Nayya: Malachizodok York-El

The Bride Of Christ


The Bride Of Christ_ Introduction
The Purpose Of This Scroll Entitled "The Bride Of Christ" Is, In This Day And Time That We Are In Factology Vs. Theology And It Is My Job To Show And Prove To You That Jesus Did Have A Wedding And That He Did Have A Wife. This Is My Method Of Dispelling The Spell, The Spell Of Leviathan. A Spell Of Religion, And Religious Ignorance! One Of The Most Prominent Religions Today In The Western Hemisphere Is Called Christianity. The Interpretation Many People Have Been Given Of Jesus, Of Who He Was, Of What He Did, And The Purpose Of His Coming Is A Distorted One. These Lies Have Gone On For Too Long And It's Time To Put A Stop To This Deception, Before It's Too Late! These False Preachers, Teachers, Pastors And Imaams, Are Leading Poor Souls Towards The Wrong Direction And Their Students Are Not Even Checking It Out For Themselves. They Are Just Listening And Digesting Misinformation Into Their Systems, Not Knowing If What They Are Teaching Are Facts. If They Were Smart They Would Do Some Research. When I Teach My Thousands Of Nuwaubian Students, I Simply Tell Them: "DON'T BELIEVE ME CHECK IT OUT!" I Want Them To Research What I Teach So That They Can Know The Facts And Overstand It, By Seeing It For Themselves, Right There In Front Of Their Faces. So, They Have No Doubts In Their Minds Of What I Teach!!! When I Confirm Things That Are Right In Your Bible, Like "Jesus Had A Wedding In Cana" (John, Chapter 2) Which Means He Had A Wife, You Called Me Mad! The Holy Tabernacle Members Under The Guidance Of Myself, Nayya: Malachizodok York-El, Are Seeking To Teach The Facts About Jesus. My Job Is Not To Advocate Falsehood But Merely To Introduce To The World The Facts. If That's What You Base Your Life On, The Truth, Then I Am No Problem To You. All

Brother Of Mary Magdalene And Martha . The Story Unfolds Like This: The Wedding Of Yashu'a Bar Maryam (£TTQ "Q VW>) Took Place In Cana In Galilee. My Reason For Doing This Is Because The Word "Yashu'a" Is A Title That Simply Means "Savior Or Salvation". The Reason Why It Was Not Recorded Was Because The Essenes Vowed Celibacy. Lazarus. The Reception Was In Bethany At Yashua's Own House. I Always Write His Hebrew Name "Yashu'a" (iTKir'). The Head Of The Order. You Will Notice That When I Make Reference To Jesus. I Will Explain More To You About The Name Yashu'a Later On In This Book. A Student Of His. This Bethany Is Where He Lived With Martha. That You May Obtain An Evident Overstanding Of How Yashu'a Did Indeed Marry And Have A Son. Took Him In. Those Of You That Have Been Fooled Will Laugh At The Very Thought And Say. Lazarus. "How Could Such A Thing Have Occurred?" So Let Me Walk You Verse By Verse. The Bride OfChrist_ Figure 2 Martha. This Was Many Years Before He Knew That He Would Marry Lazarus' Sister. Sister Of Mary Magdalene (John 11:1) Figure 1 The Essene Village Figure 3 Lazarus. And His Wife Mary Magdalene After The Wedding.The Bride OfChrist_ Throughout This Pamphlet. And It Would've Been A Travesty To Hear That One Of Their Own Had Defected And Married Other Than With The Approval Of The Rabb. When He Defected From The Essenes Village. For The Sole Purpose Of Reproduction.

Mary Magdalene Also Dwelled In The Same City As This Jesus Where They Lived 2 Miles From Jerusalem. f • -J"" " •"•"^^^^^•^•^•tTim-i-T • ii ^ Diagram 1 Map Of Bethany Here. And Himself Sat Down And Did. He Even Shared His House With Others. They Re-Transferred All The Writings Of A Man "Flavius Josephus-Pico". Some lends. It Was From One Of Those Tabloids Of Fiction. Three Kilometers Southeast Of Jerusalem On The Mount Of Olives And Close To Bethphage. Where He Eventually Moved. It Was The Home Of The Sisters Mary And Martha. A Greek Speaking Roman 10 Is Responsible For Writing The New Testament Epic.The Bride Of Christ_ Bethany Meaning "House Of Figs" Is A Village About One And Three Fourth Miles. This Keeps Us From Doing Things Ourselves. Now. You Haven't Encountered Or Heard Of Anyone Coming Back From The Dead In This Day (A Biological Fact) And If You Did. So We Have Established That Jesus Had Many Places That He Lived Like An Ordinary Man. Yashu'a Raised Their Brother Lazarus From The Dead.000 Years Ago Is Coming Back From The Dead To Save You? We Don't Need To Be Sitting Around Waiting For Some Caucasian Or Any Other Or Mystic God To Come And Save Us. The Bride Of Christ_ Figure 4 Lazarus Being Raised Out Of The Dead Symbolically ?re Was None Of This Spookism Mess Going On Until The >mans Got Together At The Nicean Council And Put Together -istianity. They Copied Stories . A Ritual Symbolism Performed By The Essenes. Figure 5 Flavius Josephus-Pico Testament Was Actually A Play That His Sons. So I'm Asking You Again: What Makes You Think That A Man Named Yashua Who Died 2.

That Was Because The Latin Called Her Virgo. A Young Woman. The Story Of Jesus Being Crucified (Matthew 27:35) Is The Incident Of Dawiyd Son Of (Jesus) And Hilmah Being Crucified By Way Of Hanging On A Tree. Means "Par-Then'-Os.The Bride OfChrist_ And Incidents From The Torah Of The Jews You Call The Old Testaments. I Will Further Examine The "acts Of This Case About The Wedding. Where It _The Bride Of Christ_ States: "Behold A Virgin (Almah) Shall Conceive And Bear A Son". That Is Why Every Story Or Incident Surrounding Yashu'a (Jesus) In The New Testament Can Be Found In The Old Testaments. By G. The Greek Word Parthenos. That Is To Say. In A Magazine Entitled "Nexus News Times. Was The Old Hebrew Word Almah Which Meant "A Young Women". It Didn't Mean The Same Thing At All. The Hebrew Word Used Would Have Been Bethula. By Impl. Not Almah. (Psalm 22:2-22) lese Are No Coincidences! This Was Done Intentionally To Confuse Us And To Put Us Deeper Into The Spell Of Leviathan. Virgin. The Word "Anoint" In Aramic (Hebrew) Is Mashakh (TWO). Had Mary Actually Been Physically Virgo Intacta. Yashu'a Lodged In tethany During His Last Week In Jerusalem And The Palm >cession Set Out From Here. Young Woman'. Gomez De Silva. The Beloved. Virgen 'Virgin':Latin Virginem. Of Marriageable Age' As Found In Isaiah 7:14. 2. The Story Of Yashu'a Being Conceived Of A Virgin (Luke 1:31) Is The Event Of The Conception Of Immanuel Son Of Isaiah And Majia That Is Found In The Old Testament Of Isaiah 7:14. Meaning A 'Young Women. And The Hebrew Word For Young Women Is Almah .. The Story Of Jesus Being Anointed With The Holy Ghost (Acts 10:38) Is The Incident Of "The Real Messiah" David. At The Home Of Simon. Virgo In Latin Meant Nothing More Than A Young Woman. A Young Woman. To Have Meant The Same Thing As Virgin Does Not Today.pro1?}?)." If You Look In The Elsevier's Concise Spanish Etymological Dictionary. Mistranslated Words And Altered Them So That They Would Not Be Identical. The Nexus Magazine Also States On Page 20. Vol 5. "A Young Woman Intact. Where The . A Maiden. It Was All Copied Or Made Up. Accusative Of Virgo (Stem Virgin-) 'Virgin. The Latin Would Have Been Virgo Intacta. And Made Them Fit Yashu'a (Jesus) Of 2. The Anointing Ceremony Of Yashu'a Took Place Two Days Before The Feast Of The "*assover Took Place. Being Anointed By El Yahuwa With His Holy Oil. The Story Of Jesus Resurrecting Lazarus From The Dead John 11:43 Is The Incident Of Elijah Bringing A Child Back To Life From The Dead Melakhim (Kings 17:21-22).000 Years Ago. Of Unknown Or. For Example: 1. No. And The Word Virgin Was Translated From The Greek Initially But The Latin. Under Strong Number 3933. It Had No Sexual Connotation Whatever. 4. The Leper In Jethany. hies: What Is The Anointing Ceremony? This Ceremony Was First Practiced By The Ancient Egyptians And Later It Became A Judaic Practice. "Let's See Why They Call Her Virgo.-Virgin". Page 548. (Psalm 89:20) 5. The Statement Made In The Book Of Matthew (King James Version Bible) That Says And I Quote: "One Jot Nor One Tittle Shall Pass From The Law" (Matthew 5:8) It Also States In Deuteronomy 12:32 And I Quote: "Don't Take Away Or Add To The Law". 3" On Page 20. States "Our English-Language Gospels Tells Us That Jesus' Mother Mary Was A Virgin. Let Me Make It Clear To You At This Point The Conception Of Yashu'a Being Conceived Of A Virgin (Matthew 1:23) Where It States: "Behold A Virgin (Parthenos) Shall Be With Child". " 3. An Unmarried Daughter-. Maybe They Actually Got Something Right Which We've Got Wrong Later On. We Discover That The Word Translated To Mean Virgo.

Yet. You Will Find Some Practices That Can Be Traced To Some Form Of Ancient Mythology (Refer To "The Real Messiah " Scroll # 108).The Bride OfChrist_ Word Mashiakh (ITO73) (Messiah) Comes From. Or To Wipe." The Earliest Anointing Was The Consecration Of Puberty. Why Was He And His Jisciples Invited? Or Who Were These Persons That Were So Important That Yashu'a Went To Their Wedding? Yashu'a 'Seemed To Disagree With Every Other Ritual In The Scriptures Jaying That They Exaggerated. And Here At The Full Age Of The Typical Adult. Is Suddenly Made Into The Messiah. To Anoint" And In Ashuric/ Syriac (Arabic) It Is (^^o) Masaha. The Child Of The Virgin Mother. Which Means To "Rub. "To Rub With Oil. Revelation Speaks Of The Marriage Of The Lamb Symbolism This Is What It Says: Revelation 19:7 Figure 1 An Ancient Anointing Ceremony Making Him Or Her A Messiah Modern Greek Script 8 . If " Wedding Was Not Yashua's Own. The Christ. Jome Of Yashua's Disciples Were There At The Wedding. Of A ferriage. How Come He Went To This " Bedding? The Law? There's No Mention After This. Who Was Previously A Child. _The Bride OJ Christ_ Figure 6 An Example Of A Vessel Used For Anointing The Messiahs Figure 8 A Judaic Anointing Ceremony In Each Religious Sect. As The ELI's Anointed. It Means "To Smear.

Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A.D. So He Said To Me: Write Blessed Are All Those Who Were Called To The Feast Of The Dinner For The Wedding Of The Lamb. Revelation 21:2 Modern Greek Script LET US BE KHAH'EE-RO (GLAD) AND AG-AL-LEE-AH'-O (REJOICE). Which Is Facts Beyond Any Doubt. AND HIS GOO-NAY'. AND GIVE HONOUR TO HIM: FOR THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB IS COME. Which Had The Seven Bowls Full Of Seven Last Plagues. So Let Us Be Happy And Rejoice And Glorify Him Because The Wedding Of The Lamb Had Indeed Come And His Bride Is Ready. They Refer And They Prefer 10 11 . She Was Given Pure White Linen To Wear Because The White Linen Is The Dress Of The Righteous. The Heavenly One. LET US BE GLAD AND REJOICE. And He Said To Me This Is The Word Of He Who Is Above.The Bride Of Christ_ The Bride Of Christ_ To Identify With The New Jerusalem Coming Down Like A Bride Prepared For Her Groom (Revelation 21:2). Symbolically Speaking Of The Holy City Coming Down From Heaven. Where They Read: And Their Came To Me One Of The Seven Eloheem.r||Li Kaivr|v ei5ov KocTapawoDaav eic TOD ODpavoD arco TOD 0eoD." That Can Be Found In Their Mistranslations With The Same Meaning In (Revelation 19:7) Through The Tenth Verses. (HERSELF) HET-OY-MAD'-ZO (READY). And Spoke With Me Saying Come Here I Will Show You The Bride. KAT-AB-AHEE-NO (( 'OMING DOWN) FROM THE THEH-OS (THEHOS) OUT OF THE 00-RAN-OS (SKIES). (WIFE) HATH HET-OY-MAD'-ZO (MADE) DO-REH'-OM-AHEE. AND DID'-O-MEE. TiToi|iaajLievr|v coc. Right Translations In Greek By: KOCI TTJV TioAiv TT|v ocyiocv IepoDaaA. KAHEE-NOS (NEW) IIEE-ER-00-SAL-AME (JERUSALEM). The Lamb's Wife. VD|i(|)r|v KeKoajurijiievTiv TCO av5pi iND I EE-O-AN-NACE (JOHN) I-DO (SAW) THE HAG-EE-OS (HOLY) POL-IS (CITY). (GIVE) DOX'-AH (HONOUR) TO HIM: FOR THE GAM'-OS (MARRIAGE) OF THE AR-NEE'-ON (LAMB) IS ER'-KHOM-AHEE (COME). AND HIS WIFE HA TH MADE HERSELF READY. HET-OY-MAD-ZO (PREPARED) AS A NOOM-FAY (BRIDE) KOS-MEH-O (ADORNED) FOR HERAN-AYR (HUSBAND).

It Begins: And A Voice Came From The Seat Saying Glory Is For Our Creator.D." Genesis 2:24 Modern Hebrew Script 24 nnx vm frwxs AL (THE HIGHEST LAWS SAY) AN EESH (MALE LIVING BEING [NAMED ZAKAR]) AW-ZAB' (LEAVE. NEW JERUSALEM. So Let Us Be Happy And Rejoice And Glorify Him Because The Wedding Of The Lamb Has Indeed Come And His Bride Is Ready. Yet In The Nineteenth Degree. TO LOOSEN) HIS AWE (FATHER) WA (AND) HIS AME (MOTHER). And I Heard It As If It Were The Voice Of Many Crowds And As The Voice Of Many Waters And As The Voice Of Strong Thundering. COMING DOWN FROM GOD OUT OF HEA YEN. O All You Servants And All You That Fear Him Both Young And Old. The Almighty Ruler. It Is Clear For Those Who Can See That This Was Talking About An Event That Had Come And That The Other Was Talking About An Incident To Come. All The Heavens Was Prepared For The Wedding Of Yashu'a (Jesus) For It Was The Laws Of His Heavenly Father That States "Therefore. Then It Continues. WA (AND) IS TO DAW-BAK' (JOIN) TO HIS ISH-SHAW' 12 13 . Saying Praise Be Yahuwa The Adonai Al Shaadi.The Bride OfChrist_ Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. PREPARED ASA BRIDE ADORNED FOR HER HUSBAND. Shall A Man Leave His Father And His Mother And Shall Cleave Unto His Wife. The Bride Of Christ_ AND I JOHN SAW THE HOLY CITY.

BUT TO FULFILL.D.The Bride OfChrist_ NOM-ID-ZO (THINK) NOT THAT I AM ER-KHOM-AHEE (COME) TOKAT-AL-OO-O (DESTROY) THENOM-OS (LAWS OF THE TORAH). NEWSBEARERS): I AM NOT ER-KHOM-AHEE (COME) TO KAT-AL-OO-O (DESTROY). "THINK NOT THAT I AM COME TO DESTROY THE LA W. Right Translations In Greek By: The Bride Of Christ_ Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. Don't Think That I Have Come To Destroy The Laws Of The Torah. BUT TO PLA Y-RO-O (FULFILL)." Figure 10 Abraham Son Of Terah And Nuwna Figure 9 Moses (Thutmose) Son Of Amram And Jochebed Figure 11 Noah (Utnafishtim) Son Of Lemek And Kamiyla 14 15 . I Came To Fulfill Them. AY (OR) THE PROF-AY-TACE (PROPHETS. OR THE PROPHETS: I AM NOT COME TO DESTROY. Or What The Newsbearers Said: I Did Not Come To Destroy.

You're Going To Read The Word "Shake". So The King James Version Which You Are Holding In Your Hand And Has Been Passed Down From Those You Love So Much. If You Read His Plays. He Would Impose These Laws As Found In The Scriptures That He Revealed To His Prophets.D.. And You Won't Be Able To Call It A Coincedence.The Bride OfChrist_ . Open Your King James Version Of The Bible Which They Say Was Done By 46 Scholars. Put These Two Words Together And You'll Have The Name Of The Person Who Proofread And Was Responsible For The Language It Originally Was In The "Thees" And "Thous". I Cannot Keep Stressing To You That Names Are Just 16 That Man Was William Shakespare.) Was Done By William Shakespare. You Would See Through All The Lies. This Is Why They Never Encouraged You To Master The Hebrew Language Or Even The Greek Language Because If You Had. If You Count Down From The First Word. What Was His Mother Mary Doing There In This Remote Town To Her Own Home? Ques: Why Are The Names Of The Bride And The Bride Groom Removed From Your Bible? Ans: The Problem With Biblical Scholars Is That When Translating. Figure 12 Adam (Kadmon) Son Of Atum And Lillith If He Was The Heavenly Father. Mary Of Magdalene. Is Not That So? Or You Show Me Another Incident Where Yashu'a And His Disciples Go To A Wedding Reception. Ques: Who Was The Wedding At Cana Prepared By? Ans: The Wedding At Cana Was Prepared By Mary The Mother Of Yashu'a For The Yashu'a To Marry. You'll See That He Wasn't By Far A Good Christian. Figure 13 William Shakespare 17 . And Look At Psalms 46. What I'm About To Show You Is Going To Shock You.- The Bride OfChrist_ Titles. Is A Poor Translation. So They Can Be Translated Too. This Was Yashua's Wedding. The 46 Word Up. And If You Count From The Last Word "Spare". They Pick And Choose Which Words They Want To Translate. The King James Version Of The Bible (1611 A.

18 Modern Greek Script 19 .The Bride OfChrist_ The Bride OfChrist_ Diagram 2 Origin And Growth Of The Bible Now Let Me Walk You Through This Story With The Proper Transliterations So That You Can Check It For Yourself.

Matthew 2:23. Luke 4:22.) EG-O (I) I-MEE ([I] AM) EK (FROM) AN-O (ABOVE.) HOO-MICE (YOU) ES-TEH (ARE) EK (OF) TOO-TOO (THIS) KOS-MOS (WORLD. Nor Have Shoulder Length Hair. UP HIGH. syta EK TWV avu) £i[ir ufaei £K TOUTOU TOU KOOJJOU EQTE. He Didn't Have A Halo. That Is Zodokite. Who Came To Her As A Physical Man. And The Holy Ghost (Angel. And His Adopted Father Was Joseph. The Bride Of Christ_ KAHEE (AND) HE EP-O (SAID) UNTO OW-TOS (THEM. And According To Acts 24:5 He Was A Nazarite. Angelic Order) Gabriy'el. OUK £ l J l £K TOU KOQaOU TOUTOU.The Bride OfChrist_ KQI sAeyev aujoi. You Are From Beneath. I AM NOT OF THIS WORLD. I Am From Up High: You Are Of This World. Son Of Jacob And Hadhbith (Mathew 13:55. ujaei EK TWV KQTOJ eare. AND HE SAID UNTO THEM. He Was A Nazarene. Son Of Rasiy el And Zamma'el. Koran 2:62.) And He Said To Them. YE ARE FROM BENEA TH. Right Translations In Greek By: Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. Which The Koran Calls Al Nasriy (^j-Aill). I AM FROM ABOVE: YE ARE OF THIS WORLD.) EG-O (I) I-MEE ([I] AM) OO (NOT) EK (OF) TOO-TOO (THIS) KOS-MOS (WORLD. John 1:45).D. Yashu'a Was The Son Of Mary. 20 21 .) HOO-MICE (YOU) ES-TAH (ARE [TO BE]) EK (FROM) KAT-0 (BENEATH. Daughter Of Amram And Hanna. I Am Not Of This World.

The Bride OfChrist_ The Bride Of Christ Figure 14 Yashu'a Son Of Mary And Gabriy'el Husband Of Mary Magdalene Figure 17 Imran Father Of Mary Figure 15 Figure 16 Mary Mother Of Yashu'a Gabriy'el Father Of Yashu'a Daughter Of Imram And Hanna Son Of Rasi'el And Zamma'el Figure 18 Hanna Mother Of Mary 22 .

The Bride OfChrist_ _The Bride Of Christ_ Let's Get Back To The Point: Now At The Wedding W7e Have This Story: When The Wine Had Given Out. Yashua's Mother Mary Said To Him: "They Have No Wine Left" Fohn 2:3 Modern Greek Script Figure 19 Rasiy'el Mother Of Gabriy'el Figure 20 Zamma'el Father Of Gabriy'el 24 .

Or A Woman. And Mother. And This Statement Was Made After One Said To Yashu'a: Behold. Which Is In Heaven.The Bride OfChrist_ Fact. For In Greek The Word One Would Use To Call And Respect Their Mother Is Maytare (Mai£. The Bride Of Christ_ >o She Confronted Mary Of Magdalene And Told Her To Go Vnd Ask Yashu'a (Jesus). Did Not Know. He Made This Very Statement: Behold. Said Unto Him. Being The Head Of The House. Which In Greek Means "A Wife. Jesus Said Unto Her. " What Have I To Do With You. At This Wedding. You're The )ne That Organized The Wedding? He Adds: Mine Hour Is Not ret Come (John 2:4). According To Your Scriptures. Then It Would Make Sense For Her To Be Concerned With Why There Is No More Wine Left In This House. They Have No Wine. My Hour Is Not Yet Come? This Is Clearly A Bitter Statement. My Mother And My Brethren For Whosoever Shall Do The Will Of My Father. The Greek Word For "Wife. And It Reads: Yashu'a Goonay.p). Goonay. They Have No More Wine Left. At That Point. And When They Wanted Wine. And Says: What Have I To Do With fou. Nor Believe That He Could Do It. So Mary His Mother Would Not Have Called On Yashu'a To Perform The Turning Of Water Into Wine Because She. The Same Is My Brother." For Maiy Of Magdalene Was At A Lost At What To Do. Ques: Why Was Mary So Concerned With The Wedding? Ans: If She Was The Organizer Of The Wedding For Jesus. Or Simply Look! There Is Your Mother And Your Brothers. Concerning Mary And Whether Or Not She Was One Of His Followers. )hn 2:4 Modern Greek Script 26 27 . Simply What Am I To Do About It. And Were Not Doing The Will Of His Father. And Because The Wedding Was Jesus's. And Sister. Said To Him. He Made It Clear That At That Point They Didn't Believe. She Would Inform Him Of This Problem. He Was Speaking To His Goonay. So Yashu'a Would Have Never Spoke Bitterly To Mary His Blessed Mother. Goonay. Yashua's Goonay.

So After He Told Them To Fill Them To The Brim. And I Ask: Where Are The Families Of The Brides Of The Grooms If This Is Not Mary And Yashu'a's? Why Have They Not Stepped In And Made Their Voices Heard? Why Have Not The Fathers Stepped In To Try To Solve This Problem? There's No Mention Of Anyone Involved Save Mary. This Means All Fifty And Four Gallons Had To Be Empty And Used That Day Because The Law Says They Must Wash With Fresh Water. But The Head •Caterer Called An Arkheetree'kleenos (ApxiTpiKAtvog). In Another Man's Wedding. The Judahites Have Rules Of Ritual Washing And For This Purpose Six Stone Water Jars Were There. Take I It To The Governor Of The Feast Not The Parents. And After Yashu'a (Jesus) Ordered The Servants To Fill Them. This Was A House For A Very Large Family. After The Manner Of The Purifying Of The Judahites. He Was Merely Invited According To You To This Wedding. Or It Was Prepared To Receive A Large Guest List. Why Would Mary Have The Power To Tell The Servants In Another Person's House And Wedding To Listen To Yashu'a? Ans: Remember These People Were Not His Followers. The Bride Of Christ_ I Now Draw Water Out And Take It To The Man In Charge. The Servants Filled These Jars Up To The Brim. There Was A Very Large Crowd There. Having The Power To Tell The Servants What To Do." 28 29 . In Another Man's Home. There Were Six Stone Water Jars. A Table \Master. An Honest Heart And An Intelligent Mind Can See That Mary. That Would Be Fifty And Four Gallons Of Water. In • Greek And Means "Superintendent Of The Dining Room. He Ordered Them. That Is The Top.The Bride OfChrist_ Ques: If This Was Not Yashu'a's (Jesus) Wedding. Or Nine Gallons Of Water. Each One Large Enough To Hold About One Hundred Liters. Yet. Makes Her The Master Of Ceremony. Yashu'a Says Unto Them: Fill The Water Pots With Water. So Yashu'a Takes It Upon Himself. As You Were Led To Believe. Make Note In Your Mind. Jesus And The Servants.

Weren't Disciples. Yashua Called Twelve Men To Discipleship. John Son Of Zebedee's Account Is Fact. His New Wife. Ques: Who Were The Disciples Of Yashu'a? Ans: Yashu'a Had Twelve Disciples Altogether. Gospel's Accounts Are Tales. So Jesus. A Very Common Practice.The Bride Of Christ_ And Stayed There A Few Days. _The Bride Of Christ_ Figure 21 Map Of Capernaum The Place Called Capernaum Was The City In Galilee Where Mary Lived. Where As The Other. Out Of The Twelve Two Of Them Wrote Their Version Of The Crucifixion. This Act Is Commonly Called A "Honeymoon. And Mark. The Other Two Writers Of The Gospels. And Mother And Disciples Went To Her House For A Private Reception And Honeymoon. Luke. Figure 23 The Disciple Luke 30 Figure 22 John Son Of Zebedee's 31 ." For Mary Magdalene Was Also One Of Jesus's Disciples.

He Never Even Recorded The Fact That He Denied Yashu'a Three Times. Yet Paul Did Not Write An Account Of It Considering He And The Apostle Barnabas Were Very Close And Traveled Together? Wouldn't This Have Been An Important Part Of Yashua's Life? (Refer To Who Carried The Cross? Scroll #).The Bride Of Christ_ _The Bride OfChrist_ Figure 24 Mark How Was It That The Apostle Barnabas. He Mentions Something About The Crucifixion. In Paul's Book. Who Was A Secret Disciple Of Yashu'a. Why Is It Peter Has No Record Of The Crucifixion. The Synoptic Gospels Are Writings Of What These Men Were Told By Way Of Mouth. And As I Have Just Proven 32 Figure 25 Barnabas Son Of Joseph And Halsa Figure 26 Judas 33 . The Fact Is. But He Doesn't Actually Say That Yashu'a Died On The Cross. And He Was There To See Everything That Happened. Recorded That Yashu'a Didn't Die On The Cross And Judas Did.

The Bride Of Christ_ _The Bride OfChrist_ I 1 IV [Wh lAra Figure 27 Peter Figure 28 Paul 34 35 .

Simon Bar Jesus Was The Product Of The Marriage That The Christians Claimed Never Happened.The Bride OfChrist_ Mentioned Twice In There. He Was Born September Seventeen In Twenty And Eight A. To Respect The Wishes Of The Parent. Unable. _The Bride OfChrist_ Figure 30 Simon Bar Jesus Son Of Yashu'a And Mary Magdalene He Warned His Son Again And Again That These Were Undesirables. And Once Under The Name Bar Jesus (Acts 13:6). Which He.D. Once Under The Name Simon (Acts 8:9). Simon Went Off Into The Indebt Study Of Mysticism And The Kabalah. He Got Caught Up In The Rituals And 36 Figure 31 Iglaal Figure 32 Zubair 37 . And A Sorcerer. Yashu'a Had Aspirations Of His Son Becoming A Great Teacher. A Book Of Heretics By Yashua's Own Words. Like Most Children. They're Giving Him Mainly Three Attributes Of His Father. He Was Called A Magician. Until His Son Grew Up And Left To Go Live Amongst Them.

The Lost Tribe Of Judah. They Mixed In With The Land's People And Became The Root Of The Mahdi's Family In The Sudan. Or The Mahdiyya. Figure 36 The Mahdi Son Of Abdullah And Amina.The Bride OfChrist_ The Bride Of Christ_ Figure 35 The Hadendawa (Bija) Tribe Figure 33 Figure 34 San'aa. They Became Known As The Bija Tribe. Son Of Yashu'a Yashu'a And Mary Magdalene And Mary Magdalene Ques: What Happened To The Other Children Of Mary Magdalene And Yashua? Ans: After The Death Of Mary Magdalene The Children Went To Aswan. Daughter Of Huday. Which Is Called Hadendawa. 38 39 . When This Tribe Arrived In Nubia. In Nubia Where They Were Received By The Hadendawa Tribe.

28 A. And He Was Crucified In 61 A. This Is The Greek Word (EXi)jjxx<. Rome. Simon Bar Jesus Would Be "Mawlaanaa Sim'aan Ibn Issa. Acts 13:8 Modern Greek Script The Bride OfChrist_ avuiajajo SE a^TOicj^EA^^aaj o H£U£p|jr|V£i|. In Nazareth. A Wise Man. But As You Can See From The Scriptures (Acts 13:8) He Was Also Called Elymas.iu) yap 5iacrrp£xai DEH (BUT) EL-OO-MAS ("LEARNT ONE" -A TITLE OF A LEARNT MAN IN SYRIAC [ARABIC]) THE MAG-OS (WISE MAGI) GAR (FOR) HOO'-TO (SO) OW'-TOS (HIS) ON'-OM-AH (NAME) BY METH-ER-MANE-YOO'-O (INTERPRETATION) ANTH-IS'-TAY-MEE (RESISTED) OW-TOS' (THEM) DZAY-TEH'-O (SEEKING) TO DEE-AS-TREF'-O (DETOUR) THE ANTH-OO'-PAT-OS (DEPUTY) APO' (FROM) THE PIS'-TIS (FAITH). In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) "Muallam" (pJLiu. He Was The Product Of The Marriage That The Christians Claimed Never Happened.. Ibn Maryam" In Ashuric/ Syriac (Arabic). 40 41 .D. They Called Him A Sorcerer. Therefore.). oi|. He Was Born September 17. His Body Is Buried In Basilica.). TOV avuijJTTorrov arro jr|a) TTICTTEU) . Or "Mawlaanaa" (b1^) Meaning A Learnt Or Wise Man.The Bride Of Christ_ Ques: Do The Christians Acknowledge The Birth Of Simon Bar Jesus? Ans: No. In Rome.£Tai TO ovojia aip-roip.D.

Since Cleophas. Went Out And Became The First Evangelist. Who Later Became Known As Paul. And They Were Called Christians Because The People In Syria Thought That These Were The Followers Of Cleophas. 1 A. He Had Many Followers Of Which Saul. Syria And Antioch. Thus Cleophas. His Teachings Included All Of Them 42 The Bride OfChrist_ Figure 37 Cleophas' Son Of Mark Anthony And Cleopatra 43 . The Self-Proclaimed Apostle. Cleophas The Son Of Cleopatra And Mark Anthony Was Born. They Referred To Them There In Antioch As Christians For The First Time. Had A Roman Father. The People In Antioch Thought That This Man Simon Bar Jesus Was Really Cleophus. The Egyptians Refused To Let Him Take The Throne In Egypt. He Went Out Teaching The Phoenicians Who Are A Mixed Seed. Ques: Who Was Cleophas? Ans: Cleophas Was The Jesus Who Was Born On December 25. So Eventually Saul And Them Became His Disciples. Thus. Into A Place Called Antioch Where They First Established Their Church.D. That's Where The Word Evangel And The Word Injiyl Came From. He Was Suppose To Come To The Throne. Who Were At This Point Intergrated. In Mitsriam (Egypt). Simon Bar Jesus Went On To Preach And Teach All Throughout Greece. And They All Started Taking On Greek Names. Was One Of Them. Had Launched On A Mission Above His Father Where He Went Out To Teach His Own Doctrine. He Was A Hare Krishna Who Had Converted To What's Called Hare Khrisna Religion And That's Where The Word Christos Or Christ Comes From. They Traveled Back On Into Syria. Whom The Hindus Thought Yashu'a (Jesus) Was When He Visited India.The Bride Of Christ_ Jesus.

They All Came Over To Follow His Father Yashua'. This Is The Son Of God. And He. That They Gave Heed From The Least To The Greatest. For His Mother's Name Was Also Maryam Being Maryam Of A Place Called Magdala. He's An Embodiment Of God. And His Brother Was With Paul At First And Was A Student Of Simon. They Had A Lot Of Respect For Him Because He Was Performing Miracles. Barnabas. Did As The Greek Says Existaymee "Amazing Things. Simon Bar Jesus. He Had His Own Congregation Saying.pi Tracf>oijj £i|>pov avSpa /' ovofaa papinao^u) ts 13:8 The Bride OfChrist_ Modern Greek Script Tiva fjayov 44 45 . For Simon Was Also Called Yashu'a. And Simon Bar Yashu'a. Son Of Mariam Or Isa Ibn Maryam. Paul Recorded It In His Book Called Acts And It Says That "To Whom They All Gave Heed. And Yashua's Own Brother-In-Law. When The Leaders Of The People Saw Simon Bar Jesus Performing Miracles They Said This Man Is A Sorcerer (Acts 13:6). Acts 13:6 Modern Greek Script oAnv rnv vnaov a£. Daughter Of Imraan And Hanna. Astonishing Things" And Bewitched The People Of Samaria Giving The Impression That He Is The Messiah." Now And To Him They Had Regards.The Bride OfChrist_ There Was A Conflict That Broke Out Between The Original Disciples Of Yashu'a Bar Maryam. And That's What He Did To The People Of Samaria. "This Man Is The Great Power Of God." What Does That Mean? That The Samarians Believed Him And He Had A Large Congregation. Son Of Maryam.

SEEKING TO TURN AWAY THE DEPUTY FROM THE FAITH. The Great. But Elymas The Learnt One.. BUT ELYMAS THE SORCERER (FOR SO IS HIS NAME BY INTERPRETATION) WITHSTOOD THEM. Was His Name By Interpretation. OUTUX. Now When The Apostles Which Were At Jerusalem Heard That Samaria Had Received The Word Of Diagram 3 Map Of Jerusalem 47 46 . But When They Believed Philip Preaching The Things Concerning The Kingdom Of God. Then Simon Bar Jesus Himself Believed Also.D. Beholding The Miracles And Signs Which Was Done. yap ^i£9£p[ar]V£U£Tai TO ovo^ia aujoO. Right Translations In Greek By: The Bride OfChrist_ Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A.The Bride Of Christ_ dv0i<JTttTO 5£ auTcfig 'eAu^ac. And When He Was Baptized He Continued With Philip. Resisted Them Trying To Detour The Deputy From The Faith. Both Men And Women. DEH (BUT) EL-OO-MAS ("LEARNT ONE" -A TITLE OF A LEARNT MAN IN SYRIAC [ARABIC]) THE MAG-OS (WISE MAGI) GAR (FOR) HOO'-TO (SO) OW-TOS (HIS) ON'-OM-AH (NAME) BY METH-ER-MANE-YOO'-O (INTERPRETATION) ANTH-IS'-TAY-MEE (RESISTED) OW-TOS' (THEM) DZAY-TEH'-O (SEEKING) TO DEE-AS-TREF'-O (DETOUR) THE ANTH-OO'-PAT-OS (DEPUTY) APO' (FROM) THEPIS'-TIS (FAITH). And The Name Of Jesus Christ They Were Baptized. 6 ^idyoc. ^TQv 5iaarp£i|mi TOY dvOuTTarov crno rfjg TTIOTEUX..

The Bride OfChrist_ They're Talking About Going Back To Jerusalem To Be Amongst The Original Disciples Of Yashu'a.. He Made Lawful Things The Scriptures And Yashu'a Had Made Unlawful. Titus Written In Sixty And Four A. Philemon Written In Sixty And One A.. First Corinthians Written In Fifty And Five A. 48 The Bride OfChrist_ 49 .D. Paul Decided To Start Changing The Original Teachings Of Yashu'a And Incorporate The Sorcery Of The Kabalah And Mysticism That Is Found In His Writings To This Day. Paul And Barnabas Then Went On To Paphos Where They Encountered Simon Bar Jesus.D...D. Galatians Written In Fifty And Two A. Ephesians Written In Sixty And One A.. Hebrews Written In Sixty And One A. When Paul First Began His Teachings He Traveled With Barnabas To Antioch As A Undercover Spy For The Pharisees.D.. Especially Now.D.D.D. Second Timothy Was Written In Sixty And Five A.. This Conversion Led Him To Teach And Preach As Far As Rome Where He Was Thought To Be His Father. First Timothy Written In Sixty And Four A. He Stopped His Mission Which He Had A Large Congregation And Converted To His Father's Teachings. Second Thessalonians Written In Fifty And One A. This Simon Bar Jesus Is The Christ Of The Christian Religion As Taught By Paul Through His Own Fourteen Scriptures: Romans Written In Fifty And Six A.. Because Simon Bar Yashu'a Listened To Philip And Them.. Second Corinthians Written In Fifty And Five A.D.. Where He Was Crucified.D. Colossians Written In Sixty And One A.D.D.D. First Thessalonians Written In Fifty A..D. Philippians Written In Sixty And One A.D.

Applied To All Those Who Were Not Of The Tribe Of Judah. TOY The Bride OfChrist_ DEH (BUT) HE AP-OK-REE'-NOM-AHEE (ANSWERED) AND EP'-O (SAID). The Term Gentiles Or In Hebrew Language Goyyim (D"}). And To Those Who Were Not Of The Tribe Rejected Him. 50 51 . He Also Referred To Them As Snakes. And Cast It To Dogs. Vipers. Right Translations In Greek By: Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A.D.The Bride OfChrist_ Considered Mark Helpful To Him Because He Was Well Versed In The Language Of The Gentiles. KAHEE (AND) BAL'-LO (CAST) IT TO KOO-NAR '-EE-ON (DOGS). ES-TEE (IT IS) OO (NOT) KAL-OS (MEET) TO LAM-BAN'-O (TAKE) THE TEK'-NON (CHILDREN'S) AR'-TOS (BREAD). Matthew 15:26 Modern Greek Script O 6£ OCTTOKpl0£l £17T£V. Dogs And Lowly Animals (Matthew 15:26). But He Answered And Said. It Is Not Meet To Take The Children's Bread. When Yashu'a (Jesus) Called People Gentiles. OUK £QTIV OpTOV TWV T£KVU)V KQl poA£lV TOl KUVOtplOl. Ques: Who And What Are The Gentiles? Ans: During Jesus' Time.

This. Which Was Inhabited By Judahites And Greeks. So That They Had No Longer Any Reason To Disobey His Commands. Figure 38 Constantine The Roman Emperor Diagram 4 Map Of The Aegean Sea 52 53 . There He Was Joined By Luke Where They Proceeded To Travel Across The Aegean Sea On Paul's Second Missionary Journey Into The Continent Of Europe. When This Great Miracle Did Occur. Mark Has Been Credited With Founding The Christians Church In Alexandria. So Mark Served The Disciples Peter In The Same Position As He Did Paul Interpreter And Attendant. Mark Would Translate His Sermons Into Greek So That The Gentiles Could Overstand. The Pharisees Felt.The Bride OfChrist_ Language Of The People Unto Which Yashu'a Desired To Send Him. Paul Chose Silos As His Minister And Headed Toward Galatia And The City Of Troas. _The Bride OfChrist_ MMBai^^^. And The Mission Began To Spread Far And Wide. Mark Was One Of The Disciples That Were In That Upper Chamber On The Fiftieth Shadow Hour Called Pentecost. After Paul And Barnabas Separated. Must Be Stopped So They Sent Their Secret Agent Judas In To Infiltrate The Organization In Hopes To Find Yashu'a Guilty Of Violating The Law.

Shepherd's Rods. Puritans. Or The Truth Of The Crucifixion Was Thrown Away As A Fiction. You Have No True Guidance. You Are All Followers Of Simon Bar Jesus. Baptist. LEAD ASTRAY) POL-OOS (MANY. Quaker. Russian. New Age. Davidians. Roman. You Are Being Led By The Anti-Christ And It Is Said That Jesus Said: "For Many Shall Come In My Name And Say That I Am Christ And Shall Deceive Many" (Mark 13:6). Rosicrucians. Spiritual Baptist. Soliar Temple. Amish.) LEG-O (SAYING. African Methodist Episcopalian. YMCA. Thus. KAHEE (AND) SHALL PLAN-AH-O (DECEIVE. The Assembly Of God. YWCA. Ptl. Salvation Army. Mark 13:6 Modern Greek Script The Bride Of Christ_ rroAAoi EAeuaovTcti ETTI TOJ OVOJJOTI jaou Aeyovre cm . The Divine Order Of Selassawi.) HOT-EE (THAT) EG-O (I) I-MEE (AM) CHRIST. Than One Yashu'a (Jesus) In His Time. And More Than One Set Of Teachings. Marianites. Ethiopian Coptic. Unitarian. Holiest. Astara. Jehovah's Witness. Episcopalian. Collyridians. Santeria. Many Of The Original Books That Told The True Story Were Lost. Greek. World Wide Church. Anglicans. The Red Cross. Church Of God And Christ. And The Books You Follow Are Paul's And Luke's. Coptic.) 54 55 . Pentecostal. KKK. Mormon. Jesuit. Or Lutheran. From Paul And Luke You Have The Many Churches Of Today: Catholic. GAR (FOR) POL-OOS (MANY) SHALL ER-KHOM-AHEE (COME) EP-EE (IN. Protestant.The Bride OfChrist_ Any Teachings That Made It Clear That There Was More. Methodist. Seventh Day Adventist. Judahites For Jesus. [ON]) MOO (MY) ON-OM-AH (NAME. KCU noAAou nAavr]aouaiv.

HERE IS CHRIST.) ID-00 (LO.' Believe It Not!" (Matthew 24:23). For She Was One Who Witnessed His Baptism And Listened To His Teachings And Along With His Disciples 56 57 . T]. BEHOLD) HO-DEH (HERE) IS KHRIS-TOS (CHRIST. IN CASE) TIS (A CERTAIN ONE. "Then If Any Man Shall Say Unto You 'Here Is Christ. Don't Have Faith. AND FALSE PROPHETS. OR THERE.D. l5ou JJT] TTl(7T£Uar)T£' O ^ The Bride Of Christ_ ..The Bride Of Christ_ FOR THERE SHALL ARISE FALSE CHRISTS. And He Said. BELIEVE IT NOT.. Right Translations In Greek By: Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. Behold.) PIST-YOO-O (HA VE FAITH) IT MA Y (NOT. MESSIAH) AY (OR) HO-DEH (THERE. Here Is Kristos Or There. Matthew 24:23 Modern Greek Script TOTE £OV Tl UfJlV £lTTr). Mary Of Magdalene Lived In Bethany In The East On The Jordan River. [ANY MAN]) SHALL EG-O (SAY) UNTO HOO-MIN (YOU. THEN IF ANY MAN SHALL SAY UNTO YOU. TOT-EH (THEN) EH-AN (IF. LO. U)5£. Or There.) Then In Case A Certain Man Shall Say To You.

And They Made Aj 58 59 . IN THAT HAY-MER-AH (DAY).D.The Bride Of Christ_ POL-OOS (MANY) WILL ER-EH-O (SAY) TO ME. And They Sought Out To Crucify Him. He Was Crucified In Rome At The Age Thirty Three And His Body Was Taken To St. Right Translations In Greek By: The Bride Of Christ_ Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. In Acts And Then Paul Took And Created The Doctrine Christianity Today. KOO-REE-OS (MASTER). Turn Away From Him This Very Moment. Simon Bar Yashu'a Was Eventually Found Guilty Of Being A Sorcerer And A False Prophet. HAVE WE NOTPROF-ATE-YOO-O (PROPHESIED) IN YOUR ON-OM-AH (NAME)? AND IN YOUR ON-OM-AH (NAME) HAVE EK-BAL-LO (THREW OUT) DAHEE-MON-EE-ON (DEMONS)? AND IN YOUR ON-OM-AH (NAME) POY-EH-O (DONE) POL-OOS (MANY) DOO-NAM-IS (POWERFUL [WORKS])? Many Will Say To Me In That Day Master. It All Began When Paul Lied And Said: "/ Had This Vision That Jesus Came To Me. HA VE WE NOT PROPHESIED IN THY NAME? AND IN THY NAME HA VE CAST OUT DEVILS? AND IN THY NAME DONE MANY WONDERFUL WORKS? You Have Been Deceived By Satan. Master. LORD.D. MANY WILL SA Y TO ME IN THA T DAY. LORD. And Told Me To Have This Calling". And He Is Entombed To This Day. Where He Was Buried In Sixty And One A. Peter Basilica In Rome. There Are Traces Of His Death Being Up In Europe. KOO-REE-OS (MASTER). Have We Not Prophesied In Your Name? And In Your Name Have Threw Out Demons? And In Your Name Done Many Powerful Works.

Right Translations In Hebrew By: Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. THE CHILDREN GATHER WOOD. That They May Provoke Me. AND THE FATHERS KINDLE THE FIRE.D. Yahuwa To Anger. To Make Sacrificial Cakes To The Queen Of The Skies. Lecturing To Them About Himself That He Was The Great One. AND TO HIM THEY HAD PROS-EKH-O (LISTENED). Whose Name Was Simon Which Use To In That Very Same City Did Miracles. Ashtoreth. Saying This Man Is That Great Power Of The Eloheem. Simon Bar Jesus And Mary Magdalene Is The Black Madonna And In Acts 8:9-11 You'll Find Reference To Bar Jesus. Acts 8:9-11 Modern Greek Script BUT THERE WAS A TIS (CERTAIN) AN-AYR (MALE LIVING BEING). Dina. Because He Stayed With Them For A Long Time And Amazed Them With His Many Miracles. The People Of Samaria Listened To Him. Right Translations In Greek By: avr|p 5£ TI ovojaaTi aifawv TTpouTrr|pX£V ev rr| Hay£uuw Kat E^KJTOVWV TO £0vo TT] aajaapEia. And The Female Living Being Knead Their Unleavened Dough. io a> TTpoaeixov 60 61 . Aeyuv eivai Tiva eaurov jaeyav. Of Them To The Poorest Of Them. And All People Of Samaritans Listened. AND TO POUR OUT DRINK OFFERINGS UNTO OTHER GODS. Who Is Also Ishtar. And To Pour Out Drink Offerings To Other Eloheems. Nanna Daughter Of Sin. And Believed Him From The Richest. TO MAKE CAKES TO THE QUEEN OF HEA VEN. LEG-O (GIVING) OUT THAT ENG-ID-ZO (HIMSELF) WAS TIS (SOME) MEG-AS (GREAT) ONE: TO HOS (WHOM) THEY PAS (ALL) PROS-EKH-O (HA VE LISTENED).SORCERIES). ON-OM-AH (CALLED) SEE-MONE (SIMON. THAI KA W-AS (ANGER. LI-PO (SAYING).) I HEY MAY PROVOKE ME TO The Bride Of Christ_ The Sons Of Israel Gather Wood And The Fathers Kindle The Flame. FROM THE MIK-ROS (SMALLEST) TO THE MEG-AS (GREATEST). And Amazed The People Of Samaria. WHICH PO-OOP-AR-KHO (BEFORETIME) IN THE SAME POL-IS (CITY) MAG-YOO-0 (USED SORCERY).The Untie OfChrist_ (OTHER) ELOHEEMS. HOO-TOS (THIS) [MAN] IS THE MEG-AS (GREAT) DOO-NAM-IS (POWER) OF THEH-OS (ELOHEEti). AND THE WOMEN KNEAD THEIR DOUGH. DEE-AH (BECAUSE) THAT OF HIK-AN-OS (LONG) KHRON-OS (TIME) HE HAD EX-IS-TAY-MEE (AMAZED) THEM WITH MAG-I-AH (MAGIC. AND EX-IS-TAY-MEE (AMAZED) THE ETH-NOS (PEOPLE) OF SAM-AR-I-AH (SAMARIA). THAT THEY MAY PROVOKE ME TO ANGER. There Was A Certain Man.

BUT THERE WAS A CERTAIN MAN. BECAUSE THAT OF LONG TIMK HE HAD BEWITCHED THEM WITH SORCERIES.D. CALLED SIMON. Spain Is A Copy Of The Famous One At Montserrat In Catalnia" Figure 41 "Mysteries Of Mind Space & Time" Page 375 "The Virgin Of Guadalupe In Spain" 63 62 . WHICH BEFORETIME IN THE SAME CITY USED SORCERY. "AND TO HIM THEY HAD REGARD. The Different Pictures Of The Black Madonna From All Around The World Figure 40 "Mysteries Of Mind Space & Time" Page 369 The Black Modonna At Einsiedeln. GIVING OUT THAT HIMSELF WAS SOME GREAT ONE: » TO WHOM THEY ALL GAVE HEED. THIS MAN IS THE GREAT POWER OF GOD. Switzerland Figure 39 "Mysteries Of Mind Space & Time" Page 368 "The Black Madonna At Tarragona Cathedral. AND BEWITCHED THE PEOPLE OF SAMARIA.The Bride Of Christ_ The Bride OfChrist_ Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. SAYING. FROM THE LEAST TO THE GREATEST.

".( Yashu'a (Jesus) Married Mary Magdalene? Ans: If You Read (John 20:1). DEH (BUT) THE SARX (FLESH) IS AS-THEN-ACE (WEAK). WEEK) ER-KHOM-AHEE (COMES) MAR-EE-AH (MARY) MAG-DAL-AY-NAY (MAGDALENE) PRO-EE (EARLY. Right Translations In (»it-rk Ity: Nayya: Malachizodok York-HI Mistranslations For King James U»M A.) KAHEE (AND) BLEP-O (SEE) THE LEE-THOS (STONE) AH-EE-RO (LIFTED UP. Unto The Sepulchre. When It Was Yet Dark. But The Flesh Is Weak. TAKEN AWAY) EK (FROM) THE MNA Y-MI-ON (SEPULCHRE). AND SEETH THE STONE TAKEN AWAY FROM THE SEPULCHRE. KQt pA£TT£l TOV Al0OV T\p\lEVOV £K TOO AHEEKH-MAL-0-SEE-AH (CAPTIVITY) THE MEE-AH (ONE. The Soul Indeed Is Willing.I).) ICE (UNTO) THE MNAY-MI-ON (SEPULCHRE. It Tells You That This Incident ook Place The First Day Of The Week And That Mary Magdalene While It Was Still Dark Went To The Sepulchre (Tomb)." Matthew 26:41 (In Part) Modern Greek Script Tfj 5e (aig TWV aappdjwv [aapia r] |aay5aAr]vr] £pX£Tai npa/i OKOTiaq ETI ouar)£ dg TO (avr]|a£lov. But The Flesh Is Weak.:.. John 20:1 Modern Greek Script The Bride Of Christ_ Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. UNTO THE SEPULCHRE. 65 .. The One Captivity Day Of The Sabbath Comes Mary Magdelene Early.) WHEN IT OAN (BEING. FIRST) DA Y OF THE SAB-BA T-ON (SABBA TH. And See The Stone Taken Away From The Sepulchre.Tin-llride Of Christ_ Ques: How Can You Prove I). WAS) ET-EE (YET) SKOT-EE-AH (DARK.The Spirit Indeed Is Willing.D. This Was Supposed To Be Either Three Days After Yashu'a (Jesus) Crucified Or As Facts Would Have It 2 Days. So We Are Now Two Days After A Mortal Man Has Been Nailed Up On A Cross Or A Stake With Spikes Piercing Both Hands And Feet To The Point Where It Was Able To Sustain His Bodily Weight As Well As A Stab Wound To The Side And This Man Who Himself Said In (Matthew 26:41) In Part. Right Translations In Greek Hy: THE PNYOO'-MAH (SOUL) MEN (INDEED) IS PROTH'-OO-MOS (WILLING).. WHEN IT WAS YET DARK. THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK COMETH MARY MAGDALENE EARLY.

Martha. You Are Anxious And Disturbed About Many Things.D. BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK. YOU ARE MER-IM-NAH-O (ANXIOUS) AND TOOR-BAD-ZO (DISTURBED) PER-EE (ABOUT) POL-OOS (MANY THINGS). Then Spoke To The Disciples And Said Simply "Peace Be Unto You "? Shalom Lakum In The Aramic (Hebrew) Language He Spoke. But One Thing Is Needed. ouv aurr] iva [aoi auvavTiAaprjTai. Right Translations In Greek By: £maTaaa $£ £tTT£v. And Having Stood Upon To Him. Then He Left And Stayed Away For Eight Days (John 20:26). You Will See Where Jesus Is Speaking On The Behalf Of Mary To Her Sister Martha. Or Doctored Back To Health By His Wife Mary Magdalene At Their Home. AND EF-1S-TAY-MEE (HAVING STOOD UPON) TO HIM. |jap0a ^iap0a. I Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. " arroKpi0£i £iTT£V aurr) o Kupio. And Jesus Answered And Said To Her: Martha. But Martha Was Being Distracted About Much Serving. Kupi£. |a£pi|avd KCU 0opupa£r| Ti£pi TToAAa. And Said Master Does It Not Matter To You That My Sister Have Left Me To Serve Alone? She Said Therefore That She Might Give Lad Together With Me. Mary Have Chosen That Best Thing.The Bride Of Christ_ THE SPIRIT INDEED IS WILLING. Where Did He Go? Because Remember The Disciples Were Still Hiding For Fear Of The Romans And Jewish Persecution (Refer To "Who Carried The Cross" Scroll # 46?). This Man Now Stood On These Wounded Feet Unsupported And Opened The Door With These Wounded Hands With A Stab Wound In His Side. Luke 10:40-42 Modern Greek Script r] (S£ (jap0a TT£pl£<JTTaTO TT£pl TToAArjV SlQKOViaV The Bride OfChrist_ BUT MAR-THAH (MARTHA) WAS PER-EE-SPAH-O (BEING DISTRACTED) PER-EE (ABOUT) POL-OOS (MUCH) DEE-AK-ON-EE-AH (SERVING). KOO-REE-OS (MASTER). 42 £vo §£ £cmv xp£icr jaapiafi yap Tfjv aya0r|v (j£pi5a £^£A£^ajo rjri OUK a<|)atp£0r|a£Tai auTr]. Jesus Was Nurtured. AND EE-AY-SOOCE (JESUS) AP-OK-REE-NOM-AHEE (ANSWERED) AND EP-O (SAID) UNTO HER. 66 67 . If You Look In The Quote (Luke 10:40-42). BUT HICE (ONE THING) IS KHRI-AH (NEEDED): AND MAR-EE-AH (MARY) HAVE EK-LEG-OM-AHEE (CHOSEN) THAT AG-ATH-OS (BEST) MER-ECE (THING). AND EP-O (SAID). MAR-THAH (MARTHA). Which Will Not Be Lifted Up Away From Her. DOES IT NOT MEL-O (MATTER) TO YOU THAT MY AD-EL-FAY (SISTER) HAVE KAT-AL-I-PO (LEFT ME) TO DEE-AK-ON-EH-O (SERVE) MON-OS (ALONE)? EP-O (SAID) HER OON (THEREFORE) THAT SHE SOON-AN-TEE-LAM-BAN-OM-AHEE (MIGHT GIVE AID TOGETHER) ME. ou ^i£A£i aoi cm rj a5£Ac))r) ^iou (aovr|v [IE KaT£AiTT£v 5iaKov£iv. MAR-THAH (MARTHA). The Answer Becomes Simple When You Discover Who Was The Only Other Person Involved In The Situation. HOS-TIS (WHICH) WILL NOT BE AF-AHEE-REH-O (LIFT UP A WA Y) FROM HER. That Person According To (John 20:18). Was None Other Than Mary Magdalene Who Came And Spoke To The Disciples.

AND CAME TO HIM. Builder. THOU ART CAREFUL AND TROUBLED ABOUT MANY THINGS: BUT ONE THING IS NEEDFUL: AND MARY HATH CHOSEN THAT GOOD PART. Simeon. 2. Anyone issociated With Modern Freemasonry Will Recognize The Term "The Craft". 2) Any Craftsman. Jesus Was Called Kurios (K/opicx.D. Three Daughters By The Name Of Salome. If You Research Further. She Herself Does Not Go Out To Propagate. 2A) The Art Of Poetry. You Will See Evidence To Support The Role Of A Prophet's Wife. And Translates As "Master Or Lord". Figure 42 Joseph. As The Wife Of A Prophet She Was Only Obligated To Stay In The House Like The Wife Of A Pastor Does Today. AND SAID. Joseph Was Married To Mary The Mother Of Yashu'a. Joiner. Contriver. A Carpenter. And James.The Bride OfChrist_ BUT MARTHA WAS CUMBERED A11OUT MUCH SERVING. Av . From The Base Of 5098. MARTHA. The Bride Of Christ_ According To The April-May 1998 A. Who Was Dead At The Time Of The Crucifixion. Four Sons By The Names Of Joses.Carpenter 2. Did Jesus Have Other Names? Ans: Yes. It States That "The Word "Carpenter" Was Simply A Translator's Concept Of A Craftsman. Maker Of Songs. Martha. LORD. Ques: So Who Was Joseph? Ans: Joseph Was A Carpenter By Trade. It's Got Nothing Whatever To Do With Woodwork. The Text Simply Denoted That Joseph Was A Masterly. His Wife's Name Was Halsa And She Bore Him Seven Children.. MARTHA. Jude. Ephesian 4:5) Which Is Equivalent To Adonai (TIK) In Hebrew (Genesis 15:2) Which Comes From The Names Of A Sumerian God Named Tammuz Who Was Also Called Adonis.) (Matthew 1:20. Learned And Scholarly Man." Mary Had Chosen Was To Be The Wife Of A Prophet. AND JESUS ANSWERED AND SAID UNTO HER. Which Means "High". Or Workman. In Ashuric/Syriac Arabic (Koran 1:1) Rab (c^j) Means Sustainer. It States "Is Not This The Carpenters Son?1 And The Greek Word Used For Carpenter Is Tektone (Tevktono") 5045 Tekton {Tek'-Tone}. 3A) An Author. No. Nexus Magazine. Was Married Prior To His Marriage To Mary. WHICH SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HER. His Egyptian Name Was Hor. Ques: Were Other Names Giving To Jesus. 3) A Planner. 1) A Worker In Wood. I ^ Figure 43 Halsa In Matthew 13:55. DOST THOU NOT CARE THAT MY SISTER HATH LEFT ME TO SERVE ALONE? BID HER THEREFORE THAT SHE HELP ME. I A) A Ship's Carpenter Or Builder. Plotter. And Ester. The Adopted Father Of Yashu'a 68 . "Far Away". Jesus In Greek lesous '(inaoOg) Was An Attempted Transliteration From The Original Language Into Greek. Volume 5. Rabb (21). 3 On Page 20. N M. Joseph (Step-Father Of Yashua).

Je-From Jehovah And -Sus From Zeus To Give You Jesus.D. D-TI^K a3 inntz Figure 44 The Special Edition Bulletin "Who Do People Say I Am?" SHEER (SING) TO ELOHEEM. It's Really "Ya". SING PRAISES TO HIS NAME: EXTOL HIM THAT RIDETH UPON THE HEAVENS BY HIS NAME JAH. Zeus 71 . AND REJOICE BEFORE HIM. Sing To Eloheem Praise His Name: Prepare Away For Him That Ride Upon Clouds By His Name Ya And Rejoice In Front Of His Face. They Both End With The Same Suffix. You See The Aramic (Hebrew) Language Doesn't Have The "Ja " Sound (Psalm 68:4) As Found In Psalms. It Was Also The Greeks That Combined These Two Deities. According To Larousse Encyclopedia Of Mythology.ilic bride Oj Christ_ Ques: Where Did The Name Jesus Comes From? Ans: The Word Jesus Is A Combination Of The Name Jehovah And The Greek God Zeus. The Suffix Sus Is From The French. And If You Look At The Names Dionysus Or Zeus And Jesus. When The Greeks Converted To Judaism. They Distorted The Language. ZA W-MAR (SING PRAISES) TO HIS SHAME (NAME): SAW-LAL (PREPARE) HIM THAT RA W-QAB (RIDE) UPON HA (THE) AR-A W-BA W (CLOUDS) BY HIS SHAME (NAME) YAW (JAH). Hog. The Greek God Dionysus Is Erymologically Zeus. Right Translations In Hebrew By: SING UNTO GOD. And The Title Yahweh Or Yahuwa Became Jehweh Or Jehovah.Or Simply Dionysus Is 70 Figure 45 The Greek God. Sow' (Read The Special Edition Bulletin "Who Do People Say I Am"). Latin Meaning "Swine. AND AW-LAZ (REJOICE) FA W-NEEM (FACING BEFORE) HIM. Sus. Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. Psalm 68:4 Modern Hebrew Scrit The Bride Of Christ_ Zeus.

This Was A Specific Procedure Of Judaic Law. Now I Don't Sound So Crazy After All. Vol 5. Yashu'a Son Of Mary Did Indeed Have A Wedding To Mary Magdalene. Including The Fact That Jesus Got Married And Had Children. The Lazarus Story In John Contains A Rather Strange Sequence That Has Martha Coming From The Lazarus House To Greet Jesus. The Bride OfChrist_ Now They Are Revealing To The Public That Jesus Got Married And Had Children. For All Of You Who Said That Sound Ridiculous. But In Contrast To This. Entitled "Bloodline Of The Holy Grail" On Page 21. But When I Said It Way Back In The 70'S In My Revelation Books.. Once Again. As I Have Proven To You Many rimes That All Of These Books Are Based On Stories That Have Been Recorded By Way Of Mouth. "But There Was More To The Removed Section Of Mark.The ttnde OJ Christ_ So. They Also Had A Son. Whereas Her Sister. When I Nayya: Malachizodok York-El Said That Yashu'a (Jesus) Had A Wife And Kids In The Many Christ Scrolls That I Puplished Many Years Ago. Author Of The Article "Bloodline Of The Holy Grail" \ las Stated The Same Thing I've Been Teaching For Years. No. It Is Too Powerful. Remains Inside Until Summoned By Jesus. Even After I Presented You With Facts And Evidence.. What Is Really Sad Is That The Scholars Who Are Holding The Dead Sea Scrolls Have Read It And Know That The Bible That You Are Holding In Your Hand Today Is An Incomplete And Inconsistent Text. I Was Considered Crazy. I Was Called Crazy And A Blasphemer. Needless To Say. People Are Calling Daily Now Saying I Read That News Article. The Original Mark Account Said That Mary Magdalene Actually Came Out Of The House With Martha And Was Then Chastised By The Disciples And Sent Back Indoors To Await Jesus' Instruction. Now That Sir Laurence Gardner. Because In Telling The Story Of Lazarus The Mark Account Made It Perfectly Clear That Jesus And Mary Magdalene Were Actually Man And Wife. Christians Were Upset And Called Me Heathen. Whereby A Wife In Ritual Mourning Was Not Allowed To Emerge From The Property Until Instructed By Her Husband." Needless To Say. Jesus 'got married to Mary and had 3 kids' Diagram 5 "Jesus Got Married To Mary And Had 3 Kids" 72 73 . Just Face The Fact That You Can't Hide The Truth. Now Articles Are Popping Up Everywhere. There Are Articles Popping Up Months And Years After I Said It And Now People Are Just Taking It Into Consideration. In Other Words. Speaks About Mary Being Married To Jesus. Yes! Believe It Or Not. The Following Is An Article Written In "Nexus News Times. 3" Magazine. This Is Just Further Confirmation For Those Who Needed It. Christians Were Saying "Not My Jesus". Well. And Now You Verify It. When I Explained To You In Several Of My Scrolls The Life And Death Of A Man Named Jesus. Mary Magdalene. Gossip.

The Authors Put Their Personal Feelings And Emotions Into It.IN. And Luke Were Men That Never Even Knew Yashu'a. I Became A Blasphemer. No One Else. Matthew 15:24 Diagram 6 Articles: Jesus' Marriage And Kids However.). Modern Greek Script 6 5e dtTTOKpiOeic. BUT HE AP-OK-REE-NOM-AHEE (ANSWERED) AND EP-O (SAID). Al Masiyhiyyin. Matthew 10:6. When I Stated That The Writings Of Paul. Mark. When I Pointed Out Years Ago That The Copy Of The Bible That You Are Holding In Your Hand Today Is Nothing More Than A Book Written By Men. EITTEV. And Ended Up Being The Savior To The World (Refer To "Who Was Jesus Sent To?" Scroll #60). Removed Certain Texts. WIFE & CHILD* Christian history.- In These Writings Called The "Synoptic Gospels". Right Translations In Greek By: Nayya: Malachizodok York-El 75 74 . rd TTpo(3aTa rd dtroAcjAoTa O'IKOU' iapat]A. I Was Pushing It And When I Finally Said That The Entire Jesus Story Is Nothing More Than Stories Copied From The Ancient Egyptians. I Became A Mad Man.The Bride OfChrist_ The Bride OfChrist_ When He Proved That Yashu'a (Jesus) Wasn't Really Crucified It Was Only Made To Seem That Way. There Is A Place Where You Can Get All The Facts And Truth And That Is The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Also Known As The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors (II.M. But Yashua "Jesus" Answered And Said: I Am Not Sent But To The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel. I AM NOT AP-OS-TEL-LO (SENT) BUT UNTO THE AP-OL-MEE (LOST) PROB-AT-ON (SHEEP) OF THE OY-KOS (HOUSE) OF IS-RAH-ALE (ISRAEL). Matthew. I Had Finally Gone Overboard. The Christians. You Can Find The Entire Story Of Yashu'a (Jesus) In "The Holy Tablets" Chapter 75.IN.N m . Added Their Own Thoughts And There Was Nothing That He Could Tell A Christian About The Bible They Were Worshipping. Yashu'a (Jesus) Started Out As The Savior For The "Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel" As It Is Stated In Matthew 15:24. OUK dTT£crrdAr|v d jar] d<.

Yashu'a Is Given Distinctive Titles. In Matthew 15:27 He Is Called Kurios (K^piow) Meaning "Lord Or Master". This Is The Same Picture That Is Sitting Over Your Grandmother's Mantle Piece. Yashu'a Himself Never Said That He Was The Only God. Which The Greek Version Of The Bible Called Thehos (Oeoq) Meaning "God. The Bride Of Christ_ Ans: In An Article Written In Time/Life Magazine. i i i u . In Each Of These Books. As In The New Testament. And Ruwhullah (>i CJJ) "The Soul Or Spirit Of Allah" (Refer To Titles Of Jesus In Koran & Bible Scroll #122). When I Put Out The Picture ( ) l 77 Figure 46 These Are All Pictures Of The Different Images Of Jesus In Different Cultures 76 . Including An African American Image And A West African Image. Which Is Something That Was Hardly Ever Done Before. Deity" And In Aramic (Hebrew) Of The Torah We See Yahweh (mrr) Meaning "An Eloheem. WHAT OTHER PROOF DO YOU NEED? Ques: Are The Images Of Jesus Changing? Now Look At The European Image In The Bottom Right Hand Corner On The Picture Above. There Is An Article Titled "Who Was Jesus?". Showing Different Images Of Jesus.D. However. And In The Koran 4:171 Is Called Issa (CT^P) "Savior" As Well As The Kaliymatullah (Ai <uis) I he "Word Of Allah". New I r i i . " As Well As A Host Of Other Names. Ques: What Do The Christians Believe About Yashu'a Being us: Many ( hiislians Believe That Yashu'a Is The Only One IAw»////<' d'<nl.D. In The Koran We Get Allah (&\) And Rabb (VJ). Tell Me That This Is Not Programming.i i i And The Koran. According To The Old Testament.. Just Take A Look At The Pictures Below: BUT HE ANSWERED AND SAID. In The Torah Psalm 20:6.The Bride OfChrist_ Mistranslations For King James 1611 A. (Refer To "Is Jesus The God Of The Koran" Scroll # 100 "Is Jesus God?" Scroll # 120). December 1994 A. I AM NOT SENT BUT UNTO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Page 66. The Reference Is Made To A Mashiakh (mwa) Messiah.

Way He Really Looked. Tin. They Will Confuse The Next Generation Of Children That Are Coming Up.1992 A. He Initially Used My Picture As A Depiction Of The Black Jesus Whom He Has Never Claimed To Be. (Refer To "Does Dr. Figure 48 News Dimenions "Black Jesus Bishop Stallings Launches Campaign To End White Jesus Myth" Ques: So What About All Of The Other Pictures That Are Now Circulating Of A "Black Jesus"? Figure 47 Yashu'a Son Of Gabriel And Mary Nowadays You Have Different Reverends Coming Out With Pictures Of A Black Jesus Such As Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Of The African-American Catholic Congregation Based In Washington D. October 23. The Bride Of Christ_ The Front Cover Of Their Newspaper Called "News Dimensions". York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Isa?".C.D. Is The Picture Of Me Depicted As Their "Black Jesus".The Bride OJ < hnst Yashua Or Who You Call Jesus. Malachi Z. None Of Them Can Seem To Agree With Which Picture They Want To Use. The Next Thing That Is Going To Happen Is Thai A l l ( ) 1 These Churches Are Going To Be At War About Who Should 78 79 . What All Of Them Need To Do Is Meet And Agree On A Standard Picture For The Children's Sake If No Other Reason. Scroll #153) On Ans: With All Of These Different Leaders Now Coming Out Saying That Jesus Is Really A Blackman. Nuwaubians Were The Ones Casting Stones At Him. Thus. Edition.

Liquor Stores. Exodus 4:24). Don't Misinterpret Me. That You Blindly Continue Believing In What Your Man-Made Religion Teaches You About God. While The Crack Houses Stand Strong? The Dens Of Iniquity Called Strip Or Pornography Clubs.// //. The Spell Of Sleep. You Either Kept It To ' I < M Ymi Didn't Get A Real Answer. Judaism. Yahweh And Allah As Well./ God Let This Happen?' And 'Why Did God ///. Thereby Creating Your God Who Is Supposed To Be Good And The Devil Who Is Supposed To Be Bad. You Are So Afraid To Question That God That Was Given To You From Fear Of Being Called A Blasphemer Or A Devil. Then Humans Came Up With The New Testament And Then The Koran. Actually You're The Blasphemer Because All Throughout The Scriptures. If You Really Read. After Researching. You Are So Afraid. You See. You Will Realize That The So-Called God You're Worshipping Is Not Who Or What You Think "He" Or "She" Is. This Was Made Up By Those People Like The Pope And The Grand Shaykh And Great Rabbis And Their Holy Places Being The "Heads" Of The Major Three Religions. Nobody Is Looking At It From A "We" Stand Point Of View. "I. The Creation Of Religion Is What Started A Hierarchy And Then A Cast System (System Of Classes). 80 The Bride Of Christ_ The God That You Worship Is Represented As A Killer And A Destroyer (Genesis 6:7.000 Years Ago. It Was Originally The Torah. Bars. You Would Find Out For Yourself That The God You've Prayed To And Cried To All These Years. "I Think That". The Eloheem Assigned To You (Refer To "Who Is God?". i c l u .//'/'<•//' And II" You Did. Both Of These So-Called Holy Books That You Hold In Your Hand Today. It's Not About "A" God Or "One" God. Scroll #15). Are Not Divinely Inspired. Your Mistake Was Never Bothering To O . Means "These Beings Or One Of Them Named Yahweh" Which Means There Was More Than One God Being Spoken About In The Bible. Also Known As Shakhar (Who You Are Calling The Devil). Scroll #103).000 Years. 6. Were Plagiarized And Taken From Ancient Tablets Such As The Enuma Elish. The People Who Made Your Bible Made God Look Like A Bad Person. Gun Stores. The Scriptures That You Hold In Your Hand Today. And Pornography Stores Almost Never Go Up In Flames.n o u s Anil Lies That Have Been Put Together To Make Up Your Holy Books Called The Bible And The Koran. The Word Eloheem (DTi^X) As It Is Used In Genesis 1:1 In The Hebrew. I'm Saying A Concentrated Effort Was Set Out To Confuse The Stories That Don't Go Back Before 2. Have Been Put There By Those So-Called Religious Intellects Who Also Created Your Monotheistic Religions (Christianity. Many < o n i i . That Decide Who Is Evil And Who Is Righteous. And Islam) And Your God Jehovah. Each Need Each Other To Exist. As A Guide For You By Tammuz. I". Scroll #57. The Text Was Manipulated And Used To Help Enforce The Spell Of Kingu (Refer To "Baptism Ceremony". Ques: Does That Mean That There Is No Such Thing As God? Ans: The Real Eli (God) Or Real Eloheems Are Not The Wimps. Thus. Analyzed And Studied The Bible In Its Original Languages. "The Spell Of Kingu (Leviathan) 666". 81 .The Bride OfChrist_ Use What And "I Think This". Has Been \ Wimp All This Time. Then Once The Spell Of Kingu Called Leviathan.000 To 10. Or From Having An Incurable Disease Or Burned A House With Innocent Kids In It. I. u . Was Cast By Zuen. Ques: What Stories Are You Talking About? Ans: I Am Talking About The Stories That Were Written In Your Bible And Koran. Eloheem Is Simply A Plural Of The Word Eloh. H . These Are Many Beings Or Gods That Are Being Talked About. Each Was Getting Further And Further Away From The Truth And What Was Orignally Written. The Real Abraham (Called Abram) Is Not The Mixed Up Story. M I 'IJV/r /)/. And All Eloheem Are Elohs. I low Many Times Has Your God Prevented Someone Yon Caivil I-'or From Losing Their Life. Any Of These Elohs Or Eloheem Can Be A Yahweh.

In'. This Is Figure 48 U. News. "Jesus"..D. Or "Savior".ikxl In The Judean Desert. The Dead Sea Scrolls Were Discovered In 1947 A. 83 82 . They Don't Want The Public To Know What Was Really Written Because It Would Uproot The Very Foundation That They Are Standing On Today.S.1996 A.^ • A new took at tht Diagram 8 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In Other Words. Your So-Called Scholars Are Debating Whether Or Not They Should Re-New The New Testament. "A New Look At The Good Book" Articles Are Popping Up Everywhere About The Bible And People Are Beginning To Question The Very Authenticity Of The Book They Base Their Entire Life And Future On. . The Bride OfChrist_ Something That I Have Been Telling You About For Over 25 Years. Near The Dead Sea.. A (JOOD BOOK >••'. Right Now. A Young Slu p l u i d Found Several Clay Jars In A Cave In Qumran VVliu h I . And Replaced Him With A Nuwaubian Yashua.s" I n c l u d i n g Hie Pope. For •I M •• MI. :-«. Hil>( In A Secret Vault In The Vatican.D.1996 A.The Bride OfChrist_ They Have Been Tampered With And You Would Be A Fool To Swear By It. I ot .D. April 7. April 8. The Old Testament Contradicts Itself And The New Testament And The Qura'an Vice Versa. Felt That People Were Not Ready For Them.. "In Search Of Jesus" Ques: How Can We Overcome This Spell And Eliminate Our Beliefs In Jesus? Ans: You Can Eliminate Your Beliefs In Any Jesus By First Realizing That Some Of You Have Compromised By Replacing The Pale Skin Albino Image Of Your So-Called "God". St-mlls Were Not Made Public Because "S( liohu.

(Refer To "Does Religion Breed Ignorance?" Scroll #98). And Right Overstanding. Evidence. "To Know" Gives One Confidence. The First Step To Nuwau-Bu Is Right Knowledge Which Will Pass Any One Of The Three Tests That Is Practical For Knowledge Given. Instead Of Realizing That Your Belief In Jesus Is Spookism And A Myth. Have To See. The ENOSITES (Refer To "Birth Ceremony.The Bride OJ C (Refer To Special Edition Bulletin "Who Do People Say I Am?"). So 84 85 . Knowledge Can Be Checked Out By One Or More Of Three Tests: (1) Experience (2) Evidence (3) Reason Knowledge Is Always Logical And It Reasons Out. Nuwau-Bu And The Powers That Make It Effective And Binding Are The Equalizers In All Fields Of Necessity And Endeavors In Which Other Races Offer Contest. And Asking For Proof. Some Of You Nuwaubians. But Belief Infers Doubt. One Can Not Always Use The Experience Test. The Libcniiion Forces Are Not Their God. However. Nine Ether By Nature.Nuwaubu. Right Wisdom And Right Overstanding. But Knowledge Is Knowing And Knowledge Is Correct Information. Believing What You Believe. Thus Putting The Myth Out Of Your Life Forever. Nuwau-Bu Is The Science Of Experience. Ques: What Is NUWAU-BU? The Bride OfChrist_ Demand That Anyone Attempting To Impose Upon You Their Religous Beliefs To Produce The Facts. You See Nubian Is A New-Being From The ADAMITES To A New Being. And A Messiah Existed Years Before Christianity Came Into Play (Refer To "The Real Trinity" Scroll # 45). Which Leads To Sound Right Reasoning. You Have To Start Asking Questions. Belief Is Ignorance. It Is Time For You To Wake Up And See Through The Falsehoods Of Religion. Because Nine Ether Is The Power Of Reason. Researching." Scroll #50). Your Stories In Your Bible Are Nothing But A Fabrication From Other Stories From Earlier Tablets And Different Cultures Just Retold Using Different Names. Their Christ Nor The Spirit Power-Names Of Any Other Race. And It's Followers Are The Sons And Daughters Of Sound Right Reason. Hence. Belief Is To Ignore The Facts. The Liberation Ans: Nuwau-Bu Is The Science Of Sound Right Reason. The Concept Of A Son Of Eli. And If One Does Not Know. Because The Experience Test Is Not Practical For All Knowledge. Yet. Because A Person Can Believe Anything And This Means That A Person Can Believe And Be One Hundred Percent Wrong. Thus You Are Comfortable In Spookisrn And Content To Stay Where You Are. That Is Living With The 2. The Scientific Name Of The Nine Ether Will Be Disclosed In The Science Nuwau-Bu. And 'Ishaw (rnyx Female Living Being) Spirit Forces Of Nubians Or New-Beings. That Is Ignorance. When The Minds Of Those People Capable Of Entering The New Sun Cycle Have Been Qualified. A Muhammadan Will Say That They Have The Oldest Koran. And Reason. Intentionally Or Ignorantly. Stop Believing Everything You're Told Are Facts. Their False Jesus. Is The 'Ish (UTK Male Living Being). Also Nuwau-Bu Is Right Knowledge. If You Attempt To Convert Me To The Muhammadan Faith. I For My Own Soul's Sake. You Christians Are Trying To Live The Reality Of A Play. Trinity. It Means He Or She Does Not Know.000 Year Old Lies. Oldest Doesn't Mean Original This Would Apply Also To Any Other Religion And Any Other Scripture (Refer To "Is The Koran Authentic?" Scroll nil8) The Most Deceptive Word "Believe" Or "Belief. Only Then Will You Attain Right Wisdom. Belief Is Ignorance And Religious Beliefs Without Facts Is Ignorance. Your Jesus Story Is Nothing But A Long Play. If One Has To Believe. Read And Touched The Original Koran.

You Must Come To The Reality That God Or Even The Son Of God Is Not Some Mystical Spook Or Being. Christians Fail To. "Whose God Is Resposible?" Scroll #89.The Bride OfChrist_ Forces Of Nubians (New Beings By Nature) Is Nine Ether Whose Scientific Name Will Be Disclosed In The Science Nuwau-Bu.. Seeing Is Knowing.ii i s hI iions i o n s And The Outright Lies That Have Been Forced On All A l l rrn|iUivnple And And 'I'lie The Population Population As As A A Whole. Once You Wake Up To Reality Through Right Knowledge That You Will Find Through Reading These Scrolls. You Will Be Able To See The Truth In Things For Yourself Through Nuwabu From A Sound Right Reasoning. "What Is God Doing For You?" Scroll # 54. The Besinins 87 . Reverends. Or Their Holidays.And The List Goes On. Knowledge. Did Have A Wedding And He Did Have Children. "Is God A Wimp? Scroll # 86. My Intent Here Is To Eliminate Myths. In Fact. Pastor. Now. The Religious >< noiimi. Elders. I Did. By Asking Questions Like: "Wko Is God?" Scroll #103. That's What Religion Does To You. Their Religion. And The O r i g i n a l Language Language Of Of Them. And Common Knowledge Not The Words Of Humans. "Is Jesus God?" Scroll # 120. It Is Apart Of The Spell. Back To The Original Point. And Scholars On Anything Pertaining To The Bible. Whole. People Are Not In The Habit Of Reading Their Scriptures With An Open Mind. As You Can See From This Scroll Yashu'a Who You Refer To As Jesus Did Have A Wife. The Reverend. Just As 86 The Bride Of Christ_ You Are Gods As It Says In Psalm 82:6 "Is It Not Written In Your Law I Said Ye Are Gods And All Of Ye Are The Children Of The Most High". And Are Scared To Question Their Pastors. "Does God Help His Own?" Scroll # 99. Them. Minister Or Priest Picks Out Certain Passages That They Want You To Know About And That's All You Read Untill You Go Back To Church The Next Week. "Does God Need Love?" Scroll # 109. Not The Only Begotten Son Of "God". "Does God Need Religion?" Scroll # 97. Teachers. They Don't Really Read The Bible At All. Nine Ether Is The Original Creative Forces That Made These Booklets Booklets Possible Possible (Refer (Refer To To "What "What Is Nuwau-Bu?" Scroll Nuwau-Bu?" Scroll # 42). Deacons. "What Is God Doing For You?" Scroll # 54". Their God. Hearing Is Believing. Not To Take Away From The Fact That He Was A Son. Scientific Scientific Facts. The Intent Is Merely To Educate The Ignorant To Right Knowledge And To Confirm What Many Scholars Have Speculated About Christ. Instead.iiion I >< nomin. Speeuhiied •»np»-i And The On • » i i p » --.. However. Using The Scriptures. He Lived A Life That Most Men Lived And For Whatever Reasons These Facts Have Been Buried.iiion Should Should Be Be Able Able To To Easily Easily Provide Provide Factual Factual An l h> o These Questions. A Sleep Spell Of Leviathan.