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Peace Corps Girls Leading Our World GLOW Manual

Peace Corps Girls Leading Our World GLOW Manual

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Peace Corps Camp GLOW (2002?)
Peace Corps Camp GLOW (2002?)

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  • Girls Leading Our World
  • Camp in Romania
  • Why Such a Focus on Girls?
  • Why Not Boys?
  • Resources
  • Cultural Differences
  • Fundraising
  • Pre Camp Timeline
  • GOALS of the CAMP
  • Developing the Schedule
  • Schedule
  • Supplies
  • Camp Selection
  • Junior counselors
  • Language
  • Parental Consent
  • Food
  • Name Tags
  • Discussion Groups
  • Cabin Groups
  • Affirmation Wall
  • Morning Announcements and Quote
  • Posting the Schedule
  • Rules and Discipline
  • Rule Development Exercise
  • Lights Out
  • Night Duties
  • Clean Up
  • Prizes
  • Certificates
  • Tips
  • Budgeting
  • Activities
  • Morning Sessions
  • Afternoon Activities
  • Evening Activities
  • Ai Grijã
  • Appendix
  • Tentative Schedule for camp
  • Sample Family-Friends Fundraising Letter
  • Sample RPCV letter
  • Glow camp weekend original budget
  • ªuncuiuº Budget
  • Tîrgu Mureº Budget
  • Camp Glow Essay Evaluation Form
  • Letters-Accept, Wait, Reject
  • Schedule for weekend glow camp Gîrda, October 2001
  • Materials and Supplies List - ªuncuiuº 2001
  • Packing List Camp GLOW 2001 ªuncuiuº
  • Glow Camp 2001 ªuncuiuº Evaluation
  • Morning activites
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Stereotypes and Attitudes
  • Cinderella s life
  • Stereotypes and Attitudes, part 2: Role play Ideas
  • Self Esteem worksheet
  • Aggressive, assertive, or passive?
  • BRIDGE model
  • Community Service Session: Putting leadership into Action
  • Hammer and a Nail: The Indigo Girls
  • Goal setting and attitudes in Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution and Relationships
  • Afternoon activities
  • Environmental Scavenger Hunt
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Gender Roles
  • GLOW Olympics
  • Journalling
  • Making Paper
  • Sexual Harassment Quiz
  • Silly Olympiad
  • Teambuilding and Teamwork
  • The Ultimate Food Guide Extraordinaire
  • Tye Dying
  • Evening activities
  • Songbook
  • Before you decide to have Sex, consider this
  • How to put on an condom
  • AIDS awareness
  • It s OK to say no
  • Aflã cum funcþioneazã corpul tãu
  • Know how your body works!


Girls Leading Our World ....................................................................................................... 4 Camp in Romania .................................................................................................................. 5 Why Such a Focus on Girls? ................................................................................................ 5 Why Not Boys? ...................................................................................................................... 5 Resources .............................................................................................................................. 5 Cultural Differences .............................................................................................................. 6 Fundraising ............................................................................................................................ 6 THANK YOUs ........................................................................................................................ 7 Pre Camp Timeline ................................................................................................................ 7 GOALS of the CAMP ............................................................................................................. 7 Developing the Schedule ..................................................................................................... 8 Schedule ................................................................................................................................ 8 Supplies ............................................................................................................................... 10 Camp Selection ................................................................................................................... 10 Camper Selection ................................................................................................................ 12 Press Conference................................................................................................................ 13 Boys ..................................................................................................................................... 13 Junior counselors ............................................................................................................... 13 Language ............................................................................................................................. 13 Parental Consent ................................................................................................................. 13 Counselor meetings ............................................................................................................ 14 Transportation ..................................................................................................................... 14 Medical ................................................................................................................................. 14 Food ..................................................................................................................................... 14 Camp Itself ........................................................................................................................... 15 Name Tags ........................................................................................................................... 15 Discussion Groups ............................................................................................................. 15 Cabin Groups ...................................................................................................................... 15 Affirmation Wall.................................................................................................................... 15 Morning Announcements and Quote ................................................................................ 15 Posting the Schedule .......................................................................................................... 15 Rules and Discipline ........................................................................................................... 15 Rule Development Exercise ............................................................................................... 16 Lights Out............................................................................................................................. 16 Night Duties ......................................................................................................................... 16 Clean Up ............................................................................................................................... 16 Prizes .................................................................................................................................... 16 Certificates ........................................................................................................................... 16 Tips ....................................................................................................................................... 16 Budgeting ............................................................................................................................ 16 Activities ............................................................................................................................... 17 Morning Sessions ............................................................................................................... 17 Afternoon Activities ............................................................................................................. 18 Evening Activities ................................................................................................................ 19 Ai Grijã .................................................................................................................................. 20

Appendix .............................................................................................................................. 21 SPA Grant Application ......................................................................................................... 21 Tentative Schedule for camp .............................................................................................. 23 Grant Application for Peace Corps Partnership Program ................................................ 26 GLOW Camp Final Report................................................................................................... 28 Sample Family-Friends Fundraising Letter ....................................................................... 29 Sample rpcv letter................................................................................................................ 30 THANK YOU LETTER FROM GLOW CAMPER ................................................................. 32 Thank you note to donors .................................................................................................. 33 Glow camp weekend original budget ................................................................................. 34 ªuncuiuº Budget ................................................................................................................ 35 Tîrgu Mureº Budget ............................................................................................................ 36 Camp GLOW - Call for Applicants ...................................................................................... 37 Camp GLOW Description of Weekend Camp ................................................................... 38 CAMP GLOW Application................................................................................................... 39 Camp Glow Essay Evaluation Form .................................................................................. 40 Letters-Accept, Wait, Reject ................................................................................................ 41 Camp G.L.O.W. 2001 – Permission Slip ............................................................................. 42 Tabãra G.L.O.W. 2001 – Formular pentru Permisiune ....................................................... 43 Glow Camp 2001, ªuncuiuº ................................................................................................ 44 Schedule for weekend glow camp – Gîrda, October 2001 ................................................ 45 COMMUNITY BASED CAMP SAMPLE SCHEDULE ......................................................... 46 Materials and Supplies List - ªuncuiuº 2001 .................................................................... 48 Packing List Camp GLOW 2001 ªuncuiuº ........................................................................ 49 Glow Camp 2001 ªuncuiuº Evaluation ............................................................................. 50 Morning activites ................................................................................................................. 51 Introduction to Leadership ................................................................................................. 53 Stereotypes and Attitudes .................................................................................................. 54 Cinderella’s life .................................................................................................................... 57 Stereotypes and Attitudes, part 2: Role play Ideas .......................................................... 58 Self Esteem worksheet ....................................................................................................... 59 DECISION-MAKING ............................................................................................................. 65 Attitudes in Decision Making .............................................................................................. 67 Aggressive, assertive, or passive? .................................................................................... 68 BRIDGE model ..................................................................................................................... 70 Community Service Session: Putting leadership into Action .......................................... 76 Hammer and a Nail: The Indigo Girls ................................................................................. 79 Goal setting and attitudes in Decision Making .................................................................. 80 Conflict Resolution and Relationships .............................................................................. 81 OH! HENRY! ......................................................................................................................... 82 Afternoon activities ............................................................................................................. 84 Communication Skills: Camp Glow 2001 ªuncuiuº ......................................................... 84 Environmental Scavenger Hunt ......................................................................................... 86 Friendship Bracelets ........................................................................................................... 87 Gender Roles ....................................................................................................................... 88 GLOW Olympics .................................................................................................................. 89 Journalling ........................................................................................................................... 90 Making Paper ....................................................................................................................... 92 Sexual Harassment Quiz..................................................................................................... 93

Silly Olympiad ...................................................................................................................... 95 SMOKING FACTS and INFORMATION ............................................................................... 97 Teambuilding and Teamwork. ............................................................................................ 98 The Ultimate Food Guide Extraordinaire ......................................................................... 100 Tye Dying ........................................................................................................................... 101 Evening activities .............................................................................................................. 103 Songbook .......................................................................................................................... 103 Before you decide to have Sex, consider this ................................................................ 107 How to put on an condom ................................................................................................ 108 AIDS awareness ................................................................................................................ 109 It’s OK to say no ................................................................................................................. 110 Aflã cum funcþioneazã corpul tãu .................................................................................... 112 Know how your body works! ............................................................................................ 114 STD ..................................................................................................................................... 119

Africa and Asia. This experience will be painful. WORTH IT! GLOW camps are tremendous experiences – both for you and for the campers. length of time and include just about anything. Linda. PCV janethughes10@yahoo. An extra dollop of appreciation must go to Chris and Susan Grove for contributing advice and appendices. In recent years. Many thanks go to Group 9ers Amy. more vibrant future. GO FOR IT! Janet E. Glow Camps are all extremely different. with 10 to 60 girls or even boys. GLOW camps have been held and coordinated by Peace Corps Volunteers all over Eastern Europe. you have the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge with a group of girls eager to learn and grow. while I urge you to take that responsibility seriously. Anna. others about careers. Romania January 7. We hope more GLOW camps will continue in the following years bringing us all a brighter. other artistic. exhausting. I also encourage you to jump right on in and get your feet wet! In the following materials we’ve included camp activities from different camps as well as comments on what worked and what didn’t. or local community oriented. Some camps are all about environment and the outdoors. Again. fun and a fabulous experience. The first Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) camp was held in Romania in 1994. So. GLOW camps can be any shape. Without question. They can in English. week-long camps. This manual was expanded and adapted from the GLOW camp manuals prepared by former PCV’s. the manual would not be possible without the patience. or leadership building. Jen. size. in Romanian and include girls from a wide variety of backgrounds. I wish you all luck. YOU CHOOSE! The sky is the limit. and above all. And. Hughes. Thank you! So on behalf of GAD Romania.Girls Leading Our World WELCOME! This manual is designed to help you pull off a wonderful adventure and challenge – a GLOW camp in Romania. Camps can be day camps. every Peace Corps Volunteer who participated in the camp will say that it was among the most rewarding experiences of their PC service.com Oradea. exhilarating. or not. They can be national camps. support and encouragement of Kathie DeVito and Heather Becker. leadership skills and the belief that every young woman can make a difference in her local community and in the world. last but of course not least. The main goals of GLOW are to boost selfconfidence. Your GLOW camp will be what YOU make of it. weekend camps. wonderful. 2002 4 . As Peace Corps Volunteers. While the majority of the materials are based on week long national camps. Kim. Samantha and John.

if any. The Lithuania manual was used a basis for the camp along with materials from individuals counselors (included) as was the book.” Complaints abounded about lack of ‘free time’.org. WA. By presenting leadership in a positive light we found the participants very willing to accept such roles in the camp community and in their hometowns. DC 20036. decision-making thinking. hopefully. GLOW camps. etc. Published by Advocacy Press. Why Not Boys? Boys absolutely need the same skills and resources to face new challenges. the girls were stunned at the set schedule that had each day jam-packed with activities and games. is written in such a way that anyone wishing to hold a camp for boys will find it useful. community and empowerment. Overcoming these obstacles can only happen by empowering the young women of Romania to demand full participation and leadership. assigned to less powerful positions in society. Also check out Our Bodies Ourselves by the Boston Women’s Health Collective. Initially the participants were doubting their choice to spend a whole week with PCV’s who were ready (in our minds) to ‘rock their world. the Boys and Girls clubs in America.Camp in Romania Camp in Romania is very different from our experiences in the United Sates. and enforcement is almost nonexistent. river or nearby town and nights at the ‘disco. NW. (Information Collection and Exchange Publication No. Few laws protect women from domestic violence or sexual harassment. This book can be found in the Resource Room of the PC Romania office. from icebreakers. This information is provided in English and Romanian in the Appendix Section of this manual. your university. Strict gender roles are strongly enforced by most families and the majority of Romanian society. Seattle. Romania remains a patriarchal society. self-esteem building. PC can send it to you via email section by section (10 sections) – it’s an immense book so make sure you have enough space in your mailbox and on your computer. This manual. Your Peace Corps office has other wonderful resources for you to use and you can find additional materials many places.) It is a ‘sourcebook of participatory learning activities” and while more Africa based. Each day is spent at the local lake. (CEDPA. They recognize a basic fact of life – that girls and women – do not receive the same levels of support. we didn’t completely believe it. Choices. Leader translates to ‘conductor’ which Ceauºescu used to describe himself – the ‘driver’ of Romania. resisting peer pressure and relationship skills. As Romania moves towards becoming a full fledged member of Europe. Many PCV’s did not know this going into their camps and even if we did. to HIV awareness. managing emotions. it has some wonderful activities and discussions.” Again. M0061. Washington. CA ISBN 0-911 655 220. assertiveness. It is also important to note that there is no real word for “leader” in Romanian. GAD (Gender and Development) also has several brochures located in binders in the GAD reference library and information packets in both English and Romanian which will be beneficial to the campers. And. Campers are given very little supervision and there are few. resources and training that boys do. Email: cmail@cedpa. Resources The basic structure of this manual is drawn from materials left by the previous GLOW camps. by Mindy Bingham. the basic information is all here. Check the Scouts (boys and girls). and sexuality remains a taboo topic in both schools and families. 5 . A wonderful manual published by Peace Corps is the Life Skills Manual. Human Health and Sexuality Educator. Evaluations consistently asked for longer camps and to the girl they all admitted it was very different from any experience they’d had previously. 1717 Massachusetts Avenue. et al. suite 200. set activities. Of particular usefulness was the GLOW camp manual from Lithuania (May 1997). girls need to develop skills and resources to help them face a vastly different future. with an emphasis on self awareness. Why Such a Focus on Girls? This question gets asked a great deal. While the structure and schedules listed here may have to be adapted somewhat for boys. Santa Barbara. it has a heavier Africa emphasis but it has a plethora of activities and materials. Doctors receive minimal education in women’s health issues. a Teen Woman’s Journal for Self Awareness and personal Planning. Exercise and handouts were taken from the manual and adapted for Romania and for the ease of photocopying. July 2000) “the Life Skills program is a comprehensive behavior change program that concentrates on the development of the skills needed for life such as communication. The situation is further complicated by a shaky economic situation throughout the country. give a little extra push. from the Centre of Development and Population Activities.’ usually on campgrounds. This manual was adapted from the GLOW Camp 1999 book. Believe it! Consequently. By the last day all that had changed and many of the young women said it was the best week they had ever spent. Additional resources used include Choose A Future: Issues and Options for Adolescent Girls. The bottom line is that girls face incredible challenges – challenges their mothers and grandmothers did not face. The Internet is of course a wealth of information and you can find much GLOW information there. GLOW camps are not designed to be discriminatory or preach feminism. where women are regarded primarily as mothers and wives. Information on sexuality and relationships was provided by Kelly McKittrick. This leaves the camper idle on rainy days to amuse themselves however they can.

This scenario is generally the most successful in raising funds and frequently the easiest as your friends and family want to support your projects. Every Rotary Club has an obligation for international project funding. and between the girls and the PCV’s. you have to find money. how to deal with a problem. 4. Groups. flip chart paper. Quite a few groups get some money this way so take advantage of it! Look at Rotary Clubs. Other groups – Lions Clubs. In particular. Friends and family in the US. Chambers of Commerce. You’ll see it between PCV’s and HCN’s on your counseling staff. or even embassies. Be creative in your fundraising! The more folks you involve in your community the better. that you supported in the past for your friends now come back full circle. The grant application is processed through your Program Manager and is generally approved very quickly.Cultural Differences Be aware of and sensitive to cultural differences. 2. have potential. prizes. Check out www. Local sponsorships. In addition to Small Project Assistance Grants (SPA). It’s something ingrained in the culture – we see a problem and go to fix it. games. etc. Even if they don’t give you money.rpcv. Donations given this way are NOT tax deductible but since you can claim up to a certain amount without showing receipts. Fundraising is all personal – people give money to people. you can do an international bank transfer into your Bancpost account. for about $40. One group with an IT focus 6 . photocopies. go for it! Fundraisers is another way to pull this off. 3. Other international and Romanian funders This takes a lot more work but it’s definitely feasible.) Logistically there are several ways to do it. then it’s easy to access the money. medium and large companies in your town and pitch them on your project. You have to contact them and see what happens. Peace Corps Partnership Grants are a combination of friends and family and PC funding. Americans tend to have a more practical and pragmatic style of work and style of thinking. I heard through the grapevine that there will be a new organization for RPCV’s from Romania and they’ll give out money to projects. granola bars. etc. bike races. Foreign companies in your town (Dutch. Besides friends and family. In the appendix is a SPA proposals that was funded for a GLOW camp. Talk to your program manager.000 even though they only asked for $250 as their Rotary Club thought it was such a great project. A copy of the grant is included in the Appendix as well as a copy of the follow-up letter that was sent after the camp. I heard of one group getting $1. Generally. 1. Romanians are still learning how to ask for money from local vendors and this could be a great opportunity to show them how easy it can be. it’s easier to just have a friend or parent act as your banker. $100 can go a long way – and sometimes they kick in a lot more. If someone in your crew has access to an account (bankcard!). Note of caution: With the PCPP grant you will get exactly what you ask for. Organizers have all been very successful with a campaign of letters and e-mails home to the States asking for $X to send a girl to camp. Most groups find someone’s parent who is willing to serve as banker and all donations are sent to them. Paper. Once your project is approved. You can involve the girls and hold a dance and charge admission for it. Romanians have not been trained in this way and many operate under the panic management system where you only deal with a problem when it hits crisis. Remember that grants from PC (or any other funder) must be accounted for with receipts. If your friends and family are so gung ho that they send ‘too’ much money to PCPP. (And they are really nice!) The profits paid for the camp. Two Peace Corps Volunteers contracted with a local NGO and seamstress and had PC pongas made up. If you know someone who’s a member. where you do it. Discuss PC funding with Program manager. there are other funding opportunities available through PC. check out other groups. Look at the focus on your camp and capitalize on it. most people don’t care. There are foundations that support this type of project and if you do the research you can find them. folks can go online and just use their credit card to donate to your project. money is the best thing to get and if you promise them some publicity. Camps will range in costs depending on what you do. Go to the small. Peace Corps funding. even food can be obtained this way. Friends and family. 2. fundraisers Other international and Romanian funders 1. You can find money in a variety of ways. German. 3. etc. If not. paint. and how many participants. you can easily request donations of supplies instead. Look at businesses in Bucharest – professional women’s organizations. many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV’s) groups give money to support projects from volunteers from their areas. (See appendix. candy sales. check in with them. factura and the like. Fundraising In order to make the camp free to all participants (something we were very committed to doing). All those walkathons.) have a history of giving and are more willing to pitch in to support a project like this. Local sponsorships. It’s a way to have donations from your friends and family be tax deductible. it just takes more planning. Of course. that money is either returned or put into a general fund. 4.org for a complete listing.

especially the community service component. 3. (and maybe a picture of all the campers in their tye dyed t shirts!) It’s a tremendous boost to your family to see just what impact their donation had. Discuss PC funding with Program manager.) b. write up supply lists: Some materials (marshmallows) may need to come from the States (or Hungary) so allow time for shipment. THANK YOUs This is incredibly important. Establish central committee of the camp counselors (6-9 months prior) a. (Teachers. Starr Foundation. c. 1. determine first what the goals of your camp will be. you need HCN’s!) 2. Acceptance. have the campers write thank you notes to the donors. without any requests on my part. Women’s philanthropic institution. Look at these groups (web search) and you may be able to make some good connections: Social Venture Partners. For the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp there was an environmental emphasis so one of the goals was an appreciation of Romania’s natural beauty. Informational meetings b. We encourage your group to develop different goals depending on the makeup of your group. Meeting with campers GOALS of the CAMP It is imperative that you know the goals of your camp before planning the activities and logistics. A GLOW camp is a unique one relative to other camps as it has a purpose other than providing amusement for a week in the summer. Select Campers (2 months) a. Johnson and Johnson. Neutrogena. You want this work to continue so pull in HCN’s to ensure that the materials. 5. not just counterparts. Consider direct appeal to family and friends in the US. Develop Schedule.) Send thank-you letters and pictures to everyone. Timeline: The further out you plan and get organized the better off you’ll be. Essay competition c.com. determine camper selection process. just a comment that I wanted to do another camp in an email. Discuss goals for GLOW camp c. methods and training continue after you’re gone. Local sponsorships.recruited HCN professionals and they assisted them via their connections. Begin reading previous camp materials. b. (Note: My friends and family sent me enough money for a weekend camp for 20 girls after receiving the letters. other international and Romanian funders 4. wait list and rejection letters d. Remember Murphy’s Law and plan for everything to take twice as long as you expect. McDonald’s. Investigate possible funding sources and begin application process (5 months prior) a. Determine focus of camp and get organized (4 months) a. (This manual!) b. Send them back to your friends and family along with a note from you. We decided to only have girls eligible from towns where PCV’s (and GLOW counselors) were stationed so that follow-up activities could be carried out. fundraisers d. Goals for Camp GLOW Romania ♦ ♦ Boost Self reliance Encourage independent thinking 7 . local NGO staff. They were so moved by the girls’ letters and the direct impact the camp had on them that they wanted to give money again for such a worthy cause. Pre Camp Timeline Most of the materials in this manual are aimed at a week long camp – the most common type of camp. Determine size of the camp and find approximate dates (5 months prior) a. Write up your report. This information is required before you go to the County Camp Office to select a camp. On the last day of camp. Donation depot. b. (Romania and judet specific. To plan appropriate activities. clientele. c. positions on executive boards…the whole relationship management bit. Identify Host Country Nationals (HCN’s) to work with.

For the “Afternoon sessions”. recreational and development activities each day. yoga and the environmental scavenger hunt. Schedules for Targu Mures 2000.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Develop planning skills Educating concerning self-image Inspire confidence Heighten self empowerment Encourage community involvement Provide campers with the concept of being a role model for other people Instill the idea that you can make a difference at different levels Discuss male/female relationships Educate regarding safe sex and human relationships and sexuality. include as much as possible local Romanian men and women. What are our roles as coordinators of this camp? What are our expectations? What are our goals for this camp? How do we define leadership? As you plan and recruit various counselors for your activities.John Amy and Kimberly depart for Sovata to do set up and iron out last minute issues. role-plays and worksheets were used to educate and stimulate the girl’s thinking about challenges and issues facing them as leaders and women in the 21st century. We planned that each day would begin with a “morning session”. led by one or two counselors. Explore and delight in the natural environment of Romania Counselors The role or counselor at a Camp GLOW has been considered by many PCVs to be the most rewarding part of their service in Romania. July 6. Look at women business leaders in town. These sessions were the heart and soul of the message we were getting across: Leadership comes from within. Everything you do and say will be registered by these curious young women. talent shows. Self Esteem and Values. Other activities in the afternoon could include sports. and to explore new areas – things they had never done before. The following questions may be helpful to reflect upon before the onset of the camp. dances. social workers. You want the girls to see that these types of leadership training is not just for and by Americans – Romanian women and men should be in there also. the girls alternated between rock climbing. you will most probably develop a close bond with them especially if you have a long way to travel. 8 . Teaching Romanians how to pull off a camp will ensure that the lessons learned have residual and rebounding impact. In these sessions a variety of activities. Another day they went rappelling. These men and women will be seen as role models for the girls. the 60 girls were broken up into three sections and every hour and a half or two hours they moved to a different activity. The next day they made friendship bracelets. Tuesday. games. Schedule The schedule is a significant amount of the work before the camp. Through their participation they will learn a lot and become able to carry the GLOW project on after Peace Corps Volunteers have ended their service. did team building games and some environmental awareness activities. tye dyed t shirts and learned communication skills. For example. even stay-at-home moms. and camp song signing were all components of this segment of the camp. (See appendices for more details) In the evening. hiking. As you will be finding and bringing the young women from your community. The amount of work you put into it will pay off because everyone will know what is going on. Decision Making. Goal Setting. It gave the girls a great chance to meet more girls. the girls would be pulled in and engaged. teachers. On one day. you are doing so by your actions. They included Attitudes and Stereotypes. The possibility of making GLOW a sustainable community supported activity is greater when local women and men are asked to assist with the camp as counselors and presenters. paper making and Emotion control. where they should be and who is in charge of the particular activity. and the willingness of HCN’s to continue learning and growing is a perfect example for the girls. journalizing. discussions. Body Image/Advertising and Community Service. ªuncuiuº 2001 and Girda 2001 are in the appendix. so be on your best behavior. With a mix of informative. Below is a copy of the schedule for the Sovata 1999 camp. While you are counselors for the entire camp it is recommended that you keep a closer eye on Your girls. Look beyond your counterparts. Developing the Schedule The best success with schedules has been to spread different types of activities throughout the week at camp. 1999 AM: all member of the GLOW camp organizing committee should be in Sovata for a meeting with Mike from the NGO in Ciuc to go over the schedule and to iron out last minute issues. we wanted to change the pace completely and get the girls in small groups being very active. Not only will you be sharing with the young women but other PCV s as well. creativity and relaxation. Cabin cheer contests. 2:30 PM (confirm time) . a variety of activities were scheduled to promote group bonding. movies. This is not only a time of reflection and growth for the girls but for you as well. during the ªuncuiuº camp in June 2001. Even when you are not specifically instructing.

2001 7:00 am Wakeup 7:30.Amy (15 minutes) Attitudes and Stereotypes .8:30 PM Dinner 8:30 -10:00 PM Present cabin identity Camp songs (john) and games (Amy) Journals 10:00 . load bus.12:30 pm Morning Session Introduction to Leadership .JEN Sunday.3:00 pm Lunch 3:00 . July 8 6:00 am optional yoga (Linda) 7:00 am Wakeup 7:30-8:30 am Breakfast 8:45 am Morning Announcements 9:00 am .8:00 pm Dinner 8:00 . Expect to learn d.9:45 pm Journal 10:00 .10:30 pm Dance (same) Limbo. July 11 6:30 am Wakeup 7:00 . swing lessons 10:30 .6:30 PM .9:45 pm Journal 10:00 -10:30 am campers unwind time in rooms Counselors nightly meeting 10:30 lights out 11:00 room check Counselor on duty: Amy Friday.6:00 pm Afternoon Session Three rotating activities Team building with Mike Sports with jen and Anna Journal Decorating with Linda and Amy 6:30 .2:00 pm Lunch 2:00 pm .2 pm Hike and Picnic Group game during hike (Mike) Counselor to stay behind with girls who refuse to go??) 9 .Linda and John Include breaks 12:30 . Looking forward to b. spider Web.10:30 pm Unwind time in rooms Counselors nightly meeting 10:30 lights out 11:00 room check Counselor on duty .3:30 pm Lunch Three alternating activities Team building with Mike Friendship bracelets and Hair ties . breakfast 9a m girls from Ciuc arrive at Camin 9:30 . Who’s who guessing game Create cabin identity 7:00 .7:00 PM team building with small (dorm room) groups Icebreakers (mike and Amy) Human Knot.11:00 pm unwind Counselor have nightly meeting 11:00 pm Lights out 11:30 pm room check Counselor on duty .5:30 Break 5:30 .10:30campers unwind time Counselors nightly meetings 10:30 Lights out 11:00 PM room check Counselor on Night duty . attendance 10 am leave for Sovata 1:00 PM campers arrive 1:30 .Jen and Sam Include Breaks 1:30 . Mapping out your hopes. Afraid of c.Kim Thursday.M.1:30 pm Swimming. July 9 7:00 am Wakeup 7:30 . Gherorege and Husi 7 PM dinner at the Camin (Anna’s schools dormitory) 8 PM Welcome (Anna) Girls from Ciuc arrive Icebreakers 1.Kim 11:30 . Go around in a circle and say your name and a food that you like that starts with the first letter of your name (Jen) 2.1:00 Morning Session Self Esteem and Values .9:00 pm Cabin Cheer Contest 9-9:30 Camp songs (John) 9:30 . dreams and fears (Linda) Break into small groups and draw what you are a. Kim and Amy Team building with Mike Yoga/Friendship Bracelets with Linda and John 6:30 .11:15 am goal setting session .5:00 Clapping icebreakers (Mike) Introduction of campers and counselors (Sam) Logistics (Anna) Schedule (Amy) Nuts and bolts (Jen) Rules (Linda) Rules and role Plays (Kim) 5:00 .9:30 Bonfire (Jen) Camp songs (John) 9:30 .KINGA Saturday. Expect to give or contribute Share posters 9 PM quiet time in the dorms (Ciuc girls go home for the night) 10 PM lights out 11 PM counselors check on girls Wednesday. bathroom.8:00 pm Dinner 8:00 . confirm that this is a possibility) 2:00 .3:00 Lunch and rest 3:00 . July 7 7 AM wake up 8 A.8:30 Dinner and journals 8:30 .8:30 am Breakfast 8:45 am Announcements 9:00 .luggage out in front of school.Campers arrive in Ciuc from Sft.6:30 pm Afternoon session Three rotating sessions Environmental Scavenger Hunt with Sam.8:00 am Breakfast 8:00 am stretching with Linda and Jen 8:00 am .John and Anna Sports and yoga with Linda and Jen 7:00 .8:30 am Breakfast 8:45 am Announcements Announce: everything you ever wanted to know about sex and relationships but were afraid to ask session and question box 9:00 . July 10.

2:00 pm Lunch 2:00 . but most people work through the Ministry.10:30 sharing experiences of Camp GLOW 10:30 .8:00 dinner 8:00 . Others need to be sent from the States (marshmallows for s’mores for example – but I’ve found them in Hungary also. July 12 7:00 am Wake up 7:30 . Many of these supplies can be found in Romania. 2001 7:00 am Wakeup 7:30 . Ask Questions! Some of the questions we asked were: • • • • • • Is there a program at the camp? Eating Schedule? What is the food like? Small breakfast. 3. mention box of questions again 9:00 .Linda Monday. then you’re in business and skip to #9.2:00 Lunch 2:00 .10:30unwind Counselors 10:30 pm lights out 11:00 pm room check Counselor on duty .Anna and Kinga (include breaks) 12:30. little dinner? Sports activities Are we required to participate in any activities for the whole camp? Is there an indoor area if it rains? How many people to a room? 10 .9:00 Talent show 9:00 .10:00 pm journals 10:00 .) Note: Even if you speak Romanian like a native.6:00 Tie dye T-shirts. We also included some things in the packing list for the girls (so that we didn’t have to find 40 pairs of scissors or 60 glue sticks for example. weird human tricks 9:45 . Camp Selection This can be a tricky deal.10:30 Closing Human chair Sharing bell Ghost handout Sharing Bell Supplies As each activity is developed a list of supplies can be generated.3:30 pm Evaluation session 3:30 .Ana and Laura Wednesday.8:00 pm Dinner 8:00 . You might be given a camp that is out of your judet. etc. July 14.Sam Tuesday.9:30 Journals 9:30 .8:30 am Breakfast 8:45 announcements. verify and re-verify all information even if the camp office in your judet assures you it is all okay.8:30 Breakfast 8:45 am Announcements 9:00 . most of the camps (the physical buildings) are controlled by the county Ministry of Education. ALSO for your and your counterparts (makes life a lot easier!) Make sure they get signed and stamped by the schools! 4.) A sample supply list is in the appendix. huge lunch.9:00 pm Sex and Relationships discussion (optional for campers) 9:00 .) including camp size (number of students and counselors.2:00 . 2.6:30pm clean up 6:30 . Get all the required additional papers that list the shots the students have had.6:00 pm GLOW Olympics 6:00 .6:00 pm Trip to lake for swimming (confirm times) 6:30 . The number of misunderstandings rise exponentially during the camp so avoiding any during the negotiation process is imperative. As they’re really light. July 13 7:00 am wakeup 7:30 . swimming. John Jar decoration . As soon as you have a camp also keep in contact with the camp office of the actual judet where your camp is located.10:30 pm unwind time in dorm rooms 10:30 lights out 11:00 room check Counselor on duty .8:30 Breakfast 8:30 . jokes.11:00unwind Counselors meeting 11:00 lights out 11:30 Room check Counselors on duty .Anna 6:30.10:00 pm Talent show preparation 10:00 . If you are lucky enough to work with a private group that has a chalet.12:30 Decision making .12:30 community service .3:00 pm Break 3:00 .8:00 pm Dinner 8:00 .9:45 pm buffet o’ fun (Linda Storytelling. take a HCN with you. Check on medical forms that area required for campers and counselors. Document. they’re easily shippable!) We suggest asking local stores and businesses to donate to the camp and help with the provision of these supplies.Amy (include breaks) 12:30 . Go to the Camp office in your county – there should be one in the county seat for every judet (county) and tell them the approximate dates of your camp and what kind of camp you are looking for (hiking. In Romania. 1.10:00 Cleanup and pack 10:00 .

Try to involve him/her as much as possible in the ‘social’ activities. 9. Once you see the site you can make necessary adjustments to your schedule and activities. Down payments DO NOT equal a reservation. in general. the ‘extras’ are free. to prove that they provided everything agreed upon. After you’ve paid you will be required to give a list of all the campers and counselors names and where they come from to the camp office. what facilities you need and for how long you need it. making the focus tough to maintain. how will you transport it? Other important comments about working with the camp. the better off you are. etc. Most important to us was the selection of campers that were from towns where there were PCV’s who were GLOW counselors and were willing to follow-up the camp with a community service project with the campers. What activities are available in the area. nor did they really want to for the most part. Good Luck…. The more involved they are in your plans. (VERY IMPORTANT TO VERIFY DIRECTLY WITH THE CAMP DIRECTOR!!! Get the phone number of the camp and CALL or better yet.) When should we arrive and leave. Get the money and pay it off completely to reserve your camp as soon as you can. 7. The camp Director MUST sign both of these. It’s easier to conduct the essay tests while school is in session because that is the time when it s easiest to reach students. The line for the one pay phone was LONG and when the phone didn’t work. The locations may be isolated. Again. You may also receive a refund for each counselor. from the Camp director also. walking distance… places to hike. chips. no matter how frustrated you get! Camper selection is up to you. Two additional very important questions to ask are: • How many other camps will we be sharing the campground with? • What are their ages? The answers to those questions can have a huge impact on your camp. and you will bring 2 copies with you to the camp. 10th and 11th forms. they weren’t happy. Consider having the camin sign a contract stating that they are responsible for what their workers and other residents do. They will then type it up and stamp it. Camper Selection 11 . For example. These facilities present their own set of challenges. 8. if it rains. You have to talk to the director and administrator about this in advance and get it all cleared. The camp will reward you ten-fold. Despite constant reassurances to having booked (and paid for) the entire campground. Girls in 12th form would be going off to university following the camp and would be unable to participate in follow up activities. 5. soda. Things went fine as the girls really didn’t have time to ‘play’. • Allow ten minutes a day – both in the morning and evening – to talk with the camp director and explain to him what activities you are going to do each day. Some additional things to consider when using one of these facilities are: How far away is the nearest village in case of emergency? If no kitchen is available can a local restaurant or family be hired to cater or donate meals for the campers? Will the counselors and campers prepare their own meals? Is there running potable water on site? If no. Remember that all of this is worth it. you may need the cafeteria. Or for the sex and relationship discussion.) Is there an outdoor area? Can we have campfires? Is there a telephone nearby? Most of the girls called home the first night and checked in with home most nights after that. using the national large weeklong camp as a model. the Ministry of Education decided to place a group of 15 or so high school boys from Moldova. Participants were limited to high school girls in the 9th. • At some camps you can obtain a discount. do it. Different camps selected campers different ways. The camps in Roman also had some boy/girl issues requiring negotiation and delicate handling by the PCV’s. Other camps have had similar problems. Many NGO’s in Romania own cabanas or camp sites that they may be willing to donate or charge reduced fees for use by your camp. but if you can avoid the situation. Visit the camp as soon as you can and talk with the Camp Director. talk about it when you visit. as must you fill in some information. swim. it’s money and they should give it to you. Usually for a minimum of 10 campers. campers were selected based on several criteria. You can imagine the rapturous reaction of the boys when the 60 high school girls descended on the tabara. of course. which you must sign for. Explain to them the nature of Camp GLOW early on so that they will understand that this is a different kind of camp! Bring a native speaker with you to explain to avoid misunderstandings. • Take five minutes each night to evaluate how things went with the camp director. it’s better to do it inside at night.• • • • • • • • • Are all the counselors together? How about bathrooms? Is there hot water? Is there a store nearby to buy snacks? (The girls will devour snacks – ice cream. Other sites. Even if you have not idea what it’s for take it. like $2 for each counselor. at the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp. 6. Other camps were surrounded by carousing groups. have outhouses or lack kitchen facilities. etc.

give a little warning/info on what to expect. We had about 15 reporters show up and got coverage on three TV stations and numerous newspapers. As soon as the final list of girls was established there was a meeting in each town for the girls to get their packing lists. A waitlist was then created in case anyone dropped out and letters sent out to all the girls regarding their status. after the obligatory phone call to the parents. Of course. The press loves to hear about different activities and this one is right up their alley. and their ideas. by which point the girls were too busy and fo- 12 . Essay contest. parents would demand a lot more information. One camp did have this happen and the camper was sent home. At the meeting go over the basic schedule and hammer home that they will be very busy and free time will be pretty limited. Be prepared to answer that phone day or night. 4. to pay their deposits and to get all other information. Information session Essay contest Notification Meeting Information Session.) Other camps handed out fluers with essay topics and times essays would be picked up. Give the parents a way to contact you if there are any problems – a cell phone number is great. Two other reporters came to the camp itself.) The girls were graded on their ability to communicate. deposits were required. Parents were encouraged to come to the meeting so as to allay any fears as to what was going on. For the ªuncuiuº camp (which was national). were part of that ‘feminist’ rabble rousing crew and were teaching the girls to hate men also. After a ‘first cut’ girls were called in for interveiws and then the ‘finalists’ were chosen. so don’t underestimate the importance of chatting with the parents. Press Conference Publicity is great and I highly encourage you to get some. and the camp was about better equipping Romanian girls with the skills and tools they needed for a changing future. (appendix. Obviously. Make your rules about boys clear from the very beginning and things should work out. One camp went a completely different route and chose girls not only who were at-risk. it was waived – but quietly and behind the scenes. As it’s very rare for someone to drop out. back home in the States. no smoking and no drugs. Several groups of girls that had traveled quite a distance chanced upon one article in a local shop. For the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp my office (CRSE. You can hold information sessions first where the goals of the camp are presented and the basic rules given.) Three basic rules were emphasized over and over: no drinking. Several girls told me later on their parents had made some comments about white slavery. And if the girl broke the rules. The campers were told this from beginning (in print information/application and in the information sessions) and also told that if they broke this rule they would lose the refundable deposit and would be sent home. flyers were handed out and the information session pushed into the essay contest. an environmental group) held a press conference about the camp. if payment is a problem.) Give them the pep talk of how much fun it will be and then go over logistics of where and when to meet. The girls will all agree with you that they felt freer to discuss things without boys around. sexual trafficking. The essay (appendix) is a straightforward one – on how the girls define leadership and the role of women in the 21st century. We decided that we didn’t want the girls to have help with their essays so we gave them several hours to write their application essays in a classroom at their school. whereupon I pulled girls from each of the 10 sites and had them speak to the reporter. Notification. I was asked if we hated men. it’s regarded as not important. Read through the packing list and make sure the girls all understand why they need these items. 3. you may end up sharing a campsite with boys. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked as to what the questions are so the girls can prepare (which we refused to do. A reporter from Antena 1 came to the camp. A good idea would be to give the girls a one page description of the camp.1. the biggest thing we were looking for was potential. Reporters will ask some interesting questions regarding the single sex nature of the camp. For the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp we had a rule of no boys that was relaxed at the end. We also had participants tell us at the end of the camp that they were glad that they hadn’t been able to smoke. It’s a fact of life that the boys want to be around the girls and vice versa. While the camps were free. Boys Depending on where you are. etc. she forfeited her deposit. Meeting. (For the ªuncuiuº 2001.) The letters sent to the wait list crew clearly stated a date by they would be contacted if space opened up. delighting them immensely. The high achieving girls didn’t need us quite as much as the other girls seemed to. We didn’t want the girls with the perfect English – we wanted the girls that try hard but always seem to come in second or third. It turned out to be a national broadcast and many parents saw it. 2. with a basic schedule . The PCV’s in each respective town read the essays with help from other PCV’s and graded the girls based on the evaluation sheet (appendix. only put 5 girls total on the list to not get their hopes up. This was not to penalize any girls but just to ensure a financial commitment on their part to attend. I always explained that we didn’t hate men (and pointed out the male counselors). (They’ll still complain but at least you warned them. it was the longest they had gone without a cigarette in a long time. If it’s free. but who were recovering from very bad situations – domestic violence.

Contact a local doctor prior to the camp and see if he/she can be on call. USE THESE GIRLS! They will be ideal to help you work with the girls. etc. the advice of the day is to pretend they don’t have the discount. campers who demonstrated exceptional leadership skills at the 2000 camps were invited to participate in a Mentor Training conference. They told the girls “”If you want to fall in love. Counselor meetings Transportation A painful. Check in with GAD for a list of available girls. in lieu of that document which your girls may forget you can have the school type up a list of the girls you are bringing. several girls persisted at first in speaking Hungarian in one room. The counselors stayed out of the situation and the girls resolved it themselves. Each of the girls was pulled from all the 2001 camps as having serious leadership potential. hate meetings. The girls love it as they get to practice their English with native speakers (Americans) or good speakers (HCN’s. This can get really tricky and completely mess up your budget. For the 2001 summer camps. if something happens at the camp. either. They’ve already done a camp. many of these girls then were junior counselors. being highly individualistic. Be very vigilant – without a signed form.” The girls were not to go out in groups of less than three. You may run into the Hungarian/Romanian issue. Try to involve them early and actually give them some co-leadership assignments – leading a session or two with another counselor. pulled them aside and asked them to participate more. Parental Consent The girls will be asked to fill out a consent form. If you are traveling to camp on a bus keep an eye out for bus sickness. If you want to make out on the bench in the park. you are responsible for that girl. you have to have them. MUST. The Roman 2001 camp devised a strategy that worked really well. (Hungarian). As the camp was short.. great. Even without the typical American fear of liability. Have them come up with own presentations/sessions or give some to them. Americans. And. necessary evil. Involve them early in planning the camp. you have a way to reach them quickly.cused to get too distracted. Be aware that menstruating girls might not shower or par- 13 . pads.even if your camp has entirely different emphasis. Yet. making the Romanian girls feel excluded. several Hungarian girls stuck together like glue. And a three hour bus ride over some windy twisty mountain roads at night called for a few stops and a really positive sense of humor. The girls must show their student ID with their student ticket on the train. listing their parents’ names and contact information. Better safe than sorry. MUST have their student books. Girls from the 2001 camps have also now been chosen to receive further training and will be available as junior counselors for your camps. incredible enthusiasm and empathy. only speaking Hungarian.” Other camps had more serious problems so be aware of what’s going on. The girls agreed. Bring extra tampons. so make sure her parents/guardians agree to let her come. Starting in January 2001.. If you’re really organized. you MUST. one of the HCN counselors. Give them responsibility. (See appendix for English/Romanian template forms). the basics will be the same – busy schedule. no drinking. Language The language of most camps is English.). Then when human error steps in and you end up paying full fare. loved it and are delighted to be involved again. but separately. To get this. When you budget for the girls to come. One 12 hour bus ride took 17 due to necessary frequent stops. Many of the girls are not used to traveling very long distances. stating that they are students and have them stamp it). The girls proved to be a valuable resource in the execution of the camps and role models for the campers. depending on who comes to your camp. There are only two rules: no sex. One camp in the summer of 2001 was conducted entirely in Romanian. great. At the Girda 2001 camp. Junior counselors One challenge of Camp GLOW is to build sustainability and eventually transfer coordination of the camps to HCNs. the girl can not go. This situation probably would have resolved itself had the camp been longer than three days. Students all get a discount on train travel – on the basic rate – before the adjustment for speed (accelerat and rapid. you’re covered. The best part is that they already know the ropes . Each night pull everyone together for a little while and discuss what happened that day and the plans for the next day. Medical At a public camp there should be a camp nurse but don’t expect too much from them. At the Sovata 1999 camp. leadership training. understanding the longer range goals. deciding to only speak English in the room. so we had no problems. you can hold your camp in any language.) But.

Romanians are not used to such a full camp schedule. Provide healthy snacks like fruit if you can. Bring extra bug spray and sun block. Food If you don’t have a facility at your camp for cooking. In Roman 2001 the girls insisted on hot soup every day. Be sure to give them time to buy drinks. Make sure the girls know that you are there for them and keep them busy. Give them some free time.ticipate in sports. Homesickness will be a factor. with many developing ‘illnesses’ they blamed on lack of soup. food and souvenirs. or if you choose not to use it. 14 . get an HCN to help you make your menu and then get a few second opinions. A medical emergency plan should be in place before camp starts because you never know what might come up.

name and their discussion group sticker on it. made the counselors put up a sheet for themselves. it was written down and placed on the schedule.) We wrote their name on the back of the name tag and left the front space with the group stickers free for them to write their name as they wished to be called. come here!”. 15 . As soon as they got off the bus/train they were given a nametag that had their room number.CAMP ITSELF When campers arrived at camp they were greeted by several counselors who had arrived earlier in the day to organize the camp logistics. Morning Announcements and Quote Each morning prizes were given out for the winning room(s) that were asleep at “Lights Out. the talent show on the last night had each room presenting their ‘talent’ as a room. and they were responsible for checking the schedule. These groups were different from the cabin groups. This proved very successful as the team-building activities followed up on themes that were discussed in the morning. Affirmation Wall GOAL: fun and positive reinforcement What? When? Who? How? In the hallway of our dorm. these groups can be used as chore teams or meal groups (if you have to eat in shifts. but every counselor was on duty as far as maintaining order at camp. A list of quotes is provided in the Appendix. door decorating. If the girls missed hearing an important announcement. The campers responded to this very well and appreciated having an environment where the adults really cared about them enough to make them follow the rules. One of our goals was to have girls meet girls from other regions – recognizing that ‘everyone is the same’.” Other announcements were made at this time by counselors and campers. Name Tags Discussion Groups One of the main ways that we divided the girls up was into small discussion groups.). We ended the morning announcements with a quote read by a counselor or a camper. And it gave us flexibility to change the schedule if we had to. safety pins and string. The message was clear that we wanted to have a great time but that we had to abide by some basic rules or we wouldn’t get anything done. (ªuncuiuº 2001 used colored index cards. We did not allow girls to switch rooms. as we wanted them to get to know as many people as possible. In the evening there were several activities that encouraged bonding of the cabin groups (cabin cheer. We told the campers that this affirmation wall was a way to express positive things we thought of others at the camp. We divided it up into “puzzle” shaped pieces and had each camper write her name on a piece. This was not very popular at first as many of the girls had bonded on the trip and wanted to stay together. Messages could be written anonymously or signed. (Note: it’s a good idea each night for the counselors to read the wall and change any negative comments into positive ones.) Cabin Groups The girls were all placed into different rooms (we were in a dormitory setting) and they were purposefully mixed to encourage meeting new people. on the third day of the camp. Only positive messages were allowed. The girls were always interested in knowing what was going to happen next and we often left the schedule mysterious to pique their interest. etc. Campers were requested to wear their nametags at all times so that we could call them by their names rather than. For the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp. We left a package of markers out near the wall. This really wasn’t much of an issue because the girls developed the rules themselves for the camp and they were very eager. This also helped us to encourage the girls to be responsible for being on time. There were one or two counselors attached to each group and they met throughout the week and led any small group discussions that were part of the morning sessions. One camp had one major situation that was handled as a group but that was a clear violation of our no smoking rule and the girl was sent home. These discussion groups also met in the afternoons and went through the team-building exercises together. we took large sheets of white paper. Counselors were also asked to do the same thing. and the campers signed until their hearts’ content. Also.) Messages ranged from “I like your hair” to “You are the best friend I’ve ever had!” The girls really got into this activity and due to popular demand. Rules and Discipline One counselor was in charge of major discipline offenses. but it proved to be very successful by the end of the camp. We put 5 or so girls from different communities into groups. “HEY YOU! Girl in the blue shirt. Posting the Schedule Each night the schedule was finalized by the counselors in their early nightly meeting and posted.

pens. Each morning. Finally. the counselor on duty the night before made a presentation (discussed above) and gave out prizes. when we had to clean up and leave. we added our rules if they were not already mentioned and had a discussion about them. several counselors came up with an ingenious creative way to fill them out. Be prepared to have enough prizes to give each girl 2-3. (Note: This was not exactly the case at the ªuncuiuº camp. It was clear to me this had not happened before.) Clean Up This job’s importance was at the end of the camp. Night Duties Each GLOW counselor was given a night to be “on duty”. wild colored post-it notes. etc. The next morning the counselor that had been on duty the night before made quite a presentation out of awarding the prizes to the campers that were in the quiet rooms. bats. By the end of the camp everyone had won prizes and every room had won something. I gave each of the wonderful women in the kitchen as well as the sweetheart that cleaned the tabara 100. They took all the colored markers and systematically drew different borders all over. etc. Bribery? Perhaps. That counselor checked to make sure the girls were in their rooms and quiet at Lights Out.Rule Development Exercise As an entire group. The girls wanted no rules and so we were forced to pull rules out of them – respect for others. who’s the cutest counselor? And so on. Also the counselor was responsible for waking the girls up in time for breakfast and dealt with any problems that came up in the night (sickness. when the campers were finished. we collected lots of little things as prizes – hair clips. For the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp. giving a prize to the room(s) that were quiet with lights out when we said lights out. two counselors led a brainstorming discussion on camp rules. as counselors. A budget is an absolute must. This seemed to be the exception to the above rule so… ) Lights Out One of the biggest challenges was keeping the girls on schedule and getting them to bed at night. etc. you can fill them in. Certificates The girls adore certificates and they don’t have to be fancy. I gave out prizes the first hour to a group of 5 girls who were all speaking English without prodding. Get a plain template and just put the dates of your camp on it. be on time. Budgeting To do any camp you need money. The campers were told that they were going to create the rules and then we were all going to live by them during the camp. The counselor on duty announced prizes would be given for not only lights out but clean rooms—and provided garbage bags in the hallway and the girls threw away all accumulated trash. attend all sessions. The schedule was jampacked and they were exhausted as were the counselors but didn’t want to go to bed. One room won an extra prize for going from worst to best. In the appendix are budgets from several camps to give you some suggestions. Other counselors could give out prizes for various pieces. stationery sets. where you go and how many people are in- 16 . I could have asked for the moon at that point and they would have given it to me. The campers’ rules were comprehensive and stricter than ours. So we went with outright bribery. Never underestimate the value of appreciation. but the girls got their sleep. Tips At the end of the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp.000 lei stores also. and so did we. The three main rules: no drinking. Stuff from America is great but you can ace out at those 6. They were so thrilled that their work had been appreciated. Girls were encouraged to create rules that they were willing to follow and to speak up against rules that were proposed that they thought were unfair. This worked unbelievably well! The 1999 Sovata camp had butterfly hair clips sent from America which were very popular. after announcements. Leftover prizes at the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp were given out by two counselors asking trick questions: who’s the best counselor. Your budget is going to be different based on what you do. Each counselor signed every one and counselors randomly gave them out at the very end of camp. Prizes Prior to the camp. the rules were posted on the wall so they were accessible to every camper. no drugs were already well established.000 lei. The girls that were in their beds and quiet at the appointed time were given a prize. Anything will work but it should be small and inexpensive. and put them into a huge ponga. Then. no smoking. Then as you figure out what the girls really like to be called.

I eagerly took the advice and example of the Bulgarian GLOW camp 2001 and put all the handouts into a manual for the campers and one for the counselors. Your camp may provide that but it’ll cost you… Snacks are a must. Photocopies. This places an emphasis on keeping a separate journal. A community based camp will be much cheaper than a large national camp. there is a stigma attached to this because of forced volunteering during Communism. Plan for a snack in the morning and one in the afternoon – it keeps up the energy levels. You can have girls bring their own plain white t shirts or provide them for consistency. many camps provide girls with basic notebooks and pens for journalling. Note: the survey the girls have to fill out is very long and then they have to do the math. Use this time to explore the necessity and benefits of community service for all involved. you can make them whatever length or importance you want or need. Letters to themselves: you’ll need paper.5 million lei. Some are taken from the book Choices.volved. Each counselor or a pair of counselors developed their lesson plans. Water jugs at mealtimes. An interesting way to get participants to talk about emotions and how to work with them. Prizes (or bribes?) Go with small. If you’re preaching good nutrition. while others (Goal Setting and Community Service) are creations of the PCVs who led those sessions at GLOW ’99. Not just male/female but ethnic/religious/class ones should be approached. etc are great. envelopes and stamps • • • • • • Activities Each camp is very different so pick and based on your goals. You can go fancy or simple. If the girls are coming from far away. They’re broken into Morning. Always plan for 50% more than you think you need . fruit. some sessions may run longer than others. The fluctuation of the lei can have a big impact on your budget. All of the major sessions require handouts of some kind. especially if you lay out the ground rules for discussion before you start and stick to them. Photos. This worked out really well as everyone had the same materials. A group photo for each of the girls in their tye dyed t shirts is a great reminder of the camp. DO Put in a ‘miscellaneous’ category to give you just a little leeway on forgotten items. Fascinating look at what each camper values. however. etc. The development of a community service project is also a possibility here. And again beware of the student discount . The lesson plans for these sessions are included in this section and handouts can be found in the Appendix. Team teaching works really well. Transportation is a big issue. This item can add up quickly with handouts for various sessions. Take this time to introduce the idea as well as explain that there are many different types of leaders Self Esteem/Values. To encourage journalling. if it’s all planned well in advance. Sessions in general work really well as guided discussion groups. Or develop more and share with everyone! Here’s a quick list of a variety of activities. • • • • • • • • • Community Service. For several sessions at ªuncuiº 2001. Decision Making: Take the campers through the decision making process help them to prioritize etc Goal Setting: Another relatively new concept here in Romania that there are different things that you can strive for. Check out your local 6. Stereotypes/Attitudes.and the propensity for human nature to forget the student books. T shirts. Morning Sessions Each morning began with morning announcements and then the major (morning) session. The counselors manual had extra stuff in it such as directions on how to do the sessions. they may need bag lunches or dinners. etc. Train prices change periodically so anticipate a 25% increase. If they’re going back a long ways. Always overestimate your costs – it’s better to come in under budget and have leftover money than find you’ve dug deep in your own pocket for things! Basic suggestions: • • • • • • • Do your budget in US$. including songs for the campfire.000 lei stores. Unfortunately. Keep in mind. Just remember when budgeting try to think of all possible costs. inexpensive items such as hair clips. Participants get to ‘build a bridge’ with information over the sea of ‘problems’. Things sent from the States are eagerly grabbed up. whatever you choose.food always disappears faster than you think it will. healthy snacks are important. A common practice GLOW camp activity is to have the girls tye dye t shirts. pens. Help the campers explore their own goals and develop plans for achieving them. candles. Afternoon and Evening but you can call them whatever you like! And remember. pick and choose which sessions you want to do. It will only work. which by the time it arrives is only worth 1. encourage the girls to drink lots and lots of water – and be prepared for that. we ran out of time and some we had too much time. Emotion Control: O Henry. For the Girda 2001 camp. Leadership: Leadership is a relatively new idea in Romania. especially if a proposal asked for 2 million lei. Costs of developing varies from town to town. Water. Wood: if you have a campfire you may have to purchase wood. Bridge Skills: from the Life Skills Manual. Granola bars. 17 . remember they may need meals along the way. Conflict Resolution: Show campers ways to constructively resolve their problems in all areas of their life. so be prepared to give them a lot of time for this. Journals.

It was a powerful session as it really showed how each of us is influenced by the media and magazines. • • • • • • • • • 18 . It is highly possible that girls who come to camp may already be somewhat addicted to cigarettes. as this may be the goal of some of the girls who chose to come to camp. ISBN 1-57054-053-5. Targu Mures.) The key to this is to tie the girls together in a group so they’re forced to work together. start by reading aloud a journal writing concept .) Definitely a success. From there move on to other exercises. There are lots of books on patterns if none of the counselors remember how to do this. push down into belly. wherein the girls are given a specific topic or quote to think about is also useful. Yoga. Another note: if you plan a “major’ session after a long physical day. the importance of exercise and rest. Drinking is also at their age. The point is to write. An interesting activity that shows girls the life cycle of paper . At ªuncuiuº 2001 we held a “morning session” in the afternoon after a hike to a local cave and it wasn’t until the second half of the session that the girls perked up. Scavenger Hunt: Be creative. Then they have to find something or do something. to empty the ‘garbage’ from your mind to get to the real. It was great because realizing the power of the images we see daily in advertising etc. This must be included in future GLOW camps. the counselors will have to be incredibly energetic and patient. 2) Get rooted: sit comfortable. you can move it to a different day.outwardbound. This is a good one to do at the beginning of the camp. just write “I don’t know what to write” over and over until another idea appears. starting with the most important: breathing. Be prepared to have a lot of string/floss. domestic abuse. stamps.ro) . A time to explore the traditional and changing roles of women in Romania. Palo Alto. hug knees an try to relax spine as much as possible. scB. The campers really enjoyed this aspect of the camp. arms. it seems important to explain why this rule was set up. I want… (10 minutes each. Miercurea Ciuc. community. office@outwardbound. drinking and drugs. 1) identify diaphragm: behind your belly-button. Give the schedule of topics to them a couple of weeks in advance so that if possible team building can complement what is discussed during other sessions. stomach and legs relaced. Paper Making. ap 4. arrange to do it early in the camp so if it rains. markers.and how easy it is to make. 065-210-905. For the session. Nutrition: Young women all around the world have self image issues which often translates to eating disorders. beginning with I think… I feel. 4100 Harghita.ro.both specializing in physical activities that develop team building skills. then throat. The latter is obvious. Journal Writing: Hold a journal writing session and then set aside time each day for the girls to reflect on their experience and thoughts. Tie Dying: A messy but simple way to make Camp Glow T shirts. Many camps have enlisted the assistance of Mike from the Haerbek Foundation (Str Salciei. Emphasize to the girls that this is confidential and private and they can write in any language they want. rain or shine. then chest. bring legs to chest. bl 2. Explain what a proper diet is. 4) Exhale: reverse the action. the dyed t-shirts gave a feeling of belonging and reinforced the teambuilding. Stress moderation and educate about the social and physical problems that alcohol abuse causes. powerful thoughts underneath. shoulders and ll muscles of the face. Give them newspaper clippings. Relax neck muscles. Try to choose activities that can go on. Hold for 5. (Think of about 1 meter per color per bracelet and go from there.• Body Image/Advertising. Consider inviting a local woman doctor. just writing non stop for 10 minutes. This is an activity that can incorporate many themes – environment. glitter and then cover the books with clear plastic to protect them. For camps with a strict rule forbidding smoking. Journal Decorating: Using notebooks have the girls decorate their own journal for use during the camp. If you have trouble thinking of how to begin. Afternoon Activities • • • These were generally a mix of different activities. your point of origin. etc. teambuilding etc. is important in deciding if we are affected negatively/positively if at all. Then ask for volunteers to guess what they think each number has to do with smoking. One idea that works really well is to have the girls solve riddles or clues to find the next clue. This session was designed by two PCV’s. The girls discussed how/why portrayals in the media shouldn’t affect self esteem negatively. Repeat.) Team Building. but more acceptable in the culture at a younger age. 3) inhale: begin at point of origin. 066-122-177) or Outward Bound Romania (Piata Trandafilior 55. creative. then use diaphragm to push belly button towards your lower back. A very fun activity that the girls loved. especially to get them in the spirit of writing. Provide an adult role model that doesn’t smoke – preferably from the local culture – to explain why they chose not to do so. We all did very easy techniques. Next exercise: 1) lie on back. Or if sun is a necessity. legs crossed..where you write from your stream of consciousness. Using the information sheet. This is an appropriate time to bring up sexual harassment. Gender Roles: A very GLOWy topic. (appendix) interactively educate on the health threats of smoking by writing only the numbers associated with the facts on a flip chart. Most American girls went through some bracelet making phase. psychologist or sociologist to talk about this. The girls enjoyed the very hands on experience. Discuss safe methods of quitting. Smoking. www. Friendship Bracelets. 4300. Back is STRAIGHT. seeing the number of bracelets made during the whole camp and given as gifts. CA.) Focused Writing. Explain that the rule seemed important to prevent girls who hadn’t smoked before to begin at this leadership camp. rape. (Jumping jacks are a real winner to watch. Here’s a chance to share that with the campers. Check out the book Friendship Bracelets by Laura Torres. walk together and laugh together. nor aware of grammar or spelling.freewriting . Fill belly with air. (Show us your best Moulin Rouge imitation. stickers. as it is illegal. Klutz Publishing.

Then at the campfire that night. 2) make sure shoulders are relaxed. Teach salsa. based on experience. then slowly lower both head and knees simultaneously.) Swimming. the candle is extinguished and the walk back to camp. I can’t funeral. and so on. 2) bring head up to knees. When the leader encounters an obstacle. • • Evening Activities These can be very diverse. to the crew (no individuals). At ªuncuiuº 2001 we had two counselors lead the girls in different modern dance styles – including an African dance. The person. but alternate legs. Then a sharing time is begun. 3) Repeat. going in a camp without having parties or some replacement for parties must be very hard to accept by teenagers. A session of stretching before starting off is a very good idea. It can be an embarrassing story. . have them teach it. coasters. Next exercise: Neck roll. wrapping paper. (Note: not a competition!) Talent Show: Let the girls showcase their talents. Everest and campers exhausted before they leave the driveway of the camp. At the end of the week go through the questions and have an open talk about sex. disco. A leader starts out in the center of a large circle with no open space (like in musical chairs). A major highlight of the camp. Gather decorating materials– ribbons. The girls are invited to sit in a circle and a candle is lit. When everyone has had a chance to share. If you have counselors who know something in particular. trust hike. counselors also participated in this show. Everyone should join hands in the circle and the leader should begin the night. Play until it is dark. song. etc. She asks a question. It is best in a patch of woods that has been investigated previously. Have the girls link arms with someone that they hadn’t talked to before. is to have a GLOW counselor lead the hike who’s already done it before. It was good to show to the girls how they can express emotions through movement and dance. it can be a directed sharing or an open one. square dancing. Then the counselor points out that all this light surrounding us started from just one candle – highlighting the importance and power of the individual to change the world! Door decorating. Candle ceremony. (Note: try to discourage counselors from adding their own questions or questions they think the girls should have asked. making sure to emphasize keeping the group together. It’s a great first night bonding activity and you’ll be thrilled and amazed at how creative the girls are. You’ll have campers ready to tackle Mt. That camper then lights that of the girl next to her and it slowly goes around the circle until everyone has a lit candle. Be sure to bring a medical kit and have every counselor/camper bring a water bottle.anything! Campfire. etc. go for it. The leader looks for an opening and someone else is left standing in the center of the circle. This can turn into a very emotional experience. They’ll have some of their own to share. yoga. Bring the girls to an open field. to show alternative ways of dancing. The girls LOVE campfires. Afterwards it was open dance! Night Hike: No flashlights allowed! Begin around dusk. Have them make a poster and develop a team cheer. at dinner that night we asked the girls to write something down they thought they couldn’t do. then left. during the daytime. and give each room a bunch of stuff and have them create a door that reflects them. a favorite activity or something ordinary. not both. Find some more and share with the girls. This went over really well! At the Sovata 1999 and ªuncuiuº 2001 camps. GLOW Olympics: Divide the girls into teams and have them compete in different games. who wishes to speak. beginning with the words “Have you ever…” and ending with something she has done. A recommendation. Sex and Relationships talk. Movie Night: Rent a thought provoking movie in English and gather the girls for a slumber party. To encourage bonding and full participation ask each room to present a skit. asks for the candle.slowly move head from side to side. This was a major hit. hand in hand in a long line. who asks the next question. If you can have ‘smores. Play “Have you ever?” with them. All the girls stand in a circle with a candle. we burned those notes – symbolically declaring limits that we impose on ourselves but that we can overcome. Dance is very popular – any kind. such as a ditch or log. country line dancing. Whoever has done that thing must run to find a new spot on the circle. In the appendix are song sheets for some popular American tunes. go for it –the girls absolutely adore them. The girls will all want to sunbathe or swim in local watering holes. (Put butcher paper on the door first!) Watch them go. If you can offer swimming lessons. The sex discussion also prompted questions on the campers part and they could get some answers to questions that otherwise are difficult to ask/ get answers to normally in Romania in their communities. she whispers it to the next girl and it is passed down the line. 1) simply roll neck slowly and gently beginning to the right three times. Leaders should be prepared to begin the sharing to allow the girls time to think and to get things going. • • • • • At the beginning of the camp introduce the SEX BOX and place it in an accessible location with paper and pen so that the girls can write their questions and drop them in. • Day Hike. Depending on the issues of the camp or within the group. This will provide a good base for discussion and journal writing. Emphasize fun and teamwork and de emphasize competition. pictures. A counselor slowly lights their own candle and then lights one of the camper’s candles. The hike should end in a clearing. (2 versions in the appendix. Before the campfire. We told them early on about the talent show to let them come up with ideas on what to present.) 19 . Every girl has questions about sex. • • • • Dance: the girls need such a session. something silly. Lie flat.

You need to give them some. Yet.) This let the girls know that men and women can be open about sex and answer questions honestly. we dropped a session and increased the time for the hike. they’ll have adjusted and will be begging for more. It always costs more than you think to do things. male and female. getting the condom off the banana is not quite as easy as it looks. (appendix. And the sex talk was great. especially since girls usually don’t have the opportunity to discuss sex in such an open and straightforward way. it’s a good idea to see how easy they are to use. So. Then each girl was handed a banana and a condom while two counselors described and demonstrated how to put it on. Practice first Ai Grij㠕 • • For the girls who come to the camp. That easily segued into a discussion on how to say no to sex (appendix). It covered a wide range of topics. For this section. keep your balance. As counselors you want to share so much. After this. it’s still good to be able to help out your friends. We were very straightforward in not advocating sex at all – pushing the “wait until you’re ready” line. (Earlier that evening we had gone through all the questions and pre-assigned the notes to individual counselors. It was a great opportunity to talk about sex and using condoms. Plan for that and keep a contingency fund. religious or otherwise.) We stated upfront that this was entirely voluntary and if anyone felt uncomfortable they did not have to do this. It’s all worth it! 20 . the male counselors came back and we started answering questions from the ‘box’. HANG IN THERE AND BE POSITIVE! The girls will inspire you and you’ll walk away from this camp stunned at the transformation of the girls. giving the girls several hours of down time. against them. from condom use to virginity and masturbation. (This is always a good answer as girls are always wanting to help out their friends. we began with a discussion on HIV/AIDS. The girls all laughed and joked and felt secure about asking questions. We explained that even if you never ever planned to use a condom.) This section was a big hit. We broke up the girls into small groups and each girl rolled that condom onto the banana. however for those demonstrating. The girls will get overwhelmed. emphasize to them that they are doing something totally different – completely unlike other camps. getting there can be a trial. It can be a very powerful session and the girls will talk about it for quite a while.At the ªuncuiuº 2001 and Girda 2001 camps. Prices go up. (At the ªuncuiuº 2001 camp. Complaints were then heard about being bored… ce sã facem?) Money. cramming a lot into a short time. for example. have a pizza party for the girls. The condom on the banana is a great teaching tool – note. plan an hour and a half for lunch. we asked the male counselors to leave. Hey. keep in mind by the end of the week. if you end up with leftover money. something unexpected happens. The girls were pretty well informed on how to get it and what it all means. BUT. freak about it and scream for free time. And even if anyone has issues.

assertiveness. CRSE ecotourism project coordinator. Participants will be selected on the basis of an essay contest and will attend the camp for free. the residents have resorted to short term solutions such as massive clearcutting in national forests. conflict resolution. Our Big Sea Constanþa. factories are being shut down right and left. He and other HCN trainers will participate in leadership training activities such as self-esteem. Bihor. Now. the Bihor County Council and the Romanian Ministry for Water. will direct activities in caving. It will support community development to stimulate the local production. One major project. SUMMARY The project we are seeking funding for is a one week camp for girls – Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)– to take place the second week in July. networking. essentially cross training the trainers in additional activities. environmental education and outdoor sporting. it will become a revenue source for CRSE. CRSE serves as an information network and support center for its members while itself being very active in initiating and coordinating conservation and community development projects. with CRSE (Regional Center for Ecological Survey) Oradea. it is a federation formed in 1995 with a primary focus to protect and conserve the Apuseni Mountains. Transylvania Ecological Club and the Neamt Ecoforest Association • Regional Economic Development. STATEMENT OF NEED CRSE. hiking and kayaking. 2001 A. empowering participants for fuller participation in their society. Paul Iacobas. Headquartered in Oradea. investment in skiing opportunities and facilities (REDIS OF) – partner with Bihor County Council During Communism. Env. a children’s education project for recycling and numerous caving excursions. LIFE. This camp will serve as a demonstration and trial run for a new long-term project of CRSE: ecotourism and environmental education. funded by the European Union. throughout Romania. This camp will be open to young women in ninth through eleventh grade. • Earth Day. With over 60 organizations from environmental education to caving. is developing alternatives for sustainable tourist use of protected areas through the prevention of the continued degradation of the karst heritage and the restoration of adjacent degraded areas. B. generating monies to continue to conserve and protect the natural resources of the region. Other projects supported by CRSE include an eco-tourism business. 21 . Reconciliation with Nature: youth environmental education programs • Inter-regional observatory for diagnosis and action in the Apuseni Mountain territories – partner with Alba. Emil Racoviþã Speleological Institute. historical and cultural patrimony of the area. Bihor and Hunedoara County Councils • National Environment Center for NGOs – partner with the Bucharest and Tîrgu Mureº branches of the Rhododendron Association to Protect the Environment.Appendix SPA Grant Application Submitted by Janet Hughes. This camp will benefit some 60 girls through a week of leadership training. there was a great shift in Romanian society from an agrarian to an industrial base with total disregard for the environment as well as appreciation for traditional culture. as the nation moves from a command to a market economy. Other successful projects include: • LIFE Project “Combined Actions for Protection and Natural Patrimonial Development of the Apuseni Mountains” – partner with Romanian Speleological Federation. CRSE is developing an ecotourism business. devastating the small communities that surrounded them. As a result. As their farms had long been taken away. Several major plants have closed in this region. massive layoffs left residents with few sources of income. România January 31. as time progresses. A small business designed to be an offshoot of CRSE and. and goal setting. Forests and Environmental Protection • Parks for Life. as it proposes new solutions for supporting social and economical development through sustainable use of natural and traditional cultural heritage. rock climbing. or vandalizing caves of anything of value including rare crystals and rocks. Instruction and Formation: training citizens to detect environmental problems and report them to the EPA. Parks for Youth: • Ecological Guard. generate income using local existing resources and increase values on traditional. The project has a strong educational character. To dovetail with the LIFE project. The overall goal of this camp is to develop stronger leadership and English-language skills. decision-making. PCV. (Regional Center for Ecological Survey) is a thriving environmental organization in the northwest corner of Romania.

The first is to provide a training ground for the CRSE Eco-tourism project. intelligence and ambitions. working with Janet Hughes (10 Env) and Kelly Sweeney (11 TEFL) will give him a wider range of experiences and expertise to draw upon when dealing with foreign tourists and campers in the future. Change can only happen from within. leadership development of girls) (JH. Kelly Sweeney = KS. Friends and family. bank director. rock climbing. Paul Iacobas = PI. Solicit comments and advice from prior leaders of camps (JH. KS) a. who will also participate in the leadership and creative activities. Throughout the week. A GLOW camp for girls fits squarely within this project and CRSE’s goals. Paul will be assisted in the outdoor sporting activities by other HCN. and sexuality remains a taboo topic in both schools and families. Chiºcãu. Our hope is that each of these persons will affect a larger circle of friends and family. Raised in a patriarchal culture. will discuss their goals. The second long-term goal is broadening the horizons of some 60 girls from around Romania. (February – April 2001) (JH. CRSE will be able to pull from a wider set of training materials in several languages. Some 63% of men and women consider household tasks to be primarily the responsibility of women. women may be even scared by the new competitive criteria of the labor market. prostitution. creating a network of friendship and support for these girls for the future. Focusing only on girls will remove the ‘competing for boys’ attention’ factor. In an article of the Central Europe Review. Romania remains a patriarchal society. to enable the project coordinator to do a test run of an outside group (foreigners) with very different expectations of a camp. Ariºeni. as well as other women in their community. Write and distribute friends and family fundraising letter to all participating PCV’s. travel agency owner. highlights the challenges faced by women. women lack representation in many aspects of national and regional government. from small villages and large cities. PI) c. (February – March 2001) (PPCV) c. Participating Peace Corps Volunteers = PPCV) Announce GLOW camp and invite PCV volunteers from around the country to participate (January-February 2001) (JH. the girls will go caving. Doctors receive minimal education in women’s health issues. PROJECT DESIGN & ACTION PLAN • Note: Janet Hughes = JH. from ethnic Hungarian enclaves to ethnic Romanian strongholds. with just under 80% believe that women have to follow the male lead. Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports (April 2001) (KS. and Paul Iacobaº. KS) • • 22 . Rotary Clubs. 13 November 2000) regarding the status of Romanian women. aspirations and struggles to achieve their success. Other funding sources: women oriented foundations. As part of the broadening efforts. hiking and canoeing. Providing them with leadership training and outdoor education will give them greater awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. we will focus on team building and cooperation. 2001) (January 2001) (PI) Investigate funding sources and begin application process (January – April 2001) (JH) a. Have them send out letters. project coordinator for the eco-tourism project. Vadu Criºului. By bringing in girls from all across Romania. assigned to less powerful positions in society. C. Peace Corps Partnership Grant (January 2001) (JH) e. they state “According to the Romanian Society for Feminist Analyses. This camp. This camp will be managed by Janet Hughes. KS) b. a mixture of men and women. we will emphasize the participants’ opportunities to educate and support their female friends and relatives. it will expose them to additional training techniques and philosophies. etc. will emphasize exploration and appreciation of the Apuseni Mountains. D. as well as teaching them to appreciate and understand their natural patrimony. Few laws protect women from domestic violence or sexual harassment. KS.” The situation is further complicated by a shaky economic situation throughout the country. microcredit enterprise organization director. most Romanian women remain “faithful” to their household because this is the only place where they are important and listened to. giving the girls free rein to express themselves in a safe atmosphere. ) in a panel discussion. shaped as future “mothers of the nation” under Communism. For Paul Iacobas. As the eco-tourism business begins to grow and expand. SPA grant (January 2001) (JH) b. Identify HCN’s to work with (Paul Iacobas with CRSE will be primarily responsible for this) (PI) Determine facility (Tabara in ªuncuiuº) and date (July 15-21. creativity. and enforcement is almost nonexistent. A GLOW camp that stresses leadership training for girls. where women are regarded primarily as mothers and wives. Overcoming these obstacles can only happen by empowering the young women of Romania to demand full participation and leadership. etc. No 39. For the other HCN trainers. but the bottom line is that Romanian women must learn how to reach out for the choices and opportunities that await them. PI) d. Begin reading previous camp materials. will benefit these girls as well as the outward ripple effect throughout the community. women business leaders (doctor. to include some 60 girls. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES There are two long-term goals for providing this camp. domestic violence and sexual harassment are regarded as a woman’s fault. A recent poll on gender issues by the Open Society Foundation in August 2000. From a tabara in ªuncuiuº.The main goal is to preserve the natural heritage through ecologically based tourism in ªuncuiuº. PCV Env. (Vol 2. Strict gender roles are strongly enforced by most families and the majority of Romanian society. Determine goals of camp (CRSE eco-tourism project. Gîrda and Padiº. This camp will be conducted entirely in English. an international language. This will show that role models exist for these girls. Trafficking of women. Nudging and prodding from the European Community helps.

any cancellations will be filled by campers on the waiting list. etc. Alternative activities will be planned for days where weather will not permit activities – such as rock climbing. schedule. outdoor training costs for caving. PI. KS. will be covered partially by CRSE and partially by the SPA grant. JH) c. etc. Determine camper selection process – essay on leadership. July 10. They will hold informational meetings and collect the deposit monies. Supply Lists ( March-April 2001) (JH. This group will develop the schedule. Organizational facilities will be provided by the CRSE office in Oradea. choose the campers to attend the camp. A key coordination issue will be the arrival and departure of all campers. 2001 Breakfast Morning session: Introduction. obtain feedback. Lunch Afternoon session: Introductions. Each volunteer will be assigned specific responsibilities including bed and room checks. Camper Selection Process. Send out formal letters of acceptance. July 8. nuts and bolts. Paul and his team will hold complete responsibility for outdoor activities such as leading hikes. ªuncuiuº is not the world’s easiest place to get in and out of. logistics. Split into teambuilding activities Lunch Afternoon session: Split into outdoor activities: hiking. while other supplies will be covered by other donors. Transport will be via CFR (paid by SPA funding) at an average of 190. Up until the last moment. friends and family). Determine size of outdoor activity groups.000 lei per camper and counselors. his suggestions have been incorporated into the plans. Post-camp assessment and feedback will be performed by the management team. We will also bring with us a medical kit from Peace Corps with extra painkiller pills (aspirin) as well as bandages to handle scrapes. journals. rock climbing. KS. 2001 Tentative Schedule for camp ing. c. icebreakers. their participation will be integral to the success of the project.) Lunch Afternoon session: outdoor activities: hiking. rules Quiet time. lights out Day 3: Tuesday. It is an hour and a half outside of Oradea. etc. We will be trying to make arrangements to get the campers either into Cluj or Oradea for the best connections. (PI) b. Dinner Leadership training session Quiet time. Already. Hold essay contest in each town and select campers. Plan B activities will be provided for those individuals who refuse to join scheduled activities. Dinner Leadership training session Quiet time. from their site to Oradea and then from Oradea to ªuncuiuº by personal trains. Formally invite formally women business leaders from Oradea for two separate panel discussions. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the project will be contagious. Equipment for outdoor training will be covered by partially by CRSE and partially by other funders. (KS) Select Campers (May 2001) (PPCV) a. using criteria established by the management team. exploring caving or scaling cliffs through rock climbing. etc. rejection and wait list. Training materials will be provided by the PC Women in Development Committee and the Scouts International. Day 1: Sunday. etc. Activities such as rock climbing and caving require small groups and are equipment intensive. Paul Iacobaº and other HCN’s involved in the project will be given full responsibility. (PI.• • • • Develop Schedule. lights out Arrivals at ªuncuiuº. with the assistance of participating Peace Corps Volunteers. To the greatest extent possible. while others will travel by bus or personal trains. caving. review of previous evening’s logistics. through his training with the Romanian and International Scouting organizations. Currently preliminary acceptance has come from a doctor and the executive director of a women’s microcredit enterprise organization. At the camp. October 2001) (JH. Participating Peace Corps Volunteers (some 10 in all) will publicize and coordinate the essay contest for potential campers and. leading activities such as tie dying. b. objectives and camper selection process. or sex education. Dinner icebreakers. The operational and management team will consist of Kelly Sweeney (PCV) along with Janet Hughes and Paul Iacobas. (Some campers may be arriving via 2nd class sleeping cars from Galati and the Black Sea coast. or journal writing. PPCV) Janet Hughes (PCV) and Paul Iacobas (CRSE) will serve as the primary project managers of the GLOW camp. We will have a nurse either on-call or actually at camp to deal with potential injuries and problems. July 9. cav- 23 . lights out Day 2: Monday.) Lodging and meals will be covered by grants from other funders (PCPP. Collect deposit money Hold Camp (July 2001) Post-camp: follow-up. This assessment will serve as a useful guide for future projects conducted by CRSE and the ecotourism team. PI) a. 2001 Breakfast Morning session: teambuilding or creative activities(tie dying. Hold informational meetings. assessment (July –August 2001. Potential challenges: We are strenuously trying to avoid all possible disasters at the camp.

65 $866.. and other funders. Input and advice will be solicited from other PCV’s who have successfully organized such camps. The Peace Corps Partnership Proposal will be sent for approval to the PC Romania office in early February. etc. lights out Day 7: Saturday. coveralls. HCN volunteers. July 13. 2001 Breakfast Morning session: creative activities Lunch Afternoon session: outdoor activities: Dinner Leadership training Talent Show Quiet time.Day 4: Wednesday. transportation for campers and PCV’s. and foundations. office space. will work together in order to insure the timeline is being followed and to make alterations to the schedule if needed. friends and family.495. Paul Iacobas and his staff will be asked to write a report. Kelly Sweeney (PCV) and Paul Iacobas. use of facilities and meals for one week. printing costs.00 $3. The following is the budget for the funding requested from the SPA grant: Item Transportation for girls to camp HCN Outdoor Trainers Printing and Copying Journals Total for Spa Request SPA $780. preparation costs such as.62 $190. outdoor activities equipment rental including: kayaks. lights out Day 6: Friday. lamps. some $600 has already been raised through Friends and Family. transportation for business leaders panel. harnesses. 2001 Breakfast Closing session: wrap-up Departure The budget for the GLOW camp will be supplemented by donations from the Peace Corps Partnership Program. telephone.38 $120. while letters to friends and family are projected to be sent out will be sent out in late February and early March. etc.15 $74. film and developing. Evaluation We have planned several different evaluations of the camp. CRSE will donate meeting and organizational space. equipment and supplies.00 E. During the camp. each evening the management team and all training staff will meet to review the activities of the day.. July 11.85 $665. Sources of Funding Summary: Peace Corps SPA Peace Corps Partnership Program Other Donors Friends and Family CRSE HCN’s PCV’s Total Budget: $1.62 $247.160. 2001 Breakfast Morning session: teambuilding Lunch Afternoon session: outdoor activities Dinner Leadership training session Bonfire Quiet time. (PCV). presentation supplies. the management team of Janet Hughes. detailing the activities of the camp and its success or failure.505. Nurse. activities supplies. For our goal of using the camp as a trial run for the eco-tourism project.00 $1. Attached is a full budget with breakdowns for the project. 24 . July 12. July 14. MONITORING AND EVALUATION Monitoring To monitor the planning of the camp. such as Rotary Clubs.77 To date. lights out Day 5: Thursday. expenses of additional HCN volunteers as well as Paul Iacobas’s salary. journals.028. printing and copying and miscellaneous.50 $7.00 $783. COST BREAKDOWN/BUDGET Other sources will cover HCN Outdoor Trainers.00 $414. Proposals to various foundations will be sent out in late February. T-shirts. F. 2001 Breakfast Morning session: Outdoor activities Lunch Afternoon session: Leadership training activities Dinner Creative activities Quiet time.

Paul will be responsible for a final evaluation of the operations of the camp. ADDENDA CRSE brochure. each girl will be asked to fill out an evaluation form. On the final day of the camp. 25 . For each camper. G. we will handle evaluations in two different areas: camp operations and personal development. At the beginning of the camp. At the wrap-up session. each girl will be asked again to write a letter to herself about how those expectations were met. each girl will be asked her expectations of the camp – essentially to write a letter to herself.highlighting projects that worked and noting those that didn’t. campers and trainers. After six months. This form will be compiled and distributed to all participants. both letters will be sent to each participant with an evaluation to see how they now feel about their experience. particularly in terms of the community service commitment. Follow-ups will be held by each PCV. These letters will be discussed and collected. Ecotourism project flyer.

Community Need As an English teacher at one of the local high schools. and enforcement is almost nonexistent. decision-making. 4 ROMANIA Peace Corps Partnership Program 1111 20th Street. According to the Romanian Society for Feminist Analyses. I have had several female students share stories of domestic violence in their families and the families of their friends. To emphasize the opportunities for and importance of community service. assertiveness. Most experience regular verbal and physical sexual harassment. and domestic violence. conflict resolution. conflict resolution. 2000 Dear Member of the Peace Corps Partnership Program. This camp will be open to young women in ninth through eleventh grade. Ap. NW Washington. The camp will be free for all participants. while most quickly identified various barriers faced by women in Romania. leadership camp. The camp will promote reconciliation and cooperation between women from these ethnic backgrounds. Targu Mures Chris Grove 4300 Targu Mures Aleea Cornisa Bl. as Romania attempts to integrate into the wider European community and to attract foreign investment. 13. The camp will last for one week.Grant Application for Peace Corps Partnership Program Girls Leading Our World Camp 2000. Outdoors. and goal setting. To encourage participants to consider specific issues facing women in Romania and to apply the skills that they have learned to these situations. in conjunction with guest presenters from the community. sexual harassment. entitled Girls Leading Our World (GLOW). due to the poor economic conditions of many students. Five Peace Corps volunteers and four local women will facilitate the camp. the camp will bring together girls from different high schools. Project Objectives The following are the objectives for Camp GLOW: To allow young women to discuss themselves. 26 . This situation is exacerbated by poor economic conditions throughout the country. June 25 through July 1. I am seeking support for an English-language. Few laws protect women from domestic violence or sexual harassment. from Targu Mures and surrounding villages. and goal setting. Participants will be involved in English-language discussions and activities concerning issues related to leadership. Thus. their community. Finally. In the context of various lessons surrounding International Women’s Day. Each of these factors seems to verify the need to empower young women for participation and leadership in Romanian society. encouraging atmosphere. assertiveness. and ethnic heritages. such as self-esteem. This aspect will be continued after the camp. many students struggled to identify female leaders or role models in their community or nation. when participants will be encouraged to become involved in addressing a social problem facing their community. and leadership in an open. The overall goal of this camp is to develop stronger leadership and English-language skills in the participants. empowering them for fuller participation in their society. Targu Mures has been a center of ethnic conflict in Romania between the Romanian and Hungarian communities. chosen on the basis of an essay contest. Doctors receive minimal education in women’s health issues. To provide information concerning women’s health issues. and sexuality remains a taboo topic in both schools and families. relationships. Further. Topics will include gender role stereotypes. Strict gender roles are strongly enforced by most families and the majority of Romanian society. women lack representation in many aspects of national and regional government. decision-making. Activities will focus on self-esteem. improved English-language skills will help to prepare the participants for opportunities in business and leadership. DC 20526 April 10. This will occur in the context of discussions about body image. social and economic backgrounds. in a nearby village. Description of Project Camp GLOW will include 24 young women in ninth through eleventh grade. with serious violence erupting in 1990. Participants will be selected on the basis of an essay contest and will attend the camp for free. experiential education and artistic activities will complement these.

and community English teachers have already been active in promoting the camp. To address human relationship issues. The attached budget provides more specific quantitative information about each of these contributions. and at least two ethnic groups. Finally. three grade levels. Finally. To improve the conversational English skills of the participants. Conclusion I am convinced that Camp GLOW will be a valuable experience for the individual participants. Chris Grove Peace Corps Romania Enc: GLOW Line Item Budget 27 . resolving conflict. appreciating differences. Bolyai High School will provide facilities for the essay contest. the participants will represent four high schools. their peers will be influenced and challenged by their example and leadership. Local women will be paired with Peace Corps volunteers as discussion group leaders and camp counselors. These women will ideally be role models. Outdoor experiential education and teambuilding activities will be facilitated by a local. In order to assess the effectiveness of the camp and to improve future camps. Community Involvement Many persons in Targu Mures have been excited about this project. The Mures Women’s Forum will make a presentation concerning the situation of women on the local and national level. not only for the GLOW camp participants. in exchange for a contribution towards materials for the center. but also for young women throughout the city. Thank you for considering our project. Sincerely. Focus Eco Center. Residents of the village will prepare dinner each night. such as overcoming stereotypes. female instructor from Outward Bound. the wider community will benefit from community service projects selected and undertaken by the participants as part of an after-camp GLOW group. This GLOW group will provide an ongoing forum for the participants to discuss issues relevant to their lives and their roles as leaders. local women will be involved in the GLOW camp and group. at a reduced rate. Further. as well as evaluations of the camp. Community Benefits In addition to the individual benefits gained by each participant. we will have the participants complete personal questionnaires before and after the camp. and relationships.lifestyle habits. with the goal of preparing them to facilitate both in upcoming years. and building healthy relationships. and their involvement will be integral to the camp’s success. and gradually for the wider community. the local women facilitating the camp. Significantly. has agreed to provide its facilities in a nearby village for the camp. A local environmental organization.

In addition to interactive sessions on self-esteem. Team-building activities facilitated by a local female instructor were particularly beneficial in facilitating cooperation and understanding. affirming environment. All seemed to consider the camp a very meaningful experience. and often extended warm hospitality to the young women. which relied more on lecture than discussion and activities. eating disorders and the like. Throughout the week. For many. hearing from and connecting with local women was a powerful experience for many of the participants. we emphasized the participants’ opportunities to educate and support their female friends and relatives. Twenty-four young women from four high schools in ? and seven local women joined five Peace Corps volunteers for our week-long Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Camp. wife. and mother of young children. The young women shared personal accounts of sexual harassment. Both were fascinated by the success of interactive teaching and expressed desires to bring this methodology into their classrooms. the young women shared their appreciation for opportunities to be creative and to share their creativity in a supportive. but the questions and stories of the young women challenged their ideas and stimulated further aspects of their planning for a domestic violence shelter. The camp ultimately had an equal number of ethnic Hungarians and ethnic Romanians. the participants were grateful for the encouragement and time to write in their journals each day. shared meaningful stories of their lives. the young women bonded and formed friendships across ethnic lines. who had often viewed themselves as alone or misunderstood. sexual abuse. many secondary benefits emerged. Informational scavenger hunts and outdoor activities brought the participants into contact with local villagers. In addition to the above. Although we did work with presenters before the camp. Thank you again for your generous contribution to the lives of these young women and to their community. relationships and conflict resolution. Although our leadership camp was focused on issues facing the participants as young women. and despite ongoing ethnic tensions in ? and Romania as a whole. A journal was provided for each young woman. as well as other women in their community. Some girls disliked the presentation-style of certain local presenters. who asked questions. Members of a Romanian women’s organization presented on issues of domestic violence. being listened to and validated was unique in their life experience. Peace Corps Volunteer. domestic violence. and both seem eager to continue to work with the participants. Almost unanimously. Two local teachers participated throughout the duration of the week. Together the participants agreed to communicate only in English. the participants discussed community needs. gender roles and values.Thank You Report GLOW Camp. perhaps more intensive cooperation with or training for local camp leaders would be beneficial in the future. and they expressed excitement about together addressing community needs as part of an ongoing GLOW group. Another secondary benefit was the meaningful impact on the wider community. The depth and reflection of the young women present also impressed the teachers. Romania 28 . assertiveness. Finally. decision-making. Post-camp evaluations were extremely positive. during such activities as the camp talent show. who were integrated in sleeping rooms and discussion groups. and the state of women in Romania. On a positive note. an environment of trust and freedom was successfully created. while local women and Peace Corps volunteers tried to offer understanding and practical solutions. completing strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats analyses. who facilitated a session on relationships and conflict resolution. Romania Thank you for making a life-changing week possible for women in Romania. and a session early in the camp provided tips and ideas for writing and creating. who is a student. This was also true for a local woman. Our hope is that each of these persons will affect a larger circle of friends and family.

Thanks for your help! Feel free to pass this message on to others who might be interested. near the city of ?. This is a great cause. Please remember to make the check in the name of ?. If you would like to help us in our fund raising effort. right smack in the middle of Transylvania. There will be 24 girls invited to the camp from the 9th.Sample Family-Friends Fundraising Letter Dear Family and Friends. All of us are very excited about this camp. although they do have to make a refundable deposit to guarantee their place and demonstrate their commitment to the camp. and 11th grades of various high schools in ?. During the camp girls from different backgrounds will come together to participate in group activities and discussions on themes such as leadership. and transportation). We are continuing the tradition. Here is how you can help. Many of you have asked us in the past how you can help us while we are here in Romania. It will be a seven-day camp held in a small village called ?. This is the perfect opportunity. GLOW CAMP Coordinators 29 . and are working diligently to make it a fun and meaningful experience for the participants. and for $25 you can give a Romanian girl a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The camp is free for the girls. but we will have fast. easy and safe access to the money from here in Romania. We have just held an essay contest to determine who will be accepted to the camp. ? has a joint bank account with two of the camp coordinators. The money will be deposited in the United States. providing the opportunity to continue discussions of issues relevant to their lives while encouraging them to make meaningful contributions to their city. This will cover all of their costs (food. goal-setting. GLOW stands for Girls Leading Our World. supplies. but we still need to raise additional funds. We are working on putting together a camp called Camp GLOW. housing. If you would also email us so that we can keep track of how much money we have raised we would greatly appreciate it. We are writing a Peace Corps Partnership Grant to help cover part of the cost. self-esteem. Camp GLOW was actually conceived in 1994 by a Romania Peace Corps Volunteer. We hope that this camp will have a lasting impact on our community through the establishment of an ongoing girls leadership group. decision-making and women’s issues in Romania. Sincerely. The camp will cost $25 per girl for the entire week. please send a check to the following address. 10th.

To encourage participants to consider specific issues facing women in Romania and to apply the skills that they have learned to these situations. This aspect will be continued after the camp. rock climbing. Raised in a patriarchal culture. June 28-July 4. the cultural center of Brasov. Bihor. and sexuality remains a taboo topic in both schools and families. Creative and artistic activities will complement these. experiential education through exploration through caving. Strict gender roles are strongly enforced by most families and the majority of Romanian society. Topics will include gender role stereotypes. conflict resolution. women lack representation in many aspects of national and regional government. Activities will focus on self-esteem. Doctors receive minimal education in women’s health issues. 2001 in Oradea. when participants will be encouraged to become involved in addressing a social problem facing their community. assertiveness. leadership camp. entitled Girls Leading Our World (GLOW). Trafficking of women. enabling them to learn also from the camp. Participants will be selected on the basis of an essay contest and will attend the camp for free. Romania. Represented as well will be a variety of social and economic backgrounds and ethnic heritages. but the bottom line is that Romanian women must learn how to reach out for the choices and opportunities that await them. Yet. their community. will benefit these girls enormously as well as their communities. from the mountains of Bihor. relationships. such as self-esteem. The camp will bring together girls from different cities throughout the country. 30 . hiking and canoeing. chosen on the basis of an essay contest. from all over Romania. and enforcement is almost nonexistent. and the rolling farmlands of Moldavia. most Romanian women remain “faithful” to their household because this is the only place where they are important and listened to. decision-making. conflict resolution. and leadership in an open. and goal setting. This camp will be open to young women in ninth through eleventh grade. empowering them for fuller participation in their society. as you know. and relationships. Overcoming these obstacles can only happen by empowering the young women of Romania to demand full participation and leadership. the roles and choices for girls in the future will be radically different. due to the poor economic straits in students in Romania. the Danube port town of Giurgiu (my lovely town on the border with Bulgaria). The overall goal of this camp is to develop stronger leadership and English-language skills in the participants. domestic violence and sexual harassment are regarded as a woman’s fault. and building healthy relationships. As a native of Miami. Description of Project Camp GLOW will include 60 young women in ninth through eleventh grade. encouraging atmosphere. shaped as future “mothers of the nation” under Communism. According to the Romanian Society for Feminist Analyses. This will occur in the context of discussions about body image. the mining town of Resita. Community Need Romania remains a patriarchal society. including Western and American standards. Nudging and prodding from the European Community helps. To emphasize the opportunities for and importance of community service. prostitution. The camp will emphasize outdoor. Peace Corps volunteers will ‘train the trainers’. Approximately fifteen Peace Corps volunteers will facilitate the camp. appreciating differences. A GLOW camp that stresses leadership training for girls. Inc. As Romania strives to meet the demands of a changing society. Some 63% of men and women consider household tasks to be primarily the responsibility of women. The situation is further complicated by a shaky economic situation throughout the country. such as overcoming stereotypes.Sample RPCV letter May 29. with just under 80% believe that women have to follow the male lead. The camp will be free for all participants. Trainings will also be conducted by local community leaders. A recent poll on gender issues by the Open Society Foundation in August 2000 highlights the challenges faced by women. resolving conflict. women may be even scared by the new competitive criteria of the labor market. sexual harassment. as well as teaching them to appreciate and understand their natural patrimony. and domestic violence. To provide information concerning women’s health issues. teaching and working with Romanian trainers in different experiential education techniques. assigned to less powerful positions in society. rock climbing and hiking. I am writing to seek your support for an English-language. To address human relationship issues. Project Objectives • • • • • • The following are the objectives for Camp GLOW Oradea 2001: To allow young women to discuss themselves. Participants will be involved in English-language discussions and activities concerning issues related to leadership. decision-making and goal setting. Few laws protect women from domestic violence or sexual harassment. where women are regarded primarily as mothers and wives. change can only happen from within. assertiveness. lifestyle habits. through caving. This camp is organized by a fellow PCV and her work with CRSE (Regional Center for Ecological Survey) and their new eco-tourim project which is striving to offer economic alternatives to struggling mountain communities. To physically explore and delight in the natural environment of Romania. 2001 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida.

Significantly. Further. with the goal of preparing them to facilitate both in upcoming years. As former Peace Corps Volunteers and fellow Floridians I am seeking your support to accomplish all our goals. local men and local women will be involved in the GLOW camp and group.• • To bring together young women from all over Romania. and solicited our friends and family. three grade levels. but also for young women throughout the country. If you have any additional questions. Piteºti. and at least two ethnic groups. but all donations received after the camp will go towards the closing bills as well as ongoing follow-up activities. Valeria Velasquez PCV. A donation of $100-250 will go far to help us out. the wider community will benefit from community service projects selected and undertaken by the participants as part of an after-camp GLOW group. We recognize the tardiness of our request. stressing their common identity To improve the conversational English skills of the participants. Community Benefits In addition to the individual benefits gained by each participant. please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you. their peers will be influenced and challenged by their example and leadership. the participants will represent 6-10 communities. We have received support through a Small Project Assistance (SPA) grant. not only for the GLOW camp participants. Finally. All donations should be sent to the main organizer. combined with community support have us at 85% of our goal. Romania 31 . These monies. This GLOW group will provide an ongoing forum for the participants to discuss issues relevant to their lives and their roles as leaders. Thanks! Sincerely. These women will ideally be role models. Janet Hughes’s forbearing parents: We’ve set up a system to transfer funds quickly and easily.

THANK YOU LETTER FROM GLOW CAMPER Dear GLOW Friend. I didn’t know everybody. friendship. They were like total strangers for me. I made a lot of friends here…I felt understood and cared about. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life! Thank you. I can’t help you enough for making this camp possible for me. I don’t know how to thank you for making this camp possible. When I came here. only a few persons. Why burst? Because I’m crying so badly and I’m afraid I’m going to stain this letter. With respect and admiration. Otilia Tiriac Keep your soul GLOWing! 32 . honesty. I’m so confused. I could say I love your intention of helping us. So here I am. love and the fact that not the outside beauty counts but the inner one. I have a very difficult life at home and a not very nice father and I am fighting to stand up for my beliefs and I often hit huge walls which stop me for awhile but I’m fighting to find my way back on the right track. There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards you and your help. You know. Now…it’s something else…I feel like I’m going to burst in a few minutes. thank you a million times. You can’t imagine how I feel now. my eyes are full of tears and I can’t express my thoughts in words. This camp helped me a lot!! I’m more self-confident not. a 17 year old girl from a small town called Miercurea Ciuc in the Harghita county in a small country called Romania. I mean I’m sure I’ll be able to achieve my goals if I keep a GLOWing spirit. thank you. I’m sorry if I will. actually a year longer. This camp made me realize the real precious things in my life like trust. this week has been the best one I’ve ever had in my life. You made my life a month longer.

stunned sometimes.. but slowly and with patience and persistence. July 25. Romania will bloom. we gathered back into our circle and one by one. during our closing ceremonies. They looked at the cliff. I can still see the beams on the girls’ faces as they came back from rappelling. With these girls as leaders – in the home. pulling from ahead or pushing from behind.. 2001 A heartfelt thank you! I am still completely stunned and grateful at how generous all of you. most important of all. I look forward to their minds whirling when they receive the letter they wrote to themselves at camp that I’ll send to them around Christmas. To be offered the chance to affect the lives of so many girls still astonishes me and I’m grateful Peace Corps offered me that opportunity. 6 Romanian counselors and. I cried at their eloquence and gratitude. Here is a thank you note from one of the participants. empowerment and connection was tremendous. The camp was a huge success and I’m still reeling at what we managed to pull off – especially me! Working here in Romania has its challenges but the rewards are amazing. loud. the girls all gathered around us in a big circle and tried to sing the Star Spangled Banner. perhaps not as quickly as we would all like. counselors and girls alike expressed their feelings at that moment. On our last day of camp. 60 Romanian girls. quiet. (And I’m ready for more!) I feel strongly that the enormous obstacles that face Romania today will be overcome. my friends and family back were in the United States. but ready for more. then at their fears. As you can see your money was appreciated by far more than just me – it was appreciated by 14 Peace Corps Volunteers. We demanded a lot from the girls and they came through. Following group photos. 33 .Thank you note to donors Wednesday. in supporting a GLOW camp for 60 Romanian girls earlier this month. When I read them all as one block. and jumped off. The feeling of solidarity. in Parliament or in business. my faith is even stronger. The counselors then took over and in exchange the girls sang the Romanian national anthem. on the 4th of July.

000 t shirts 80. 1.000 Food 60.000 Price per girl (20) 1.800.000 4. Mike) bananas = 20 100.000 6 30 1.000 equipment copies: songsheet.000.000 250.Glow camp weekend original budget accomodation Food Transportation: bus Rental equipment guides Ice cave entrance fee total cost 60.000 500.000 1 25 750. Annamaria.400.000 14. wood 50.000 625.000 1 30 2.000 34 .000 # of nights 2 3 270 1 1 1 # of people 25 25 2 1 3 25 3.000 for campfire outdoor Rental 500.395.000 2 25 3. Janet.750 36 changes: # of guides from 3 to 4.000 20 25 500.069.500. Kelly S.000 4.860. increase in counselors from 3 to 8.235. Monica.760.000 granola bars 10.500.000 1 25 375.000 60. 2-3 others (Reka.000.000 total 21.000 glow camp weekend 2 (as of sept 10) cost # of nights # of people Lei accomodation 60.000 misc: postage.610.000 Ice cave entrance fee 15.000 1 2 100.000 25.000 3 32 5. Kathie.000 sessions guides 250.000 1.000 9.000 750.000 1 1 500. Paul.000 Transportation: bus 9.500. 20 girls.000 flipchart paper 50.000 500.5 4 1.000 journals 30.000 135 2 2.000 cook from village 200.000 1 30 1.000 3 1 600.

ªuncuiuº Budget 35 .

Tîrgu Mureº Budget 36 .

Camp GLOW . HOW DO I APPLY? *** All interested girls (grades 8-11) are asked to attend a short essay competition on Wednesday. sports. songs and campfire fun. 1999 WHO: Girls in grades 8 through 11 MORE INFORMATION… WHAT IS CAMP GLOW? Camp GLOW is a camp dedicated to girls’ leadership development.570 or at home 115. the girls also participate in a variety of team games. the world and the future of both together. June 7th.000 lei will be RETURNED to you at the end of the camp!!! If this money is a problem.112. self-esteem. A deposit of 150. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? NOTHING!!! This camp is FREE OF CHARGE to all participants. paper will be provided.Summer Camp For GIRLS!! Call for Applicants WHERE: Sovata. so a level of English proficiency is needed. please contact Anna Clark at Liceul Octavian Goga .116. *** The questions will NOT be distributed beforehand *** The total time to complete the essays will be 1 and a half hours *** Bring two pens with you to the competition. This does NOT mean that students must have a fluency in English or be at the top of their class. goal setting and career development. These essays will be read by a panel of volunteers from around Romania and will be used to determine acceptance to the camp. Girls in grades 8-11 participate in group activities focusing on teamwork. *** Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the camp by Monday. ALL interested girls will be considered.July 7-14. In addition to these activities. Camp GLOW offers an opportunity for these young women to openly discuss their opinions regarding themselves. Mures WHEN:. please still apply . 37 . HOW MUCH ENGLISH DO I NEED? Camp Glow is customarily conducted mainly in English.individual situations can be discussed after acceptance. ANY MORE QUESTIONS?? If you have more questions. May 5th at 5 PM at Liceul Octavian Goga.

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), Gîrda, Alba Thursday, October 11 – Sunday, October 14, 2001 Tuesday, October 16, 2001
What is Camp Glow?
Camp GLOW is a camp dedicated to girls’ leadership development. Girls between the ages of 14 through 17 will participate in small group activities focusing on teamwork, self-esteem, decisions, values and stereotypes, goal setting and health issues. Camp GLOW offers an opportunity for these young women to openly discuss their opinions regarding themselves, the world, and their futures. It’s a chance to develop some skills and learn how to better handle an increasingly changing future. Why only girls? Girls in Romania today face incredible challenges. The choices available to them are very different than those of their mothers and grandmothers. In ‘girls only’ sessions like these, away from competition with boys, studies show that girls flourish, learn, grow more confident and aware of their own strengths and abilities. This camp, by stressing leadership skills, will help girls face the challenges of tomorrow head on. As a project of CRSE (Centru Regionale de Supraveghere Ecologica), an emphasis will be placed on exploring and appreciating the amazing natural beauty and resources of Romania. We will be going rock climbing and visiting the Scârsiºoara cave. Camp GLOW is conducted in English, offering opportunities for the girls to speak and learn English with native English speakers. Three American Peace Corps Volunteers will be guiding the group, along with several Romanian counselors from Oradea. For rock climbing, where safety is a consideration, we have hired expert Romanian guides, so we’ll use both English and Romanian. This camp is free! Through generous donations, all costs – food, lodging, transportation, etc. are all covered. We are asking for a deposit of 50,000 lei to secure your place in the camp. This money will be returned to you at the end of the camp. If this money is a problem, please talk to us. This is not a typical camp. The schedule is jam packed with activities and discussions with virtually no free time. All girls should come to the camp prepared to focus, learn a lot and have fun. Here is the tentative schedule: Thursday, October 11, 2001 CRSE 6:30 – 9:00 pm CRSE office Workshop on attitudes and stereotypes Friday, October 12, 2001 3:00 pm depart for Girda (3 hours, 135 kilometers) from CRSE office Dinner Attitudes discussion continues campfire, songs Saturday, October 14, 2001 breakfast rock climbing and team building Lunch Creativity session Workshop on self esteem and values dinner Discussion on health and women’s issues campfire, songs Sunday, October 15, 2001 breakfast serious session lunch hike to Ice Cave (Scarisoara) 7:00 pm departure with a 10:00 pm planned arrival back at CRSE office Tuesday, October 17th, 2001 6:30 – 9:00 pm Location to be announced Self esteem, body image discussion Evaluation, Closing comments

Any More Questions?

If you have any more questions, please contact Janet Hughes or Paul Iacobaº at CRSE (Centru Regionale de Supraveghere Ecologica) at 472-434.


Please write clearly. Number: _____________

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ (last or family) (first) Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________ County ________________________ Postal Code ____________________________ Telephone number: ( ________________________ ) ____________________________________________________ Grade in school: Circle one – 9 10 11 12 High School: ______________________________________________________________________________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT: Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Telephone number: ( ________________________ ) ____________________________________________________ Relationship to you: _______________________________________________________________ (ex. mother, sister) INFORMATION: Camp GLOW will be held _______________________ in ______________________ You will be notified by _______________________ , of your acceptance to this camp.

*There will be NO SMOKING, DRINKING, or DRUGS allowed at this camp. *
A deposit of 200,000 lei will be required upon your acceptance to Camp GLOW. This money WILL BE REFUNDED after the camp. If you choose to smoke, drink or do drugs at this camp you will NOT receive your deposit back and you will be sent home early from this camp. If you choose to not show up to the camp after agreeing to come, you will NOT receive your deposit back. If there are individual problems with the amount of the deposit they can be discussed after your acceptance. I have read and understood the above information. If I am accepted to Camp GLOW, I agree to abide by the above rules and I understand the consequences and take responsibility for my actions. _______________________ (Name – PRINTED) _____________________ _____________ (Signature) Date

ESSAY QUESTIONS: Please answer the following questions. Remember your time limit is an hour and a half (90 minutes). A. What do you think your role will be as a woman in Romania in the 21st century? B. How do you define leadership? C. As a leader in your community, what can you do in the next year to improve your community? Give specific examples. D. How do you define leadership? E. As a leader in your community, what can you do in the next year to improve your community? Give specific examples.


Camp Glow Essay Evaluation Form
(All forms should be read by three camp organizers) Name of Applicant ___________________________________________ Year in School _________________________ # Name of Evaluators __________________________________________________________________________________
(Each evaluator circle one set of numbers so we all can use the same sheet)

Clarity of expression

(No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes)

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willingness to learn

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level of English

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community awareness (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes) Potential (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes) Overall Impression (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes) (No minus good plus yes)

Total Score: ________ (to be determined by group) Comments (please make short comments)


and 11) participate in the essay contest. Please call me at the CRSE office at 474 434 to let me know you’ve received this letter. We were thrilled to have 100 students from six High Schools and three grades (9. 10. invited to attend this meeting and we will address any concerns they may have. at this time we would like to put your name on a waiting list for the camp. Unfortunately. This means that if a place opens up you will be immediately notified. drinking or drugs. Sincerely. If you have any questions or concerns about the deposit. We emphasized the content and quality of your ideas. Wait. Each of the five questions was graded on a scale of one to five. please contact us IMMEDIATELY! There are other girls hoping to go to the camp and waiting for a place to open up. «LastName». and 11) participate in the essay contest. Janet Hughes. It was quite clear that all of the applicants are mastering the language of English. We were thrilled to have 100 students from six High Schools and three grades (9. Thank you again for your interest. if there will be a place for you at the camp. Each of the five questions was graded on a scale of one to five. Our hope is to have future GLOW Camps and various local activities. It was quite clear that all of the applicants are mastering the language of English. and further details about the camp. Camp GLOW 2001 Suncuius Coordinator CRSE (Centrul Regional de Supraveghere Ecologicã) «Next Record» 41 . We were very impressed by your essay. It is very important (obligatory) that you attend this meeting. We will notify and encourage you to participate as these opportunities arise. The essays were graded anonymously by three to five people.000 lei. are coming to the camp and will be attending the meeting. first floor. We emphasized the content and quality of your ideas. We were thrilled to have 100 students from six High Schools and three grades (9. please let us know. nr. 6. Your parents are. Unfortunately. at the latest. which will be refunded to you at the end of the camp as long as you follow our three hard and fast rules: no smoking. We were very impressed by your essay. we were unable to accept your application. Congratulations! You have been accepted to Camp Glow 2001 Suncuius which will take place from June 28th to July 4th. The essays were graded anonymously by three to five people. due to a limited number of spots at the camp. However. We are very excited to have you as part of this camp and we all are looking forward to a great camp experience. We will call you by June 18. we were unable to accept your application. Peace Corps Volunteer. Sincerely. If you are unable to accept this invitation to Camp GLOW Suncuius. Reject «FirstName» «LastName» «Address1» «Address2» «City». Get ready for a GREAT camp experience! Thank you for your application to Camp GLOW. «PostalCode» «State» Dear Ms. 10. despite speaking it infrequently. When you come to the meeting. and 11) participate in the essay contest. despite speaking it infrequently. despite speaking it infrequently. We emphasized the content and quality of your ideas. Our hope is to have future GLOW Camps and various local activities. Thank you for applying to Camp GLOW. due to a limited number of spots at the camp. We will notify and encourage you to participate as these opportunities arise. 10. Each of the five questions was graded on a scale of one to five. a packing list. of course. Thank you again for your interest. at 7:00 pm at the offices of Centru Regionale de Supraveghere (CRSE) at Parcul 1 Decembrie. It was quite clear that all of the applicants are mastering the language of English. It will also be a time for you to ask any questions you may have. The essays were graded anonymously by three to five people.Letters-Accept. you need to bring the deposit of 200. We will have a meeting on Monday June 11. At this meeting you will receive your health form.

O. during the camp. will be sent home. Outdoor activities. July 4th. decision-making. will take place from Thursday. campfires. The camp will include young women from 10 different cities and towns all over Romania and will be supported by CRSE (Centrului Regional de Supraveghere Ecologica – Oradea) and Peace Corps volunteers from the United States. drink.L. Any participants who smoke.L. a talent show.W. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guardian’s Signature ______________________________________________ Date ____________________________ 42 . 2001. or use illegal drugs. June 28th. All participants have agreed not to smoke. Participants will be involved in English-language discussions and activities.Camp G.000 lei. drink alcohol. relationships. as long as the participant has followed the above agreement Participants Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Parent’s/Guardian’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Camp Participant: ______________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Second Contact: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Camp Participant: ______________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any allergies the participant has: _______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any medication the participant will be bringing to the camp: I understand the nature of Camp GLOW 2001 and that my daughter will be attending. focusing on topics like self-esteem. or use drugs. This deposit will be refunded at the end of the camp.W. We have asked participants to secure their place by making a deposit of 200. and leadership.O. and artistic activities will also be important parts of the camp. 2001 Permission Slip and Medical Information Camp G. to Wednesday.

luarea deciziilor si conducere. Aceasta suma va fi returnata la sfarsitul taberei daca parcipantele au respectat acordul mai sus mentionat. Semnatura parintelui/tutorelui _________________________________________ data __________________________ 43 .W. bea sau folosi droguri va parasi tabara. Orice participanta care va fuma.O. Am cerut participantelor sa-si asigure locul prin depunerea in avans a sumei de 200. Numele participantei: ________________________________________________________________________________ Numele parintelui/tutorelui: ___________________________________________________________________________ Relatia cu participanta la tabara: ________________________________________________________________________ Adresa: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Telefon: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Al doilea contact: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Relatia cu participanta la tabara: ________________________________________________________________________ Telefon: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Rugam specificati posibilelor alergii ale participantei: ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rugam specificati eventualele medicamente necesare pe durata taberei: ________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Inteleg natura Taberei G.L.O. focurile de tabara. bauturilor alcoolice si utilizarea drogurilor de orice fel pe durata taberei. Toate participantele au fost de acord sa se abtina de la folosirea tigarilor. un spectacol al talentelor si activitatile artistice.L.W.Tabãra G. 2001. La tabara vor participa tinere din 10 orase din Romania si vor avea sprijinul membrilor Centrului Regional de Supraveghere Ecologica . relationare. se va desfasura intre 28 Iunie si 4 Iulie.O. centrate pe subiecte cum ar fi respectul fata de sine.Oradea si al voluntarilor Corpului Pacii al Statelor Unite. Participantele vor lua parte la activitati si discutii in limba engleza.000 lei.L.W. O parte importanta a acestei tabere o va constitui activitatile recreative. 2001 si sunt de acord ca fiica mea sa participe. 2001 Formular pentru Permisiune ºi Informaþii Medicale Tabara G.

2001 Date Time Thursday.survey. “I can’t funeral” talent show preparations journal/quiet time breakfast and announcements Cave Talk Hike to Pestera Vadu Crisului. lunch Decision making Dinner Sex talk journal/quiet time breakfast and announcements Self esteem.2:00 pm 2:00 PM Activity Icebreakers.Glow Camp 2001. door decorating. June 28th. July 3.10:30 pm 10:30 pm – 11:00 pm Sunday. 2001 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 12:30 pm 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm 1:15 pm –7: 15 pm 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm 10:00 – 11:00 pm Saturday. communication skills Dinner. June 28-July 4. tye dying. Emotion Control Dinner Fun and games: spoons. enviro ed fun Dinner Dance Lightly Talent show preparation Journal writing/Quiet time breakfast and announcements Self Esteem/Values Lunch Breakouts Rappelling. GLOW Olympics Evaluation Session . July 2. June 29th. June 30th. 2001 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm Wednesday. 2001 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 12:30 pm 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm 1:15 pm – 2:00 pm 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm 9:30 PM .1:00 pm closing 1:00 . Paper making. team building. ªuncuiuº. intro to journal writing icebreakers. 2001 Arrival 11:00 AM noon -1:00 pm 1:00 .10:00 pm 10:00 – 10:30 pm 10:30 pm – 11:00 pm Monday.icebreakers Free time – adjustment Dinner rule making session. 2001 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 9:30 am 9:30 am – 4 pm 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm Tuesday.4:00 5:00 – 6:00 pm 6:00 – 7:00 pm 7:00 – 8:00 pm 8:00 – 10:00 pm 10:00 – 11:00 pm Friday. July 4. unpacking Lunch hike to Hungarian Cave . letter to myself Dinner Talent Show/Party Breakfast and announcements Women’s issues in Romania Ceremonies Lunch Departure 44 . July 1. icebreakers. team building. body image. 2001 9:00 am – 10:00 am 10:00 am – 11:00 am 11:00 . journal decorating journal writing. 2001 8:00 am – 9:00 am 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 8:00 . Journal writing. advertisements session Lunch Scavenger Hunt. goal setting lunch free time Friendship bracelets. general introductions. Campfire/Singing. quiet time breakfast and announcements Attitudes and Stereotypes Lunch Rock Climbing. quiet time breakfast and announcements Bridge (life skills).

Schedule for weekend glow camp – Gîrda.10:00 pm campfire. hike to Ice Cave 6:00 .1 Pm lunch 1:00 pm . October 11. body image discussion Evaluation. Cinderella. October 14. leadership chat. start Cinderella Friday. 2001 6:30 – 9:00 pm CRSE office Self esteem. Janet) 8:30 . 2001 3:00 pm depart for Girda (3 hours.6:00 pm. I can’t funeral. Thursday. songs Saturday. icebreakers. songs Sunday.6:30 pm pack up and head out 7:00 pm departure 10:00 pm arrival back at CRSE Tuesday.8:30 pm sex talk (Kathie. 2001 8-9 am breakfast 9 am . October 16th. Closing comments 45 . 2001 8:00 – 9:00 am Breakfast 9:00 – 11:30 Assertive. aggressive 12:00 – 1:00 Lunch 1:00 – 3:00 Rock climbing/team building 4:00 – 6:00 Values.12 Noon Decision making 12 N . October 12. 2001 CRSE 6:30 – 9:00 pm CRSE office Introduction. October 2001 Thursday 6:30-9: Introduction. 6:00 – 7:00 dinner 7:00 . passive. leadership chat. October 15. icebreakers. 135 kilometers) from CRSE office 7:00 Dinner 8:00 – 9:30 Attitudes discussion continues 9:30 – 10:30 pm campfire.

18:30 18:30 .08:30 08:30 .COMMUNITY BASED CAMP SAMPLE SCHEDULE SUNDAY 14:00 .15:00 15:00 .20:30 20:30 .23:00 TUESDAY 07:30 .11:30 11:30 .16:30 16:30 .11:30 11:30 .15:00 15:00 .19:00 19:00 .23:00 Activity Travel to Village and Settle In Camp Icebreakers Small Groups Icebreakers and Discussion Camp Rule-Setting Dinner Why "No Smoking.09:30 09:30 .20:00 20:00 .21:30 21:30 .12:30 12:30 .23:00 MONDAY 07:30 .12:30 12:30 .20:30 20:30 .18:00 18:00 .13:30 13:30 .18:00 18:00 .17:00 17:00 . No Drinking" Rule?* Journalling Free Time Bedtime Activity Wake-Up Breakfast and Announcements Self-Esteem and IALAC Journalling Lunch Rotation Activity A: Team-Building Rotation Activity B: Women's Health: Nutrition and Body Image Rotation Activity C: Journal Writing and Decorating Free Time Dinner and Chores Silly Olympiad Bedtime Activity Wake-Up Breakfast and Announcements Gender Roles and Values Journalling Lunch Rotation Activity A: Team-Building Rotation Activity B: Goal-Setting Rotation Activity C: Yoga Free Time Dinner and Chores Night Hike Bedtime 46 .13:30 13:30 .08:30 08:30 .16:30 16:30 .16:00 16:00 .22:30 22:30 .18:00 18:00 .21:00 21:00 .09:30 09:30 .22:30 22:30 .22:30 22:30 .19:00 19:00 .

12:30 12:30 .23:00 FRIDAY 07:30 .16:30 16:30 .08:30 08:30 .09:30 09:30 .16:30 16:30 .12:30 12:30 .11:30 11:30 .22:30 22:30 .19:00 19:00 .23:00 SATURDAY 07:30 .12:30 12:30 .16:30 16:30 .16:00 Activity Wake-Up Breakfast and Announcements Conflict Resolution and Relationships Journalling Lunch Rotation Activity A: Team-Building Rotation Activity B: Domestic Violence* Rotation Activity C: Friendship Bracelets Free Time Dinner and Chores Camp Fire: Singing and S'mores Bedtime Activity Wake-Up Breakfast and Announcements Decision-Making and Assertiveness Journalling Lunch Rotation Activity A: Team-Building Rotation Activity B: Responding to Sexual Harassment Rotation Activity C: Scavenger Hunt Free Time Dinner and Chores Sexuality Questions and Answers Bedtime Activity Wake-Up Breakfast and Announcements Status of Women in Romania* Journalling Lunch Rotation Activity A: Team-Building Rotation Activity B: Community Needs Assessment Rotation Activity C: Talent Show Rehearsal Free Time Dinner and Chores Talent Show and Party Bedtime Activity Wake-Up Breakfast and Announcements Final Session: Thank You Notes.15:00 15:00 .15:00 15:00 .13:30 13:30 .20:30 20:30 .18:00 18:00 .15:30 15:30 .09:30 09:30 .11:30 11:30 .14:30 14:30 .11:30 11:30 .19:00 19:00 .22:30 22:30 .11:30 11:30 .18:00 18:00 .22:30 22:30 .20:30 20:30 .12:30 12:30 .08:30 08:30 .WEDNESDAY 07:30 .08:30 08:30 .13:30 13:30 .20:30 20:30 .23:00 THURSDAY 07:30 .18:00 18:00 .13:30 13:30 .09:30 09:30 .08:30 08:30 . Evaluation and Small Group Begin Packing Up Lunch Finish Packing Up Chores Travel Back Home 47 .19:00 19:00 .13:30 13:30 .09:30 09:30 .15:00 15:00 .

small to be used as gloves Tuesday ( Glow Olympics. Emotion control: flip chart. ribbons. paper scraps. paper. printer cartridges. extension cord. Counselor session: flip chart. train book! Candles and matches for candlelighting ceremony Thursday (into. tape. graham crackers. palinka Friday (rock climbing) June 29. scavenger hunt) Evaluation forms Thank you letters – paper and envelopes Wednesday (farewell) (Bag lunches) Other materials Handouts of all kinds. 2001 Box with paper and pen next to it for sex talk questions Paper making materials: blender. rubber gloves. 2001 Friendship bracelets: embroidery floss: lots and lots of it in lots of different colors Sunday (rappelling) Tye dying: T shirts.Materials and Supplies List . wood (purchased in town). sanitary napkins Detergent Alarm clock Bug stuff Lotion Toilet paper 48 . clothes pins and clothesline. wrapping paper. huge buckets. markers. markers. water. (flashlights). hair stuff Scissors Rope for Glow Olympics and team building exercise Sunscreen Extra tampons. ? Saturday (_) June 30. index cards Journals Pens Several sheets of flip chart paper for affirmation wall Colored markers – for affirmation wall Tape Door decorating materials: butcher paper. printer. soap. hike to Unguru Mare cave) June 28. tape. dye. copy paper. tape. frames. pens. folders. 2001 Name tags: safety pins. marshmallows Monday (hike to Vadu Crisului) Pongas – large for trash. newspaper. pictures. stationery. tape and markers Journal decorating: misc ribbons. staples.ªuncuiuº 2001 Laptop Computer. ?? Fun and games: playing cards. Batteries flashlights Prizes of all kinds: books. clothes pins and clothesline Campfire: songsheets. stapler. chocolate.

No high heel platform shoes. Packing List: Carnet de note.Packing List Camp GLOW 2001 ªuncuiuº Here is a list of suggestions of what you should bring to camp with you. Oradea. bras A sweater or sweatshirt (it gets chilly at night) Hat and or sunglasses Sunscreen Towel Hygiene products such as toothbrush. stamped) Comfortable walking shoes such as trainers or hiking boots. hairbrush. There is a public phone at the tabara so please bring a phone card if you wish to call someone. Our personal train to ªuncuiuº leaves at 7:40 am. Liberate. camp coordinator. shampoo. tampons.) 095 181 448 Paul Iacobas. 059 472 434 work. feminine sanitary napkins. Tampax etc . toothpaste. art etc for a talent show *Open mind *Eagerness to discuss *Desire to have fun * Creativity Camp Coordinators Phone Numbers (to be used before the camp): Janet Hughes 059 411 270 home. camp coordinator: 095 602 301 49 . None of the items listed below are required. PCV (this number is only good while at camp. Contact Information for Parents (to be used during the camp ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY): Janet Hughes. poetry. All meals and your bedding will be provided by the camp. While packing remember the most important packing rule: if you bring it then you carry it (and it’s a 20 minute uphill walk from the Suncuius train station to the tabara!) Try to keep your luggage light and be considerate to others as we have limited space. Any medicine you are taking Plastic bottle for water such as a Coca Cola bottle *flashlight A pair of scissors for art projects Musical instruments. Rain gear such as a coat or umbrella Pajamas or a nightgown to sleep in A pair of slippers or sandals to wear round in the dormitory T shirts Shorts and a pair of pants or jeans Socks. such as Always. Please leave valuables such as cell phones at home. vizate la zi (grade book. underwear. Bihor Meeting Place We will meet on June 28th at the Gara in Oradea at 7:00 am just inside the main entrance by the schedule for departures (Plecare). We will be coming back on July 4th the train leaving ªuncuiuº at 17:08 and arriving in Oradea at 18:47.

8. What other activities did you especially enjoy? Which would you recommend for in future camps? Was the time for journalling and reflection beneficial to you? Why or why not? How have you changed during this camp? What are some suggestions you have for improving the camp? Any other comments? (About anything such as icebreakers. community oriented or national? boys and girls or girls only? Longer (10 days) or shorter (weekend)? FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS WE THANK YOU! Your comments will really help future GLOW camps. 6. food. intro to journal writing Comments: Day 2 Attitudes and Stereotypes Rock Climbing Paper making Emotion Control Fun and games Comments: Day 3 Life Skills and Goal Setting Friendship bracelets Team building Enviro Fun Dance Lightly Comments: Day 4 Self Esteem Values Rappelling Tye dying T shirts Communication skill building Campfire and singing. free time.larger or smaller?. what you liked and what you didn’t like.we want these to be anonymous to encourage you to tell us what you really think.Glow Camp 2001 ªuncuiuº Evaluation Please tell us how your feelings about each session. train rides. snacks. 7.) What advice do you have for future camps . Day 1 Hike to Hungarian Cave (Pestera Unguru Mare) After dinner rule making session. not only here in Romania but throughout the world! Keep it up! 50 . I can’t funeral Comments: Day 5 Hike to Pestera Vadu Crisului Team building Decision Making Let’s talk about Sex Comments: Day 6 Your body and You Scavenger Hunt GLOW Olympics Comments: 4. How did you benefit from each session? Do NOT write your name . 5. etc.

“Hello. . They cannot stand up and sit back down in the same chair. It is easy to model the activity interviewing a girl until you find three things that they have in common with you. (If there are 18 participants. and they cannot sit in the chair next to them. or vacations. or the best book they have read in the last year. PICNIC. hobby. too. Girls can repeat this several times and then report back their findings to partners or the group. Have that person find the person with their card and introduce themselves.) Appoint a volunteer who stands in the center of the circle of chairs. Take turns in the group sharing the three statements and have the rest of the group vote on which one they think is false. The first girl is coached to say. FIND SOMEONE. in time to an introductory statement. EVERYBODY WITH… …” . Pass around a bowl of small candies such as M&M’s and ask the girls to take as many as they would like. names and items added. Before getting started. “Hello. Ignore me. “Everybody with black shoes” or “Everybody who ate bread this morning” or “Everybody who has a pencil. If you pick the “ace. but not to eat them yet. The girls must ask each other questions until they find three things that they have in common. My name is (Y——) and we’re going on a picnic! Dan is bringing doughnuts and K— is bringing k— and I’m going to bring (Y———)!” This continues around the room. say two things.. “The one thing I am particularly proud of is. two that are true statements and one that is false. he or she could ask you questions instead. Person tries to guess what name is pinned on his/her by asking others around the room yes or no questions. Take a deck of cards and on each each girl’s turn. I have three sisters (true). (leave the joker cards in). snap—”I live”—clap. Form a circle of chairs—one less chair than the number ofparticipants. All items do not have to be food but folks generally like food and know food vocab. They must act according to what’s written on their partner’s back. The instructions: use the value of the card to determine how many things to say about yourself. People write a famous woman’s name on a piece of paper and pin it on someone else’s back. favorite television program. Divide the group into pairs. King is 13. They must be things that are not obvious. Disagree with me. the participants introduce the other person to the rest of the group. “You are the ‘apple’ man! I can’t remember your name. For example. home town. Variation: Use famous place instead of famous person. My name’s Dan and we’re going on a picnic! I’m going to bring doughnuts!” First letter of your name matches the first letter of the item you are bringing on the picnic. “Everybody with … ” For example. Is it ‘Andy’?” It helps girls remember each other’s names (or narrow it down by first letter) through word association. At the end they are supposed to tell how people acted while talking to them to see if they can guess what ‘s written. Choose topics for them to talk like holidays. 2. 4. INTRODUCE MYSELF. They must stand up and go around the group and talk in pairs. Start off a rhythmic clap by clapping your hands. That person calls out. Queen is 12. and also to immediately involve everyone into the camp. 10. though. My name is (K——) and we’re going on a picnic! Dan is bringing doughnuts and I’m going to bring (k———)!” The next girl says. etc. 9. dates. Pass out cards so everyone gets someone else’s card. 7. they can’t say we both have black hair. They should stand and run to a chair across the room. They need to change partners many times. 6. Ask each person to think of three statements that tells the group something about them. If the girl got the Joker card. slapping your thighs. such as “My name”—clap. it does create a word association to each person’s name. Participants introduce themselves and tell why they are there. two. with the you repeating the whole list at the end. “Hello. like: “Ask me questions”. ) 3. according to the number of girls you´ve got. For example. 51 . If it’s Tell me lies. their occupations. Whoever is left standing should be the next to call out: “Everybody with …” This is a great first warm-up and get to know you” 5. Montana (false: I was born in Missoula) I enjoy ice cream (true) 8. interest. 11. JOKER. you need 17 chairs. I was born in Bozeman. Maybe choose a girl you already know for this so you don’t have to spend too long. “Laugh at me” “Be angry at me” . reduce tension and anxiety. THREE THINGS IN COMMON.Stick the paper to the girl’s back. clap—“in Pitesti”—slap. FAMOUS WOMEN (or people).” Then everyone who is affected stands up and switches chairs as quickly as possible. You introduce the game with the phrase. sometimes with specific instructions to share a certain piece of information. such as favorite color. and I’ve heard girls in larger groups (15 or more girls) say to each other later. 1. Variations: Participants tell where they first heard about the camp. Each person talks about him/herself to the other. a Jack is 11. etc. slap. RHYTHM CLAP. Each person writes on a blank index card one to three statements..” After five minutes. she has to take a card from a deck of playing cards. However. Then ask each girl to say something about themselves in English for every piece of candy that they have taken..” Go around the circle in this way until all participants have introduced themselves. The more subtle ones are trickier! Ex. The volunteer tries to sit. so she can’t see what is written. TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE.Morning activites Icebreakers Examples The first day of the camp you’ll need to spend time doing icebreakers to get everyone acquainted with each other. INTRODUCE ANOTHER. 12. generally to an ovation as the girls are happy you can remember their personal names and they are amazed that you can remember the whole group.” say one thing. They are a good way to introduce folks to each other. write sentences on a post-it paper. clap—”is Judy”—snap. pets. so this works well and is not potentially embarrassing as it does not put anyone on the spot in a personal way. they are supposed to tell lies.

_________________________________________ 25)I have attended a Yoga session. ___________________________________________________ 4) Blue is my favorite color. _______________________________________ 18)I know the name of the Prime Minister of Great Britain. _______________________________________________ 27)I prefer jazz music. _____________________ 19)Pizza is my favorite food! _____________________________________________ 20)I think eating seeds is disgusting. Give the girls the following sheet and a specific amount of time to have it filled out. __________________ 16)I have been to the Fagaras Mountains. _______________________________________________ 23)My favorite chocolate is Poina. ______________________________________________ 5) Fall is my favorite season. Sign My Line 1) I have been to the Black Sea. Sign My Line. ___________________________________________________ 28)I enjoy drawing pictures. ________________________ 10)I hate McDonald’s. ___________________________ 30)I talk in my sleep. _________________________________________ 12)My shoe size is Euro 40.13. _______________________________ 7) I have an older sister. ________________________________________ 15)My younger sibling is more than five years younger than I. ___________________________________________ 2) I have a cat and a dog. _________________________________________ 24)I can play a musical instrument. ___________________________________ 17)My grandparents live in a village. They can only use the same person for one or two things. _________________________________________________ 8) I have written a poem. _________________________________________ 26)I like to use the internet. ________________________________________________ 9) I have driven a car before I was legally allowed too. _______________________________________ 21)I like to wake up with the sun. ____________________________________ 14)My mother is a businesswomen. ____________________________________________________ 52 . ______________________________________________ 29)I have read at least two English literature books. _____________________________________________ 6) I have visited at least two foreign countries. _______________________________________________ 13)I have covered myself in Sovata mud. __________________________________________ 22)I exercise twice a week. ________________________________________________ 3) I dislike mamaliga. ___________________________________________________ 11)My favorite sport is basketball. encouraging them to talk to as many people as possible.

We hope that you will be able to use the time here as a space for self discovery. Throught this camp we’ll see lots of different kinds of leaders and leadership qualities. Be open to new ideas 7. Dicussion concept of ‘power with’ vs. we brainstormed the positive and negative qualities associated with leaders and leadership and talked about it. Hidden leaders.) C. Closing. In your GLOW camp notebook. A Leader Must 1. b. We’d like to encourage you to take risks this week in order learn more about yourself in order to grow. Something that is really imporant for me to remember is that there are both ‘obvious’ and unobvious leaders. Leadership is different for everyone. Be honest and fair. a. 4. A leader does not always have to be an exert. III. Leaders that work behind the scnese are just as important. Know and Obey the rules of the community 3.Introduction to Leadership I. Next on big paper. Believe in Herself 2. those who wanted were given time to share. Not everyone has to be the ‘poster child’ for a casue. Brainstorm activity. Set realistic goals 5. Referred back to first brainstorm activity.Based on what you wrote in your essays and what the GLOW committee discuseed here is a list of qualiteies we believe most leaders have. Want to make the world a better place 8. ‘power over’ the people. 53 . Make informed Decisions 6. A good leader will encourage people to think for themselves. II. Leadership is different for everyone. Respect the commujity she works in. Discussion A. Talked about whether the leaders mentioned in the first brainstorm activity had power over (Hitler) or power with (Mother Teresa. write down three examples of people you consider to be leaders and write down three qualities/characteristics/aspect of a leader after 5 minutes. B.

Their attitudes about their futures are the cornerstones of their abilities about everything. discuss.) Maybe one of them was banished for being so fond of the castle pastry that she outgrew her royal cape. Because attitudes play such an important part in your life. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty after they married their princes and retired to their respective castle? It’s possible that they spent the rest of their lives happily playing bridge. is that women need to be able to make enough money to support them. Present and future visions This activity is designed to get the girls thinking about their futures. More married women now must work just o help pay the bills. and worry about the future. In return they wold give up their independence and the ability to support themselves. 3. Women outlive men by an average of about seven years. Which choices appeal to you most? The time to start thinking about your future is NOW. Women today have more freedom and choices than ever before. they were brought up to believe that if they were cute and charming. Here’s the good news. but that’s not necessarily bad news. nursing. maybe one of them was forced to support the family when an unexpected revolution in the kingdom left her prince jobless. If these things happened – and they might have. 1. Have the campers complete the inventory and then sate. simply put. He would take care o them. 54 . someday their prince would appear. Share charts. many woman are choosing to skip marriage altogether to devote more time to their careers or other activities.Stereotypes and Attitudes This is designed to break the girls gently into the working style of the camp. While only a few years ago. Others have decided not to marry at all. Have a camper read out loud the chart of Cinderella’s life and then have them make one of their own. Sometimes it can be confusing. provide for them. we must examine them carefully. Break into Discussion groups. 2. most women who worked outside the home were found in only a few job categories – teaching. B. There are thousands of ways for you to do that. Ultimately they will determine how you fit into the picture. The point.what kind of jobs could they get? Like most women. The lesson is based on chapter one in Choices: Not such great expectations: attitudes and where they come from. Your opinions will create your attitude toward womanhood and work. Introduction As a little girl. II. Read the following introduction: Your life choices are affected by attitude – you own and the world’s. Your imagination and ambition are the only limitations. Roll with it. I. did you ever wonder what became of Snow White. Today we know that being unable to support yourself is a risk way to live. childless marriages and families in which the woman has an outside job while the man takes major responsibility for childcare and housework. A. complete the following Attitude Inventory. To help sort our your opinions. Many women are combining careers with marriage and children. one grew so bored with the castle routine that she decided she needed to do something for herself. There are single-parent families. Look around you. Or. A heated discussion could follow. experimenting with make-up and redecorating the throne room. Get feedback on the attitude inventory and life chart. (Former princes are highly unemployable. Here’s the bad news. perhaps. Since the changing role of women will affect your future. it’s important to know how you feel now.” Read this aloud to the girls. Wrap-up discussion in large group. How many different directions are people traveling? Instructions: Put a check mark in the column that best describes how you feel. Your generation of young woman has more options for earning a livelihood than previous ones. About half of all marriages end in divorce. Your life. clerical work or retail sales – it is now acceptable for a woman to be anything from an astronaut to a zoo keeper. Of course. Attitude Inventory. Yet.

55 .ATTITUDES INVENTORY 1. a U. 16. By constantly examining your feelings. Talk in your discussion group about your thoughts. 2.S. A person who repairs high technical car repair equipment. teaching. It is important for a man to be "masculine and a women to be "feminine. Divorced men should not have to assume support for their children. If a women works outside the home. 14. They are amazed when I display pictures of the people. Both men and women can be good doctors. The number one goal scorer ever in international football history 2. 5. why. Boys are more intelligent then girls. clerical. 3. I would rather vote for a female president if she were the best candidate. A heartless killer who murdered 13 and wounded 23 4. A wife and husband should take turns staying home with a sick child. Women with preschool children should not work outside the home. Women are less responsible than men. women are entitled to sick leave for maternity leave. Now break into discussion groups and write a description of each person. Stereotypes Lesson Plan Motivation: All campers are asked to sit and close their eyes. the husband should make the house payments. take a moment to think about why you feel the way to you. Women are capable administrators. Boys should have more education than girls. 9. 6. 10. Then we all discuss as a group –why they visualized." 11. 18. Member of the National Honor Society. 20. At work. The mother should be awarded custody of the children when a couple is divorced. you continue to grow and learn. Money spent on athletics should be evenly divided between boys and girls. and secretarial work since they already possess these skills. If a working couple buys a house. 17. Men should not do clerical work because they lack hand dexterity. Men should not cry. 4. Women should concentrate on finding jobs in the fields of nursing. Listen and visualize as I describe the following people: 1. 8. 19. Wives should make less money at their jobs than their husbands. 3. 15. Then think about your answers again. how did they get this info? (The catch is they visual stereotypical people who fit the descriptions. A single man is not capable of taking care of an infant. she should be responsible for the housework as well. Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree As you look back over your answers. Women should not hold jobs on the nightshift. 21. 13. 12. honors group. 7.

If something is “normal. you may think such people do not exist. that shaking a soft drink before you open it is not a good idea . that they are weird. That is a natural reaction.” is it automatically right and proper? If something is not typical. it is important to consider why you feel the way you do. you may gain some insight into your attitudes. Our own observations give us much true and needed information. Because you rarely meet a woman truck driver or a male nurse. Mia Hamm. Eric Harris 4. You may have observed. You may even open your eyes to a whole new world of choices!!! 1. for instance. There comes a time when you must question what you see. Were the reasons you gave based on what a truck driver actually does on the job? 56 . or.especially inside small cars! But some ideas we acquire through observations are false. You grew up in a world in which it was “normal” for men to be truck drivers and women to be nurses. Is it right for only men to be truck drivers? What is there about the job that makes it unsuitable for a woman? 2. it is necessarily wrong? Although your feelings are not easily changed. as well as by your family. Lauren Barry 3. Would you like to be a truck driver? Why or why not? 3. if they do.They are: 1. 2. By answering the following questions. Look back at what you just wrote. Joyce Huckaby HAVE YOU EVER MET A WOMAN TRUCK DRIVER? Your attitudes are influenced by what you see around you.

Cinderella’s life Age 15 Where She Lives Humble cottage with many fireplaces Jobs or Major Activities • taking orders • cleaning fireplaces • manicuring fingernails • Growing pumpkins • raising white mice • taking charm course by correspondence • learning to walk in glass slippers without screaming in pain • Raising young prince • trying to remain the way she was when the prince fell in love with her • soaking feet • Taking art and design courses • starting consciousness raising groups • spending weekends with son • Designing attractive and comfortable shoes for women • spending time with granddaughter. who will be the first princess to rule the kingdom People Closest to Her Stepmother. Stepsisters 20 Same as above Fairy godmother 30 Castle HusbandSonTherapist 40 Kingdom University SonFriends 60 Co-opt apartment in big city FriendsSonDaughter-in-law Granddaughter Age Present Where you Live Jobs or Major activities People closest to you 20 30 40 60 57 .

3. The girls will love doing role plays and you’ll be delighted with their creativity. Make sure to cover: for those of you who fell into any of the categories which we represented – how did you feel? Example: we had a few girls were from Hungarian backgrounds. Each group has 10-15 minutes to develop a skit based on their topic (written on apiece of paper. Recommendation. To make sure the campers don’t miss out on any good points made. handed to each group. Then pull everyone back together at the end to bring up important points made in little groups. Question them: think they’re harmful? Useful? 58 .Stereotypes and Attitudes. Discussion afterwards. Divide campers into groups of 5 or 6 2. Each group performs skit (about 5 minutes each) 4. • • • • • • • • Police (car pulled over by police) Gypsies (gypsies on train/ Romanians on train) Hungarians (Hungarian going into a Romanian owned store/ Romanian going into a Hungarian owned store) Moldovian (family dinner) Train Conductor Americans (traveling in Romania on bus Wallachian (family dinner) Elderly (nursing home) Directions: 1. How did you feel about the way Hungarians or Romanians were portrayed? “Do you think the stereotypes was representative of you? Why/ why not? Get people to be more aware of stereotypes and attitude. Break up into groups of 5 or 6 – different groups from before. Topic is SECRET to other groups. part 2: Role play Ideas Use these as role plays to reinforce the stereotypes and attitudes you just discussed.

Do you try to hide your feelings from others? 4 Do you fear close relationships? 5 Do you try to blame your mistakes on others? 6 Do you find excuses for refusing to change? 7 Do you avoid new experiences? 8 Do you continually wish you could change your personal appearance? 9 Are you too modest about personal successes? 10 Are you glad when others fail? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No If you answered MOST of these questions “Yes’. Are you confident about your physical appearance? 9. marriage. ‘Do you give yourself credit when credit is due? 10. If you were able to state your goals for the future. some things would be on the top of the list and others at the bottom. Who do I admire the most? 6. religion.your values . who would it be? 59 . Do you notice and accept changes in yourself as they occur? 7. Are you very shy or overly aggressive? 3. Do you value your closest relationships? 5. you have to set them. Do you accept constructive criticism? 2 Are you at ease meeting new people? 3 Are you honest and open about your feelings? 4. Some of the things you have are more important than others. think about how you feel most of the time.000. friendship. Your values may place extra importance on possessions. If I could take one person with me to the moon. Before you can achieve any goals in life. work. What makes me angry inside? 5. Are you easily hurt by criticism? 2. or more meaningful than others. What qualities do I look for in a friend? 3. you need to decide what is most important to you. your self esteem could probably use improvement. So. Until you have a clear sense of what’s important to you . “My Values” Questions Answer the following questions: 1. We use the term “values” to refer to all of these things. what would I honestly do with it? 7.it will be difficult to make informed decisions about your future. Some of your activities are more enjoyable. If I found $1. when answering these questions. What is one thing I want to change in my life? 2. Circle one 1. What makes me smile? 4. Are you happy for others when they succeed? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No If you answered MOST of these questions “Yes’. you probably have a healthy opinion of yourself. 1. and before you can wisely set them.000. What would I say to the President if I met him? 8. Do you look for and tackle new challenges? 8. Are you able to laugh at (and learn from) your own mistakes? 6. or any number of things.Self Esteem worksheet Assess your own level of Self Esteem (How do you feel about yourself?) Most people feel bad about themselves from time to time.

Having an expensive car is something I’d really like. A strong family is essential. I would disobey a boss who asked me to do something against my principles. I’d like to be famous. 41. 16. It is more important to stick to my beliefs than to make money. I’d like to do something that helps people. If I could. to improve the conditions it described. 10. I like to write stories or poetry. I don’t think I would like an adventurous vacation. I am very close to my mother. I’d like to be president. I’d like to accomplish something in life that is well known. 12. 27. 32. I would rather make gifts than buy them. Having children is important to me. 34. I’d rather be a judge than a lawyer. 13. It is important for me to have a good understanding of history. 21. 40. I’d like to be on TV. If I had talent. 3. father or both. Some times True I Do Not Not True Know 60 . 22. 23. I’d like people to know that I’ve done something well. 20. 29. 24. I would rather be free to move around than be tied down to my family. I would rather make less money at a job I know would last than take a chance with a job that not might last but pays more. 42. even if it meant being fired. I like to make things. 11. I’d like to write. It is important to have an appreciation for art and music. I like to read books that help me understand people. I’d like to understand a way a TV works. 15. I would like a lot of expensive things. I would like to climb a mountain. 31. 30. I’d look forward to taking a job in a city I have never been to before. I’d rather have a large expensive house than own a work of art. 18. 17. 19. I like to go to parties. I like to attend lectures from which I can learn something. 14. 6. It is important to be proud of what I do. 43. 5. I would rather be a president of a club than just a member. 39. 44. 35. 33. I think music and art should be required in school. 8.VALUES SURVEY Write the answer that most closely matches your feelings. I’d like to travel to far away places. I like to go places with my friends. I’d like to make a movie that would make people aware of injustice. It is important that my family does things together. 2. 37. Very True 1. If my friends want to do something that I think is wrong. It is very important for me to live in beautiful surroundings. I like to feel that I am in charge in a group 36. I will not do it. 26. 38. It is important to have good friends. I’d like to be able to decide what and how much I would work one day. I like to try things I’ve never done before. 28. I’d rather be rich than married. 4. 25. 45. 7. 9. I enjoy things.

I like to take chances. 52. 61. 50. even if I know he/she will fail if I do not help him/her. 69. 71. The world would be a terrible place without beautiful things. Being famous would be the best thing about being a movie star.46. It is important to share your life with someone. I’d like an exciting life. I especially like things I make myself. 74. 87. 51. I’d like to nurse people back to health. Getting to travel would be the best thing about being a movie star. 48. 63. I enjoy spending an evening with my family. 81. I enjoy looking at beautiful scenery. It is important to donate to the needy. 47. 49. I have strong beliefs about what is right and wrong. 78. 59. I would make my own clothes. I couldn’t be happy with a job in which I didn’t feel good about myself. I’d like to know all that I can about the working of nature. 57. 89. 54. 53. 91. The best thing about being a movie star is doing something creative. 83. I’d like to have enough money to invest for my future. The best thing about winning a gold medal at the Olympics would be the recognition. but it helps. 86. 90. 70. It is important to have a family with whom to discuss problems with. 55. A close family is important to me. I want to be able to travel if the opportunity arises. I like reading to gain insight into human behavior. 56. 80. I feel more comfortable in places I’ve seen before than new places. I’d like to work at a job in which I help people. 75. I like to make my own decisions. 82. 77. 73. 58. It is important to learn something new everyday. 62. I’d rather be a leader than a follower. I’d rather be a boss than a worker. I’d like to help tutor people who have problems at school. I like to go on hikes or bike rides with my friends. 64. It is important to share activities with friends. 67. If I knew how. 68. 79. 84. If I had talent I’d like to be a famous rock star. 66. 76. I’d rather work for a well-established company than a new company that hasn’t established itself. I’d rather work at a job that is not interesting but pays a lot than one that is interesting and pays a little. A close family is important to me. If you don’t take chances you’ll never get anywhere . 60. Having a job I know I can keep is important to me. I think it is wrong to help a friend cheat on an exam. 79. I’d like a job that gives me plenty of free time to spend with my family. I’d like to have works of art in my home. 65. I get very nervous when I’m forced to take chances. 85. Gaining knowledge is important. 61 . Being rich would be the best thing about being a movie star. 88. I’d rather not have to answer to a boss. I prefer working alone rather than with a team. I’d like to write a book that would help other people. Money cannot buy happiness. I would feel I was doing something worthwhile if I help a friend with a problem. 72.

92. I would rather make less money at a job in which I choose my own work than make more money at a job in which someone tells me what to do. Do the same for each page of the survey. above “I Do Not Know.” write a 3. and above “Not True. People should contribute small amounts of money to be used to decorate public buildings. Family 5_____ 20____ 29____ 39____ 47____ 66____ 79____ 85____ Total____ Adventure 3____ 15____ 16____ 24____ 38____ 61____ 73____ 86____ Total____ Moral Judgment & Personal Consistency 17____ 18____ 21____ 31____ 48____ 84____ 89____ 102____ Total____ Money or Wealth 1____ 11____ 13____ 33____ 56____ 57____ 67____ 91____ Total____ Independence & Freedom 34____ 41____ 53____ 60____ 69____ 87____ 92____ 97____ Total____ Security 32____ 45____ 49____ 55____ 64____ 90____ 95____ 99____ Total___ 62 . 104. I like people to ask me for my opinion when trying to decide the best way to handle a situation.” write a 0. If I could. 96. 98. 93. Turn back to the first page of this exercise. 97. 101. 102. I do not like being alone very much. I do not like someone assigning me tasks to do. For example. found in the section “Money and Wealth” below. If a teacher accidentally left the test answers where I could see them.” write a 9. I like thinking of something that has never been done before. I would not like a job in which I traveled a lot and could not have a lasting relationship. write the numerical value of the response you selected.” write a 9 on the line next to the number 1. When I have done something I’m proud of. Above the words “Sometimes True” write a 6. 95. Above the words “Very True. 103. 100. it is important for other people to know. For which category is your total the highest? A description of each category follows this page. I’d like to make a movie that people would think is beautiful. total the numerical responses under each heading. I do not like to take risks with money. When all the lines have been completed. if for number 1 you selected “Very True. I think saving money for the future is important. I like to take charge of organizing activities. I would not look. 99. For each number listed below. 94.

you’ll want to make sure that your career choice is one you feel worthwhile. historical. your job should involve working closely with others. if you choose not to join a traditional family. or in any other field of interest. if you also had a high adventure score. you would probably be more satisfied as a Peace Corps worker than a bomber pilot. you may have to settle for hang gliding on weekends. You may have little time for family. That way you can be president immediately . You probably would not be happy as a traveling sales representative or a forest ranger. Your score shows that you would like to have varied job duties and that you are comfortable taking risks. Check the salary levels of a wide range of jobs before starting to narrow your choices. Being shut away in a laboratory or sitting in a cubicle with an adding machine will probably hold few 63 . Or. if money is your top value. You should prepare yourself to take a leadership role by pursuing advanced education or by learning more skills in your field. Adventure: In contrast to the preceding. that is. Teaching is an obvious choice. you look carefully at potential earnings for any job you take. Your inner circle of acquaintances is important.scientific. Your work hours should be consistent and stable. Power: It’s hard to find an entry-level job with a lot of power. political. you might want to start your own business. Parents and children feel close to each other and spend much time together. or outside hobbies. or making an expedition through the wilderness each summer. Money: Obviously. you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of room for advancement in your chosen field. rather than being a foreign correspondent or an international jewel trader. friends. you should consider your other values in choosing a field which will hold your interest. For example.even if you’re the only employee! Moral Judgment and Personal Consistency: If you score high in this category. but if that’s what you value. “Family” can also mean other persons or friends who are close to you. you will want a job that allows plenty of time at home where you can enjoy family and friends. but you might also consider doing research .Knowledge 9____ 22____ 30____ 40____ 54____ 71____ 76____ 88____ Total____ Power 7____ 23____ 35____ 44____ 50____ 74____ 94____ 103____ Total____ Friendship & Companionship 2____ 26____ 27____ 51____ 72____ 83____ 93____ 101____ Total____ Recognition 8____ 10____ 19____ 43____ 58____ 70____ 82____ 96____ Total____ Beauty & Aesthetics 4____ 25____ 35____ 46____ 75____ 81____ 98____ 104____ Total_____ Creativity 6____ 14____ 28____ 37____ 52____ 59____ 78____ 100____ Helping Others 12____ 42____ 62____ 63____ 65____ 68____ 77____ 80____ total____ Total____ Family: Someone with very high scores in this category greatly values the closeness of a family. Being a journalist who covers different stories everyday or spends time reading reports and interviewing people might also be a very good choice. Since making a lot of money usually entails spending long hours on the job. If you score high in this area. Friendship and Companionship: If friendship and companionship are important to you. Knowledge: If you value knowledge. one you can be proud of. You certainly would not be satisfied with a job in which the routine is the same day after day. Which do you value more: family or career? If you’re an adventureloving family woman. you will want a career that lets you keep learning. If you have a high score in this area. a career that calls for a lot of travel may just be right if you value adventure. no matter what other values it mirrors. You are a people person. you have to make a choice between your family life and adventure.

something that will let you work to develop the talent. Creativity: Writers and artist are often thought of as creative. or as consultants. Independence: If you value independence and freedom. If you get along with others and can talk easily with people you don’t know well. If having time for close friendships outside of work is important. to put your ideas into effect. Recognition: Is recognition what you want? If so. You probably wouldn’t be happy in a job that is rigid or inflexible. People who work on a free-lance basis. and to evaluate the results of your efforts. or as a landscape architect. Helping Others: Women who value helping others have traditionally become teachers and nurses. Beauty or Aesthetics: People who score high in aesthetics (love of beauty) like to be surrounded by beauty. lawyers. you might consider working in sales or public relations. writers. as an engineer in a large research firm. but creativity is an important asset in other fields as well. You might like being a forest ranger at a park or an executive in a plush office. dietitians. when. You would almost certainly be unhappy as a garbage collector or a coal miner. and how much they will do. are good choices for someone who values security. you won’t want a job that involves a great deal of travel or overtime. But there are many other options. psychologists. Security: Careers with well-established companies. usually do. You might find a use for your creativity by working as a program director for a senior citizens’ group. some fields have more potential than others. For this reason. you might be happy as an interior designer or art dealer. you will want a career that gives you room to make choices and decisions. counselors. and in fact. speech pathologists. It often depends on how you do your job. Doctors. you may wish to take this value survey again in a year or two. you should beware of careers that are rigidly supervised or scheduled. not just what job you do.charms for you. politicians. Reexamine your values throughout your life to make sure you aren’t giving up things that are important to you for the sake of something you no longer value! 64 . There may be very few world-renowned bus drivers. or those in areas that are basic to human needs and not likely to become obsolete. If this describes you. social workers. Of course. you’ll do best choosing something for which you have talent. REMEMBER!!!! Values can change. Such a person is usually happier with clearly defined work. though. but the fact remains that in many communities there are bus drivers everyone knows and respects. may be able to decide where. Some sales representative positions allow you a great deal of freedom. If you value creativity. and physical therapists are just a few of the career possibilities for those scoring high in this area.

It is important for young girls to recognize that there are several alternatives when faced with a difficult decision or problem.I have to stay up late and do my homework 2. Participants should refer to their goals from the previous session. Using camp goals. as well as all the factors that influence our decisions.Mom might start yelling at me Discuss these within the group. Say No! and go to my room + I may have privacy in my room to do my work . 1. Remind of the goal s they had for the end of the camp. because it does not help make the best decision.) example: Camp goal . 1. do the dishes + mom is happy .mom may be angry 3. There are many things which must consider before you make your decision. Who is going to teach me? As a group have students answer these questions. listing them is not enough. Participants need to go one step further and list the advantages and disadvantages to each possible alternative. Example: deciding what to eat 1. there are many things to consider when making any kind of decision. have students identify what are advantages and disadvantages (+ and -) for each of the alternatives. Whether consciously or unconsciously.DECISION-MAKING Activity 1: Introduction to Decision Making This activity gets the participants thinking about identifying decisions to be made to accomplish a goal. big or small” Brainstorm as a group . (A different option or choice available to you. Example” You have a lot of homework and your mother asks you to do the dishes. For each of the decisions have students think of three things they must take into account.to learn how to swim 1. like deciding what to eat or who to go out with. doesn’t require stating your goals. To be successful at most of them. Procedure: open discussion by defining the word Alternative. Ignore her and do my homework. as well as thinking about the effects. list two decisions that need to be made to accomplish this goal. However. Where can I learn? 2. Procedure: Ask the participants to review the goal made in the last goal setting session. as they show we all make different decisions about how to solve the problem. different answers are good. positive and negative of your decision. Activity 3 . make the decision. Remember. Have participants go back to their goal for which they identified three decisions to be made.) Pass out copies of decision making sheet.what do we take into account. (what is the problem to be solved. What food is at home to eat? 2. How hungry am I? Discuss possible questions to consider when making decisions. have each student identify 3 problems to be solved or decisions to be made and possible ways to answer these questions (i. 65 . Write down a few from volunteers. Read each situation to make sure everyone understands them.) Activity 2 . there may be more than one possibility. Using the goals participants developed in the goal setting session. For the example. Procedure: Read this quote “You make decisions every day. Close the session with a group discussion of “What does it mean to make an organized. Share possible alternatives that students came up with. Say No! and go to my room 3. For each situation have students list 3 alternative decisions they could make. Do I have any money? 3. Ignore her and do my homework + the homework will get done . Do number one as an example together. informed decision?” Decision Making!? Sometimes making a decision depending on the situation will be difficult. This activity gets participants thinking about decisions they make every day.e. Do the dishes 2. Have participants list three things they take into account for each of the decisions to be made. Have volunteers share some answers.what are decisions we make every day? Make a list of at least one for every group member if possible. Share some aloud if they’d like.Alternatives: Advantages and Disadvantages You need copies of the situation sheet for decision making (below) This activity addresses the second step of the decision making process. even when they don’t realize it. finding and listing alternatives.

write three alternative decisions you could make. What can you do? 66 . Pavel. Your parents want you to attend the university they went to but you would rather go somewhere else. They do not feel a mechanic is a respectable occupation for a woman. For each later alternative. You want to go to the vocational school to learn how to fix cars but people are discouraging you by calling you names and making fun of you. Anna recognizes you on the way to the bus stop and asks if she can go with you. 1. Several friends at a party ask to you to try drugs but you don’t want to do it. You know that not everyone with talent is actually able to be a high-salaried tennis player. They are thinking about the money you will make. Your teacher has made a mistake grading your exam Your boyfriend tells you his parents will be out of town and you can spend the evening at his house. 4. You go on a high school skiing trip. You know that she needs new friends to feel welcome. is 19. He wants to keep talking. 5. You play tennis very well and your parents want you to become a professional. He works in a music store part-time and attends some courses on woodcarving. You are a beginner but all your friends are very good and have a lot of experience. You enjoy tennis but do not want to spend the effort and time it would take to become a professional athlete. Your husband decides he wants a divorce. What can you do? 2. ages 2. He is the first to ask you. You are forced to sell your house so you and your husband can divide the possessions equally. Your friends say you only need to practice and that you should go with them on the more difficult runs so all of you can ski together. You finished high school and for a while have worked as a factory worker before your children were born. What can you do? 4. 9.4. 7. 3. 10. You do not want to go. although you care for him very much. Your friends want to copy your homework and you believe that copying is wrong 6 You would like to be nominated for student council. but she just doesn’t appeal to you. Your parents say it’s a shame to waste your talent. You want to wait and finish high school. 2. The amount of money you receive from your husband’s child support payments is not enough to live on for all of you. You are not busy that night. You are 17 years old and your boyfriend. Anna has moved into the flat below yours and will be attending your school. Someone you do not want to go with asks you to a dance. list at least one advantage and disadvantage. You have been married for 10 years and have 3 children. You are willing to take some ski lessons but they are very expensive. and 6. You have a lot of homework and your mother asks you to do the dishes. You meet your friends everyday at the bus stop on the way to school and are very happy with this group and don’t really want to include anyone new. Other possible scenarios include: 1. You have been dating for 2 years and now Pavel wants to get married. What can you do? 3. 8. You are talking to your boyfriend and suddenly you realize that if you don’t leave immediately you will be late for work.For each situation. What can you do? 5.

As a whole group. Pass our situations to participants – one per every two people. First. Assertive behavior is a way of communicating your ideas and feelings while respecting the ideas and feelings of others. (Sheet below) This activity lets students practice identifying responses and labeling them assertive. Give students a few minutes to think of an AG/AS/P response for this situation.Attitudes in Decision Making (see the LIFE Skills book for additional materials) 1. Procedure: sheets below. Assertiveness is standing up for what you believe in or knowing what you want and expressing in a straightforward manner while being sensitive to others’ feelings. • A beggar child comes and asks you for money. For each one have the participants read the responses in a voice appropriate to the type of attitude. • You see you boyfriend out with another girl. What attitudes do we have? This is to introduce the three behaviors to the participants. • Your parents refuse to give you money to go out with your friends. Procedure. Share them with the group. Begin with an example. and assertive. We also talked about the responses they might get from the other person depending on what we said and how we said it. It lets them see that they can choose how they respond in different situations by seeing this fun introductory lesson by the counselors. • You missed school because you were sick and need to make up an exam in a class. We listed adjectives to describe that behavior and that worked well. Go over answers. Procedure: Put the following questions to the students. Give them a few minutes to think of how they would answer the questions and then discuss them as a group. Their responses affect the situation and can either make it better or worse. have students identify and label each response as Assertive (AS). Discuss after sharing the positive and negative reactions that might result form each attitude we choose. passive. • A friend offers you some pizza that you don’t want • You buy a new shirt and find it has a stain it when you bring it home from the store. What does it mean to you to be assertive? How is an assertive response different from an aggressive one? A passive one? Who do you know who is good at being assertive? How? How can being assertive help in a relationship? How does it make people feel when we speak assertively? Why is it sometimes hard to be assertive? 67 . Identifying Attitudes. 4. 3. (They may have trouble using the correct inflection of the emotion they are trying to convey. Our attitudes. This activity lets the participants practice making their own responses and to discuss + and – to each response. Possible situations to use. • Your boyfriend wants to go to a movie that you don’t want to see. We did skits with a male counselor asking out three different girls and their different responses. Participants act out the situation for the group and the group identifies the assertive/aggressive and the passive responses. • You’ve been standing in line at the post office for one hour to mail a letter and something tries to cut ahead of you in line. For each situation. the counselors perform a skit. Aggression cuts off communication rather than facilitating. 2. Passive is letting other people make decisions for you. acting out different communication styles: aggressive. Discuss after each one the + and – reactions to each. Discussion This activity is to wrap up this section and get the group talking about the importance of attitudes in our decision making process. aggressive (AG) or passive (P). The students should really get into this.) Even over-exaggeration is okay. Your sister is using the telephone and you want to use it. • Your baby brother breaks your favorite gift from your best friend. It’s important of the girls to realize they can decide to make a situation by choosing their response. aggressive and passive. it’s fun for them to practice the different roles. It is important for young girls to realize that their responses to different situations can indeed decide if the situation becomes a problem or is solved. discuss how were these behaviors different? Which one seemed most effective? Name each behavior and make a general group definition for each.

I really don’t want to try that. __ I’ll think about what you have said. They do not feel being a mechanic is a reasonable occupation for a woman. mom __ I have a ton of homework tonight and I’d rather not have to do the dishes so I can get my work finished. He is the first one to ask you. __ Thanks for asking. __ Well. __ What? Sorry. or passive? Situation 1 You have a lot of homework to do and your mother asks you to do the dishes. “I hope someone nominates me…” Situation 7 Someone you do not want to go out with asks you to dance. OK. I’m busy. Bye! Situation 10 You want to go to the vocational school to learn how to be a mechanic but people are trying to discourage you by calling you names and making fun of you. but you would rather go somewhere else. You’ll probably be surprised one day at what I can do. __ I really ought to be going. __ You’re all male chauvinistic pigs. __ I worked hard on this and I want full credit for the assignment. assertive. but you don’t want to do it. __ That’s Cheating!! Situation 6 You would like to be nominated for the student council. __ Not go to that school 68 . __ I think I’m qualified and would like to be nominated for student council. He wants to keep talking. __ You cheated me out of 10 points on this problem! __ I’ve discovered an error in the way my test was corrected. __ I’m sorry. be sure to change the words some. Situation 2 Several friends at a party ask you to try drugs. so we’ll get together after I’m done with work. __ Oh no you don’t! You’re making me late for work! __ I know you want to talk more. Situation 9 You are talking to your boyfriend and realize that if you done leave immediately you will be late for work. __ You always try to run my life! I’ve had it! __ If you’re sure that is best. okay. __How can you think of doing something like that? What would happen if anyone found out? __ I don’t feel right about doing that. Situation 8 Your parents want you to attend the same university they went to. just his once won’t hurt? __ Are you crazy? What do you want to that for? __ No thanks. I but I need to make my own decision. but I’d rather not. I don’t want to take the chance on getting caught. I can anything you can do – only better! __ I want to learn to be a mechanic. You are not busy that night. __ Do nothing Situation 4 Your boyfriend tells you his parents will be out of town and you can spend the evening at his house. Let’s go to a movie instead. __ Well. I already have a date. Situation 5 Your friend wants to copy your homework and you believe that copying is wrong. __ Don’t nominate Sarah! She’s a creep! __ You think to yourself. Situation 3 Your teacher has made a mistake grading your exam. __My cousin’s coming from out of town and I have to be with her. __ Why don’t you do the dishes? Can’t you see I have tons of homework? __ All right.Aggressive. You do not want to go although you care for him very much.

it takes practice to be perfect! 5 – 9 O. Stand up for what you believe and always be honest about your feelings. I try to find out the cause of my anger ___________________________________________________________ 3. I can say “no” without apologizing or feeling guilty _______________________________________________ 1. it’s not at someone else’s expense ____________________________________________ 8.Test YOUR assertiveness Choose one of the following statements: “Almost never. Keep trying! 10 – 12 You should be proud of yourself. I can admit when I am angry __________________________________________________________________ 2. but you still need to work on how to express yourself in an assertive way. Keep up the good communication skills! 69 . I take responsibility for my own feelings instead of blaming others ___________________________________ 6. not the person _____________________________________________________ 5.” “Most of the time. If I disagree with someone. I criticize a person’s behavior. I want to have all the facts before I make a decision ________________________________________________ 4.” in response to the following sentences: 1. Work on being more sensitive and aware of others’ emotions.” 0 – 4 You are not yet good at being assertive.. When I say how I feel.K. I make it a point to express good feelings as well as bad ____________________________________________ 7. Don’t worry. I respect others’ rights while standing up for my own _______________________________________________ Give yourself one point for each time you responded with “most of the time. I offer solutions to problems instead of just complaining ___________________________________________ 10. You know how to say what you mean in the most productive way. I don’t use verbal or physical abuse ______________________________________ 9.” “Sometimes. I can express my feelings honestly _____________________________________________________________ 2.

BRIDGE model
OVERVIEW (From the Life Skills Manual in PC office. Available also via email.) This session is the crux of the entire Life Skills program. The Bridge Model is a visual way of presenting the concept of behavior change that is used in the Life Skills model. A thorough understanding of this model is essential in structuring a Life Skills program in your community. The Bridge Model seems to be a very simple concept, but we have found that a “light comes on” for most people when this session is presented. Although the concepts are simple, most people have not thought about the behavior change issue in these terms before. Visually imagining the process of behavior change as building a bridge has been a powerful moment for many of our participants. It is most effective to introduce this model after conducting some motivation sessions. These sessions might include “Exchanging Stories (The Impact of AIDS Variation)” (Session 4 in Part V), “Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy” (Session 9 in Part V), or other sessions that highlight some of the risk activity of youth. TIME 2 hours, to 2 hours, 30 minutes OBJECTIVE By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 1. List risks facing young people in the community. 2. Identify Life Skills that might help young people to avoid risk and build a healthy, positive future. 3. List five categories of Life Skills. THE BRIDGE MODEL: HOW DO WE BUILD A BRIDGE FROM INFORMATION TO BEHAVIOR CHANGE? MATERIALS Flip chart: Bridge Model Markers or chalk Props for the role play Handout: The Role Play PREPARATION Post the Bridge Model on a prominent wall, roll it or cover it up, and arrange the chairs around it in a half–circle. Prepare and rehearse the role play in advance. Ask two of your female participants to act in the role play. It is much more effective to choose two people from the larger group, rather than using fellow facilitators or peer educators. Fellow participants performing in the role play usually heightens the interest of the group. This role play will be the basis for your discussion of the Bridge Model, so it is essential that it be performed well and cover the topics you wish to highlight. DELIVERY I.The Bridge Model Role Play (20 minutes) When introducing this activity, you may wish to refer to some of the sessions on the impact of AIDS or teenage pregnancy to remind the group of the reasons for beginning a new program towork with youth on risk behavior. Invite the group to sit back and watch the following role play, which may be very similar to situations we are seeing in our communities. Stop the role play when it is clear that the point has been made: Lucy was exposed to much information to keep her safe from pregnancy, STDs, and HIV/AIDS; yet she got pregnant anyway. Why? II.The Bridge Model (1 hour,20 minutes) Referring back to the role play, ask leading questions to invite theparticipants to explore the situation. Some examples might be: 1. Is this a realistic situation? Have you seen this happen in our community? 2. Do you think Lucy understood the risks of having sex with Gift? 3. If she understood what could happen and had all of the information, why did she have sex anyway? 4. What were some of the things Gift said to pressure Lucy? 5. Did Lucy have good reasons for not using the condoms Rita gave her? 6. What will happen to Lucy now? What do you think will happen between her and Gift? After discussing the role play, reveal the Bridge Model flip chart. Discuss the model with the participants. Point out that in Malawi, young people generally know a great deal about the risks of sexual activity. In a sense, the young people are standing on top of all of the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe from the risky behavior of life. Ask the participants to read with you the current knowledge understood by most young people: facts about HIV/AIDS, information on drugs/alcohol, etc. Most young people learn all about HIV/AIDS prevention in school. Does that mean that no one gets infected? Emphasize that even though people have the knowledge, that does not mean that they do not engage in risk behaviors. It is helpful to continually refer back to Lucy during this discussion. Now draw attention to the other side of the bridge. Point out that, as teachers, community members, parents, peer educators, and


others we want to help our young people move to the “Positive, Healthy Life” side of the bridge. We want to help them use the knowledge that they have to live a stronger, healthier life. (Use gestures to show this movement on the Bridge Model.) While gesturing towards the “sea,” ask participants to tell what is awaiting young people if we do not find a way to help them successfully cross from knowledge to a positive, healthy life. Equipped with nothing but knowledge, young people face the risk of falling into a sea of problems like HIV infection, alcohol and drug addiction, early pregnancy, and so forth. So, what then is missing? What does it take to help young people to use their knowledge to lead a better life? Lead a group brainstorming session about what it takes to get across the bridge. You should continue to refer to Lucy and the role play during this brainstorming session, using questions like, “What was Lucy missing? What did she need to help her to use the information she had to make the right decision? Didn’t Lucy know the risks? Did she have the information?” You may need to guide the group to explore all angles of the situation so that you can get as many different suggestions as possible. Each time someone gives a suggestion, it becomes a “plank” in the bridge. Write it on the chart above the sea between the two hills. Keep brainstorming until the entire bridge is completed— there should be many, many ideas. Guide the group to understand these links by referring to the role play. When the bridge is finished and all ideas are exhausted, process the concept with the group again. These planks in the bridge are the “Life Skills”—the tools a person needs to help translate the knowledge that they have into healthier behavior. It is our job to help to develop these Life Skills in people—to help them acquire the skills and tools necessary to lead healthier, happier lives. Point out that even if a few skills are missing (cover some of the planks with your hands), what happens? The person will still fall into a sea of problems. It is therefore necessary to launch a comprehensive program that targets all of these issues to better equip the people in our community to make healthy decisions for their futures. So, the work of the Life Skills program is not to provide information since we believe that most of the information is already understood. Instead, we are developing the skills (refer to the bridge with your hand) to help better use this information to lead to a positive, healthy life. Our sessions, then, focus on the development of these Life Skills. III.Introduction to Life Skills Categories (30 minutes) As a continuation of the above session, write the five categories of Life Skills on a flip chart or on the board. Communication Skills Decision–Making Skills Thinking Skills Relationship Skills Emotion Management Skills Explain that we have simply grouped the Life Skills into a handful of categories to make it easier to work with them. Go over each category, and ask the group to suggest which of the Life Skills were written on the Bridge Model might fit into each category (for example, relationship skills might include good role models, gender issues, communication skills, self– esteem, and resistance to peer pressure). Many of the Life Skills will fit into more than one category. Do not spend too much time on this topic. Just make sure that the participants understand that these are just groupings for the sake of convenience. All of the Life Skills are important, and some fit in more than one category. IV.Evaluation (15 minutes) To ensure that the group truly understands the philosophy of the Life Skills model, ask the participants to pair off and to explain the model to each other while referring to the bridge. Move about the room and observe the level of understanding in the group and clarify points as necessary.


TWO CHARACTERS: Rita: A Form 4 (final year of high school) girl who has dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancy. She has been advising her friend, Lucy, to stay in school and to avoid boyfriends, sex, and so forth, before completing her education. Lucy: A Form 1 (first year of high school) girl who is doing very well in school. Despite her friend’s warning, she has become pregnant and has come to break the news to her friend. Rita is sitting outside her house on the mpasa (straw mat). She is rocking her baby in her arms. As she sits alone with the baby, she talks about how tired she has been and how much work the baby turned out to be. She might say things like, “Oh, my baby—how troublesome you are! Keeping me up all night like that! Won’t you ever settle down?” Lucy walks up and shouts “Odi! Odi!” (Roughly equivalent to “Hello, is anybody home?” or a verbal knock on the door.) She is welcomed warmly by Rita. Lucy sits on the mpasa and greets her friend. She inquires after the health of the baby, and Rita tells her that the baby has been sick and has yet to sleep through the night. The friends chat for a moment before Rita comments on how odd it is to see Lucy like this during a school day. Rita asks Lucy why she is not in school, but Lucy changes the subject by talking about the baby. Rita asks Lucy again, and she again avoids the topic by asking Rita about Rita’s boyfriend, Innocent. Rita responds by saying that she has not heard from Innocent since the birth of their baby. She has heard that he is now studying in the U.K., but he has never come to see her or the baby. Rita reminisces that she, too, could have gone to the U.K. for studies—her scores were so high— and she reminds Lucy of how important it is to avoid these boys and stay in school.


Rita asks again why Lucy is here on a school day. Lucy says something like this—”My friend, do you remember the advice that you are always giving me?” Rita responds—”Of course I do—I told you! Don’t make the same mistakes I made—forget these boys until you are finished with your studies. Abstaining from sex is the best way to avoid getting pregnant or getting diseases—even AIDS!” Lucy probes further. ”What else have you advised me?” Rita says, “I told you that if you and that boyfriend of yours, Gift, cannot abstain, then remember to use a condom. You remember! I even gave you some condoms! Ah! But come on, my friend, what are you really doing here? Are you in trouble? What is it?” Lucy, now in tears, confesses that she is pregnant with Gift’s baby. Rita becomes angry. She reminds Lucy of all the advice she has given her; she reminds Lucy of the example of her own life. Lucy protests with ideas like, “But he loves me! He has promised to marry me!” Rita reminds Lucy that Innocent promised her the same thing. Rita asks why Lucy had sex with Gift after all her warnings. Lucy says that Gift threatened to leave her if she did not have sex with him. He said it was the only way to show him that she loved him, that everyone was having sex, etc. Rita asks why Lucy didn’t use any of the condoms she gave her, “Were they finished?” Lucy says that her church is against condom use, and besides—Gift refused to use them. Finally, in defense of herself, Lucy says, “Well, why wait? Why not have a baby now? Gift is going to be a doctor. I want to be his wife! What is the difference if I finish school? Look at Chimwemwe—she finished her MSCE (final high school examinations; college entrance tests) and she is ‘just staying.’ There are no jobs anyway!” PARTICIPANT HANDOUT PAGE 1 OF 1 LIFE SKILLs:BASIC SESSIONS E SION 2: IDENTIFYING THE MISSING ELEMENT OVERVIEW Intended to follow the “Bridge Model” (Session 1 in Part III), this role play activity is useful in ensuring that the participants have fully understood the Bridge Model and the Life Skills concept. Use it to review and reinforce the foundation of the program before moving on to exploring specific Life Skills. TIME 1 hour, 30 minutes, to 2 hours OBJECTIVE By the end of the session, participants will be able to: 1. Identify specific Life Skills that are missing or need reinforcement in common community situations. 2. Describe the Bridge Model for behavior change. MATERIALS Assorted props for role plays DELIVERY I.Creating the Role Plays (30 –40 minutes) Remind the participants of the ideas discussed in the “Bridge Model” session. Indicate that this session will reinforce our understanding of the concept of Life Skills. Divide the participants into small groups. Instruct each group to create a role play showing a typical risk situation that a young person might face. Examples might include being pressured to drink alcohol, being pressured to have sex, and so forth. The role play should show the young person engaging in the risk behavior because one of the Life Skills we listed on the bridge is missing. For example, the role play might show a young person incapable of being assertive and then giving in to drinking alcohol. II.Identifying the Missing Element (1 hour) After the group has come back together, invite each group to perform its role play. Members of the larger group should then identify which element, or which Life Skill, is missing in the role play. The group may notice that more than one Life Skill is missing—perhaps the person is lacking self–esteem, good communication skills, and resistance to peer pressure. Let the group brainstorm about the many Life Skills that might have helped the young person effectively manage the situation in the role play. Use this exercise as a means of exploring the way these Life Skills could change a situation in a young person’s life. III.Evaluation (20 minutes) To ensure that the group has internalized the Life Skills concept, invite different participants to stand in front of the Bridge Model and explain it to the others. Participants can use the role plays they just saw as examples in their explanations.


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Congratulate them all on being “Women in Action”. B. 1. Now as we are finishing up Camp Glow. Part 1. respect.) Ask the campers the following questions: • what are some examples of communities. set of governing rules. 1999). a project which reflected their concerns and interests. 1. Explain what community assets are . Europe.every color but black . 2. Mission Statement: over the next year we will teach 4th graders about the dangers of smoking. C. April 21-23. family. Show Maps of communities. 3. not by discussion group Pass out markers . list the positive and negative outcomes and draw a time line. what can you do in the next year to improve your community? Give specific examples. why and how.) • What community do you spend most of your time with? (school. Divide campers up by town. A. when . Brainstorm Activity. school. We wanted all of the campers to leave the camp with a concrete idea for a community service project.) • Do you think we’ve formed a community this week at GLOW? Why? B. In your groups. Explain what a map of the community is and show examples.think out of the box! Part 2 A.be creative . (Have a scribe write down the ideas on big paper during the discussion. Answer the who. Have the groups present their action plans to the whole group. (Most basic communities. Draw community maps (idea taken from Peace Corps Program Design and Management Workshop. Example: do this in the big group together. choose one issue. All of the campers were selected from towns with a Peace Corps Volunteer that was both present at Camp GLOW and willing to coordinate this “Community Service Club” over the next year. CT (appendix) 2. aspects that benefit our communities. This session was designed to introduce the concept of community service and to help the campers design.:” During the pre camp informational meetings.positive characteristics. problem or challenge to work on in your community over the next year. 4. 76 .. The Camp GLOW young women were all very enthusiastic about this project and took great pride and drawing and talking about their communities. town. church. where . it is time to do your ‘sweat equity’. the campers were told that committing to Camp GLOW also mean committing to a community service project during the following school year. Examples: show Sighetu Maramtiei and Danbury. families) • What are some characteristics of a community? What makes a community a community? (common needs and interests. wheat.Community Service Session: Putting leadership into Action One of the goals of Camp GLOW is to help young women realize that they could make a difference in their communities. a population.and big paper Assign ahead of time an adult to help facilitate the activity Draw a map of the community . Use the format you’ve learned in the goal setting and decision making sessions. World. one of the essays asked” As a leader in your community. In the application. It isn’t just a street map. 1.

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78 .

and get a hammer and a nail Lean how to use my hands Not just head I’ll think myself in a jail Now I know a refuge never grows From a chin in a hand in a baffled rose. I always do I see my face on the surface I look alive like Narcissus A dark abyss of an emptiness standing on the edge of a drowning blue Refrain I look behind my ears for the green And even my sweat smells clean Glare off the white hurts my eyes I got to get out of bed. destination is my community And a street person my responsibility If I have a care in the world.Hammer and a Nail: The Indigo Girls Verse 1 Clearing webs from a hovel A blistered hand on the handle of a shovel I’ve been digging to deep. Life is more than a vision The sweetest part is acting up and making a decision Start seeing the whole as a sum of its parts Refrain Verse 3 My life is part of a global life I found myself becoming more immobile When I think of a little girl in the world can’t do anything But. Got to tend the earth if I you want a rose! Verse 2 Had a lot of good intentions Sit around for fifty years and collect a pension Not seeing the road to hell and just where it starts But. I have a gift to bring Refrain 79 .

The circle starts all over again. use the analogy of a football team. It was what we based the camp on and it is a simple way to put down thoughts. (Past experience: The girls were very excited to heart this liberal way of thinking. explain the mission statement more here. What: e specific. Phase 3: solutions to problems. crazy dreams and be open to new things. medical schools in USA. everything seems to fail. Phase 1: the honeymoon – where everything is perfect. It’s easy to set up goals. Once you have gone through this process. talk with doctor back home.) 80 . it made it seem more achievable. Let them dream big. Who” the people who will help you towards your goals Where: a place. Expect to have failures and challenges as you go for your goals. WHY: because I want to be a good doctor. Be creative and open to new ideas. There are no goals. You then give the example of having front row seats for everyone to see Brazil play Romania in the Olympics. Have the girls break up into groups to write out their goals. explain concept of networking. Take a few minutes to have them loosely play with this outline. The four Phases: Draw a circle on the board and divide it into 4 quarters. but nothing is happening. Lesson: to explain what a goal is. When you are determined to follow your goal. Boston. Remind them that dreaming is FREE and doesn’t cost a thing. Phase 4: Growth. Paris. LA or Chicago. Use this simple outline: Mission statement: a brief sentence explaining what you want to accomplish. no answer in sight. Start with the upper right hand corner and go clockwise. Berlin WHEN: study to take tests in fall. PCV’s. the whole point of the game is useless. anywhere in the world Wen: set up a timeline and specific date How: Make lists (explain what a to do list is) ideas to achieve goal. Europe WHERE: USA. Explain that when setting up for a goal you will miss a few shots. Same in life. Life is beautiful Phase 2: Problems arise. Example Mission statement: to go abroad to University and study medicine WHAT: to be a heart surgeon WHO: parents. you are just on the field kicking the ball around. if you have no goals. The players are kicking the ball around.Goal setting and attitudes in Decision Making Objective: to learn what a goal is and to show the girls how to set up objectives as a way to plan for a successful future. Hagi does not walk off the field when he misses a shot – and he’s not considered a failure. you have grown and you are excited and ready for more. newspapers. When they could visually “see” the goal. Encourage their ideas and tell them that anything is possible if they really want to achieve it. When you arrive a the stadium you notice there is something strange about the field. They can explore this more in their journals and later in the camp. London. It was also good fuel for journal discussion and other team building activities. Have one girl draw out a soccer field. The more failures you have the closer you are to getting to your goal. people give up. to be abroad within two years HOW: contact friends made at GLOW camp. Why: check back to the mission statement. know that for each problem there is a solution. Internet. Explain that without goals. Each day do something to push me closer to my goal.

4. or walking away to de-escalate a conflict. 1-3: This relationship has a few positive qualities. Continue to keep this relationship positive. why you feel the way that you do. Be patient with the response. and not bring in previous unresolved problems and situations. Try to explain. 4-6: This relationship has some problems. Sometimes there is a conflict of interests or difference of opinion in a situation. 3. 6. 7-10: Good. mutual respect…) • Are there bad relationships that would be better to end than to try to improve? 81 . but better communication could be a solution. Do each of you have your own interests? 5. just one they are familiar with. You should focus on a specific problem for you both to discuss. Sometimes the source is a loss of temper because a disagreement about something small escalated. Is this relationship the most important thing in your life? 6. Relationships Evalutation Quiz: Have the girls think of a relationship they have or between two people they know. You should work to improve it. 5. and 13. gently touching the other. For these. Do both of you contribute to improving this relationship? 12. without accusing. taking time outs. Present and Practice: Present the use of „I” statements using „The Message Diagram” handout. Discuss and come to a compromise. Have them number a blank paper 1-14. Do you rely on this person to make you feel good about yourself? 8. 11.” State how you feel when a the other does a specific action. 8. Propose something specific for the other to do instead. Can both of you accept changes in expectations? Have the girls score their papers as follows: For questions 2. 11-14: Success! If there is time. You should limit your use of the words always and never. Are you interested in each other’s lives outside the relationship? 4. 9. Stress the importance of active listening.Conflict Resolution and Relationships Brief Overview: Have the girls think about recent conflicts and what the source of the conflict was. 12. 14. Stress the importance of sitting. Give examples. Read the following questions and have them write yes or no next to the corresponding number: 1. Do you feel you have become a better person because of this relationship? 14. 7. Do you feel uncomfortable expressing your feelings to this person? 11. It doesn’t have to be a romantic one. Is your relationship threatened by others? 9. Sometimes conflicts are caused by misunderstanding. Do you feel you are a valuable person outside of this relationship? 7. each no scores 1 and each yes scores 0. Can you talk freely with this person about your problems? 3. discuss the following questions: • Can bad relationships be improved? • What can we do to improve relationships? (communicate. Have the girls come up with role plays in pairs to practice this model using the conflicts they thought of earlier. Can you be yourself in this relationship? 10. For questions 1. either come to compromise that both parties feel good about or agree to disagree. Emphasize the following points: • • • • • • Begin with „I feel. 10. each yes scores 1 and each no 0. judgemental „You did. Do you feel the other person listens to you? 2.” not the accusing. Do you enjoy being with this person? 13.

This exercise can be very lively. You will have different flip charts all over the room that read something like these examples: “How do you manage your anger?” “How do you manage your grief?” “How do you manage your sexual feelings/passion?” Only use those emotions that the group chose as important to learn to manage. Remind the group that there are many ways that we can communicate—even with our bodies and our tone of voice. Fill in the blanks left on the flip chart with the emotions participants indicate need to be “managed. “Oh! Henry!” Invite the participants to stand in a circle. facilitate a discussion on the link between managing one’s emotions and avoiding risk behavior. with joy. Like thinking skills. Some of these emotions. This session is a general introduction to the topic of managing emotions. such as joy or happiness. For about 15 or 20 minutes.EMOTION MANAGEMENT SKILLS SESSION OH! HENRY! AND MANAGING EMOTIONS GALLERY WALK OVERVIEW “Emotion management” is a skill that is interwoven throughout all the other sessions. tones of voice. Some of the emotions mentioned might be as follows: Sadness anxiety pain jealousy guilt anger joy confusion annoyance disappointment fear love depression misery happiness grief passion rage regret laughter II. therefore. Have fun with it! After everyone has participated once or twice. Explain that this activity will illustrate how different uses of our voices and bodies can communicate many different things to people. MATERIALS: Flip charts or board Markers or pens Tape Flip charts—about eight with the following phrase written on them: “How do you manage your __________. and is often best conducted during the first week’s introduction to all the Life Skills. may be better to express openly than others. and relationship skills. there are not many sessions that focus on emotion management skills specifically. Introduce the idea of emotions with a quick exercise. and facial expressions to communicate different emotions. brainstorm on a flipchart or on the board the different emotions that were expressed in the exercise. each participant will say the phrase “Oh! Henry!” using different body language. sexual feelings. 30 minutes OBJECTIVES: By the end of the session. with fear. all participants should move throughout the room and write on the flip charts what their 82 . Many of us already have strategies that we use to manage our emotions. How can learning to manage emotions help to reduce risk behavior? It is not easy to learn to “manage” extremely strong emotions such as anger. including communication skills. Identify strategies to effectively manage emotions. decision–making skills. If you are feeling very angry and want to hit someone. you may want to refer to the discussion of emotions in this session during other Life Skills sessions. TIME : 1 hour. List a number of emotions that may have an influence on the development of Life Skills. 2.” Have someone define the term and write the answer on the board or flip chart.” PREPARATION Clear the walls all around the room for hanging flip charts. After that. or jealousy. what do you do to control this feeling? If you are feeling sexual and want to be with someone. Which emotions does this culture teach us to control or manage? Place a tick (check) next to those emotions that are considered culturally inappropriate to show as adults. but it is very important that we develop strategies to do so. You might want to make sure that all participants understand the meaning of the word “emotion. managing one’s emotions is crucial in all interactions. or simply use the word “feelings” throughout the session.” Then place them around the room (taped to the wall—or if that is not possible—on tables or benches). I. Going around the circle. what can you do? We will now take a few moments to share techniques for managing our emotions. participants will be able to: 1. passion. Managing Emotions Gallery Walk (1 hour) Spend a few moments discussing how some of the emotions listed might translate into risky behavior. Refer back to the communication skills sessions to create this link to emotions and communication. with laughter. Oh!Henry! (20 minutes) Referring to the Bridge Model. Show how you can say the phrase “Oh! Henry!” with many different emotions—with anger.

• Stop and analyze why I am really angry. • Think about the situation from the perspective of the other person. • Try to communicate and resolve the situation peacefully.strategies are for managing the emotions listed. • Walk away and come back to the situation later. Evaluation (10 minutes) At the end of the session. • Think of a funny story. learning the perspectives offered on managing emotions. An example of one of the completed flip charts might be: How Do I Manage My Anger? • Count to 10. What were some of the best ideas? Were any ideas unrealistic? Do any of them take practice? III. • Pray/meditate. 83 . have all participants sit down and process the exercise. along with two to three strategies that they will attempt to use to control those feelings. the participants should take a “gallery walk” of the flip charts—walking to and reading each of them in turn. After the gallery walk. ask participants to stand and state the emotion that they are most committed to learning to control. After all ideas have been exhausted.

They should then re-enact the argument between them in mime. Encourage them to think how they might use their bodies differently in different contexts to convey different messages to people. The important thing is that he/she should no longer listen although the speaker will continue telling the story. a friend. Ask every participant to close his/her eyes. and so on. Ask the first pair to re-enact its scene in the middle of the circle. Then ask everyone to return to the larger group. This volunteer must then describe the picture in words to the second volunteer. When the fifth volunteer has heard a description of the picture. The original phrase is usually very different from the final product! Discuss how this relates to communication skills. compare it with the original picture. and so forth. Give the pair a few minutes to work on this. She/he could yawn. only using their bodies and faces. The pairs should select one person to be the “mother” and one to be the “child. Whisper this line quietly to the person to your right. only to discover later that what we meant. Folding Paper Game : Communication Skills/Perceptions You will need sheets of paper for this game. or anyone that developed into an argument. with no words. he/she should be handed a new piece of paper and some markers/pencils. The “mother” should make the sound that the animal makes so the child will know the mother’s voice. The pair should first establish the two characters and their relationship. who in turn describes it to the third volunteer. animals. Then ask participants to do the following: Fold their paper in half. distance between people. Thank the five volunteers. She/he should receive no help from the rest of the group! When she/he is finished. look elsewhere. We often think we are saying something clearly to someone. and he/she is not allowed to ask for the phrase to be repeated. Think of a phrase to whisper beforehand. interested listener compared with telling it to a bad listener. Then fold the paper in half again. Next tear off the lower left-hand corner. Then announce to the group what you originally said. Point out other types of body language between people. They should be torn in many different ways. After a couple of minutes. whistle. After a couple of minutes. Trust Ask the participants to divide into pairs. Finish by suggesting that participants think. displaying them to the other participants. At this stage. Rumors. Each pair should think of a discussion that one of them has had with their spouse.” Each pair should also choose an animal. Tear off the bottom right–hand corner of the paper. the person to your left should be the final one to receive it. but the results were different. “How many people like to work in the garden?” or “I wish I could walk to the river. Ask for five volunteers to leave the training area for a few minutes. such as eye contact. Finally. Ask him/her to say it out loud. With their eyes closed. such as. One point is to show everyone how even simple instructions can mean very different things to different people. The picture could include.Afternoon activities Communication Skills Mother-Child Trust Call: Communication. 84 . Each person should only whisper what he/ she heard. Ask participants how they felt as speakers telling their story to a willing. Point out that it is often much harder than we suppose for us all to understand things in the same way. Everyone followed the instructions correctly. Now separate the groups—all mothers on one side of the room and all children on the other side. Children must close their eyes. over the next few days and weeks. turn around. They should not make it too complicated. about the ways they use their own bodies to say things to one another. Ask participants what this exercise can show us.Telephone: Communication Ask everyone to stand in a circle or a line.” or any other line. and what they understood. yell “Stop!” At this stage. Body Language: Communication Skills Divide group into pairs. Mothers will make the animal sound while moving about the room. Pick out two pairs whose scenes looked particularly clear. Point out how easy it can be for us to know what is going on in general through what we do with our bodies. for example. Listening Pairs : Communication Skills Divide participants into pairs. the speaker and listener should change roles and do the exercise again. a tree. when the phrase has been whispered all around the circle. Ask members of the audience to tell the story the pair is acting out. Process the exercise. and two or three people to draw it. are quite different. Pass the Picture : Communication Skills// Perceptions This is another good warm-up to illustrate different people’s perceptions of what they hear. and positions. Remind them not to peek! Now ask them to open their eyes and unfold their pieces of paper. There should be some interesting differences. One should describe to the other an event in his/her life which made him/her feel very happy. a house. One volunteer is then shown the picture for about a minute. This person whispers it to the person to his/her right and so on all the way around the circle. She/he should then try to draw the picture as he/she understands it to look from the description. The listener should say nothing but just concentrate hard on hearing what is being said. Bring out a piece of flip chart paper (or plain paper) and ask the remaining people to agree on a picture. Make them promise to keep their eyes shut! Hand each participant a sheet of paper. but the listener should stop listening completely. one for each participant. you ask the listeners to stop listening. Then hide the picture and ask someone to call the five volunteers back to the group. Repeat with the second pair. the children must try to find and touch their mothers. the speaker should continue to describe his/her happy experience.

Continue until. facing the same way through the questions and answers which are to follow. Then place someone else in the middle. Choose another part of the body. Whisper. Explain that you are going tocall out someone’s name as you cross the circle towards that person. 85 . label different parts of the room according to the choices and ask people to choose by standing in that area of the room. She or he should then move from her/his position in the circle to the place where you were standing. ask one participant to walk around the whole circle. ask participants to consider how our perspective on a situation shapes our understanding of it. looking at the volunteer and perceiving him/her from all angles. no budge What recommendations do you have for resolving conflict in this program? What other examples from the world of nature can you find that illustrate conflict or lack of conflict. Ask someone standing in front of the volunteer: “How many eyes has he/she got?” Ask someone standing behind the volunteer the same question. but this time. such as the arms. and so on. Ask everyone to answer at all times according to what they can actually see from their own position. When your name gets called again.Shout. not what they know is there. Invite them to explain why they are standing where they are. After everyone sits down.violent direct action d) Blow up withdraw from conflict f) give in g) stand firm. Explain to all participants that you are going to ask some questions. continue with the game.” Then facilitate a group discussion using the following questions: What does the above quote mean to you? Where have you experienced or observed conflict in your life? What conflicts have you noticed in this program? This group? How do you handle conflict situations when you are a participant? When are you an outsider? What is your reaction to this statement: without conflict. How can we give ourselves a more complete picture more of the time? In what way can we relate this exercise to our everyday experience? Beetles and Butterflies Objectives: To facilitate a discussion about conflict Group Size: 5-15 Materials: the quote and questions Directions: Read this quote: “Beetles don’t argue with butterflies. that person should call out someone else’s name who should then move. Fixed Positions: Different Perspectives on Life This exercise encourages participants to realize that our perspectives on things are based on who we are and our own personal experiences. Ask one volunteer to stand in the middle. Finally. Go through the same questions with three different people. say that this time the name of the next person must be sung out. Ask the walker to give a running commentary on what he/she is seeing and how his/her vision of the volunteer changes. Ask someone standing directly to the side of the volunteer the same question. when your name is called again. Finally. Ask her/him to stand still. Sing! Communication Ask participants to stand in a circle. Variation: For the questions in which they are to chose a response. Ask participants to stand in a circle. whisper the name of the person you choose next and ask everyone else to whisper too when it is their turn. Then. what can you do to close the gap? a) avoid conflict at all costs b) negotiate c) non. everyone has had a chance. we cannot grow”? Which of the following describes how you usually deal with conflict? Which would you like to describe you? If there’s a gap between what you are likely to do and what you’d like to do.

We even added “flat dead frog” because there were so many in our area. remove or hurt the environment in any way. They really enjoyed this activity and had very creative ideas for the general items on the list. Be creative and use your surroundings to add or not use certain items.Environmental Scavenger Hunt Objective: to have small teams of 5-6 girls visually find specific items off a list in an allotted space of time. They are not to pick.) The girls were very competitive when it comes to winning prizes. It is also to make them aware of their environment. (High burn out rate if group leader has to look for flat dead frog more than three times. depending on how successful the teams are in finding the items. a big forest. Best to do in small groups and trade off group leaders to keep the ideas “fresh”. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Three things that are green three things that are blue something unusual something that shows man’s influence on nature an animal’s home something that lives in water something that flies something you can eat something that smells good something that smells bad something that is rough an animal sound something that is smooth something that is dangerous something that is fuzzy a stick as tall as the tallest person in the group a big rock (size of large grapefruit. Each group is to visually find the following items. An honest team leader (counselor) should go with the team and girl will point out what they find. The first team back wins a prize. You can do this in the sun and in the rain.) 86 . Here is a sample list of what the girls can look for. Supplies: a large sheet posted at ‘home’ listing items to find (have the teams select one person to write out list). Time:” up to one hour. Directions. This was something silly and yet challenging for the girls to find.

4. Repeat steps ALWAYS beginning with the outside string working in towards the middle. Start on the far left again and do the same double knots. Hold the right hand string TIGHT.” 1. Now tie the two middles together. 3. Repeat so you have a double knot.4 . Separate them in this order: 1 .3 . Keep going until the bracelet is as long as you would like. 25 inches long each 1. You need to be able to tie it in TWO directions. Take two (different color) strings – tie a knot and pin it to something (the knee of your jeans. 64 inches long 1. Hold the 3rd string (next to the one on the far left) and tie double knots tightly around the 3rd string. Hold the right hand string tight and knot the other behind it. blue = 2. ALWAYS TIE DOUBLE KNOTS!! 4. 5. black = 1.4 . tablecloth. red = 4 3. 3. yellow = 3. 2. 3. The Chevron Four stripes. The left hand string will be on the right side. Tie a knot about ½ inch to 1 inch from the top forming a loop. 2. 87 . call the string on the right the “right hand string” and the one on the left the “left hand string. your shoe. Separate the strings and start at the left. 3. Pull toward the left and pull snug. ALWAYS TIE DOUBLE KNOTS!! The basic diagonal Stripe You need four colors.2 . 6. Pull the knots tight.2 . Now take the other string 1 from the far right and work towards the middle. This is the knot going RIGHT to LEFT. 4. Tie the first string 1 to 2. 4 and then stop. ALWAYS TIE DOUBLE KNOTS!!! Going the other way 1. 2. You should tie left to right. all different colors. (left hand string goes behind the blue and over the green). 2.1 Ex. Fold the strings in half to make eight strings. 32 inches long each. Use the string #1 from the right that you were just working with. Pull toward the right and hold snug.) As they hang side-by-side. This is the knot going left to right. 4. By the time you are finished the far left string will be on the right. tying double knots right to left.Friendship Bracelets There is only one basic knot that you need to make a lot of bracelets. Tie a knot about 1 ½ inches from the top. 5. Repeat so you have a double knot. Now take the same string you just tied (the one that had been on the far left) and tie double knots around each string. Hold the left hand string tight and knot the other around it. 6.3 .

adventurous. female heroes can your group name? Fictional. • • · · Have participants brainstorm ideas based on the following question: Where do our ideas of how men and women should be come from? Write answers on the board. emphasizing such ideas as family. 88 . agriculture is considered men’s work. one tribal group. Designate one side of the room as male and the other as female. change over time and vary between and within cultures. male heroes?)? Has there ever been an instance when you have hidden one of your interests or talents because of others’ expectations? Do you believe that you will face any barriers to your dreams because of your sex? In what ways are gender roles. intuitive. write down the following adjectives: sensitive. assertive. In small groups. caring. socially determination. rational. gender and biologically vs. athletic. changeable and not universal. Ask volunteers to explain their decisions. it is considered women’s work. intelligent. Read the list of adjectives and have girls move to the appropriate side. have the girls make a list of the five adjectives which they would like to describe them. friends. Sex distinctions are the same worldwide.Gender Roles Introduction Activity: On a flip chart.] During discussion. do any members have different expectations for male relatives versus female relatives? Are there any instances when you judge a behavior by one sex differently than the same behavior by the opposite sex? Do you believe that a woman should be free to pursue any career? Do you believe that it is acceptable for a man to focus on raising children. strong. expectations or societal norms associated with a particular sex. What is sex? [Those functions of men and women that are biologically determined. draw on the flip chart the Gender vs. creative. media. men and women do agriculture work together and men help with household chores. cooking. Takes into account the relationship of women and men to each other and their community. school. female hero that you admire (How many fictional. have girls discuss the following questions: Remembering your childhood. beautiful. In another tribal group. Examples: In Honduras. sexually-aggressive. universal and not changeable. Sex diagram from the handout. Gender roles are learned. the Hmong. An example is that women give birth. while in the Congo. and the like. In Thailand. Then discuss sex vs. and cleaning? Who is a fictional. and men are in charge of land and trade. emotional. the Karen. can you think of instances when you were treated differently than someone of the opposite sex? Do you remember any instances when an adult described boys as superior to girls? Considering your family. independent. religion. has separate and distinct roles: women handle household chores.] What is gender? [Functions of men and women that are socially determined. dangerous or harmful? What characteristics should a healthy person have? · • · · · · · · · · · Closing Activity: Either utilizing the previous list of adjectives or creating new ones. submissive.

and puts their feet in the air. 4) A fun and easy thing to do. Three legged race Materials: Strong tape or strips of fabric. whichever you have. That way it was just fun for all to participate. 3) Once again. They then pass the socks to the next person on the other side. Here are some of the races/contests. 3) team members must pass it down the line without dropping it. facing each other. willy nilly. You need one for each team. Materials: socks to put over hands if ground isn’t soft. the idea is for the group to build a human pyramid. 3) Those that survive. Water balloon or egg toss 1) Each person needs a partner and one water balloon/egg. A lot of fun working together. 3) The first person on each team runs to the stick. with the socks on. We found that when we took away the competition aspect of it away from the teams. 1) Teams line up the start and the end line. The Suncuius 2001 camp had all the campers participate.one big middle one. 2) One person puts their hands on the ground. taking pictures of each group as a human pyramid. 1) Teams line up at the start line in single file. sock). without formal teams. 2) All the campers on one side toss the egg/balloon to their partner. but with only two teambuilding groups per session. 4) This can be hilarious and really messy. Have a helper next to each stick because they really do get dizzy. Relay Races: Materials: sticks. Cement is not recommended. 2) Tie the inside legs of the partners together when they stand next to teach other. The girls really got into the silliness of it all. 89 . If you can find a nice grassy field on which to play these games it would be best. 1) Have the teams line up and the start and end line.GLOW Olympics The GLOW Olympics were an afternoon of silly races and contests. 2 Working with counselors. 1) Teams line up single file. or using their hands in any way. but watch out for the ground if it’s not so soft. The girls were SO excited when they succeeded and we tried again until we had it. 3) The idea is that they must walk with 3 legs . They rotated groups in the afternoon and didn’t do this as a whole camp. Crabwalk. to a line and back. 4) This race is hilarious because after they spin. which their partner holds on to and pushes them like a wheelbarrow across the ground while the person walks on their hands. the participants don’t have any idea where the start line is and often run in the wrong direction. divided in half. they worked together much better. take one step back and toss it back. people with whom they have worked on building trust. 3) This is a lot of fun but make sure you show them how to do it first and point out that shouldn’t drag your butt on the ground . about 2 meters long. puts on end on the stick and their forehead on the other end. hand and feet. falling hurts! Water Balloon/Orange Pass Materials: waterballoons or oranges. It’s also dangerous though because the girls can fall down. 2) First person takes the water balloon and holds/puts it between chin and chest. despite the overcast sky and drizzle. show how it’s done and tell them to be careful. (string and masking tape both hurt and broke) 1) Each person needs a partner. They then pass the socks from their hands to the next teammate and that person returns. Each team member needs a partner from the team for this. The Sovata 1999 camp used the teambuilding groups that had been together throughout the camp.it hurts! Wheelbarrow Race Materials: socks if the ground isn’t soft. butt towards the ground to their other teammate at the other end. 2) The sticks should be spread out along he other side of the filed so that one is in front of each team. facing each other. 2) Each participants starts sitting on the ground and must walk on all fours. Human Pyramid 1) Participants should be in their teambuilding groups. They spin around the stick 5 times and run back to the start line. cover one end with a cushion somehow (t shirt. divided in half. One end of the stick must remain on the ground and their forehead must remain touching the stick. It took a total of about 2 hours for all of these.

Different types of Journals • Daily Journal — Write whatever you like here. It is important that you do not censor yourself as you write. baring not only my body but also my soul. Your insights. what are the themes taking place in your life? • Health Journal — Your goals. and dreamed of doing. what you loved. Clear your mind. ¨ Courage to pursue your passion. What should I write about? Writing helps clarify feelings. • Did something happen to you today that made you upset or joyful? • What did you discover about yourself or the world? • Is there something from the past that you wish you could take back or do over to make it right? • What are your needs? What are your desires? • What are you most afraid of doing? What are you afraid of not doing? • What are you curious about? What issues are unresolved for you? • What do you love to do. ¨ Understanding the past. your inner most secrets — record them all here. Camp Glow 2001 Suncuius “Your days are short here. And let your thoughts and emotions flow freely. or a redeemed social condition To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. Feel the Hem of Heaven. —Ralph Waldo Emerson If for an instant God were to forget that I am rag doll and gifted me with a piece of life. and let your mind go. Your entire outlook on life will change because you will be looking for the things you are happy about to record later on in your journal. You will go away with old. ¨ Less stress. Releasing all your inner thoughts and anxieties through writing can help release unwanted stress. How are you treating your body? • Create Your Own Journal — You can name it whatever you like. not for their worth but for what they mean. Start writing words. Be daring. • Discovery Journal — Get to know yourself by looking back. but rather I would think of all that I say. successes and challenges. experience. Discover yourself. Be risky. As a child. Choose a topic each day. I cannot do everything. Journaling can bring up many issues in life that are still unresolved. and a young adult. good friends. I would walk when others hold back. 90 . throw myself face first into the sun. but still I can something and because I cannot do everything. were you afraid of. I would listen when others talk. I would wake when others sleep. a teen. possibly I wouldn’t say all that I think. touch the depths of Truth. It’s good for your body and soul. Relax. It’s yours! How can a journal help me? ¨ Self-discovery. a garden patch.! Getting Started Find a comfortable position in your chair. Put every thought onto the page. why you came. What does it make you feel? How often should I write? As often you like. dream more.This is to have succeeded. I would sleep little. And follow your feelings. Food For Thought. you will come closer to understanding who you are and who you want to be in life. I would value things. And remember when you leave. Writing about them helps take you to a place of forgiveness and healing. This is your own private space for your general daily thoughts. Listening to your inner thoughts through writing will give you a greater sense of peace and a more positive outlook on your experiences in life. Through the process of writing. Writing consistently in a journal can give you a deeper connection with your own inner self. ¨ Greater sense of peace. and how I would enjoy a good chocolate ice cream! If God were to give me a piece of life. Do not worry about grammar or punctuation errors.” —Adlai Stevenson “I am only one.Journalling A journal is a private place to express all your inner thoughts and feelings.” —Edward Everett Hale Success To laugh often and much To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children To hear the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends To appreciate beauty To find the best in others T o leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child. Be you. but still I am one. Your journal is here for you whenever you feel like writing or reflecting about anything. In the quiet and serenity of this lovely place. understanding that for each minute we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of light. your breakthroughs. • Gratitude Journal — Record five things you love every day. I would dress simply. I will not refuse to do the something I can do. and feel? What kinds of things in your life do you want to build on? • Find a photo or an image. Awareness Get to know what really brings you joy in life. Remember how you felt. Knowing what you want to do with your life is the first step in making it happen.

• You will fail if you do not try to right a wrong whenever possible. you are just as different to them. especially a high school graduation. I would convince each woman and each man that they are my favorites. not knowing that they grow old when they cease to be in love! To a child I shall give wings. and I would live in love with love. You will fail if you see corruption and do not fight it. is pretty much a certainty. What is not found very often are the directions on how to fail. As the saying goes. • You will fail if you climb a corporate ladder by stepping on people. but in truth they won’t be of much use. Over the stars I would paint with a Van Gogh dream a Benedetti poem. however. but I shall let him learn to fly on his own.” For in truth. You must suit the job. is ever wasted – Aesop Although the world is full of suffering. if I had a piece of life. without knowing that real happiness is in how it is scaled. • You will fail if you start your business life looking for a job that suits you. no matter how small. With my tears I would water roses.My God. work for justice. • You will fail if you are inconsiderate of others. You will fail if you suffer bad politicians and do not bother to vote. and wait for the sun to show. it is full also of the overcoming of it – Helen Keller We do not strive for spectacular actions. My God. You know. From you I have learned so many things. The only ones who are owed anything are those whose victories and defeats paved the way for all the opportunities available to you. a call to service—that we join with others to try to make things better in this world.. • You will experience the biggest failure of all if you believe the romantic notion that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.. —Gabriel Garcia Marquez Every living creature that comes into the world has something allotted him to perform. – Pope Paul VI Heaven is living in your hopes and hell is living in your fears. I wouldn’t let a single day pass without telling the people I love that I love them. What counts is the gift of yourself. I would tell them how to fail. To get at those minds still fresh from the accomplishment of 12 years education — what a great opportunity.. Applying for any kind of work in a T-shirt and jeans will further enhance your chance for failure. • You will fail if you think anybody owes you anything because of your education. and they disregard the feelings of others. and the red kiss of their petals. – Mother Teresa If you want peace.. – Edmund Burke There is a call to all of us. So many people think the world was created just for them. but probably several times in your life. So much have I learned from you. and not just once. I would write my hate on ice. he has him trapped forever. anyone who has lived long enough to retire will tell you that love means just the opposite. no matter how closely you follow the diagrams. I have learned that a man has the right to look down on another only when he has to help the other get to his feet.” • You will fail if you are intolerant of individuals with strange-sounding names and different color skin. The blueprints and formulas are all there for anyone to follow. “You will meet the same people on the way down. It means being able to say “I’m sorry. anyone can tell you how to succeed. 91 . but with forgetting. I would tell the graduates that success is never guaranteed. – tom Robbins Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. for when I keep them within this suitcase.. Failure. retired columnist by way of Ann Landers. unhappily shall I be dying.” — James Jackowski. therefore he should not stand an idle spectator of what others are doing – Sarah Kirby Trimmer No act of kindness. – Dorothy Day How to Fail What strange tales I would tell if I were a guest speaker at a graduation. I would show men how very wrong they are to think that they cease to be in love when they grow old. if I had a heart. the degree of love you put into each of your deeds. to feel the pain of their thorns. We must share the space on this planet with each other. You will fail if you see abuse and do not speak out against it. I would teach the old that death does not come with old age. I would tell them something they never thought they would hear. I have learned that when a newborn child squeezes for the first time with his tiny fist his father’s finger.. Remember. oh men. There are thousands of books on that subject. I have learned that everyone wants to live on the peak of the mountain. and a Serrat song would be the serenade I’d offer to the moon. Among those might be your great-grandparents who now live in a nursing home.

A plastic or wooden picture frame can make an excellent papermaking frame. and can be made from almost any fibrous material like wood or recycled paper. and squeeze out moisture using a rolling pin. then add a handful of the soaked paper. felt. Wooden Frame: Buy or build a frame which you will prepare for paper making. Allow it to drip over the tub until most of the water has drained through. Cut a piece of wire screen large enough to cover the hole when placed in the bottom of the pan. collect the leftover pulp in a strainer and throw it out. Use your paper to draw on.. smock. Place the sheets out of the way to dry. You can blend in a piece of construction paper for color. allowing some pulp to settle onto the screen and. the basic steps are simple enough to be able to make paper at home. still holding the frame underwater. dried flowers or herbs for texture. The process for making paper was invented in China in the second century A. Embroidery Hoop: Place a screen or nylon stocking between two hoops to make another inexpensive frame. You may want to let the paper dry overnight. Don’t pour the pulp down the drain. fold. The papermaking process is a wet one.Making Paper Paper is simple material. and tear the paper into small (1") pieces. pull the cloth gently from both ends. Cover your hanger with a nylon stocking and staple it in place. It is essentially a mat held together by the fiber’s roughness. or stir in short pieces of thread. keeping it flat. Making sure the lid is on tight. If making a wooden frame. With adult supervision. Press the pulp gently with your hand to squeeze out excess moisture. if you can. or send to a friend! 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 92 . Lift the frame out of the mixture. Make a deckle frame: Aluminum Pan: Cut a square hole in the bottom of the disposable aluminum brownie pan about 1" smaller than the pan’s outer dimension. gently move it back and forth to get an even layer of fibers on the screen. You should have a uniform layer of the pulp mixture on the screen. Pour the blended mixture into the large tub and then fill the tub with warm water. Wire Clothes Hanger: Bend the wire hanger to make any shape of your choice.D. or freeze it in a plastic bag for future use. When the paper is dry. stretching it to loosen the paper from the cloth. couch paper or newspaper on a flat surface and flip the screen paper-side-down on the cloth. mixing thoroughly until the ingredients are evenly dispersed. You might want to wear “wet gear” — an apron. so plan to use a work space that won’t be harmed by moisture. leaving behind the paper. tightly staple or tack a wire screen to the frame. Soak the paper in warm water in the large tub for at least 30 minutes or. When you’re finished making paper. Lift the screen gently. 1 2 Remove any plastic. Cover the paper with another cloth or piece of felt. fill the blender halfway with warm water. Slide your frame into the tub. blend at medium speed until you no longer see pieces of paper (the pulp has a soupy consistency called a slurry). overnight. tape or coating from the scrap paper. or old clothing. Soak up excess water from the bottom of the screen with a sponge. While the technology has evolved dramatically over the centuries. and all paper was made one sheet at a time until 1798. Gently peel off the paper. Couching: Place clean dishtowels.

Tell someone you trust. If you ignore sexual harassment it will probably stop. or disagreement might result in one student accusing the other of “lying”. Sometimes people who are being harassed are afraid to say “stop!” They may fear the harassment is their fault. It does not matter if the target and offender agree on a certain incident being “sexual harassment” or improper behavior. boys are usually less likely to name these behaviors as “unwelcomed” because of social or cultural pressures. it IS sexual harassment. comments on the size of their private parts. AGREE DISAGREE 3. or that if they mention it to someone 93 . 3. AGREE DISAGREE 5. If a girl says she’s being sexually harassed and the boy says he’s only fooling. Two people may also interpret a situation in 2 different ways. Think always about the power of your word and the consequences of your actions. Ignoring sexual harassment does not cause it to stop. It is very important for a student to speak to a trusted adult about any repeated sexually suggestive remarks or behavior that belittles you. Maybe the next time you may be more prepared to respond if you have a better understanding of your own emotions or reactions. If ignored it could escalate or get worse.Sexual Harassment Quiz 1. 4. being called “gay”. How? Jokes about their sexual experience. Write how it makes you feel. AGREE DISAGREE Answers and Suggestions 1. ***Sexual harassment is defined from the target’s perspective. *** To speak up is to defend your own human rights as well as those of other students who have also put up with sexual harassment before. or someone very popular or influential in the community. If no one else sees me being harassed there’s nothing I can do because the harasser will just say I’m lying. Sometimes. It might be scary to point the finger at an adult that might have power over your grade. don’t assume that others will not believe you. FALSE If a person thinks there is nothing to do it is because they feel frightened or intimidated or that they’ve been lied to or threatened. REMEMBER THIS: If you do not want or welcome attention which is of a sexual nature and it is interfering with your ability to do school work. interactions between students happens privately or is unobserved. AGREE DISAGREE 4. Boys CAN be harassed. Sexual harassment is SERIOUS and VIOLATING. or an employer. If I’m being sexually harassed by an adult there’s nothing I can do. Unlike the reaction a girl might have to unwanted sexual attention or commentary. you are being sexually harassed. They may also not know their rights. Just because no one witnesses a sexual offense that you have experienced. Write things down. None of these are reasons to endure sexual attention or improper conduct from an adult or classmate. AGREE DISAGREE 2. That is no reason not to speak up. 2. 5. Boys can not be sexually harassed by girls. If a girl says she is being sexually harassed and the boy says he’s only fooling then it’s not sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in schools isn’t a private event because schools are very public places. though. not the harasser’s. unwanted grabbing of their bodies.

marijuana. retaliated against. don’t go with someone you don’t know for sure you can trust. 94 . • Who can we alert if someone is making unwanted sexual advances or derogatory comments to us? *** A friend. • Be aware of your surroundings and what kind of attention you are attracting. Don’t say maybe or I don’t know. • Trust your instincts. a teacher you are comfortable talking to. • Leave a situation when you first become uncomfortable. • Say EXACTLY what you want. not when the problem has gotten worse. • If you have to say NO. • React quickly when someone puts you in a difficult situation. and look out for yourself. don’t drink too much alcohol. say it with authority. How can we PROTECT OURSELVES??? • Avoid high risk situations: don’t walk alone. or shamed. • Be independent. • Be careful with substances that can change your judgement: alcohol. know where you are going. ***It is important for targets of sexual harassment to take some action in order to let the harasser know that his or her attention is unwanted and WRONG.else they will be laughed out. what you are wearing. avoid drugs. like you mean it. don’t be talked into things you wouldn’t normally do. a trusted adult. Know WHERE you are (!) and how to get home. a counselor. • Understand that you are IMPORTANT and have the right to say NO. Have enough money with you to get home or plan ahead of time a ride or walking buddy. • Be aware of how you interact with others physically. and your attitude.

One from each pair is given a banana. The first team wins.L. 1600-Meter Relay: The team must pass an orange neck to neck all the way down and back without using hands. Freestyle Wrestling: Girls from opposing teams thumb wrestle each other. Shot Put: Water-balloon toss. Descriptions of events: Fencing: Two girls from each team sit facing each other. An independent judge decides on the winning team. 800-Meter Relay: A Dizzy Lizzy relay race. elbow down. lower for the stomach. wins. Water Ballet: A relay race of girls balancing a cup of water on their heads. but this was one of the most loved activities. Best time wins. *Decathlon: Use your creativity to come up with a ten-event. etc. Soccer: Miniature teams play a timed game of soccer by blowing a ping pong ball on hands and knees. Marksmanship: One of the two girls is the markswoman. The other is the target. If it hits the floor. blindfolded. Balance Beam: The team builds a human pyramid (on a mattress on the floor) which must remain standing for 5 seconds. The number of participants needed for each event from each team is indicated in the number in parentheses following the event name. She must feed it to her teammate. The winning team scores more points. Whichever team completely finishes feeding/eating the banana first. G. The true nature of each event should be kept a surprise until it the event is held. First team to complete. and dumping it in another container.O. She has paper taped to her clothing with varying point values. Girls must switch after the first lap. each girl spins around 8 times then runs down and back. High points for the forehead. Emphasize the silliness and de-emphasize the competition.W.Silly Olympiad Have the girls in teams come up with a team name and a cheer. She tags her teammate to continue. wins. walking a distance. the team must begin again. She is given a squirt gun. fun obstacle course. each girl had to sign up for at least two activities and volunteers could sign up for more. Discus: Frisbee throw. Greco-Roman Wrestling: Girls from opposing teams leg wrestle each other on a mattress. Sailing: Girls race each other to blow something lighter than a 500 lei coin (which didn’t work. Best of three tries. The first team wins. With teams of eight. First team to fill container with water wins. anyway) out of a bowl filled with flour. Horseracing: A piggy-back race. Volleyball: A blindfolded balloon timed game of volleyball with miniature teams. Olympics 2000 Team Name: ___________________ Fencing (2): ______________________________/_______________________________ Marksmanship (2): ____________________________/___________________________ Greco-Roman Wrestling (1): ________________________________________________ Freestyle Wrestling (1): ____________________________________________________ Gymnastic Floor Exercise (2): ______________________/________________________ Balance Beam: _________________________TEAM____________________________ Horseracing (2): __________________________________________________________ Shot-put (2): ______________________________/______________________________ Discus (1): ______________________________________________________________ 95 . With head down and hand on knees. Gymnastic Floor Exercise: Two girls create a human sculpture.

800-Meter Relay: _____________________TEAM______________________________ 1600-Meter Relay: _____________________TEAM_____________________________ Water Ballet (4): ____________/______________/_______________/_______________ Sailing (1): ______________________________________________________________ Soccer (3): ____________________/____________________/_____________________ Volleyball (3): ___________________/___________________/____________________ *Decathlon* (1): _________________________________________________________ Rules: Each team member must sign-up for at least two events. The second place team will serve refreshing beverages to all participants and judges. while balancing a cup of water on their heads. Each team must create a team cheer. The third place team will stand on one foot and repeat the first place team’s cheer five times. at the end of the Olympics. 96 . A first place in an event is worth 300 points. The first place team will receive miscellaneous. and a third is worth 100 points. assorted prizes and goods. a second is worth 200 points.

Smoking is directly responsible for 87% of lung cancer cases. when inhaled. Tobacco companies must recruit through their marketing.1 billion smokers in the world. to quit. 1/5 of smokers die early. Nicotine withdrawal syndrome includes: nicotine craving. plus most cases of emphysema and chronic bronchitis. difficulty concentrating and increased appetite. or around 3. Starting to smoke at a young age increases the chance of a smoking-related death and makes quitting more difficult. For every 1. see www. Cigarettes have 43 separate cancer-causing chemicals. 97 . although its linkage to many social situations also makes it a difficult habit to break. Responses are individual and could also include: sleepiness. many of whom are children and adolescents. one million new smokers per year. The median age of initiation into tobacco use in many countries is 15.000 are women. Ask help from family and friends to keep you accountable and to have support. physically. They are addictive and cause sickness and death. which is 1/3 of the population over the age of 15. especially children. Tips for Quitting Smoking • • • • • Get daily exercise. nervousness. Get plenty of sleep.lungusa. 90% of smokers began before the age of 21.org.000 tons of tobacco produced. excitability. Nicotine makes smoking difficult.SMOKING FACTS and INFORMATION Tobacco kills 3.000 per day. 1.000 deaths will eventually result.5 million people in the world every year. There are 1. Eat a balanced diet. Smokers have a 50% chance of dying by a tobacco-related illness. it is expected that 10 million people will die from tobacco-related illnesses. Drink lots of water. much of which targets women. Nicotine is an addictive drug which. For more information. Second-hand smoke is harmful to others. By 2020-2030. 1 million of them women. light-headedness. 50% of those who die from a tobacco-related illness do so before the age of 70. anxiety. reaches the brain quicker than an IV. 500. irritability.

3. Interests of both the team leader and team members are focused on desired results rather than on shorticulture-term problem. The team members take a very positive approach in jointly determining the way they are going to work together as a team and what they want to have happen. The idea is to show how. They should also cross their arms over their chest – to protect the chest area. and team members are empowered to accomplish the goals. When individuals adopt this attitude and commit to use their resources. When individuals and the entire team choose to operate this way and are willing to set petty differences aside. They should not have both hands of the same person or hands of the people on either side of them. sideways. After all groups have successfully untangled. 6. The goal is to then untangle themselves into a single circle without releasing hands. sustained effort to make these seven characteristics a part of their mind set will find that both creativity and accomplishment of desired results will be much higher than it would be otherwise. The proactive approach manifests such characteristics as: 1.Teambuilding and Teamwork. Ask these two teams to stand up and hold opposite ends of a long strong rope. Each person holds out their right hand and grasps another hand as if shaking hands. If people learn to focus simultaneously on both the current situation and the desired results. When the team resources are focused and members are all working to accomplish the same purpose. 7. Did any leaders direct the rest of the group? What was the process? Did anyone give up? Why? What made the group finally succeed? Try it without being able to speak at all . Team Support Provide a blindfold or scarf. Go!”. communication. Next. instead of people pulling on opposite ends as in a tug of war. Goals are aligned with the team purpose. (This can work with up to 14 people . Ask him/her to replace the blindfold and repeat the exercise. This process leads to a high level of team productivity. The Straight Line: Trust. The seventh characteristic of a well functioning team is team members verbally and publicly support each other. and that for some goals. tight circle in the middle of the room.Support Ask all participants to stand together in a small. Now tie the same strong rope in a large circle and hand it to the participants so that they are sitting around the edge of it. Let them go on until one team has ended up falling over the dividing line. this time with the verbal encouragement of the others. teamwork can be very rewarding and productive. ask him/her to take off the blindfold. Team leaders and members that make a conscious. This is best accomplished when team members use a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to accomplish their purpose (Adams. (If you have many participants. a long-term commitment is needed to accomplish the desired results. 5. Trust Circle: Teamwork. unbelievable results become possible.no sounds.. When you say.even numbers only) Tugs of War and Peace : Teamwork You will need a length of strong rope for this exercise. problems that arise will be solved as part of the total process of achieving the desired results. Ask all the participants to pull together on the rope so that they can all stand up. Compare how close he/she is to where he/she intended to reach. Team members have a positive attitude toward change and are willing to accept and allow change to occur as needed in order to accomplish desired results. They should still not touch him/her. the teams should start pulling against each other. and skills to contribute to the goals of the team.) Each participant in turn should stand in the middle of the circle and then close his/ her eyes or put on a blindfold. Ask participants to explain what this exercise means to them. where only one team wins—we can approach situations in a win-win way so that everyone wins. This will not happen unless both the team leader and team members choose to do so. and teamwork The group of at least four but no more than 10. Mark a line across the middle of your training area. 3. 1987). Instruct the rest of the group to keep completely silent. 2. They should also not touch him/her. “1. They recognize that negative comments about others tear the team down. ask everyone to sit in a circle. over which each team must try to pull the other. make small circles of about six people each. giving no encouragement or guidance at all.Trust. She/he then falls backwards. Human Knot: Goal: Problem solving. Put the blindfold on him/her and turn him/her around several times before he/she sets off in a straight line across the meeting area—to reach an agreed point on the opposite side. It can feel quite scary at first but should be perfectly safe provided the group works together. process the exercise. forms a circle. Then finally. 4. Ask him/her how he/ she felt about having no comments from the others. knowledge. 98 . They are able to establish priorities and then commit time and resources for accomplishing these tasks. alignment with the team’s overall purpose comes about. All then extend left hands and grab another left hand. Team members understand that patience is required.solving activities. or forward—keeping eyes closed—and will be caught in the safety of the arms of the other participants. Invite a volunteer to come forward and walk slowly in a straight line across the meeting area. Each participant needs to have a few turns at this before someone else goes in the middle of the circle. 2. The sixth characteristic of a well-functioning team is that the members have a strong feeling of control within the team. Divide the group into two teams. Emphasize how safe someone can feel with the support and guidance of others. Process the differences in how it felt during each stage. you can ask the volunteer to repeat the exercise with the participants using their hands to guide the blindfolded person and talking to him/her. Having a well-defined purpose or vision of what the team will accomplish is a very powerful force for the team leader and members. When the blindfolded person reaches the other side. At the end of the exercise ask participants what such an exercise teaches us about each other.

etc. etc. The volunteer has three chances to guess who the “leader” is. “Milk. which will protect them from the sticky sea. tape. starts to run on the inside of the circle. Designate at least two observers. and calls out. “ act surprised”. Ask for one volunteer and send that person out of the room. Split them into two teams (or more if the group is large). or singing. If at anytime in the sea of chaos they lose contact physically with either their goals or a group member. “Follow! Follow! Follow! “ to which the group replies “Follow! Follow! Follow!” as they run on the outside of the circle. string and odds and ends. “Follow! Follow! Follow!” The group repeats. etc.” Now the leader starts to do some other action such as dancing. that person must join arms and also hop on one foot to try to catch the others. “Water. The group is running away from her/him within the boundary that you have set. (If people are really creative. ability to speak. 99 . carpet squares.Using Available Resources/Talents Take participants outside where they can have a large area to work. The leader stands inside thecircle. Continue until all are caught by the team. project. Have each person “name” their marker. Turtles Objectives: To share goals. Explain that they are to create a long line on the ground or floor. That volunteer is the “One–Legged PeerEducator” or the “One–Legged AIDS Educator. or stomping feet. “Milk. newspaper sheets Groups size: The more the merrier and the higher the risk Directions. but whatever they have—tissue. Follow the Leader: Leadership//Peer Pressure Ask participants to stand in a circle. Materials: Flat markers.The Yert Circle: Team –Building. “tell me to shut up”. Support There must be an even number of participants. “I confuse you”. When you say. to show how change and tension can still be very positive for the team. using whatever they currently have on their bodies. identify a “sea of chaos’ that is filled with all of the thing that would prevent them from reaching the end of the year with their goals intact. who will not participate in the task. paper. Directions: Give each person a role to “wear” on their head. Their goal is to have a longer line than the other teams. and says. “ treat me like a kid”. The volunteer hops on one foot and tries to catch the others. Once a team gets started. have the group debrief. nothing can stop it! The Longest Line: Team –Building.Trust. work as a team and identify potential barriers to achieving the goals. The leader repeats. The other members of the circle should follow the leader’s movements. Stop the role-play. tape. Switch now. The leader continues with “Follow! Follow! Follow!” and the entire process until everyone is exhausted. Ask them not to look at it.” She or he cannot do all the work alone to educate people on behavior change. shoes—can be used to make the line longer and longer. The volunteer is brought back into the room while these actions are taking place. Water. Assign a name to each. etc. After the warm–up. while all the “Waters” should lean out. “I dance! I dance! I dance!” (or “I jump! I jump! I jump!) The group responds by mimicking everything the leader does. Notice how this tension keeps the group supported. making it symbolize a goal that they have for the year.) Ask them to treat people according to their labels. “Follow! Follow! Follow!” Leader: “Follow the leader. Facilitate a discussion with the following questions: What did you think your label said? How did it affect your participation? Are their labels among our group? How does it affect participation? Potential labels to work with: “ignore me”. paper plates. without looking directly at the leader and giving him/her away. while all “Milks” lean out.” All “Waters” lean into the circle. What made them successful? If they lost any goals. “laugh at everything I say”. saying. examine roles people play and identify both the positive and negative aspects of roles. what were they? Why did they lose contact? What were the threats in the sea of chaos? What will they do to support each other and their goals? Roles and Labels Objectives: To observe how roles can play out in a group.” Everyone should link arms all the way up to the elbow. alternating names—such as. Water. (Mark off an are with a safe zone on either end). One –Legged Peer Educator: Team –Building Ask for one volunteer. They are not permitted to get additional things. discuss how the exercise relates to team–building or to real life. “ none of my ideas are good”. dancing.” The “leader” should start an action such as clapping hands. When they reach the “other side”.” all of the “Milks” should lean into the circle. Have them begin the role-play. they will use everything possible and then lie down on the ground themselves to make the line longer!) The team with the longest line is the winner. watches. Milk. When the “One–Legged Educator” touches someone. Tell them that they must always be in contact with each other and with their goals. sitting. she or he must build a team of educators to help. Group size: 7-15 Materials: Post-it notes with labels or other “head band type labels. Who ’s the Leader? Leadership//Thinking Skills Ask the group to stand in a circle. Tell them that they must cross this “ sea of chaos” utilizing their goals. jumping. The people in the circle should secretly choose a person to be the “leader. they will lose that goal of that person may become “injured”. “hang on my every word”. You can continue doing this smoothly. let it go on as long as they need to bring out some of the roles. but put it on directly. Losing sight. so. clothing. Tell the group that their task is to build a “tower” using the materials given (paper. The action should change every 15 seconds or so.” Group:“Follow the leader.

You need a variety of foods from each of these groups for a balanced diet. Fats. Poultry. Cereal. regular diet? • You supply your body with nutrition and energy for the maintenance of body cells. Oils. nuts. and organs. Try to consume as little as possible of them even though they’re yummy. Sweets These provide calories but little else nutritionally. 3. Maximum nutrients are found in dark. Fish. and saturated fat at a minimum. zinc. Bread. leafy greens. and soy) are excellent sources of protein. Cheese The richest sources of Calcium. iron. and simple sugars. canned. cholesterol. Vegetables Sources of Vitamins A and C. and B-Vitamins. Avoid those fruits in heavy syrups. Nuts Animal foods (and also beans. and most importantly support your normal growth and development. Low in fat and calories. 2. What happens when you eat a healthy. Eggs. cheese. minerals and fiber. A balanced diet means a pattern of regular daily meals that meets nutritional needs without providing nutrients in excess. Milk. 4. Yoghurt. and also are very low in fat. and dry fruits. carbohydrates. frozen. Rice. Meat. Fruits Sources of Vitamin C. Pasta Starchy foods aren’t fattening if you don’t add butter. Beans. The diet should give you the optimal balance of proteins. 6. 5. They provide protein and Vitamin B-12. Choose low fat varieties to keep calories. Fresh fruits are the best. tissues. juices. deep yellow/orange veggies and starchy veggies like potatoes. Starches are complex carbohydrates. fats. or cream sauces. 100 . fiber. with only moderate amounts of sodium. seeds. and sugar-sweetened juices.The Ultimate Food Guide Extraordinaire 1. rich in B-Vitamins.

) • Clothesline or a place to hang the t shirts while they dry. • Running water. The rubber bands must be tight. wrap one rubberband around the part you have pulled up.) Marbled Circles a) After getting the t shirt wet and wringing out excess water. d) Follow dying instructions 4-6 above. Emphasize that the preparation put into the rubber banding the shirts determines the patterns. You can put as many marbled circles as you want. • One bucket per color of dye. • Sticks to stir the dye • Vinegar and salt (1/4 cut vinegar per bucket to help the colors set and 14 cup salt . flat surface.if you’re using RIT. remove the rubberbands. b) Wrap rubberbands around the balled up shirt. Sometimes this takes a few tries.) We allowed the girls choose two colors per shirts . Keep in mind that the color will fade a little when the t shirt is rinsed. lay the shirt on a clean. The parts of the t shirt covered by the rubber bands and the areas held tightly together on the inside will remain white when placed in the dye. 3) Have the girls wet their t shirts and then rubber band them. Do not neatly fold it and roll it . • Rubber gloves (or small plastic bags) for people working with the dye. Rinse (with the rubber bands still in place. • Rubberbands . d) Remove the t shirt from the dye. The Patterns The Simple Crinkle a) After getting the t shirt wet and wringing out excess water. e) Once the water runs clear or close to clear. flat surface. Start with the lightest color first. d) Starting from the bottom. b) Pinch the middle of the t shirt with your thumb and index finger. each other. Check in the send hand clothes stores for extra t shirts. new or used. • Clothes dye. re-shape the shirt into a ball and wrap more rubberbands around it and dunk it into another color. The rubberbands should cover at least ½ the surface area of the t shirt. Leave the t shirt in the dye until it is the desired shade. 5) After each color. 1) Prepare the packets of dye and have the buckets lined up with a lot of space between them. lay the shirt on a clean. One group made a GLOW logo and spray painted it on the front of each t shirt. They should not only hold in shape but also cover about ½ the surface area of the t shirt. You need running water to rinse the shirts and LOTS of it. If a second color is desired. a) After getting the t shirt wet and wringing out excess water.lots and lots of them in different widths. Show the girls how to rubber band the shirts to make those styles. You should have a rubberband cone in that area covering about ½ the area. b) select the area of the shirt where you would like to have a marbled circle . have them come to the dying stations and put little plastic bags or gloves on their hands to dye their shirts. e) choose another area for a circle and repeat d.Tye Dying Materials Needed: • One white t shirt per participant. Twist the shirt into a wheel/spiral. rinse the shirt in cold water until no more color comes out. Twist and wrap the rubberband until it almost reaches the point. • Hot water . in any order. If indoors.the dye is made with hot water. c) Place the rubber band covered t shirt into the color you’d like. and keeping the rubberbands on rinse it thoroughly under cold running water. f) Follow the dying instructions 4-6 above Sunburst. If you‘d like more than one color you must START WITH THE LIGHTEST COLOR FIRST.for example. form the t shirt into a ball as haphazardly as possible. This was done before camp started. clothes. You may need to rotate the shirt so it dyes evenly. Either provide this or ask them to bring one from home. Rubber gloves are also needed at this step.More than 2 colors and the shirt will get really muddy. 4) As they are ready. c) wrap the rubber bands round the wheel or disk so that it keeps its shape. (One group had the counselors wearing rubber gloves each working with a separate color so that the girls were not dying their hands. anywhere on the shirt. Use rubber gloves. the area you pinched and pulled up from.it won’t have the desired wrinkle look. c) pinch the middle of that area and gently pull upwards to lift it away from the rest of the shirt. cover the floor of the work area with plastic or newspapers. 2) Have a sample t shirt made demonstrating the various styles of t shirts. in the upper left corner of the shirt. 6) Be sure to tell the girls to hand wash the shirts in cold water separately especially the first that they wash them. Use as many colors as desired. Keep in Mind 101 .

5. unless the third color is yellow. To wash the shirts after dying use a light soap and cold water. Encourage creativity. Wash separately .especially the first time! 102 . Always dye the lightest color first. Two colors is average of most shirts. Always wet and wring out the shirts before putting on rubber bands and dying.1. 2. After two the colors become darker and muddy. 6. Different patterns can be used on the same shirt. 4. 3. it’s never what you planned it be anyway. Change the dye after 1—15 shirts have been dyed. Nothing can destroy tie dye.

I like the daffodils I like the mountains. well I looked outside I could hardly believe my eyes As a big limousine rolled up into Alice’s drive Refrain: don’t know why she’s leaving or where she’s gonna go? I guess she’s got here reasons but I just don’t want to know ‘cause for 24 years I’ve been living next door to Alice Twenty four years just waiting for the chance to tell her how I feel. me and Alice Now she walks through the door with her head held high Just for a moment I caught her eye A big limousine pulled slowly out of Alice’s drive Refrain I like the flowers I like the flowers. oh. is when he drinks his liquor down. now I long for yesterday Suddenly. don’t make it bad. she sews our new blue jeans. da. Remember to let her under your skin and then you’ll begin to make it better. don’t carry the world upon your shoulders. Wum di dadi Hey Jude Hey Jude. don’t be afraid. da. begin. mmm Living Next door to Alice Sally called when she got the word She said: ‘I suppose you’ve heard about Alice’ Well. My mother is a tailor. take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better Hey Jude. The minute you let her under your skin. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. love was such an easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh I believe in yesterday. who plays it cool. you’re waiting for someone to perform with. My father is a gambler. better. better… da. It’s been the ruin of many a poor boy and my. you’ll do. I have a dream I have a dream. now go and get her. Mm. I believe in yesterday Refrain: why she had to go I don’t know. drinks down in New Orleans. a song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of a fairy tale You can take the future. the movement you need is on your shoulder. she wouldn’t say I said something wrong. hey Jude refrain. da Hey Jude. even if you fail Chorus: I believe in angels. all my troubles seemed so far away. 103 . take a sad song and make it better.Evening activities Songbook I have a dream I have a dream. My father is a gamblin man. hey Jude House of the Rising Sun There is a house in New Orleans They call the rising sun. I’m not half the man I used to be There’s a shadow hanging over me Oh yesterday came suddenly Refrain Yesterday. mm. don’t make it bad. then you begin to make it better. For well you know that it’s a fool. And don’t you know that it’s just you. Remember to let her into your heart. he goes from town to town. And anytime you feel the pain. o Lord I’m one. when I know the time is right for me I’ll cross the stream. you were made to go out and get her. So let it out and let it in. da Hey Jude. when the light is low Wum di dadi. The only times he’s satisfied. better. a fantasy to help me through reality And my destination makes it worth the while Pushing through the darkness still another mile Chorus Yesterday Yesterday. I ran to the window. Wum di dadi Wum di dadi. hey Jude. Da. hey Jude. Da. you have found her. And maybe get a second glance Now I got to get used to not living next door to Alice We grew up together two kids in the park We carved our initials deep in the bark. by making his world a little colder. I like the rolling hills I like the fireside. don’t let me down. then you can start to make it better. something good in everything I see I believe in angels. da.

never do like I have done Shun that house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun One foot on the platform. Hey Lyle. the other’s on the train. All over this land I’d sing out danger. Country Roads All my mem’ries gather ‘round her miner’s lady stranger to blue water Dark and dusty. boys you don’t have to fight Hot go I feel lucky tonight I feel lucky. I feel lucky yeah Hey Dwight. I’d sing out warning. I feel lucky today. I feel lucky No Professor Doom’s gonna stand in my way MMMM I feel lucky today Well I strolled down to the corner. Going back to New Orleans. then I was strolling And the wheat field waving. I woke up this morning. If I had a hammer If I had a hammer. I’d hammer in the morning I’d hammer in the evening. to the place I belong. all over this land I’d ring out danger. West Virginia Blue Ridge mountains. take me home. I feel lucky Think I’ll flip a coin. made a beeline for the park The sky began to thunder. mountain momma. West Virginia. a burrito and a Barq’s Crossed again the light. If I had a bell. Shenandoah River Life is old there. all over this land It’s a hammer of justice. Yesterday Refrain I Feel Lucky Well. Well 11 million later I was sitting at the bar I’d bought the house a double and the waitress a new car Dwight Yoakam’s in the corner trying to catch my eye Lyle Lovett’s right beside me with his hand upon my thigh The moral of the story is simple but it’s true Hey the stars might lie but the numbers never do I feel lucky. the wind began to moan I heard a voice above me saying Girl You’d better get back home But I feel lucky. It’s a bell of freedom It’s as song about love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land Country Roads Almost heaven. This land is your land This land is your land. in the morning hour she calls me The radio reminds me of my home far away Driving down the road I get a feeling that I should have been home yesterday. I’m going back to New Orleans to wear the ball and chain. I’d sing it in the morning I’d sing it in the evening. my race is almost run I’m going to spend the rest of my days beneath the Rising Sun. gave my number to the clerk The pot’s 11 million. and I’ve got a bell And I’ve got a song to sing. I’m a winner either way Mmmm I feel lucky today. painted on the sky Misty taste of moonshine teardrop in my eye Refrain I hear her voice. I’ve got hammer. so I called in sick to work I bought a pack of camels. Growing like a breeze Refrain: Country Road. stumbled out of my rack I opened up the paper to the page in the back It only took a minute for my finger to find My daily dose of destiny under my sign My eyes just about popped out my head It said the stars are stacked against you girl Get back in bed I feel lucky. I’d hammer out warning I’d hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land.Go tell my baby sister. I’d ring out warning I’d ring out love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land If I had a song. I’d sing out love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land Now. Younger than the mountains. I’d ring it in the morning I’d ring it in the evening. I feel lucky No tropical depression’s gonna steal my sun away MMM. this land is my land From California to the New York Island From the redwood forest to the gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and me As I went walking that ribbon of highway I saw above me that endless skyway I saw below me that golden valley This land was made for you and me I roamed and rambled and I followed my footsteps to sparkling sands of her diamond deserts And all around me a voice was saying This land was made or you and me When the sun came shining. and the dust clouds rolling A voice was chanting as the fog was lifting 104 . all over this land I’d hammer out danger. older than the trees. take me home.

blow your horn!” Dinah won’t you blow Dinah won’t you blow Dinah won’t you blow your horn Repeat Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Someone’s in the kitchen I know Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Strumming on the old banjo And singing Fee Fi fiddlee I O Fee Fi fiddlee I O O O O Fee fie Fiddlee I O Strumming on the old banjo She’ll be coming round the mountain She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain. She’ll be driving six white horses She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes Oh we’ll all go out and meet her when she comes Oh we’ll all go out and meet her when she comes Oh we’ll all go out and meet her. There’s so many times I’ve let you down So many times I’ve played around I tell you now. merrily Life is but a dream The Bug (Mary-Chapin Carpenter) Well it’s a strange old game you learn it slow One step forward and it’s back you go You’re standing on the throttle. row. she’ll be coming ‘round the mountain She’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes She’ll be driving six white horses when she comes She’ll be driving six white horses. I hate to go. I’ve been working on the Railroad I’ve been working on the railroad All the live-long day I’ve been working on the railroad Just to pass the time away Don’t you hear the whistle blowing? Rise up so early in the morn? Can’t you hear the captain shouting? “Dinah. merrily. merrily. Oh we’ll kill the old red rooster Oh we’ll kill the old red rooster when she comes And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings. I’ll wear your wedding ring Chorus Well now the time has come to leave you One more time please let me kiss you Then close your eyes and I’ll be on my way. when I Won’t have to leave you alone About the time I won’t have to say: Chorus 105 . Oh we’ll all go out and meet her Oh we’ll all go out and meet her when she comes Oh we’ll kill the old red rooster when she comes Oh we’ll kill the old red rooster when she comes Oh we’ll kill the old red rooster. Dream about he days to come. row. I’ll sing for you When I come back. And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes Row. row your boat Row. he’s blowin’ his horn Already I’m so lonesome I could die Chorus: so kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go “cause I’m leaving on a jet planet don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe. they don’t mean a thing Every place I go I’ll think of you Every song I sing.This land was made for and me. You’re standing on the brake In the groove ‘til you make a mistake Chorus: Sometimes you’re the windshield Sometimes you’re the bug Sometimes it all comes together baby Sometimes you’re just a fool in love Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger Sometimes you’re the ball Sometimes it all comes together Sometimes you’re gonna lose it all You gotta know happy. you gotta know glad Because you’re gonna know lonely And you’re gonna know sad When you’re ripping and you’re riding And you’re coming on strong You start slippin’ and slidin’ and it all goes wrong because Chorus One day you got the glory and then you got none One day you’re a diamond and then you’re a stone Everything can change in the blink of an eye So let the good times roll before we call say goodbye because Chorus Leaving on a jet plane All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go I’m standing here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breaking. it’s early morn The taxi’s waiting. row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily.

a yellow submarine. in our yellow submarine Chorus: We all live in a yellow submarine. a yellow submarine And our friends are all on board. sea of green in our yellow submarine Chorus O Susana Oh I come from Alabama With a banjo on my knee I’m going to Louisiana My true love for to see Chorus: Oh Susana Now don’t you cry for me For I’ve come from Alabama With a banjo on my knee It rained all night the day I left The weather was so dry The sun so hard I froze to death Susana don’t you cry Chorus On top of Old Smokey On top of Old Smokey All covered with snow I lost my true love there A-courting too slow Oh courting is pleasure And parting is grief But a false hearted lover Is worse than a thief A thief will just rob you Of all that you save But a false hearted lover Will lead to the grave 106 .Yellow submarine In the town where I was born. many more of them live next door And the band begins to play in our yellow submarine Chorus As we live a life of ease. every one of us has all we need Sky of blue. ‘til we found the sea of green And we lived beneath the waves. lived a man who sailed the sea And he told us his life in the land of submarines So we sailed up to the sun.

consider this It’s okay to say ‘no’ to sex. What are you afraid will happen? Are you going to sleep with me or am I just wasting my time? You can say… If you loved me. If you don’t sleep with me. See you later. I’m not everybody. The truth is… In all states it is legal for minors to get birth control without parental consent. What if He/She says… If you loved me. Everybody’s doing it. In fact.Before you decide to have Sex. there must be something wrong with you. Be sure to talk with a family planning counselor or your health to get the facts straight. Unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. And if you are not ready to accept responsibility for protecting yourself from pregnancy and unwanted diseases. You must not be a real man/woman. Pregnancy can occur the first time you have sex. What are you waiting for? There must be something wrong with you. I’m waiting until it’s the right choice for me. If that’s what you think. you are not ready for sex. Using birth control takes away the romance. 107 . I’m just not ready. • If you are thinking about becoming sexually active. Saying ‘no’ is the best way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) • Because sex has many potential consequences. Common Misconceptions about Sex You might have heard I can’t get birth control. it is the couple’s responsibility to discuss and agree upon a method of birth control. In addition. If that’ s all you care about. Ways to say “No” to Sex Birth control is the woman’s responsibility. but it requires that a woman trust her partner and may be difficult for teenage boys to practice. both partners need to take responsibility for STD prevention. you should understand the facts about sexual health. I’ll find someone who will. Planning to use birth control does not have to take away the romance and enjoyment. I can’t get pregnant the first time I have sex I’ll be able to tell if my partner has an STD Withdrawal works. Withdrawal can work. The decision should be given thought before a sexual situation arises. I’m tired of being pressured to do something I don’t want to do. Having sex doesn’t make you a man/woman. I’m tired of waiting for you to be ready. Many teenagers lack sexual knowledge and rely on friends for information which is often incorrect. you are not ready to have sex. you’d have sex with me. You’re the only virgin in the school. it can relieve many worries about unwanted pregnancy. And I’m proud of it. you’re wasting my time. because I’ m under 18. I’m not afraid of anything. It is often not possible to tell if your partner has an STD. the decision to have sex should not be made in a moment of passion. Although only the woman gets pregnant. you wouldn’t pressure me to do something I’m not comfortable with. • If you are not comfortable about discussing sex and birth control with your partner.

How to put on an condom 108 .

AIDS awareness 109 .

It’s OK to say no 110 .

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Aflã cum funcþioneazã corpul tãu 112 .

113 .

This shedding of the lining is called menstruation. people are not taught about the reproductive organs because it can e embarrassing. All of the sudden. then there is no baby. it sot ask her partner to wear a latex condom every time they have vaginal intercourse. that someday might become her children. the egg travels down the fallopian tube. grow pubic hair. a woman cannot tell when her ovary releases an egg. and now we have a zygote. The best way to prevent pregranncy for a woman who has chosen to be sexually active. If the sperm can’t find the egg. Then the sperm injects 23 chromosomes into the ova. which already has 23 chromosomes. What organism has 46 chromosomes? A Human! Now this zygote can begin to turn into a baby. Slowly. an egg might be release and then you could get pregnant. uncomfortable or unknown. About two weeks later. Please read the chart and look at the drawings below and make sure you know the organs that are in your body and also that are in the opposite sex’s body. Pregnancy To begin a pregnancy. so every month it gets ready. In many parts of the world and in many families. so the egg dies and falls into the uterus. hoping to meet some sperm to make a baby. then there is no baby. and her ovaries start to produce hormones. underarm hair and more leg hair. 114 . But not much happens until she reaches puberty. The lining in the uterus notices the dead egg and begins to fall out o the uterus. there are no sperm. The process where the sperm finds the egg and gives its chromosomes is called fertilization. grow breasts. “Let’s begin!” and her body produces hormones that cause her to grow taller. This lining is importantly only when a baby is actually made. every day of her life. with 46 chromosomes. but they must be taken every day or they will not work properly. it is important to know about all the sexual/reproductive organs. her brain says. First. the endometrial lining has gotten nice and thick. The Inside Story: girl Inside a girls’ body. into the uterus and fallopian tubes to find the eggs. But if you forget to a pill one day. And remember. or eggs. are the ova. the sperm must find the ova in the fallopian tube. Condoms are so wonderful because they don’t let the sperm get through the cervix. Knowing this information often gives young men and women comfort in their own bodies and can help them make good and healthy decisions about being sexually active as they grow up. If no sperm gets near the egg. A girl’s body also beings to grow inside. but her body doesn’t know when that will happen. so the hormones now tell her ovaries to release an egg. Preventing Pregnancy Can a woman tell when her body is releasing an egg? Nope Does it happen at the same time eveyr month? Nope So how can a woman who does not want a baby make sure she doesn’t get pregnant? The best way to prevent pregnancy is to be abstinent. This brochure will give you some information about the different reproductive organs for boys and girls and also discuss how pregnancy occurs. They work by telling the ovary not to release an egg. which tell the uterus to make a lining called the endometrium. These can be very good for many women.Know how your body works! The Reproductive Organs and Pregnancy It is very important to know al of the organs in your body so that you know how to take care of yourself. Some women chose to take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Usually. Pop! The egg flies out of the ovary and into the fallopian tube.

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