You know its you Babe!

Whenever I get weary and I’ve had enough Feels like giving up! You know its you Babe! Giving me the courage and the strength I need. Please believe that its true … Babe I love you … I. Babe I’m leaving I must be on my way Time is drawing near The train is going I see it in your eyes The love, the need, your tears

Refrain: I’ll be lonely without you I need your love to see me through So please believe me My heart is in your hands I’ll be missing you (Repeat Chorus) II. Babe I’m leaving I’ll say it once again Yet somehow try to smile I know the feeling I’m trying to forget But only for a while (Repeat Refrain)

Coda: Babe I love you … Babe I love you … Babe I love you …

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