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Lesson Author: Date of Demonstration:

Ian Dwight H. Sabellina Rovi May P. Maputi Sadie Lian T. Gandia

CONTEXT Area Lesson title Time allotted for lesson Short description of lesson

Communication Skills All About me 1 hour and 30 minutes At the end of the discussion the students will be able to: recite his/her background communicate with his/her classmate maintain attention span PECS Instructional Materials Paper Pencil Magazines Picture Crayons Power Point Presentation Camera

Instructional objectives

Materials, resources and technology needed

REFLECTION At the end of the evaluation, the students will reflect about what they feel while doing the activity of introducing their self. They will do this through illustrating facial expressions using their paper, pencil and crayons.


Example: EXPERIENCE Focus Entry

Instructional Procedures

Explaining the Process of Photosynthesis Educational Placement: Inclusion Type of Disability: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Duration: 30 minutes Accommodation The teacher will ask if the students know little information about themselves. The basic information like name, place where they live, age and place where he/she is currently studying. The teacher will first demonstrate his/her background to his/her students with use of power point presentation. The teacher will show the sample of PECS about introducing me. Then the students will write in their paper their basic information. Modification If the child with ASD cannot follow the directions given by the teacher, the teacher will then assess the child on the part where the child had problem

or instead of 30 minutes which is the time allotted for the activity, it would be extended to 45 minutes for the child to perform the tasks. In this way, the other student can continue doing the activity so that the teacher can concentrate in helping the child with ASD.

Observation Direct Instruction Creative thinking Independent Practice

Instructional Strategies

*ASD Student (Special Provision) Observation Direct Instruction Creative thinking Independent Practice

ACTION The student including the child with autism will be given an assignment which will be listing their usual tasks or activities every day. They will use their own picture of doing the task. Assignment Example: Using of DSLR in capturing the students while cleaning his/her own bed. This assignment will be use as preparation for the next meeting which uses TEACCH Approach.

EVALUATION At the end of this activity, the students will be asked to cut out pictures that represent their basic information like a picture of house representing there address from magazines and pictures. However in the part of the student with autism, given that there is a teacher aid particularly an occupational therapist that assesses the student in fine motor task like cutting, he/she will guide the student with autism in doing the task.