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Bellringer: Carefully study the cartoon below. Answer the questions below using complete sentences.

1. What do you think the cartoonist is trying to communicate in this cartoon?

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2. What do you think is the cause of the cars problems?

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3. Why wouldnt a mechanic think its a demon?

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Activity 1: Is it Science? Cornell Note & Video Lecture

Biology Objective / Essential Question:

Questions / Main Ideas:

Questions / Main Ideas: Science has ___________________________ It can only deal with things that can either be ___________________ or ___________________________ perceived through the senses What are the five senses? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Items that ____________________ be perceived by the senses _______ be dealt with by _____________________________. Stop-and-Jot Is it possible to solve every problem using science? Why or why not?

Item 1. Earthquakes 2. Viruses 3. Angels 4. Cells 5. Flying Carpets

Science CAN study it

Science CANNOT study it

Stop & Jot 6. Stars 7. Mind Reading 8. Souls 9. Rainbows 10. Cancer 11. Dinosaur Bones 12. Witchcraft 13. Fairies 14. Flowers 15. Beautiful Music

Questions / Main Ideas:

Questions / Main Ideas: Our Class Rule

Stop-and-Jot Is it possible for science to study the little green man who only lives on the dark side of the Moon and disappears every time technology or humans try to get close enough to see it? Why or why not?

Activity 2: What is science? Directions: Your teacher will hand you an envelope. You must categorize all the slips of paper in your envelope into one of following groups: 1. Science IS 2. Science is NOT Fill in the following table with the correct answers by watching the video. See how many you sorted correctly!

Science IS

Science is NOT

Activity 3: The Limits of Science Purpose: To explore the limits of science. What things can scientists NOT do? Task: As you read, highlight any information about the limits of science. Answer the questions in the margin of the reading as you read. Outcome: Define Science: What IS science? What is science NOT?

THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE Introduction Science is a powerful tool. It provides a structure for looking at nature using our senses to explain our observations. But science also has its limits. Questions Science Cannot Answer Science cannot solve all problems. A basic assumption of science is that the laws of nature are the same everywhere. Those physical laws do not depend on opinion. People, however, have different customs, beliefs, and life styles. Many human questions require the use of opinion. Science cannot answer questions that require judgment or opinion. Other areas of human thought, such as philosophy and religion, do deal with these questions. Explanations Science Cannot Use A hypothesis is a possible explanation to a question about nature. It must always be possible to disprove a hypothesis. Explanations which are impossible to disprove cannot be used in science. For example, explanations that require mysterious or supernatural forces cannot be used in science. To be able to disprove an explanation, we must be able to test it. This means, in science, we must be able to do an experiment. We cannot design an experiment to test for supernatural or mysterious forces. Scientific Solutions are Not Fact The main goal of science is to understand nature by developing theories, not to produce facts. A fact is an observation about nature accepted as true. Scientific theories are not facts. They are sets of statements that explain facts and predict new facts. Scientific explanations are never 100% certain. There is always a chance that they will be disproved when new evidence is discovered.

Which of these questions can be answered by science? a. What is right? b. Who was the best president? c. Why is the grass green? d. What is the purpose of life?

Which of these is a scientific explanation? a. Some of our behavior is caused by mysterious forces from planets or stars b. Cancer is caused by a genetic mutation

Can scientific theories change?

HW2: The Limits of Science Directions: Decide if the following things CAN or CANNOT be studied by science Items Pregnancy Santa Claus Atoms Heart Disease Ethics (What is RIGHT or WRONG) Directions: Decide if the following are questions that CAN or CANNOT be answered by science Items Which religion is best? What causes strep throat? Which type of music is the most beautiful? What causes global warming? Directions: Decide if the following are explanations that CAN or CANNOT be used by science Items Plants make food using the suns energy Some people can predict the future because they have special abilities AIDS is caused by a virus Directions: Decide if the following words describe what science IS or what science is NOT Items Testable Absolute Disprovable Based on Experimentation Based on Belief Science IS CAN be used by science CAN be answered by science CAN be studied by science

Biology I

CANNOT be studied by science

CANNOT be answered by science

CANNOT be used by science

Science is NOT