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Sell Smarter Embrace the Sales 2.0 Movement to Increase

Sell Smarter Embrace the Sales 2.0 Movement to Increase

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Published by: api-13040968 on Jun 11, 2009
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At this point, a plan to market to your contacts should be taking shape.

ƒIf your company is like mine and generates a lot of press
releases, you may want to send them out to the appropriate

contacts as they are produced.

ƒYou may want to send a quarterly account status email,
which I will outline below.

ƒYou may have a monthly event or offer you plan to send.
ƒI recommend sending an initial email once your groups are
established using the “conversational” example below.

Keep it

*Source: EmailLabs.com from various industry studies.


ƒYou might want to send an announcement that you have a
blog or provide monthly updates on recent articles (these

should be targeted to your audience as much as possible).

Regardless of your strategy, a solid plan will keep you on track. The

effectiveness of email marketing is close to zero if you only do it once.

Plan your different types of communications at intervals of at least one

week, sending a maximum of 2-3 emails to each contact per month.

Example Email Strategy:

ƒFirst Monday: Recent articles from your Blog
ƒThird Monday: An article or press release relevant to each list
ƒQuarterly: “Catching Up” emails
ƒAs available: Related press releases or client testimonials

This isn’t something that’s going to take hours. You setup emails in your

email program once or twice a month, and they are sent as scheduled.

In fact, I recommend you set aside just a few hours at the beginning of

each month to draft and schedule all of your email communications.

Then simply send additional emails as necessary.

Now you’ve reached every contact 2-3 times per month, with

personalized and valuable information, while building credibility and

rapport. How long would that have taken using your current approach

to email (or worse, using the phone)?

A solid plan
will keep you
on track.


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