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FS Video Marshaller

FS Video Marshaller

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Published by: Jose Antonio Mejia Gutierrez on Aug 25, 2013
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-FS Video Marshaller


STOP! - FSX must be run in WINDOWED mode (hit altenter if you’re in full screen mode)! - You need to add entries to your host aircraft’s panel.cfg file! - Windows Media Player must be installed!

FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.0 | www.fsvideomarshaller.com

Hit ALT ENTER on your keyboard to switch modes. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1. Again. and your support helps ensure that developers can continue to develop innovative products that enrich your flight simulation experience!!! TROUBLESHOOTING: FSX Crashes: Make sure you’re running in WINDOWED mode (not FULL SCREEN mode).INTRODUCTION: Thank you for purchasing FS Video Marshaller. a brand new concept in Flight Simulation! FS Video Marshaller is the first of its kind in Flight Simulation history.cfg file. The Flight Simulation add-on market is a very small niche market. Also. FS Video Marshaller can also interface directly with select 3rd party aircraft that include ground service objects in their external model. So what does it do? Well. ensure Windows Media Player is installed!!! The FSVM Panel won’t open: Make sure you assigned a key or joystick button to the CLUTCH assignment and ensure your Flight Simulator window is “in focus” when pressing the assigned key.com .fsvideomarshaller. it’s the first add-on to ever model real-world ground-to-cockpit and cockpit-to-ground hand signals used other than for docking at the gate. While FS Video Marshaller can be added to any FSX or FS9 aircraft. It’s also the first program to ever use video technology directly in the simulation. Also ensure that you added FS Video Marshaller correctly to your host aircraft’s panel. indeed. The Video Panel won’t open: Make sure your operating system has the latest version of Windows Media Player. FS Video Marshaller is able to show and hide these objects directly as per your command to the ground marshaller. such as chocks or a GPU. thank you for supporting FS Video Marshaller and the FS hobby as a whole.0 | www. it covers an area of aviation that hasn’t been previously modeled in FSX or FS9.

com . if you command the marshaller to insert the chocks.fsvideomarshaller.OBTAINING SUPPORT: Please address all support requests to the FS Video Marshaller support forum at Avsim: Please allow up to 24 hours for a response owing to time zone differences. while others have a GPU but no chocks. with some aircraft. Click here to visit the Support Forum ABOUT CUSTOM 3RD PARTY SUPPORT: FS Video Marshaller works with all FS9 and FSX aircraft. FS Video Marshaller is able to show/hide these objects as per your command if using the aircraft listed above. extra support has been added for the following aircraft: PMDG J41 Flight1 Mustang SimCheck A300 Aeroworx King Air All Captain Sim aircraft All Eaglesoft aircraft These aircraft feature “eye candy” ground service objects in their exterior model. However. Note that some of these aircraft have chocks and no GPU. for example. So. Note that. in order for the ground objects to be controlled the engines need to be off or the parking brakes set. the aircraft might not be setup properly for the chocks command to take effect. and he doesn’t do it. such as chocks or a GPU unit. as a bonus. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.0 | www.

fsvideomarshaller.cfg called [Window Titles].cfg.cfg file with Notepad.cfg file. STEP 4: Locate the section in the panel. FSX: FS9/FS2004: Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\ Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\ STEP 2: Make a backup copy of your original panel. It will be near the very top of the panel.cfg files to be safe!!! STEP 3: Open the panel. STEP 1: Locate your host aircraft’s Panel.cfg file. you’ll need to add the required Window entry to your host aircraft’s panel.com .HOW TO ADD FS VIDEO MARSHALLER TO YOUR AIRCRAFT’S PANEL CFG FILE(S). It will be it will be a sub-folder called “panel” located in the host aircraft’s folder. STEP 5: Copy and paste this line to the bottom of the [Window Titles] section: WindowXX=FS Video Marshaller FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1. Before you can use FS Video Marshaller.0 | www.

0.com . you would change XX to 22.cfg: [WindowXX] size_mm=681.cfg file. 10. Here’s an actual example from the PMDG J41 panel. 10. 110 pixel_size=681. 10. for example. Make sure you use copy and paste to avoid typos!!! FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.0 | www. So.0.681. 110 position=6 visible=1 ident=2777 gauge00=FSVideoMarshaller\Gauge\FSVM!Icon.STEP 6: Rename ‘XX’ to the next number in the Window numbering sequence. if the previous Window was “Window 21”. you can just copy and paste this section and put it at the absolute very bottom of your host aircraft’s panel.fsvideomarshaller.110 To make it easy. we need to add this Window section to the panel.cfg so you can see how the numbers and entries need to line up sequentially: [Window Titles] Window00=GPS Window01=Ramp Manager Window02=FMS Window03=RMU Window04=FCS Window05=FS Video Marshaller Please note how Window 05 comes after Window 04! STEP 7: Lastly. 10 gauge01=FSVideoMarshaller\Gauge\FSVM!Marshaller.

IMPORTANT: YOU WILL NEED TO MANUALLY DELETE THE WINDOW ENTRIES YOU MANUALLY ADDED TO EACH AIRCRAFT’S PANEL.cfg files (widescreen and normal versions. select UNINSTALL from Start – All Programs – FS Video Marshaller. Basically the numbers used for XX need to be the same between the two entries you added to the panel.CFG OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE A EMPTY BLACK PANEL ON YOUR SCREEN!!! UNCHECK PAUSE ON TASK SWITCH It’s very important that you uncheck “PAUSE ON TASK SWITCH” IN FSX and FS9. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.com .cfg: WindowXX=FS Video Marshaller And: [WindowXX] STEP 9: Repeat this process with all aircraft with which you want to use FS Video Marshaller. if the window number was 21 in Step 6.0 | www. you would change XX in this example to 21 as well.fsvideomarshaller. You’ll need to add FS Video Marshaller to each available variant of the cfg file. HOW TO UNINSTALL FS VIDEO MARSHALLER To uninstall FS Video Marshaller. etc). So. Note: Some 3rd party aircraft include multiple panel.STEP 8: Change XX in [WindowXX] so it matches the window number you used in Step 6.

FSX: FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.com .fsvideomarshaller.0 | www.

com .0 | www.fsvideomarshaller.FS9/FS2004: FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.

you need to assign a joystick or keyboard button to the CLUTCH assignment in your Flight Simulator Controls menu as depicted in the screen shots below: If you’re using a non-English version of Flight Simulator.0 | www.ASSIGNING A BUTTON FOR THE FSVM IN GAME CONTROL PANEL: To toggle (open and close) the FS Video Marshaller control panel after the aircraft has loaded.fsvideomarshaller. CLUTCH (like the clutch used to change gears in an automobile) is: French: German: Spanish: Japanese: Italian: Polish: FSX: Embrayage Kupplung Embrague クラッチ Frizione Sprzęgło FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.com .

com .FS9/FS2004: FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.fsvideomarshaller.0 | www.

The video player window will pop-up. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1. 2. Open the FSVM Control Panel by pressing the keyboard or joystick button you assigned to CLUTCH. THE FS VIDEO MARSHALLER (FSVM) CONTROL PANEL: LEFT SCREW: CHOCKS IN: Open video panel so you can drag it to a new position. Left click again to close.0 | www.com . Left click the left screw again to close the video player window (you may need to click it twice as your FS window may be out of focus). Left click the left screw to toggle open the video player window. CHOCKS OUT: Wheel chocks out.fsvideomarshaller. Wheel chocks in. 3. ENG 1: Start Engine 1. 4. Drag the video player window to another location or monitor.HOW TO MOVE THE VIDEO PLAYER WINDOW TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION OR MONITOR: 1. 5.

You will not be asked this in FS9/FS2004.ENG 2: GPU CON: GPU DISC: WAVE OFF: LIGHT: Start Engine 2.fsvideomarshaller. you will be asked if you want to automatically load the software. LOADING THE FS VIDEO MARSHALLER FOR THE FIRST TIME: When you load the FS Video Marshaller for the first time. Click “Yes”. you will be presented with the following dialogue menus. If using FSX.com . Connect Ground Power Unit (GPU). Disconnect Ground Power Unit (GPU). Toggles night lighting on/off. Wave off the ground crew when ready to taxi. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.0 | www.

com .You will then be asked if you want to run the FS Video Marshaller EXE.0 | www. STEP 1: Confirm you’ve: 1. 2. Your airline/country/airport may do things a bit differently. Robert Randazzo. 3. UNCHECK “Always ask before opening this file”. Note that the hand signals and order of hand signals used were based descriptions given to me by former Regional airline Captain. but these signals are pretty well universal. who you all know from PMDG. Unchecked “Pause on Task Switch”.fsvideomarshaller. we’ll use the PMDG J41. Do not forget to do that!!! Then click “Run”. Created a keyboard and/or joystick button assignment for “Clutch”.cfg file. First. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER (MINI TUTORIAL USING THE PMDG JETSTREAM): You’re ready to start flying! In this sample tutorial. Added the required entries to your host aircraft’s panel. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.

it does not guarantee that the chocks will become visible in the external model. A second later.STEP 2: Load the host aircraft (in our example. You may need to click the left screw twice because your FS window may be out of “focus. among other things. ) STEP 4: Left click the left screw on the FSVM Control Panel. the PMDG J41). When done. the video panel will pop-up and the ground crew member will acknowledge your hand signal by repeating it. Make sure your flight simulator window is in focus when you do this. This is where the video will play. ensure you are in WINDOWED mode or you may experience a crash when you try to play the video. If using FSX.fsvideomarshaller.) STEP 3: Open the FS Video Marshaller Control Panel by pressing the button you linked to the CLUTCH assignment. A few seconds later. FS Video Marshaller will send a command to the PMDG J41 to make the chocks “visible” in the external model. Important note: While FSVM will send the message to the PMDG J41 to show the chocks. clicks the CHOCKS IN button on FSVM Control Panel. Drag the window to the desired location. (Hit ALT-ENTER if you’re in full screen mode to switch to WINDOWED mode. Why? Because the PMDG model programmers added certain conditions to the chocks so that they will only display if the aircraft is not moving. left click the left screw again to close the video player window. An animation will play on the panel representing the hand signal you’d give to the ground crew.” STEP 5 – DEPARTURE PHASE (CHOCKS IN): Assuming you’re using the PMDG J41.0 | www. That’s how it’s done in the real-world. A black window will pop up. (Note that to close the FSVM Control Panel you’d simply press the same button again. So be mindful of that if you’re finding the chocks and/or GPU are not behaving as you would expect. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1.com .

the GPU will appear in the external mode and the GPU will be available for use. send these hand signals in this order: 1.fsvideomarshaller. Like with the chocks. The ground crew will acknowledge your hand signal via the video display. FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1. FSVM will show the following ground service objects: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Chocks Cargo Pod Open Cargo Main Door Open Cones Stanchion Cargo STEP 6 – DEPARTURE PHASE (GPU CONNECT): If you want external power. press the GPU CON button on the FSVM Control Panel.com . so press ENG 1 or ENG 2 when ready. use the hand signal associated with the remaining non-started engine to request permission to start it. A few moments later. you need to signal the ground crew. GPU Disconnect 2.0 | www. STEP 7 – DEPARTURE PHASE (ENGINE START): Before starting the engines.PMDG J41 Special Note: Several seconds after you send the “chocks in” signal. STEP 8 – DEPARTURE PHASE (AFTER ENGINE START): After both engines have started. After the first engine has started. Chocks Out You should notice that the chocks and GPU will no longer be visible in the external model. an animation will play showing the hand signal you’d use to communicate with the ground crew.

PMDG J41 Special Note: Several seconds after you send the “chocks out” signal.com . send the thumbs up signal to the ground crew. FSVM will hide all remaining ground service objects should any still be open if using the PMDG J41 or any other support aircraft. taxi to your parking spot and signal the ground crew to insert the chocks and connect the GPU if desired. -MANUAL END- FS Video Marshaller | MAIN OPS MANUAL v1. STEP 10 – ARRIVAL PHASE (PARKING AT THE STAND): After you land at your arrival airport. FSVM will hide the following ground service objects: i) ii) iii) Chocks Cones Stanchion STEP 9 – DEPARTURE PHASE (READY TO TAXI): When ready to taxi. FSVM will also attempt to close the main door if it is still open. Note: When you send the wave off signal.fsvideomarshaller. The video panel will then pop-up showing the ground crew waving good-bye.0 | www.

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