“Imagination is Everything, it's the Preview of Life's coming Attractions.

Albert Einstein

“Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve.” Dr. Napoleon Hill

1) Practical Mental Influence - William W. Atkinson 2) Mental Influence – Caitlin MacKenna 3) Attract a New Lover with Mental Influence – Caitlin MacKenna 5) 5 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Mental Influence - Caitlin

6) Subjective Communication - ALC Group and Jim Francis 2007

that’s right. consists of focusing the mind upon a given subject. The person who uses Mental Influence must certainly possess the power of focusing the force to a common point. eye-influence or hypnotic methods. The two classes of manifestation. “You like me – you like me very much. the real strength coming from the strength of the desire behind the words. or object. Atkinson “As one sows so shall he reap” . Hypnotism: By Hypnotism we mean the use of the power.” with an air of assurance and confidence.” etc. looking him straight in the eyes. Then take hold of his hands and hold them a little while.Practical Mental Influence . One person may fascinate another without understanding a word of his language. Fascination: By Fascination we mean the manifestation of Mental Influence when the two persons are together. and then holding it there for a certain time. is the mental creation. for words are concentrated symbols of ideas. and not allowing itself to be diverted or attracted from its object. for it creates a mental path over which the force may travel. The principle consists of: (1)The Thought of what the person wishes the other to do held firmly in the mind. in practice. Begin by having the person stand before you. and it is difficult to draw a dividing line in some cases. as a matter of fact. The thought should be sent forth with the strength that usually accompanies a strong spoken statement. then along his arms. You will find that he will begin to sway toward you and in a moment or two will fall forward in your arms. in the shape of unspoken words. You must not act awkwardly when sending out the Thought-Waves. but accompanied by passes. It may help you to imagine that you can see the force flying from you to the other. or at any pause in the conversation. the better able you are to take steps to get it. Then make sweeping passes in front of the person from head to foot. and either allowing it to rest. earnest expression and frame of mind. Avoid levity or laughter and maintain a serious.William W. fully intent upon its object. you should form in your mind this thought: “That person likes me. The formation of the desire-thought into words is merely for the purpose of concentrating and focusing the thought. don’t be afraid – now come – come – come – now you’re coming. Mental Imaging: What is known as a “Mental Image” in occultism. say to him: “Now. when the other person is talking to you. really blend into each other. Concentration is the great secret of the use of Mental Influence. “ You are able to overcome his Will – using the silent message of “I am Stronger than you – my Will overcomes yours. but you must not actually “speak” the words aloud – you should merely say them strongly “in your mind. It is always well to send first a powerful Thought-Wave before the conversation is opened. for it is the allowing of the attention to escape the control of the will. Send the Thought-Waves forth charged with a great intensity of desire or will which will persist for a long time. Then standing in front of the subject tell him to take his will off of his legs and stand perfectly passive and relaxed. Do not allow your imagination to “run away with you” – do not become a dreamer of dreams and a doer of nothing. without direct contact between the two bodies. You know that the clearer a Mental Picture you possess of anything that you want – the better you know just what you want – and the better you know the latter. sending your Thought-Waves between your speeches. The feeling. in order to manifest the greatest amount of power and influence. For instance. and the other person is bound to feel the effect unless he or she has acquired a knowledge of the subject and is using self-protection. preferably while you are approaching the person.” etc. or object. thoughts or feelings. silently. Become a firm thinker instead of a daydreamer. The imagination properly used helps very much in these matters. Make all passes downward. firmly and fixedly. It is unnecessary to say that you should concentrate your mind steadily upon the idea of his falling . when the two parties are together. also. in the imagination of a “picture” of the things. but converse in an ordinary manner. The fundamental idea is the forming of the thought. if you wish a person to like you. The secret of Mental Concentration lies in the control of the Attention. Then looking him straight in the eyes.” fixing it in your own mind as a fact. without passes or the usual hypnotic methods. And the control of the Attention lies in the exercise of the Will. Mental Concentration: Mental Concentration. It likewise consists in the correlative power of then detaching the mind from that subject. events or conditions that one desires to be manifested or materialized in actual effect. Then project to him the concentrated thought. and (2)The projection of that Thought to the other. desire or mental state sought to be transferred from one mind to others. Fascination and Hypnotism. I am going to draw you forward toward me by my mental power – you will feel yourself falling forward toward me – don’t resist but let yourself come toward me – I will catch you. Then make a few passes in front of the face of the subject.Unknown Mental-Induction: In physical science the term Induction is used to indicate that quality in a manifestation of energy which tends to reproduce in a second object the vibrations manifesting in the first object. The involuntary concentration is a thing to be avoided. or else focusing it upon another object. You must master your imagination and make it your servant and not your master. and then sending it out to the other person.

Or you may make him experience a feeling of heat and pain by touching your finger to his hand and telling him that it is hot. In some cases they report that they are able to faintly “see” the figure of the other person in miniature at the other end of the tube. Standing behind the subject and drawing him backward may reverse this experiment. This process establishes a psychic condition between the treater and the actual person.” and projected toward the person desired to influence. not touching him.” Then they create a strong mental picture of the person treated. In the above forms of treatment the treater treats the Mental Image. You will soon be able to distinguish these people by a certain force about them and a peculiar expression in their eyes. and then draw away your hands. and receptive to his influence. telling him that he cannot draw them apart. or of a subtle fluid. toward yourself. Be sure and catch him in your arms when he falls to protect him from a fall to the floor. He forgets for the time being that the person may be hundreds of miles away. along unconscious lines. Influence at Distance: It is the manifestation of the influence when the persons affected are removed in space from the person using the influence. however.” etc. but this is undoubtedly due to the possession of “psycho-mantic” powers.” or rather. and concentrates his influence on the image. only larger – about six inches to one foot wide – or.” Another form of distant treatment consists in forming “astral–tube. A picture of a person held in the mind in this way – the person being seen in perfect. to lengthen out in the shape of a tube which rapidly extends and travels toward the person treated. as described under the head of “Fascination. or doing the things desired to be done. or patting or stroking you.Beware of people who are always putting their hands on you. in this way. Or you may start him revolving his hands. be sure you “take off” the influence afterward. These people simply stand or sit quietly and concentrate their minds until they attain the state of Mental Calm known to many as “the Silence. etc.. and willing that the influence pass off. One of the most elementary. and then giving him orders that he cannot stop them. following your finger that you have pointed at his nose. and who have mastered the act of Mental Imaging. the difference between present influence and distant influence is merely a matter of degree. the advantages accruing from the exception mentioned may be duplicated by practice and development in the case of distant influence. The second of these two methods is that used by the most advanced occultists who have advanced beyond the use of the methods described just now. but just in front of him. The treater proceeds to give both verbal commands. by a peculiar faint “shock” similar to that of a very mild galvanic current. Influencing En Masse: It means the use of the influence in the phase of exerting a strong attracting or directing power to the mind or “the crowd. precisely as he would if the person were actually present. If you meet such persons.forward. although the latter may be removed from the treater by many miles of space. and innocently. he acts as if the person were sitting before him. suddenly awakened in to effect. is possible only to those of great concentration.” similar to the little ring of smoke puffed out by the cigar smoker. or rather in some place in which you can concentrate (the advanced occultist can find peace in the midst of the noise) and then directing your Thought–Waves toward the other person. The most common form of Influencing En Masse is the lesser degree manifestation. Then the treater proceeds to send his thought–currents along the psychic–wire in the same manner as if the person were actually in his presence. and who also possess Creative Will-Power to a marked degree.” or a large number of people. This mental picture tends to give a concentrative force to the current which renders them powerful. and yet one of the most effective methods known to occultists is that of creating a Mental Image of the person “treated” in the sense of imagining him to be seated in a chair in front of the person treating him at a distance. robust health. and happy and successful – tends to materialize the same conditions in the person in real life. In short. This is one of the highest forms of Mental Influence and really approaches a higher phase of influence than that of the mental plane as generally known. This form of treatment. toward the imaginary person seated before him. but others do so with the intention of producing a mild form of hypnotic influence upon you. Many persons do this from force of habit. by following the above general directions. by the use of the will. sending them the thought: “You can’t affect me – I am too strong for you – you can’t play your tricks on me. There are two other methods frequently used in distant influencing which we shall now briefly describe: The first of these two methods consists in sitting or standing in a quiet place.“ It is a good plan to practice this counteracting force when you are shaking hands with a “magnetic” person who seems to affect people. saying at the same time: “Come now – come – you’re coming. better still. and at the same time directs Thought–Waves. All of the familiar simple experiments may be performed successfully upon a large percentage of persons. like the ring of smoke ejected from the stack of a locomotive sometimes when it is puffing rapidly. employed by some. forming in the imagination a gradual lengthening “psychic–wire” composed of thought–vibrations. It will help matters if you hold your hands on each side of his head. and sends them direct to the desired spot. . or wishing to hold your hands a long time. wideawake. the treater feels at once that contact has been established. Do not neglect this. Those practicing this form state that when the psychic–wire is projected sufficiently far (and it travels with incredible speed) and cones in contact with the mind of the other person. at the same time using your protective will upon them. in a manner identical with that of the psychic–wire. Long-Distance Fascination: Another way. in the imagination. In the same manner you may fasten his hands together. picture.” The astral–tube is set up in a similar manner to the “psychic–wire. using your will firmly to that effect. In the above experiments. It is formed in the imagination as a “vortex–ring. or picture. The principles underlying Mental Influence at a distance are precisely the same as those underlying the use of influence when the persons are in the presence of each other. however. Or you may draw him all around the room after you. Those following this method of distant influencing report that they recognize the completion of the tube by a sensation of stoppage and a feeling of “rapport” having been established between themselves and the other person. And now a word of warning . and find them attempting anything of this sort. surrounded by the conditions desired created. by making upward passes. forming in the imagination a mental picture of the force flying from you toward the other. you can counteract their influence by sending them a strong thought current. by talking mentally. like tiny sparks of electricity. etc. This vortex–ring is then seen. “the public. is to begin darting Thought– Waves toward the other person.

unmistakably. And in this part of a man’s consciousness. if persisted in. demanding mental state that evinces a hungry reaching out for the desired thing. which sweep ever outward like waves in a pond caused by dropping in a stone. which will scatter the adverse influences in all directions. but the same method will act equally as well in the matter of repelling the mental influence of others directed against you in the form of “absent treatments. willing that those coming within their radius shall be attracted toward the ideas expressed in the Mental Image projected in all directions. You will readily see from what has been said that an individual who has cultivated the faculty of concentration and has acquired the art of creating sharp. using the Will within my Ego. coupled with the sense of BEING an “I. The rule is the same in all cases. This consciousness comes to the individual by reason of his contact with the great One Life of the Universe – it is the point of contact between the PART and the ALL. for “interest” is the first step toward attention. The secret lies in the fact that in both the case of Desire and Fear the mind forms the Mental Image.they merely dissipate energy. The feeling of fear prevents you from manifesting the power within you to its full extent. throws energy into the task and puts forth his will–power through the picture on the slide. which is merely a Desire. which tends to attract similar thoughts.” aided by the statement (made silently to yourself): “I am an Immortal Spirit. and who when engaged in an undertaking will so charge his mind with the idea of success. strong mental images. This inner Will is Real Power. will cause the other person to become confused and anxious to let you alone. or similar methods. until at last they form a mental whirlpool rushing round and round and always sucking in toward the center. and then sending out strong thought–currents of desire in all directions. Other appeals to the minds of these people will be far more likely to reach them than otherwise. threatening. which is what has been called the WILL of man. The constant dwelling upon some special object of subject. and when once recognized may be drawn upon as a source of unending and unfailing Strength. The man who converts thought in activity and material being. clear. Then smile to yourself and make the statements mentioned above. of Thought – Waves. in the very center of the being of each individual – in the very heart of hearts of the Immortal Ego – is what occultists know as the Flame of the Spirit. put out of your mind all Fear of others persons. and holding the power of the Spirit within your “I” firmly in you mind.” there resides a spark from the Divine Flame of Life and Power. but rather than eager longing. and which. If the other person is stubborn and determined to influence you by words of suggestion. Not only in the case of personal influence in the actual presence of the other person may be defeated in this way. The fact is that within each of us. selfish character. by men who have developed concentration. This is what you recognize in consciousness as the “I AM” consciousness – that consciousness of being which is far above the consciousness of personality.” etc. and then afterward mentally imparting a rotary motion to the waves. “Let me alone – I cast off your influence by the power of my Spirit. If you feel yourself inclining toward doing something which in your heart you feel that is not to your best interests.” This form of denial may be used either in the case of absent influence or personal influence. send out a mental command just as you would in the case of the actual presence of the person himself or herself. It is that consciousness which informs each individual. you may know that. that he is actually an Individual Being. and attention is another step toward action. and how the efforts of the other person will fail.” Try this the next time that anyone attempts to influence you either verbally or by Thought–Waves and see how strong and positive you will feel. your mental command to another. And in the same way a person possessed of a strong Fear of a thing will send out similar attracting waves. have shown you that one is far less liable to influence if he will maintain a mental atmosphere of high vibration – that is keeping oneself surrounded by a thought atmosphere filled with vibrations of the highest kind of thoughts and free from thoughts and desire of a base. and other writers on the subject.” will act so strongly that you will be able to actually see the effect at once. or some similar one. or the things of personality.manifested by a majority of people by reason of their desire for the success of certain things. saying mentally “I defy you . which have a tendency to attract or draw to him the people calculated to bring about the materialization of the thing feared. Above all. Daydreamers do not materialize thought . . which tends to become materialized. Self-Protection: It is true that we. strong wills and fixity of purpose has the effect of sending out from the mind of that person great circles. You may also deny the influencing power out of existence by asserting mentally: “I DENY your power to influence me – you have no such power over me – I am resting on my knowledge of Spirit and its Will within me – I deny your power out of existence. judged from a true standpoint. Now. or else a certain firmness. someone is seeking to influence you in this way. coaxing. you will find yourself able to defy their mental attacks by simply remembering the strength imminent in your “I. look him or her straight in the eyes. With this consciousness held in mind. do not mistake us and confuse this with the so– called Will of personality. consciously or unconsciously. Some masters of this art of influencing the public create a mental picture of themselves sending out great volumes of Thought–Waves for a time. will be bound to become an attracting center. By desire we do not mean the mere “wanting” or “wishing” state of mind. which often is little more than Stubbornness. craving.my inner power casts off your influence. Occultists “treat” the public “en masse” by holding the strong mental picture of that which they desire. When you come in contact with people who are seeking to influence you. Cast out fear as unworthy and hurtful. constantly widening.” With this Mental Attitude you may make the slightest mental effort in the direction of throwing out from your mind vibrations.

which is one of the keys to success. You do need some confidence. try. and the receiver also knows that he is receiving a message from someone. If you don’t succeed at first. Exhale breath and count 1. chanting.3. In telepathy. You can call someone to contact you.2. How do you do mental influence? You have five basic steps to do mental influence successfully. Inhale and count 1. See it clearly in your mind. . Mental influence is one-way telepathic communication. Continue for 10 minutes. Give the suggestions.2. Now you should be in the alpha state . Close your eyes and look up slightly. especially for major behavior changes. he thinks that it is his own thought. imagination. However.4. belief. Don’t try mental influence once and tell me it doesn’t work. You can use mental influence to attract a new lover. or any special spiritual powers. You can increase your sales if you’re a salesman. Allow a month for your mental influence to work. You can become your boss’s favorite. Step 1: Decide what you want the receiver to think or do. You can rejoin a broken family.5. All methods for mental influence basically follow these steps. Step 4 Now mentally speak to the image.4. Once you’ve successfully influenced a person. Relax. That’s is the basic difference between telepathy and mental influence. Phrase the suggestions from their point of view. Step 3 Imagine the receiver’s face.5. try again. You don’t need extraordinary concentration. Hold breath for 1. Just do as well as you can. The others are phrasing your suggestions from the receiver’s point of view and persistence.3. What can mental influence be used for? Just about anything.3. I should give her the promotion she applied for. “Mary is a valuable employees. You can turn your enemy into your friend. If it is not coming clearly. in mental influence only the sender knows that he is sending a message to somebody. the sender knows that he is sending a message to somebody. Do this for 10 to 30 times. I would hate to lose her. don’t worry. Repeat 1-3 times daily until you get the result you want. you will not need as much time to influence them again. Step 5 Open your eyes. I like this method better than any other I’ve tried because the rhythmic breathing is a reliable way to reach the alpha state.Relax…Relax… Now do rhythmic breathing..4.5. You can use it in your business. You can break off a bad relationship without pain or hostility. Who can do mental influence? Anybody can do mental influence. though you will often see results in hours to days.Mental Influence – Caitlin MacKenna What is the difference between telepathy and mental influence? Telepathy is the communication between two minds.” Step 2 Sit in a comfortable place. When the receiver receives the message.2. and patience. You can change others’ bad opinion of you.

Attract a New Lover with Mental Influence – Caitlin MacKenna Mental influence is one-way telepathic communication. However. if you do think it’s wrong. don’t do it. or 3) you are not getting out or going anywhere that you could meet your new lover. eye color. you just have to do it. It can be directed to a particular person. Involve all of your senses. If you don’t get results within a month. etc. The more vivid your mental image. thereby. so it can reach its target. 3) While making love with your lover thought form. don’t think about it anymore. leaving it to the universe to send the right person. etc. Picture your energy in the form of a vapor flowing from your penis or vagina and filling the thought form. 2) In your mind. or it can be broadcast like a radio or television signal. your thought form stays attached to you. or of the particular person whom you are trying to attract. think about his or her qualities. All it means is that it will take longer for the programming to be successful. or to attract a particular person. One caution: don’t try to use mental influence to attract a “celebrity” unless you already know that person. Say to yourself. transfer your energy to your lover thought form. 5) You can repeat step 3 and 4 as long as you want though spending 15-30 minutes on your mental influence session is about right. “I love your hair color. Picture the qualities of your lover as vapor inside his or her body. Some say that using mental influence to attract a particular person is wrong because it “violates free will. Famous people have so many people fantasizing about them that it is very difficult for your thought form to get through to them. . When using mental influence techniques. music. Signs of resistance show you that your mental influence is starting to work. Close your eyes and imagine the body of your lover life sized in three dimensions. Take as much time as you need to do this step. the softness of your skin. 1) Start by creating a thought form of your ideal lover. You don’t have to believe in it. and I personally don’t see how mental influence is different from the other methods people use to attract new lovers. Using mental influence to attract a new lover is a simple process. To move things along. begin making love with your lover thought form. some people meet with resistance from their target. It does not mean that your efforts will not work. 6) Repeat the steps 1-5 daily until you achieve results. Be as realistic as you can. which could take from a few hours to a few weeks.” Magical traditions all over the world disagree with that viewpoint. What is possible is that you will attract a person who resembles your image of the celebrity. If you keep thinking about your objective. there are three possible problems: 1) your mental imagery is not vivid enough to create a viable thought form. When you are finished. such as sexy clothes. One use for mental influence is to attract a new lover with particular qualities that you want. not allowing your thought form to reach its target. Just use mental influence to attract your ideal lover. You must feel the thought form body when you touch it. 4) When you feel ready. the more effective your mental influence will be. You have to release your thought form. If that’s good enough for you. perfume or cologne. 2) you are obsessing about your objective. use on or all of five ways to overcome resistance to mental influence. go for it. I enjoy the way your…” and continue with this type of inner dialogue during the lovemaking. and.

or even hostile towards you. Continue this stopping and starting if the person still resists. some people meet with resistance from their target. they will begin to miss you terribly. that’s a good thing. such as the ones in Attract a New Lover with Mental Influence. Here are five ways to overcome resistance to mental influence. When your mental images are blocked. but that’s no problem because sparks should fly the next time they see you. the person may even try getting away from you. make them want you and be very eager to please you while you brush them off and reject them. When you visualize. 1) You can apply longer and more intense visualizing until the person’s resistance breaks down. It doesn’t matter how far the distance (the farther the better) since their defenses will go down. you give them the cold shoulder. All it means is that it will take longer for the programming to be successful. . and your influence will gain entry into their mind much more easily. This technique is especially important if you are trying to get a person to fall in love with you. You first visualize the person being happy and comfortable with you. Signs of resistance show you that your mental influence is starting to work. the person is defenseless. maybe laughing and playing. Sooner or later. all your visualizing begins to creep into the person’s mind. they don’t fade away. their subconscious mind will give up if you keep up the work. The only problem is that you won’t be able to monitor their reactions or signs of changed behavior. 4) If the person is showing signs of being fearful about the new sexual feelings you are creating in them. the subconscious mind of the person feels that the pressure is off. They will learn that resisting you will cause more visualizing on your part (Of course. Some people get ill from energy/strength loss when trying to wrestle against your influence. when you are holding off on your techniques for a few days. and the person begins to let down their defenses. 3) You can stop doing your mental influence sessions for a few days and then start again with more force. If the person you are working is resisting to some extent. erotic scenarios. These pauses can be very effective because. Visualize being friends at first and doing friend-type things (non-threatening) and then work up to sexual things after a few weeks. therefore. They will become yours. not a bad thing. It’s sometimes best to begin with a gentle approach. It does not mean that your efforts will not work. This will increase your influence even if the person is suppressing their feelings or ignoring you. Though it may be hard to believe. at the same time in your visualizing. Be very alert of their signs so that you can use the best technique. This can break the person’s resistance completely because their mind cannot understand this influence or how to resist it. This can occur even if they don’t know you. When the defenses go down. then work with one or all of these techniques. and.) 2) You can make a U-turn and visualize them very much attracted to you while. use your visualizing to slow down the passion.5 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Mental Influence Caitlin MacKenna When using mental influence techniques. but are resisting subconsciously. 5) If their unconscious mind can’t handle the load of your influence. and then put in the sexual scenarios when you have fully instilled the “safe” scenarios. If the person is resisting. this is all on an subconscious level since they don’t consciously know that you are using mental influence techniques on them. Your prospective lover may be cold. and then later you can slowly build up to intense. They just “hang around” until an opening is found into the person’s mind. You can continue to do your work. rude. the visualizing you have done just waits and accumulates until there is a clear opening into the mind (such as when their defenses are down). If you continue your mental influence after they move.

. don't worry.Subjective Communication ...."I will wake up when I am in contact with the greatest number of my targeted group and I will remember why I have woken up".I will remain awake until after I have finished communicating with (the subject's name) Keep repeating this over and over. If you have trouble with this you can always pre-record it onto a cassette and let it play as you fall asleep. Then go back to sleep. program your subconscious to wake you up when your mind is in contact with the other person's mind........... . it may work against you. etc. You will usually find that this communication works almost instantaneously and that you won't need to keep repeating it... You can also program to wake up to talk to a group of people.. Convey the entire message as if you were sitting there in front of him... Example-2: As you go to sleep at night you keep repeating to yourself: .. Caution-2: The impact of one focused human mind upon another can be quite enormous so when you are doing subjective communication make sure to keep your messages positive and mutually beneficial to both parties.. Caution-1: Like any other talent you can also use it to "bore people to tears". Finally see him shaking your hand and congratulating you on getting the job..make sure you are not too comfortable.. Mentally see yourself talking to the other person and explaining the problem to them.. Blogg's mind and I will remember why I have woken up.... If you do.. This is the programming that I mentioned earlier... Let yourself drift off to sleep. As you go to sleep you instruct your subconscious as follows: I will wake up when I am in contact with Mr..... See them nodding their head in agreement.. Don't hammer others with consistent subjective broadcasts. You repeat the following slowly and clearly in your mind: Mr. When you meet Mr. The best way to organize this is to get out of bed and freshen up by splashing cold water over your face . You will probably be pleasantly surprised to find that you receive a very cordial reception and things go the way you want.. You will record: ... Example-1: Let us suppose that you are going for a job interview tomorrow and you're somewhat apprehensive. I have all the qualifications and by employing me you will make life easier for yourself."I will wake up when I am in mental contact with (whoever) and I will remember why I have woken up".. Now as soon as possible contact that person in real life and run your problem past them... The standard method of doing this. Bloggs will be interviewing you. You know that a Mr.. You repeat this a dozen times or more until you fall asleep... This is because you are talking to yourself as if you were a hypnotist.visiting the bathroom.. Don't overdo it. You repeat this statement 10-20 times to make sure your subconscious gets the message..etc. If you keep thinking about them as you're going to sleep control your thoughts very carefully. The idea is to relax your mind and let yourself drift down into that dreamy state. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PROJECT CRITICISM.. When you feel yourself totally relaxed start "talking" with the person (or group) in a positive friendly way....... This will tend to keep you awake for the duration of your alpha exercise. The reason for reminding yourself why you have woken up is because if you don't pre-program this you are likely to wake up and wonder what disturbed you! This has happened to me more times than I care to remember... Except the wording is slightly different. Any negative mental projection may get through and undo the good work you've just done.. When you wake up sit up in bed (so you don't drop back to sleep) and relax so that you're in that daydream alpha state.. Then when you climb back into bed .."you will wake up when you are in mental contact with (whoever) and you will remember why you have woken up". Use it for a few days then give it a rest...... Now at this point it will help considerably if you have had alpha training but if you haven't........ is as you're going to sleep at night. The best way is to drift off while seeing all concerned celebrating a happy outcome. Thank them for listening to you and visualize the meeting closed.. while all the time telling yourself this : ..ALC Group and Jim Francis 2007 All it requires is that you focus on the other person while they are in an alpha state! The best time to do this is while they are in a light sleep in the early hours of the morning.. Prop yourself up in a slightly uncomfortable position and leave a light on. Bloggs. Bloggs the next day you will be somewhat amazed at the friendly reception you get providing you have subjectively communicated correctly.. hypnotizing somebody. you know I am the best person for the job...... In this case you say: ..... as taught by the commercial mind courses. When you do awaken it is fairly important to arrange things so that you don't fade away and drift off to sleep while in the middle of your "alpha transmission". Visualize clearly a happy and positive outcome to the "meeting"...

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