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3. What kind of motivation that is present in the students of Wei? Justify it.

As young as they are, they have that kind of motivation in which they would really help each other to get their friend back to the school. They even helped out their teacher to find solution for getting money for the trip to the city. They lifted heavy bricks and even learned to compute for it. They even tell the owner of the bricks that they need the money in order for their friend to come back to school. They also helped their teacher to get in the bus.

4. Cite 3 scenes or events in the movie that are true in Philippine setting. Wei , a young girl who worked as a teacher in a village just to have money for her sick mother. This kind scene where in child labor is still evident in the Philippines. They work for the sake of having a money to buy food for their family. Poor education system in the. Just like in the movie, we can see that the school is not well-developed and even the chalks are bought by their own teacher and there is lack of fund for it, and also the classroom is very crowded and lack of school facilities. Wei, as a teacher, doesnt provide enough learning to her students. In the Philippine setting some teachers are like that, they just provide everything in the board and doesnt explain lessons well. And as you can see in the movie the teacher collects money from her student and even forcing to bring money. This is sometimes evident in public school setting.