7th Annual NALSAR - Justice Bodh Raj Sawhny Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2013

22nd August 2013 To, The Director/Vice-Chancellor SUBJECT: INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 7TH ANNUAL NALSAR JUSTICE BODH RAJ SAWHNY MEMORIAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, 2013. Dear Sir/Madam, It gives us great pleasure to invite your esteemed institution to participate in the 7th Annual NALSAR - Justice Bodh Raj Sawhny Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2013. The Moot Court Competition is being organized by NALSAR University of Law in collaboration with the Justice B.R. Sawhny Memorial Trust. Justice B.R. Sawhny, a firm believer in the values of Constitutionalism during his distinguished tenure as a Judge, and later as the Chief Justice of the Jammu & Kashmir High Court, was also instrumental in the drafting of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. This Moot Court Competition therefore, seeks to expose law students to the developing frontiers of Constitutional Law, and foster in them a deeper understanding of the myriad issues confronting the world today. In addition, the Competition seeks to inculcate the spirit of Constitutional reasoning and highlights the growing need of budding lawyers to think beyond the traditional confines of academic curricula.

2013. Rules. Registration Form and Travel Details Form for the moot. Looking forward to hearing from you.nalsar@gmail. NALSAR University of Law . Warm regards. We sincerely hope that your esteemed institution will participate in the Competition. Shameerpet. Sawhny Memorial Trust Prof. 2013 at NALSAR University of Law. Faizan Mustafa Vice Chancellor. Meera Nath Managing Trustee. Justice B. 2013. by sending an email to mcc. In addition. Mrs. Please find attached the Problem. We request institutions to kindly confirm participation by September 2. ‘Justice City’.R.com latest by September 8.nalsar@gmail. we request that teams must send us the scanned copies of duly filled-in Registration Form and travel details by email to mcc. Yours sincerely. and grace us with your presence.The Moot Court Competition will be held on October 4-6. Hyderabad.com.

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