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Gh15 Bible

Gh15 Bible

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Gh15 Bible
Gh15 Bible

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I. Tren General Info a. Since the 70s, we no longer grow into a show; rather we diet down…mainly because of Tren. It’s the only drug that let us prep 12 weeks or 16 weeks out without losing lean muscle mass and instead gaining lean muscle. b. Golden Yelloish drug that will cause changes on a daily basis without an emphasis on cardio while growing the muscle at the same ratio of losing fat. From the first day you take this as log as 50mg/day, it’ll cause an immediate increase in lean muscle. First by hardening the physique you have and making it denser. The fibers get closer and start separating due to water going inside the muscle. You see daily changes with fat melting with no cardio and not clean diet…shoulders open up and thicken, lats thicken, body tightens, waist gives illusion of being smaller. You need Veet to truly show off all the veins you will get. c. Tren and EQ is what separated the Gym Rats from the Pro BBers

II. Side Effects a. Tren Cough- When you inject in a vein, you will start coughing and itch everywhere but it stops after 2-3 minutes. b. Tren Enan is side effects in a bottle. Ace is what causes daily changes c. Fat fellas sweat more than lean fellas III. Tren Ace Transformation a. Dose: as low as 50mg E2D.unlike test, the higher the dose, the nastier you will look. b. Test- the higher the dose, the bloofier you look unless you have GH BUT with more tren, you get better, larger, thinned skin, more conditioned and separated. c. What to expect for the 12-13%er who starts 100mg i. Week 1: feel pumped from the inside of the muscle. Their face starts to change. You will get the high boxer type of look. Tremendous strength ii. Week 2-3: pecs and delts separate, remain full, you still have water between your muscle and skin. iii. Week 4-8: You start to get compliments on how big you look. You hear the word Lean. Veins start becoming very visible on back of legs, forarms, traps and chest..this depends on genetics but the veins you have will be more visible. iv. Week 9 and On: This separated the Real bodybuilder from the wannabe. You don’t need to flex to see your muscle separation. You look 4 weeks out at all times. You should reintroduce GH and cycle Testosterone properly. Add EQ. Cycle Test as in high doses and then cruising with Test Prop. IV. Extended Use a. You can run Tren for 6-12 months if you don’t abuse alcohol, narcotics, pain killers and diuretic. a. Blood pressure must be perfect: 110-120/65-80, Protect your Liver, Protect Kidney but not abusing diuretics, HGH treats the Trensomnia (HGH you can do a lot you can’t do without it.) b. Only Reason not to take it year round is it messes with your head.

GH Blast. High carbs but cycle carbs couple low carb days but mostly high carbs II. being lean when starting them. HGH and Blood Sugar a. NUTRITION I. You shock your body into new dimensions. III. He achieved a squarey look rather than the ballerina waist of the black fellas. When injecting insulin. IV. It requires you to constantly be eating because you become a fat burning machines. Make sure protein is high: 200-400Grams/ day for a lean 200lb bodybuilder g. General Info a. It’s where you get a realy freaky look of the muscle e. Adding Gh when you are off AAS will cause you to lose size of course but you continue to create muscle fibers and when there’s more fibers to be mutated. not increase! So when we inject ourselves.4 low-mod then 1 high then 4 low moderate then 1 high. HGH puts a film of water over you so you may not think you are bigger but you are! The water goes out after a few weeks of stopping GH. b. General HGH Doses a. c. increases number of muscle fibers and surface area of the muscles b. f. you can grow huge. Carbs should be HIGH. very tight and small due to no insulin abuse but the waist was squarey and it gave the illusion of more dense. Ages: 20-28 will benefit but it wont make you a mutant unless you use HIGH doses of 8iu+ and constant insulin and high Testosterone intake. Causes a 3D look.GH15 POCKET BIBLE HGH I. d. Hgh and tren don’t let you get fat c. This doesn’t mean eating junk food all day but it means not paying attention to whether you got butter In your rice or not. eat the pineapple and bananas and then load the insulin and it will push all this new sugar into the muscle and grow you. then jump up to high complex carbs for a day…. Legit HGH will decrease Blood sugar in blood glucose post inject. . Dorian was the first to really abuse GH.Blast for a few months and then off with moderate doses. 5-6iu can cause a big difference…. Eat whenever hungy…every 3-4 hours e. You need to have a specific caloric intake for the new size you aim at. within 10-40 minutes we take in sugar like pineapple juice and bananas b.keep complex carbs low to moderate 4 days. The answer is not in clean foods it is in legit hormones. He had a squary waist. General HGH Ages a. nothing turns to fat because it gets in the muscle volumizing them…. b. If you are 28 and over. 7-10iu for advanced ametuers c. Rules a. With GH and esp while on tren. d. stronger and good bigger. Clean diets don’t get you anywhere. 10-15iu for top ametuers.so you take the GH. 4-6iu for any local competition b. cardio should consist of SEX and WALKING THE DOG II. especially while on tren e. Carbs. Insulin is also introduced and test levels start to sky rocket with EQ and Tren to a lesser degree d. 15iu+ for pros or real top ametuers.

peanut butter.) Then get rice and then get your favorite condiment and seasonings for it. Days 26-50: GH . Everytime you are hungry put tilapia on the pan after it’s been microwaved and cook. Days 81-120: Test E . You want size and weight no matter what. Ice Cream is your OTC supplement. Always look at the scale during bulking.100-150mg (ED) . VI.1 carton of egg whites. then chicken and steak.4iu's (2iu's morning/night) Equipoise .4/5 iu's (2. nuts. Ben and Jerry’s is BAD HOW-TO’S I. Have 2 of these at all times b. You must have 3-4 solid meals a day.1. Cycle: c. Take them especially after 28Y/O IX.50mg (EOD/E3D) e. 8 hours of sleep is best. 5-8 will do though. 4-5 whole grain wheat waffles with low sugar maple syrup and 1 big glass orange juice…wait 60-100 minutes and hit the gym. Breakfast.25-2. Protein. Your body needs this milky texture to slow supply the body with something to work on.50mg (EOD. keep it low like around 10-20% of total diet. Days1-25: GH . Add some rice and that’s your meal. Foods a. Bodybuilding for the Poor: (Cycle outline compliments of theHeMan) a. Can of Pineapples and Bananas c.5g/lb LBM IV. Don’t pay attention to BF% while bulkin and try to keep it under 15% VII. Rest can be liquid as in protein powders and raw eggs VIII. only if high estrogen) f.900mg (3jabs/week) Anadrol . Feel free to eat dirty meals once or twice a week. Nutrition.Go to walmart and get tilapia in bulk.500mg (5jabs/week) or stick to 100mg (EOD) Masteron . XI. XII. BF% and separation is good on stage.900-1000mg (3 jabs/week) Tren A . eat ice cream to hold you over Don’t overfeed but eat what your body needs b. Digestive enzymes are a must with every meal! Buy the ones that have LACTASE inside. Fish oil and olive oil are good.900mg (3 jabs/week) d. Then sushi fish. If you still feel hungry. V. Days 51-80: Equipoise . use them a lot X.900mg (3jabs/week) Test E .GH15 POCKET BIBLE III. Main source of protein: Egg whites (85% utilizable and easy to drink). fish. Get egg whites. (White fish in bulk except catfish and mahi mahi.900mg (3jabs/week) Tren A . Fat: olive oil.100mg (EOD) Test P . Then get bananas and canned pineapple.5iu's morning/night) Equipoise .1000-1200mg (3jabs/week) Equipoise .

Adding a diuretic is necassery if you want to see an anatomy chart but if you’re not competing you don’t need to see 4-5% and 6% will suffice. RULES AND TIPS III. The gh increase to very high doses and insulin should only come after all those steps when the body is primed and ready. When you get to your desired weight and size with single digit body fat. 7 rules to a phenominal physique a. This is to thicken up a physique that is going into too lean phase. get dry maybe 2-3 weeks then blast with anadrol or dianabol ad blow into a new size with 6-7% body fat 7. You don’t built legs with big weight. This will make sure you shed fat and increase lean muscle. Only show off your strength once a month to boost your ego c. Lean fells respond to hormones much better than bloofy people because when you’re fat you don’t utilize nutrients well and when you’re muscular you do utilize the food well. Tren ace should always be there at any time…always ON. you build it with higher reps with moderate weight. keep improving.GH15 POCKET BIBLE Masteron . The ones who quit and try to come back never get back better…NEVER QUIT e. A diuretic will let you rebound even better but this is preferred if competing a. With 6 plates on each side will only build your ego b. To get to 9% and under.6-8iu's (per day introduced on day 90. 3. No orals. Too lean can give impression of too week so you need THICKNESS. possible 6-8iu's EOD II. If you sit down and calculate your daily macros. If over 25 y/o add GH…no other product should be used until you are 9%. When cutting is when dieting is really important. take out test completely for a few weeks. 5. Use hormones on a regular basis d. preferably around 8%. Get as lean as possible-lean people will always look better than a bloofy fella. well really 7%. Lift only as heavy as you can lift with good form. Blowing up right 1. you will never grow! . take out the test P and use Test E and blast with 1-2 grams of legit test E so you get thicker while blowing up and maintaining single digit BF%. 7% body fat is when you are lean and ripped in a relaxed position. Tren. only use test. 4. 7% to 9% is the Twilight zone.50mg (EOD) GH . Don’t quit no matter what. When you get to 8% and can see ab lines and skin getting the pop look with not much fat under the skin. then you reduce test and change it to test Prop 350-700mg a week ED while increasing Tren use and increase EQ and Mast into high drive. That’ll push the muscle even further from within the skin and you’ll go from 200-210lb 8% up to 220lb 7-8%. Flat doesn’t mean muscleless if means temporary condition. Increase GH and you will get into more of the 6% zone after a couple months while losing zero size. 2. 6. When you are at 6%. Diet doesn’t really matter down to 6% as long as you have some balance and don’t drink oil all day but keep high protein and cycle the carbs right if you know your body. only change of ester ad increasing test dose from 350-700mg to 1-2g of enanthate. Mast. Diet matters less when you pack on muscle. 8.

What makes them huge is hgh and insulin in doses you can’t even imagine like 100iu insulin a day and 20-30iu gh a day and a ton of testosterone and anabolics such as npp. Need: Test. . Test. American bodybuilders use more drugs and higher doses. What you need to become a bodybuilder a. He should add test and gh at lower doses in order to work on the quality along with size. Take insulin out of bodybuilding along with SEO f. EQ and Masterone on hand b.5g a week goes well with 6-12 iu a day. VI.don’t ever give up your dirty food completely when cutting because your body needs it even though you are cutting. VII. Definition of breaking through a plateaua. Diuretics are a must for the shredded tunnel abs e. Money b. Always use them consistently no matter what c. 30g/day for 4 months will make you look like shit g. It will be slower growth but can be done at high bodyfat. Over 1. If you choose to use supplements. c. e.5-3grams needs 20-30 iu gh and then more gains are caused by insulin. Oil. d. If a bodybuilder is 205lb 10% he should break the plateau with lighter doses since he is smaller than the 200lb 6%. EQ. The fellas who need to blast on doses are the lower bodyfat fellas…the ones who start 6-7% will have the biggest break in plateau and the most lean gains with no fat when gh is in. Advice for young bodybuilders a. Like cheat once or twice a week. You will never look your best if you completely eliminate carbs during the diet phase. Breaking plateau has nothing to do with weights. eq and tren.. There is size and then there’s blown out of proportion size. GH is a must for the bodyfat levels /size combo you need nowadays. Consistant enough in case you get off AAS you need GH in your system for muscle fibers to continue growing c.GH15 POCKET BIBLE Always use ephedrine when cutting…always keep the majority of your foods clean when cutting. just with LOWER DOSES. What creates a true mass monster in bodybuilding? a. use a good one like allmax IV.don’t go very very high g. the weights increase when the body is primed for growth but the main part is to increase the dose of testosterone to the grams. Nutrition f. Tren.5g you need more like 15iugh…1. don’t quit those 4 drugs because with time they will give you the 3 dimensional look d. When you max out tren and test P at 200lb 6%. c. 11. No matter how lean you feel or psychologically fucked. more gh. HGH. Always have Tren Ace. e. It is insulin that makes it possible V. make sure to keep in at least 300mg EQ and 100mg NPP with Tren and Masterone so you don’t get too soft and have the nasty factor that only tren gives. The only thing that will keep you from losing muscle mass at the very end is GH but try to abuse it less at the beginning stages for when you really need it later in life. Mast d. as in protein powder. Insulin. you have to add test with long esters and gh to reach 220 6% b. b.Yep SEO f. When trying anything.

5g of Testosterone to have a sex drive. j. So you have 400mg Mast. People on Tren. If you think you will inject 250mg Test with 1. more aggressive and energetic you will be. Anadrol. Halotestin will get you hard no matter what g. 500-750mg = 200-220 BBer b. the more of it. that’s 1600MG…. the test ratio should be 2:1.grows you lean c. HCG is something you need if you want to get clean off hormones and want to bring your own shit to where it was at 21 and get your girl prego after long Gear use i. d.25-5. Testosterone. Proviron is better than Viagra and cialis and is very good but it’s for people that didn’t fuck their estrogen: test Ratio to begin with.best drug in history. he means legit human grade.when a pro says 1200mg.no estrogen = no hard cock or hard and soft ons…cialis or Viagra will be useless. Reduction of estrogen: test Ratio in the blog is a prime example of hardness problem in bodybuilders. Masteron is good but you have to inject 50-100mg ED f. Legit Drugs meaning a good source TEST AND SEX I. Add Gh = Lean muscular porn star III. GENERAL HORMONE INFO I. Only thickness can change. Hormone description a. Winstrol etc and minimal test for long enough will notice they got no sex drive or they do have a sex drive but can’t keep it up…for that there is always a need to have the right ratio og test in relation to the nonaromatizing anabolics e. the bigger.human grade of EQ. Genetic response that is phenomenal i. Some fellas inject HCG but for the advanced BBer who tries to grow thicker and bigger. mast. Cock a. Tren. The main point is to take aromatizing hormones such as testosterone and dianabol to bring back sex drive. b.strength and hardness. Muscle maturity is what you notice and you’re face will look order e. 800mg EQ. you’ll have a soft cock. h. Test doses. HCG always works no matter what. EQ.5g of other anabolics. Dbol.use for prep.natural hormone. 100mg+ if not 150-200mg . Shutdown and Test-Estro Ratio a. EQ.you should take 2. The problem is it will never be ynthetic testosterone and you can’t grow into new dimensions so it gives you hardons and big balls but with synthetic test and the right doses. Deca.GH15 POCKET BIBLE h.5” you should be fine. II. 3 out of 4 UGLs are bunk. Halo + prov + Test = Porn Star. 400mg Tren. Always better than EQ for growing d. Not recommended by GH15 but will keep you full while dieting. Will add 20lbs within first 3-4 weeks f. Estrogen is an integral part of sex…. If you’re 5. c. you get the hardons and the growth you want as a bodybuilder.

h. You can abuse Ephedra but T3 is merciless.GH15 POCKET BIBLE g. bi and tri.In order: 20mg Halotestin. woke up. Abusing T3 without enough muscle or food will result in you losing fat and muscle at the same rate. Winstrol. 12 board rating system . was in the gym for 50min. If you have natural gh and you’ll know it quite fast I assume you don’t because you would be at 10% now b. 600mg EQ EW iii.old generation crap II. Test Prop. The reason Evan came to a pro level is the timing of the hormoization and being smart to know what he wanted to do with his life early on. T3. 2 bananas and went to train b. Most professionally start harmonizing at around 1 II. I. Ephedrine. III. Test Cyp.key to becoming a freak. Clomid.wanna eat mcdonalds everyday? Yay but don’t use if not on GH and insulin. oxandrolona MISC.is bullshit. Mast. Arimidex. HGH. It ruined BB to a degree j. We never go off IV. Drugs for Power. tren ace. Best fat burning product on earth. You really don’t need GH until around 23. The developmet of a professional bodybuilder a. Nolva.Used to explode into Lean mean muscle machine. ate 4 waffles. GH VI. Tren Ace @ 150-800mg a week d.fat burner. GH15 EXPLAINS THE LAST 5 HOURS OF HIS LIFE: a. Ephedrine gets a better ranking than T3 because it’s more forgiving.better than Clen because it’s faster m. Masterone is added for finishing touch V. drank a container of egg whites (15-20 egg whites). GH15’s preference order for 220 and over look at low single digits. PCT. drank another container off egg whites with low fat chocolate milk and then got Chinese…ate 80min post workout III. Better have lots of muscle and good shape because you wont look good otherwise and you’ll never lift heavy. Roundness of Delts a. Igf.fat burner. Insulin. 500-750 mg Test EW ii. GH. EQ @ 600-1200mg a week c. Comes from Tren and EQ b. grows new muscle fibers i.organ growth k. EQ. 6 sets biceps 2 per exercise to failure…6 sets tricep 2 per exercise to failure…flexed in the mirror…did 4 sets 15 reps roman chair abs c. Tren. In order: Dianabol. What would you recommend as a best beginner cycle? a. Clen. Tren Ace. anadrol. BBers should be kept at 25-75mcg n. test suspention. Recommended only for use in prep o.estrogen eliminator to almost 5%. Letro.stiffness and hardness. a. turnabol. If you have high natural GH here’s your cycle i. Cycle without HGH a. Retian water the first few days then boom start losing weight l. 75mg E2D Tren Ace VII. Primo Ace .

Machine work and cable work will lengthen your career and let you grow without injuries. You have to eat clean in order to build good muscle VII. Good boards: elitefitness. steroidology. Naturals never skip a meal. 6-12 for upper body and 15 for lower body. b. You have to train real hard in order to build muscle b. Bought a bbing magazine i. IV. No need to climb up to 50lb if you didn’t feel it at 40lb…Listen to your body. Myths a.). outlawmuscle. 5’10” 185 9-10% offseason. Took glutamine c. Natural traininga. . Last time I had cytogainer d. bodyofscience. 2-3 training days will do for OFF medicine.Eliminate repetitive exercises. As heavy as possible with good form…pyramid for lighter to heavier. You grow outside the gym.6-10 reps. No Deaths from hormones! It’s the narcotics and insulin abuse and diuretics. it will only matter if you want to be compared to other professionals V. Steroids and Death a. Do 3 sets incline and 3 sets flat bench and then flyes. Ran home and ate exactly 45min post training. Had amazing genetics although people tell me all the time j. Had a friend be able to hold 210 pounds of quality muscle TRAINING I. not incline. I CANT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I: a. III. Always flex in the mirror. Can use Deca for Joint health. Free weight bench is good for powerlifting. machine etc. Every meal should be 2-3 hours apart and never overfeed. Rep range. They don’t matter if you want to turn Professional. Always heavy. 8-20 sets per bodypart can work well depending on many factors OUTSIDE THE GYM II. V. decline. Training 3-4 sessions a week. 195-200lb 5-6% VIII. Worked with free barbell to do squats l. VI. Rep ranges 6-12 reps with everything. Ate clean the majority of the time g. took any supplement beside BCAA f. Change routines and order of exercises every month…2-4 sets per exercise. flat. 6’2” natural 210-220 10% offseason. Drank protein powder e. going to contest 165-175 5-6% c. steroidmas. Work smart. 1 hour each (little time as possible. I just ate after training k. The more intense and short the more impressive you’ll look. Trained ever 60-75mins h.GH15 POCKET BIBLE a. Genetics a. took creatine b. anabolicboard IV. You cant lift as heavy at 6% when you were 15%.

BICEPS 1. Exercises are less important. 2-3. The more simple. Close grip work on decline bench for under developed Lower Pecs IV. Whenever GH15 was stuck on bench. Devote a few days a month to “all you can lift plus” kind of workouts (The stronger guys are the ones with less muscle mass. one arm at a time 2. Reserve push down cable 4. If you do compete. II. True naturals eat EXACTLY every 2 hours with very CLEAN foods to look somewhat like a harmonized fella on mostly clean food. Natural genetic best = 7lbs for each inch in height XVII. Suggested routine. Anything that doesn’t involve the lower back and shoulders ii. Try going 2 sets per exercise instead of 4 but do it right. hammers 4. You can inject AAS into the arm or SEO depending on how well you know your body.off. Pump weight is blood rush and water weight. Nose crunchers on incline or flat bench I. Preachers one dumbbell. Sat&Sun-off. If you don’t compete. cardio is not needed. hack squats and leg press XV. Weak body parts should go twice a week but only for a specific period of time like a month or so. Smith machine work (add 10lbs to make it comparable to free weight) you don’t need to stabilize your pecs with free weights to improve them. preacher machines 3. Thurs-back. Train abs 2-3 times a week and 5-6 sessions abs with 30-40min fast walking with dog pre contest. If you grow everything bigger. Push Down Cable 3. you’ll have max pump at the end of your session. he would do hammer incline machine with tons of weight for 2-3 weeks then go back to bench and improve lifts. Fri-chest and shoulders. Close Grip Bench a must for massive tri’s 2. Tues-legs. 3-4. Most serious bodybuilders never go over 10% bodyfat and only the water bloat makes them look 15% LAGGING ARMS I. GH15 changes between squats. anything that’ll work the arm will do. Wed. it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you progress by stimulating the muscle. Try out training 5-6. TRICEPS 1. X. XVI. III. i. That’s for lagging arms. cardio at certain times in your lifting is beneficial. VIII. After you build your foundation.GH15 POCKET BIBLE VI. Squats are not a must. 1-2 times a week and see what your body likes best XII. Isolate the Pecs and lower the bar without touching your chest.) VII. the bigger your muscles will get. XI. Incline bench better than Flat Bench. Most fellas work biceps 4 sets and triceps 8 sets. IX. XIV. If you inject 3 units gh before training or 80mcg igf1lr3. Their tendons and bones are strong.Mon-arms. Cable work good for finishing touches instead of flyes CHEST . your arms will grow along. XIII.

Anything with pull down machine or cable. VI.. dumbbell or machine laterals. squats. V. dead lifts. chin ups/pull downs.. Change your chest training style every couple of months…that means number of reps and sets and exercises BACK I.GH15 POCKET BIBLE V. ab work of your choice. 12-17 sets done right with 1-2 min MAX rest between and go home. SHOULDERS II. VI. dead lifts. hack squats . During the years when you develop a good base and foundation. tricep work of your choice as long as its heavy and strict or as close to strict as possible if super heavy weight. tbar rows/dumbell rows. squats.. dead lifts. Dead lifts. standing leg curls. hammer machine. dead lifts. shoulder press. free bar. barbell curls/dumbell curls. T Bar and dumbbell Raw at an angle to work the lower lat better. LEGS I. squats. squats.machine for rear delts. . chin ups.. squats. calf work of your choice. bench press/incline bench press. dead lifts or good mornings…it won’t matter much when you got the foundation dialed in and the drugs in the mail/gym bag/fridge to your question. squats. dead lifts. Pressing movments on smith. squats.. When start training flat bench is a must. free weights for lateral and front delts. dead lifts. squats.lunges. shrugs III. After few years when you have foundation dialed in you can start playing with exercises and be more lazy since you know your body well and know what it takes to get to where you need to be whether it’s by leg press or squats.seated calf work FIRST TWO YEARS TRAINING IN A GYM: IV. Work chest intensely and no longer than 45min. dead lifts. I would limit flat bench and do a lot more incline bench.

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