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MIS Hip Surgery Pitfalls and Tricks

Eugene Sherry Bond University

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 Patient

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Howell JR, Garbuz DS, Duncan CP.

driven demand- new to us  The Bosses are unhappy  Corporates leading the charge  ‘Its not so new’

MIS- defintion
 Registrars

incision: “ a small hole you spend hours f…ing around in”  MIS= much improved surgery  We all know this from Trauma and Austin Moores ( why do you think revisions are such a disaster: we have destoyed the soft tissue envelope)

How to start
 Do

ALL Austin Moores via 5-10 cm incision  Do all trauma through as small an incision as you can.

 Two

incision- up to you (but why)  Postero-lateral the easiest ( only concern is SCIATIC n).  Too much hype: ?home the next/same day ( really, or just want to escape from the NHS)


Incision Sciatic nerve

Extend Steinmann pin inside post capsule LOLLIPOP

Cup orientation


Reaming acet

Use angled/small reamer Use MIS friendly implant Use spacers

Crack shaft Trial reduction