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CHECKLIST FOR APPLICATION QUESTION 1. ALL Requirements of the question are answered Requirements (R) 2. Clear STAND for each Requirement (where applicable) 1. Extraction of relevant arguments from the passage(s) 2. Own views towards the writers arguments (varying levels of agreement/ disagreement are clearly stated) and well elaborated Explanation (Ex) 3. Discussion of appropriate examples beyond what the passage(s) provided 4. Issues/Examples are relevant to your society, generation, etc. (when appropriate) Evaluation (Ev) [You should use at least one of these] 1. The writers biases / assumptions, are identified and explained well 2. The writers are being identified as too extreme in his word choice (use of absolute words) and reasons for saying so are explained well 3. Provide a more balanced perspective to the writers arguments 4. Sound solutions to the problems raised 1. Arguments presented are NOT misinterpreted from the passage(s) Coherence (Co) 2. Own views on writers arguments DO NOT contradict each other with your own STAND


1. Indicate errors with appropriate symbols (G,Sp,E,P,?) in the essay.