iHAV– iHaveAVision (Nonprofit organization

P.O. Box SK 81, Sakumono Estate, Tema, Ghana Tel: +233 243 650 790/ +263 774 133 403 July 02, 2013 Dear Sir/Madam, INVITATION TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS IN THE INTERNATIONAL BROCHURE OF THE 1ST IHAV PROJECT CONFERENCE I hope this letter find you well. I would like to introduce you to IHAV Foundation. From 24-27 July 2013, we will host and nurture over 120 young, brilliant, creative, and adventurous young African leaders (participants) between the ages 18 to 28, from over 30 countries in Africa who will meet in Accra-Ghana (Africana Guest House) for the inaugural IHAV Project Conference under the broad theme “Africa’s Youth, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship”. This will be facilitated by over 20 prominent business leaders and change champions from across the continent. In this regard, we have created an opportunity for you to advertise and exhibit your products and/ or services in our conference brochure which will be given to all participants and speakers at this event. This implies being featured in the first of its kind African youth brochure, and selling your products to some of the most inspirational people in the world; the iHAV conference participants. This will leave a long lasting impression on the participants, speakers, their friends and family. We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity on great terms and conditions. Kindly confirm via phone on 0243650790 or email at ihavafrica@gmail.com We hope to get a positive response from you soon as we get ready for this exciting event. Yours faithfully,

Christabel Ofori Chief Executive Officer, IHAV Foundation (www.ihavfoundation.org)

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