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Peace Corps Volunteer Manual Handbook | 2011

Peace Corps Volunteer Manual Handbook | 2011

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Peace Corps Vol Manual D/C VH11

This is a peace corps worker manual, although peace corps caveats countries vary as excusing manual for workers/volunteers.
Peace Corps Vol Manual D/C VH11

This is a peace corps worker manual, although peace corps caveats countries vary as excusing manual for workers/volunteers.

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Volunteer assignments support the goals and objectives of specifc
projects and are intended to engage Volunteers in building local capacity
with a focus on developing people, not things. They empower people to
create new opportunities and to take charge of their own future. Volunteers
may use a range of activities, from helping children and youth acquire
new leadership and life skills to helping a municipality better utilize radio
and the Internet to communicate with the public. They work with

Volunteer Handbook • Volunteer Assignments Overseas


individuals and international organizations to prevent the spread of
diseases, ofer business advice to emerging entrepreneurs, and support
communities in addressing environmental degradation. At the same time,
a project’s goals and objectives are not permanent. They change over time
as needs evolve, as goals are accomplished, or as evaluations reveal that
the original plan needs modifcation. Though Peace Corps staf and host
country representatives develop assignments prior to the arrival of
Volunteers, a new Volunteer may fnd that any assignment is subject to
changes and unpredictable new circumstances.

Often, the eforts of Volunteers build upon those of Volunteers
who have served previously, lending continuity to Peace Corps’
assistance to the host country.

In some cases, an assignment may not work out exactly as planned or
may develop in ways not originally included in the project plan. Consider
the following scenarios:

• A Volunteer arrives at the clinic where he or she has been assigned
and discovers that essential supplies are not available because there
is not enough money to purchase them.

• Materials to support a construction project are late in arriving
because of transportation problems. This delays work for weeks or

• The school director is away (for an unspecifed period of time). In
the meantime, no one can approve plans to test the environmental
education curriculum a Volunteer has developed.

• A host country national counterpart fnds a job opportunity in
another town and cannot continue to work with the Volunteer. The
sponsoring ministry says it does not have the funds to replace the

Situations such as these can be challenging, yet they do occur and may
refect cultural diferences, personal conficts, or the needs that prompted
the request for Peace Corps’ assistance. While you have the support of

Peace Corps staf in resolving difculties with your assignment, your

success will depend, in large part, on patience, a sense of perspective,
resourcefulness, fexibility, and creativity.

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