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Using a Display File in CL Program

Using a Display File in CL Program

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Published by Ashish Bhatia

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Published by: Ashish Bhatia on Aug 25, 2013
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Calling A Display File using CL program.

I just designed one screen which has one input capable field while rest is screen constant . Which look like below screenshot:

So this screen has one input where you can enter any of the option. Let us discuss how this is being called with in a CL program.

In this program we do not need to define opt variable as it will be picked from display file. Let’s understand the code of the program one by one. First line PGM shows start of the program. 2nd line DCLF – it stands for declare file which has the screen name. (Basically it is used to declare Display file, also the variables defined in this screen will be accessible to this CL program). 3rd line SNDRCVF --The Send/Receive File (SNDRCVF) command is used by a control language (CL) program to send data to and receive data from a device that is being used interactively by a user. (Basically it handles entering your response on screen and pass it to CL program).

4th and 5th line has IF condition whatever condition will be true on screen expected output will be processed as expected. (like the above program has either F3 pressed or you enter choice 1 as option, on pressing F3 it will close the program and on taking option 1 it will call the program STMLE) 6th line is used to tell the program ends here.

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