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1 TNLA Case Study

1 TNLA Case Study

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Published by: Mmuthu Karthikeyan on Aug 25, 2013
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Occupancy Type Built up area Completed Location Owner Green consultant Rating System Rating Achieved Office of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and senior cabinet officials 937092.31 Sq ft. March 2010 Omamdurar Government Estate, Chennai. Tamilnadu Government En3 Sustainability Solutions LEED India NC version 1.0 Gold

TNLA was created with a vision to introduce a new level of environmental consciousness throughout the entire State of Tamilnadu as well as the country at large. Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Block A has become the First Assembly / Senate Building in the World to be designed and constructed as a Green Building. It has emerged as a leader in sustainable urban development and has set the tone for future developments in this region of the world. The Tamil Nadu Government is firm believer in environmentally friendly practices and the Block A building is yet another example of this belief. En3, as green and sustainability consultants have worked closely with the Tamilnadu Government and Public Works Department to incorporate various energy efficient and sustainable features in the project to make it a landmark green project in India.

Case Study of TNLA

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low u-value walls and roof. the refrigerants used in the air conditioning system are environmentally friendly and have very low ozone depleting and global warming potential A detailed metering system ensures adequate measurement and monitoring of all building systems to continuously monitor the building post-occupancy as well A detailed energy analysis and modeling has been done to ascertain various options for energy savings with cost-benefit/payback analysis including high performance glazing. The building’s shape and exterior cladding has been designed as a smooth arc which gleams obliquely against the linearity of the neighborhood as against a standard block construction and helps reduce the direct heat radiation on the building thereby reducing energy consumption The exterior of the building is a combination of shaded windows. Special efforts have been taken to minimize water use by installing water efficient fixtures. Government. sensor based urinals and other low flow fixtures have been installed to reduce water consumption by over 52% ENERGISING ENE RGISING THE BUILDING Several measures were taken to reduce the overall energy consumption. In line with international standards. effective rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant to treat 100% of onsite waste water for reuse 100% of the treated water on-site shall be reused for landscaping and toilet flushing thereby minimizing the use of potable water for all these applications Low flow dual-flush toilets.SITE SUSTAINABILITY FEATURES Transplantation of existing trees and protection of existing site vegetation to minimize erosion during construction Stacking and protection of top soil onsite and reusing the same for landscaping Provision of battery charging stations in an effort to promote use of alternative & low emitting vehicles Car pooling spaces provided on site to promote ridesharing thereby reducing transportation pollution Green roofs to add to the aesthetic elegance of the building and to minimize impact on microclimate and heat ingress Provision of ample landscaping and plantation to promote biodiversity and restoration of more than 50% of site area with native and adaptive vegetation Multilevel car parks and high reflective roofs to reduce urban heat island effects WATER EFFICIENCY Water efficiency is an integral part of the sustainability initiatives of T.N. energy efficient low-e glazing designs that reduces overall heat ingress into the building and save on energy. energy efficient HVAC systems and CFL. T5 and LED based low energy lighting systems Case Study of TNLA Page 2 of 3 .

hygiene and well being of maintenance staff and occupants. A number of materials have been extracted and manufactured locally/regionally thereby reducing the pollution associated with transportation. Feel free to contact us at info@en3online.68% of total construction waste of debris has been recycled or reused thereby diverting them from landfills.RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The project has ensured up to 96. INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY In order to support enhanced IAQ and long-term well-being of all occupants. Housekeeping shall be by biodegradable materials to address health. The project has achieved a combined recyclable content value of 11. sealants. Case Study of TNLA Page 3 of 3 . The building has been designed by En3 to showcase various green and sustainability measures and practices and the effort is to use this building to create greater awareness on green concepts and sustainability to all its visitors and occupants & spearhead the green movement in the state and the country.com. paints and coatings used in the building are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) thereby having minimum organic emissions that are harmful to humans The composite wood products used have been purchased to ensure that they do not contain urea formaldehyde that can be potentially harmful for occupant health Majority of the occupants of the building will have control over their lighting and air conditioning set points thereby giving them the flexibility to control their own environment The entire building has been planned to harvest natural day light as much as possible and provide connection to the exteriors for as many occupants as possible NOVELTIES Initiatives shall be taken to educate the staff.com and for more information visit us at www. En3 would be glad to answer any queries or questions you have on any green or sustainability related topics. visitors and the clients on the various sustainability measures that can be taken to create more environmental friendly and energy-efficient spaces. building occupants.05% of total material by cost thereby reducing virgin material exploitation. adequate fresh air has been planned in line with international ASHRAE standards The entire building interior is a non-smoking space thereby ensuring the health and safety of all its occupants Adhesives. KEY DISTINCTIONS Largest Green building owned by any State Government First Assembly building in India to be awarded the prestigious Green Building Status First Assembly / Senate Building in the world designed and constructed as a green building.en3online.

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