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MCAT Test Study Prep and Review 100 Success Secrets: The Missing Medical College Admission Study, Test, Examination Concepts and Principles Guide

MCAT Test Study Prep and Review 100 Success Secrets: The Missing Medical College Admission Study, Test, Examination Concepts and Principles Guide


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Addresses the top 100 consultancy and education forum questions, with tips and success factors on exam content, study methods, schedules and other practical resources for the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) MCAT Medical College Admission Test. There has never been a book like this. MCAT Test Study Prep and Review 100 Success Secrets is not about the long-winded ins and outs of MCAT. Instead, it answers the top 100 contemporary questions that we are asked and come across daily in professional forums, consultancy and education programs. The author uncovers the questions that matter, with straightforward, highly accessible tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is not about exhaustive best practice and standards details. Instead, it addresses the key strategic points you want to know to be successful in the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) MCAT Medical College Admission Test. The Secrets are right here – reach out and grasp Success with both hands. Table of Contents includes: MCAT Scores: Faster Results Due to Computerization of the Exam Choosing the Most Suitable 2008 MCAT Dates AAMC MCAT Exam Administrator AMCAS MCAT Procedures: Understanding the Steps to the Whole Application Process The Advantages of Taking the April MCAT Exams August MCAT Exam: Best Schedule for Busy Students Average MCAT Score A Basis for Getting Accepted on Med School Average MCAT Scores Aiming High on All MCAT Sections Average MCAT Score A Deciding Factor in Medical School Admission Best MCAT Prep: 3 Ways to Prepare for the MCAT Exams Competitive MCAT Scores: How Scores Affect the Chances of Med School Applicants? E MCAT Review Centers: Providing Full Online Learning to Prepare for the MCAT Exams Examkrackers Working its Way to MCAT Supremacy Free MCAT Practice Exams Getting Ready for the Actual Exam Free MCAT Practice Test: Providing Good MCAT Preparation Alternative 4 Guidelines for Taking Free MCAT Practice Test How the Gold Standard MCAT Book Helps Aspiring Medical Students How to Get Good MCAT Score Highest MCAT Score: A Big Factor for Medical School Admission How to Avoid Getting Low MCAT Score 2007 One of the Best Years for MCAT MCAT 2008 Keeping Things the Way They Are MCAT Books A Must Read for Examinees Considering MCAT Course Features The Two Forms of MCAT Courses MCAT Test Dates First Come First Serve MCAT Exam Particulars Taking Advantage of MCAT Practice Exams MCAT Prep Getting Ready for the Exam Know Your MCAT Results Take the MCAT Review, It Helps Topics to Consider for an MCAT Review The Aid to Passing MCAT: MCAT Sample Questions How MCAT Exam is Scored When is MCAT Available for You. The Call for MCAT Score Reevaluation How MCAT Scores are Computed The Evolution of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) MCAT A Brief Introduction MCAT 45: Providing Benefits for MCAT Test-takers Advantages of Having Good MCAT and GPA Scores MCAT Audio: Hip Tool to Get High MCAT Scores MCAT Audio Osmosis: Studying for the MCAT Exam Made Easy Basic Preparation Steps for the MCAT Biology Test ... and more. 9780980497151 Paperback 9781921644658 ePub

Addresses the top 100 consultancy and education forum questions, with tips and success factors on exam content, study methods, schedules and other practical resources for the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) MCAT Medical College Admission Test. There has never been a book like this. MCAT Test Study Prep and Review 100 Success Secrets is not about the long-winded ins and outs of MCAT. Instead, it answers the top 100 contemporary questions that we are asked and come across daily in professional forums, consultancy and education programs. The author uncovers the questions that matter, with straightforward, highly accessible tips that have never before been offered in print. This book is not about exhaustive best practice and standards details. Instead, it addresses the key strategic points you want to know to be successful in the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) MCAT Medical College Admission Test. The Secrets are right here – reach out and grasp Success with both hands. Table of Contents includes: MCAT Scores: Faster Results Due to Computerization of the Exam Choosing the Most Suitable 2008 MCAT Dates AAMC MCAT Exam Administrator AMCAS MCAT Procedures: Understanding the Steps to the Whole Application Process The Advantages of Taking the April MCAT Exams August MCAT Exam: Best Schedule for Busy Students Average MCAT Score A Basis for Getting Accepted on Med School Average MCAT Scores Aiming High on All MCAT Sections Average MCAT Score A Deciding Factor in Medical School Admission Best MCAT Prep: 3 Ways to Prepare for the MCAT Exams Competitive MCAT Scores: How Scores Affect the Chances of Med School Applicants? E MCAT Review Centers: Providing Full Online Learning to Prepare for the MCAT Exams Examkrackers Working its Way to MCAT Supremacy Free MCAT Practice Exams Getting Ready for the Actual Exam Free MCAT Practice Test: Providing Good MCAT Preparation Alternative 4 Guidelines for Taking Free MCAT Practice Test How the Gold Standard MCAT Book Helps Aspiring Medical Students How to Get Good MCAT Score Highest MCAT Score: A Big Factor for Medical School Admission How to Avoid Getting Low MCAT Score 2007 One of the Best Years for MCAT MCAT 2008 Keeping Things the Way They Are MCAT Books A Must Read for Examinees Considering MCAT Course Features The Two Forms of MCAT Courses MCAT Test Dates First Come First Serve MCAT Exam Particulars Taking Advantage of MCAT Practice Exams MCAT Prep Getting Ready for the Exam Know Your MCAT Results Take the MCAT Review, It Helps Topics to Consider for an MCAT Review The Aid to Passing MCAT: MCAT Sample Questions How MCAT Exam is Scored When is MCAT Available for You. The Call for MCAT Score Reevaluation How MCAT Scores are Computed The Evolution of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) MCAT A Brief Introduction MCAT 45: Providing Benefits for MCAT Test-takers Advantages of Having Good MCAT and GPA Scores MCAT Audio: Hip Tool to Get High MCAT Scores MCAT Audio Osmosis: Studying for the MCAT Exam Made Easy Basic Preparation Steps for the MCAT Biology Test ... and more. 9780980497151 Paperback 9781921644658 ePub

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  • The development of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

MCAT 100 Success Secrets:
The Missing Medical College Admission Study, Test, Examination Concepts and Principles Guide
Gerard Blokdijk

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | Copyright © Gerard Blokdijk Notice of Rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Notice of Liability The information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis without warranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or by the products described in it. Trademarks Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations appear as requested by the owner of the trademark. All other product names and services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of the trademark. No such use, or the use of any trade name, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation with this book.

. it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with MCAT. it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of MCAT.M C AT 1 0 0 S U C C E S S S E C R E T S There has never been an MCAT Guide like this. Instead. This book is also not about MCAT best practice and standards details. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions. our consultancy and education programs. Instead. with tips that have never before been offered in print.

............... 9 AAMC MCAT Exam Administrator ............... 29 Free MCAT Practice Test: Providing Good MCAT Preparation Alternative .............. 15 Average MCAT Scores: Aiming High on All MCAT Sections ... 17 Average MCAT Score: A Deciding Factor in Medical School Admission19 Best MCAT Prep: 3 Ways to Prepare for the MCAT Exams ................................... 11 AMCAS MCAT Procedures: Understanding the Steps to the Whole Application Process .....................................................TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Foreword........................................................................21 Competitive MCAT Scores: How Scores Affect the Chances of Med School Applicants .......................................................................................................................... 23 E MCAT Review Centers: Providing Full Online Learning to Prepare for the MCAT Exams ....... 3 MCAT Scores: Faster Results Due to Computerization of the Exam ..........................................31 4 Guidelines for Taking a Free MCAT Practice Test ....................................................................................... 27 Free MCAT Practice Exams: Getting Ready for the Actual Exam ........................................13 Average MCAT Score: A Basis for Getting Accepted to Med School .................................................................................................. 25 Examkrackers: Working its Way to MCAT Supremacy ........ 33 ...........

...... 79 Advantages of Having Good MCAT and GPA Scores ......................................................... 47 The Two Forms of MCAT Course ...................................................................................................... 59 Take the MCAT Review.......... 75 MCAT: A Brief Introduction .........................77 MCAT 45: Providing Benefits for MCAT Test-takers ....... 57 Know Your MCAT Results ................................................ 37 Highest MCAT Score: A Big Factor for Medical School Admission .................... 69 The Call for MCAT Score Reevaluation ......................................................................... 51 MCAT Exam Particulars ................... 53 Taking Advantage of MCAT Practice Exams ................................................................................................................................................................................................................How the Gold Standard MCAT Book Helps Aspiring Medical Students35 How to Get Good MCAT Score ...........61 Topics to Consider for an MCAT Review .............. 71 How MCAT Scores are Computed ............................................................... 49 MCAT Test Dates: First-Come....................................................... First-Served ..................... 39 How to Avoid Getting a Low MCAT Score . 43 MCAT Books: A Must-Read for Examinees............................................................... 67 When is MCAT Available for You? ...................... 55 MCAT Prep: Getting Ready for the Exam ...................41 2007: One of the Best Years for MCAT ........................... 63 The Aid to Passing MCAT: MCAT Sample Questions ...................... 45 Considering MCAT Course Features ....... It Helps ....................... 81 MCAT Audio: Hip Tool to Get High MCAT Scores ............................................................................... 73 The Evolution of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) ....................................................... 83 ................ 65 How MCAT Exam is Scored....................

...................................... 111 Get the Best Tips through MCAT Forums .................................................. 95 The Advantages of Traditional MCAT Classes ..... 105 Essay Writing Section in the MCAT ...................................................................... 109 MCAT Forum: Excellent Venue to Prepare for the MCAT ........................................................................................ 85 Basic Preparation Steps for the MCAT Biology Test ...................................................................................................................................................91 MCAT CBT: Computerization Makes the MCAT More Efficient ......................... 117 MCAT Online Training: Helping Examinees Pass the Test in One Attempt ............ 87 MCAT Book: Old Fashioned But Effective Study Material for MCAT Exam .............................................MCAT Audio Osmosis: Studying for the MCAT Exam Made Easy ................................................................................................................................................................... 113 The MCAT GPA Grid: High Scores Mean High Chances of Acceptance115 Getting MCAT Help is Only the First Step .............................................................................123 MCAT Percentiles: The Art of Comparing MCAT Results.............. 103 Set Dates for the MCAT ....................125 How to Pass the MCAT Physics ............................................... 127 ... 99 MCAT Com Basics: The Significance of MCAT .. 119 Make the Most of the Organic Chemistry Section of your MCAT Course11 2 The Meaning of MCAT Percentile .............107 MCAT Flashcards: The Cheaper MCAT Complete Resource . 101 Cost of MCAT ............................................................. 89 The MCAT Calculator Ban: How to Sharpen Skills in Manual Calculations ........................................................... 97 Different Types of MCAT Classes .. 93 6 Steps to Prepare for the MCAT Chemistry Exams ..............................................

..... 171 How Does MCAT Thx Work?................163 The Advantages of MCAT Testing Resources .......... 149 The Specifics of MCAT Score Release.............................................................................................................................................................................145 MCAT Registration: 4 Basic Tips to Avoid Inconvenience....................................................................................................................................... 167 How To Get The Best MCAT Test Preparation............ 173 Tips on Passing The MCAT Test ................ 169 MCAT Tests: How to Prepare for the Different MCAT Sections .................................... 157 5 Simple MCAT Study Tips ...................... 151 The System of MCAT Scoring .. 175 ................................................................... 135 The Right MCAT Prep Course Helps You Pass the Test ...... 137 Many MCAT Prep Courses but Not All Will Be Most Helpful ......159 Why You Should Use an MCAT Study Guide ...................MCAT Practice Questions .........................................129 MCAT Practice Test: Sharpening MCAT Exam Skills ........................................... 161 Choosing the Best MCAT Test Dates .......................................133 A Good MCAT Preparation Can Mean High MCAT Score ..........................................................................................................165 How to Choose the Best Date for MCAT ........... 141 Familiarization with MCAT Questions Could Better Prepare Examinees ................................................................. 131 MCAT Practice Tests: Just Like the Real Exam ................................................................................................................................................................143 MCAT Registration Essentials ............. 147 Know the MCAT Requirements for a Hassle Free Registration ................ 155 The New MCAT Statistics ....139 Every MCAT Question You Know Is An Edge ................153 All About the MCAT Sign-Up Process ........

...............................193 ....................................................................MCAT Topics: Learning the Basics... 191 Evolution of the MCAT .......................................187 Princeton Review MCAT: Providing Valuable MCAT Test-taking Tools19 8 Get High Exam Scores Using Sample MCAT Test Questions . 183 Medical Schools MCAT: Guidelines That Could Help Guarantee Admission to Medical Schools .. 177 The Keys in Answering MCAT Verbal Reasoning Test..........185 Princeton MCAT Review Options to Ensure High Exam Scores. 181 Medical School MCAT: Major Requirement for Admission................................................... 179 MCAT Writing: Determining Aptitude for Intellectual Discourse .................................................

.9 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT S C O R E S : FA S T E R R E S U LT S D U E TO C O M P U T E R I ZAT I O N O F T H E EXAM The year 2007 saw the implementation of purely computer generated and assisted MCAT examinations. So it should not come as a surprise that the 2007 MCAT scores were published ahead of the usual dates of release. In addition. Students who are normally tech savvy and are accustomed to computer use find the newer method convenient. The computerization of the MCAT exams was a significant development. The paper and pencil tests were abolished by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to pave the way for more systematic test-taking and faster roll out of MCAT results. computerization has enhanced the capacity for better time management skills. Actual administration of the MCAT examinations became faster and it is now possible to schedule tests for two sessions per day.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 10 All these factors have significantly lessened the pressures associated with MCAT exams. Examinees today have relatively more time to focus on the exam. . These do not mean that the quality of MCAT exams has diminished. which has significantly enhanced the preparation capabilities of students for the MCAT exam. In fact. Current software can provide practice exams based on the actual format and system of the AAMC. the MCAT remains very challenging and some consider it as the toughest aptitude examination for professional admissions. Even the software industry has developed new applications to simulate MCAT exams. This has provided a more accurate test-taking experience for MCAT examinees. MCAT review and training centers changed their methods in providing MCAT test practices. Consequently. They also implemented computer-generated practice tests to match the actual examinations.

Council of Academic Societies. Organization of Resident Representatives. the Association of American Medical Colleges or AAMC is involved in the accreditation of medical schools and teaching hospitals both in the US and Canada. Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems. and Organization of Student Representatives. AAMC has five constituent components.11 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets A A M C M C AT E X A M A D M I N I S T R ATO R A non-profit organization established in 1876. Aside from being involved with many activities towards the advancement of medical science. AAMC s governing body. AAMC is also the principal administrator of the Medical College Admissions Test or more widely known as MCAT. . wherein each elects members to the Executive Council. These are Council of Deans.

To confirm identification. though only one test date at a time is permitted. examinees are required to bring photo ID s such as school ID s or driver s license. wristwatches and cellular phones. The report will be sent to AAMC for further evaluation. . If an examinee feels that he or she did not perform well during the exam. Lockers will be provided to secure personal belongings. The examinee may also bring sweaters or jackets to the exam. timers. An examinee can then register for another exam schedule but must wait for two days after the first exam. AAMC prohibits the use of any electronic gadget during the exam. but may advised by the exam proctor to remove such garments. These include calculators. it has formulated certain rules and guidelines that should be strictly followed during the exam proper. The computerized MCAT can be taken three times a year. Failure to comply with such regulation will be noted by name.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 12 Since AAMC designed and developed MCAT. the MCAT score may be voided on the day of the exam itself before leaving the test center or seeing the exam results.

Essentially. After registering with AMCAS. There are many scheduled MCAT exams each year and students are advised to take the test as early as possible. Students who wish to enter medical schools should register with AMCAS. The service also provides valuable information about medical school requirements. .13 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets A M C A S M C AT P R O C E D U R E S : U N D E R S TA N D I N G T H E S T E P S TO T H E W H O L E A P P L I C AT I O N P R O C E S S Pre-med students should understand the AMCAS MCAT services to be able to navigate entrance to medical schools. and information about the AAMC fee assistance program. The MCAT is the premiere medical admission test administered by AAMC. students should ensure that they could take the MCAT examination in order to be considered for admission. It provides an application processing service for most medical schools. affiliate institutions. AMCAS is the acronym for American Medical College Application Service. AMCAS serves as a one-stop-shop medical school application processing center.

This stage could really make or break the whole application process. additional requirements. It is also advised to get these recommendations as early as possible to avoid delays in the application process. The correspondence of medical schools may include schedule of fees. Competitive applicants are those that have high MCAT and GPA scores. Medical schools usually send out letters to competitive applicants. Students are advised to make a stellar performance during the interview. Students who made it in the interview stage have more chances of being accepted to med schools.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 14 Application process also involves submission of a Letter of Recommendation. Students are advised to get three recommendation letters from their faculty. and a request for a recommendation letter from a faculty. . The final stage in the application process is the interview.

While there are some who would like to be on top of the pack. is there such a thing as a good score for an entrance exam? . Come to think of it. To them. examinees are expected to focus on each of the questions appearing in front of the computer screen. there are also a few who just settle for having a pretty good score that is just enough for them to pass the exam.15 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets AV E R A G E M C A T S C O R E : A B A S I S FOR GETTING ACCEPTED TO MED SCHOOL When the proctor signals the start of the exam. only one thing is important at that time and that is to complete the exam with flying colors. thinking twice as what to pick as the best among a list of possible answers.

Not getting the average MCAT score should not be the end of the road for aspirants as there is always a second chance and even a third chance for them to pass per calendar year. and one essay type (Written Sample) with scores ranging from J to T. This average score of applicants is considered as basis to get accepted and enrolled on a medical school of their choice. Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences) with scores ranging from 1 to 15 for each section. . Considering that the MCAT exam consists of four sections. Staying focus and taking advantage of all MCAT resources are good indications of getting a passing mark.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 16 For the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test. This means that the examinee got a score of 10 on each multiple-choice exam and a P for the essay type. three of which are multiple-choice types (Physical Sciences. the average MCAT score would be 30P. The highest composite score for the MCAT exam is 45T. there is no official good score but only an average score.

However. achieving this score is not that hard to imagine.17 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets AV E R A G E M C A T S C O R E S : A I M I N G H I G H O N A L L M C AT S E C T I O N S What would be an ideal MCAT score for you? You may answer 45T as the most ideal. Come to think of it. though you have to be a genius to acquire this maximum MCAT score. though it will definitely stretch your brain cells to the limit. some institutions put more weight on the latter. Getting an average MCAT score of 30P is already considered competitive by most schools. if there is a noticeable discrepancy between your GPA and MCAT score. this is not only the sole factor that can make school officials decide whether to admit you or not. However. For the record. However. some claim that getting a score of 30P is more than enough. there is no official score for MCAT that will definitely ensure examinees of being admitted to their preferred medical school. You also have to have an impressive General Weighted Average (GPA) from your pre-med scores. .

and your fellow examinee got 14-159-R. this means that you have greater advantage. not only your overall score on the MCAT exam will be considered. . Striving hard to do well on all sections of the MCAT exam is another deciding factor that every examinee should take into consideration. Say for example. It is also being encouraged for examinees to achieve a balanced score on all four sections of the MCAT exam. the results of the exam show that you got a 35R score and another examinee happens to have the same score as yours.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 18 In addition. The screening committee will then look on both your scores on all four MCAT sections. If you got 12-13-13-R as your scorecard.

19 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets AV E R A G E M C A T S C O R E : A D E C I D I N G FA C T O R I N M E D I C A L SCHOOL ADMISSION Deciding on taking up a medical course is a milestone in one’s life. Being in the field of medicine is such a lifelong career that requires your commitment and dedication in making a difference in people s lives. This will definitely change the way you look at life as you get more serious at studies and focus on things that truly matters to you. You can only acquire this priceless reward by first passing the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. .

examinees who have acquired a score of 35R is already more than enough. . This score can definitely give you an edge over other MCAT passers as you work your way up in achieving a professional career in medicine. as you have to wait for a few more days before the results of the MCAT exam will be released. 30P would be considered a competitive exam score for a medical school applicant. you always have to be on top of the pack to be considered as an A-lister. In addition. Since the exam is divided into four sections. Written Sample and Biological Sciences. Instead. But the agony does not end there. Verbal Reasoning. it very hard to tell that indeed you have passed the exam. Since 45T is considered a perfect score (very unlikely to achieve) and 24O is a bit of an average (a good passing mark). getting an average MCAT score is not quite enough to be admitted to a medical school of your choice. namely Physical Sciences.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 20 It is indeed nerve-wracking to sit in front of a computer that contains questions that will change your life forever. For some.

Online trainings are widely available on the Internet and some offer very reasonable review fees. Online MCAT training will allow trainees to set their own pace and scheduled sessions. Although the MCAT exam is challenging. students can easily get high scores for each of the four tests section. Students can prepare well by utilizing different methods. and those wishing to save on gas or bus fare. There is no single best MCAT prep method. In this way. They will also be spared of the daily commute to and from MCAT training centers.21 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets B E S T M C AT P R E P : 3 WA Y S T O P R E PA R E F O R T H E M C AT E X A M S The Medical College Admissions Test is the most challenging and rigorous qualifying exam for aspiring medical students. their options would not be limited and they could enjoy preparation flexibility. This could be made possible with adequate review and thorough preparation using different techniques and methods. . Online review and trainings are ideal for busy students or professionals who have steady jobs. This method should be chosen by busy students. young professionals.

taking MCAT practice tests can also prepare students for the actual exam. In fact.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 22 Another best MCAT prep method is through individual coaching or teaching. which is ideal if students want to focus intensely on their MCAT preparation. This will enhance the learning process. a regular practice test has been proven to be an effective MCAT preparation method. instructors can devote 100% of their attention to a single student. Finally. . Students who are in self-study or those who are enrolled in a review center should have more MCAT practice tests. Through this method.

. students who got 30 points or more in MCAT and have writing score of Q are considered very competitive in almost all medical schools. It should be noted however that students must get a balanced score in each of the MCAT test section in order to be highly competitive. medical schools can spot the imbalance thus jeopardizing chances of getting accepted. That is why it is very important to get a really balanced MCAT scores to be considered competitive. As a rule of thumb however. The MCAT consists of four major coverage areas with scores ranging from 1 to 15 each. If students get high scores in one or two areas and very low scores in other MCAT section.23 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets C O M P E T I T I V E M C AT S C O R E S : H O W SCORES AFFECT THE CHANCES OF MED SCHOOL APPLICANTS Medical schools have different standards for determining competitive MCAT scores.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 24 Some medical schools accept applicants who got less than 10 points on each of the MCAT exam section. If a med school requires just the average score. That is why having high MCAT scores will really count in favor of the applicant. If students get a below average score on each of the MCAT exam section. But the most prestigious medical schools usually look for applicants having 12 or more points on each of the MCAT exam section. they should retake the test to boost their chances of getting into medical school. . students should consider applying in that institution instead of retaking the MCAT exam. allows students to take three MCAT attempts in one year. The AAMC. It is generally advised that students should first research different medical schools for their MCAT requirements. which administers the exam.

The entrance fees may depend on the duration and intensity of the training package. The process for enrolling in an online MCAT review center is fairly simple.25 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets E M C AT R E V I E W C E N T E R S : PROVIDING FULL ONLINE L E A R N I N G TO P R E PA R E F O R T H E M C AT E X A M S E-MCAT is another term for online MCAT review or trainings. Students would have to register first with the online center and pay the necessary fees. There are Websites that offer eMCAT courses for those who wish to prepare for the exam. and students should choose the option most suited to and affordable for them. There are group online trainings or individualized coaching. These two types of online learning usually have different fee schedules. . E-MCAT centers provide full online learning methods and deliveries. These online learning centers provide convenience to those students who don t have enough time to go to classroom style review centers.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 26 After registration. They can usually provide practice MCAT exams using Web interfaces or they can provide students with ready to install applications that serve as exam simulator. E-MCAT review centers could certainly help students get high scores in MCAT exams. Students normally set their own pace of review and choose sessions that match their schedules. Online MCAT review centers also provide superior practice test technology. . trainees will be given their own user ID and password in order to access the materials and services of the eMCAT training school. Online review centers also provide numerous training and study materials that can be studied offline. These materials can be printed so that trainees can take their study materials wherever they go.

He also co-authored books and facilitated Examkrackers courses too. Though only a few enrolled. At first. more and more are producing useful MCAT exam resources. they started offering Examkrackers classes in campuses and universities. One of these is Examkrackers. It was founded on the 9th of September 1997 by Jonathan Orsay and Jordan Zaretsky. audio CDs. . DVDs. online forums and live training courses. the two continued on with the addition of Scott Calvin who joined the team in the summer of 1998. Their efforts paid off in the spring of 1999 with a total enrollment of 100 students. This is such an achievement as the need to review certain topics before taking up standardized exams has become increasingly popular in the US.27 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets EXAMKRACKERS: WORKING ITS WAY T O M C AT S U P R E M A C Y Since a lot of brilliant minds have sought the importance of passing the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT for future professionals in the field of medicine. Examkrackers is a leading provider of standardized exam preparation materials such as books.

Examkrackers is expanding to several US states with its books reflecting the new AAMC computer-based testing. . In 2002. In the summer of 2001. Amazon. a lot of examinees began to listen to MCAT Audio Osmosis and a book entitled 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning was released.com. Examkrackers books were also distributed to selected bookstores and began to sell thousands of copies. Examkrackers began teaching its first college sponsored course and continued thereafter. Today. It was in the year 2003 when Examkrackers finally penetrated the shores of Canada up to as far as Korea.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 28 The year 2000 is another milestone for Examkrackers as its books began to sell on the shopping Web site.

29 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets F R E E M C AT P R A C T I C E E X A M S : GETTING READY FOR THE ACTUAL EXAM Being an expert in the field of medicine is one of the noblest professions that one can achieve. . However. the first step is always to persevere on conquering the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. Great rewards await those who have successfully completed a medical course and eventually passed the board exams afterwards. Looking back. the road to that much coveted line of work is steep. which means that only a few can survive.

Because of this. . It consists of four sections. It could be that the examinee needs to focus on any of the four sections or it could also on be the manner of completing the exam. Because of these reasons that exam takers should take advantage of their resources and check out free MCAT practice exams on the Internet. namely Physical Sciences. It is a fact that these skills cannot be acquired overnight and there is a need to improve on them to gain better chances of passing the exam.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 30 MCAT is used to assess one s readiness for the medical course. Verbal Reasoning. The result of the exam will help determine the area of opportunity of an examinee. analytical and writing skills. The main purpose of these free practice exams is for candidates to get the feeling of rush while completing each of the four sections of the MCAT exam within time limits. Free MCAT practice exams can either be taken online or downloaded locally. These sections of the MCAT exam will definitely test an examinee s problem solving. examinees can develop strategies that can definitely ease their way out of the actual MCAT exam. Written Sample and Biological Sciences.

Even the most prestigious online review center such as the Princeton review offers free MCAT practice tests. Students can take advantage of these freebies in order to prepare for the exam without spending on MCAT trainings. There are lots of free MCAT practice tests on the Internet.31 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets F R E E M C AT P R A C T I C E T E S T: P R O V I D I N G G O O D M C AT P R E PA R AT I O N A LT E R N AT I V E Full-time students normally don t have enough resources to fund their MCAT preparation. This however should not be a reason for not taking the MCAT exam and not pursuing a medical degree. These free practice tests can be a good alternative for expensive MCAT trainings and test software. Students can easily access those sites with free MCAT tests and proceed to study and answer sample MCAT questions. .

All these are possible because of free practice tests. students can easily sharpen their skills in test-taking. It could also boost the confidence of students during actual MCAT examinations. The test can measure their level of knowledge about general sciences. the humanities. they will be better prepared for it. . The chances therefore in getting high MCAT scores will be greater. In fact. Through self-study and free practice tests. They still have numerous options in preparing for the MCAT exam. If these free MCAT practice tests are taken regularly. and essay composition. Students need not brood if ever they could not afford paid online trainings.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 32 MCAT practice tests are very important for every aspiring medical school student. So when the MCAT examination time comes. social science. some experts believe that self-study could be a very potent preparation method for the MCAT. students can easily phase their learning and retention level.

. However not all free tests are good. The AAMC is the administrator of MCAT exam and owns the trademark for MCAT.33 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets 4 G U I D E L I N E S F O R TA K I N G A F R E E M C AT P R A C T I C E T E S T To be able to get superior free MCAT practice test. The tests are derived from latest questions that appeared in previous MCAT examinations. it should be remembered that not all Websites are equal and this is true also for free practice tests. Some will just waste the precious time of students. it would be best to take advantage of free MCAT practice test provided by the AAMC. Second. First. This could lead to confusion and may affect the skills of students during actual examinations. mediocre practice tests usually provide outdated sample exams that have been retired by the AAMC. They offer one free test for students. students need to follow certain standards in choosing providers of free practice exams. Worse. Some free MCAT practice exams provide excellent sample questions that are regularly updated based on recent actual MCAT exams.

Fourth. This would enable them to hone their test taking abilities for free. it is also generally advised to take practice tests that are sanctioned by the AAMC or affiliated with major review centers.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 34 Third. . Students can be assured that what they will learn from these sites can be very useful during the actual MCAT examinations. the free practice tests could serve as a good alternative study solution. In the absence of formal review courses. students should fully utilize reliable free practice tests. They can also sharpen their analytical skills because some free MCAT exams provide analysis at the end of each section.

The book has more than eight hundred pages of useful information from advices and guidance to medical school admission to discussion of principles related to the MCAT exams. The Gold Standard MCAT is different from other reference materials for the MCAT exam. . It is written by a medical professional with the sole intention of helping students get high MCAT scores. online book shops. It is authored by Dr. Brett Ferdinand who is a reputed expert in the field of medical admissions and medical training.35 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W T H E G O L D S TA N D A R D M C AT BOOK HELPS ASPIRING MEDICAL STUDENTS The Gold Standard MCAT is an excellent book for students preparing for the MCAT examinations. The book discusses the intricacies of medical admissions and provides rich insight on how to successfully overcome the difficult MCAT examinations. and MCAT ecommerce sites. It is widely available in major book stores.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 36 Purchasing the book could be advantageous for those who will take the MCAT exam. Students can also access the Weblog of the author to further enrich their knowledge on MCAT exams. . The Gold Standard MCAT book is a solid intellectual investment. Aside from the information contained in the book. There are many testimonials and referential evidences focusing on the usefulness and effectiveness of The Gold Standard MCAT. It could certainly help students get high MCAT scores. It can also provide an interactive way of learning because students can directly ask the author about matters related to the MCAT. which is a rich repository of useful MCAT study materials. it offers unlimited access to the Gold Standard Website.

To get good MCAT scores. MCAT is a big requirement demanded by most medical schools in North America. the students should follow a strict preparation regimen. Always remember that the MCAT is not an easy exam. Good MCAT scores means examinees should exceed the national average MCAT score of 8 points per category. A good showing in the MCAT exam will definitely boost the chances of students in entering medical schools. Once a student has been invited for interview. It is a challenging examination. A good MCAT score could also mean immediate interview invitation.37 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W T O G E T G O O D M C AT S C O R E Pre-med students should aspire to get good MCAT score. It should be higher than 8 points because most medical schools look for applicants who got 10 points for each of the MCAT exam category. it could only mean that acceptance to medical school is not far behind. .

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 38 To get good MCAT scores. Another method to ensure good MCAT score is to constantly practice or simulate MCAT exams. there is really no alternative to good old study habit. Finally. These study materials can be purchased online or it can be downloaded for free on some Websites. Through MCAT training. These will refresh knowledge in general science. students should allocate sufficient time for MCAT review classes and trainings. the writing skills of aspiring medical student could also improve. It is also a good study method. This will psyche up examinees on the rigors of MCAT examinations. Students must read and carefully understand the study materials and references for MCAT. . because practice examinations usually have a complementing lecture or explanation of answers.

This does not mean however that excelling in the MCAT exams is worthless. . It is really good to have high MCAT scores. There are also other factors that will play a vital role in the evaluation process. MCAT is a big requirement for medical school admission. there are applicants with very high MCAT scores but was rejected by several medical schools. In fact. The reason behind this is that the MCAT is just one of the several requirements for admissions. That is the importance of high MCAT scores.39 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H I G H E S T M C AT S C O R E : A B I G FA C T O R F O R M E D I C A L S C H O O L ADMISSION Getting the highest MCAT score is not a hundred percent assurance of being accepted in medical schools. But a low MCAT score can definitely keep the applicant away from any medical school. Having a high score increase the chance of applicant being accepted.

All these factors affect the whole application process. Having excellent scores in MCAT and doing well in other major requirement could certainly boost the chances of applicants of being accepted in any medical schools. A compelling application letter and excellent recommendations can also affect the decision of medical schools. .MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 40 Other factors that can affect the decisions of medical school admission boards are GPA scores. Another important factor that may be considered is the performance of applicant during the interview process. The GPA reflects the performance of students during their undergraduate years. It should be noted that MCAT is major but not always the decisive factor for medical school admissions. Pre-med students therefore should develop an all rounded credential and not focus on a single requirement.

If a student gets a score below this national average. Improving this score is usually the most practical recommendation. Students are allowed to take the MCAT for a maximum of three attempts. Pre-med students who want to be noticed by medical schools admissions officials should at least have a competitive 10 points score on each of the MCAT exam category. The national average for each of the MCAT exam category is 8. it is considered low.41 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W T O AV O I D G E T T I N G A L O W M C AT S C O R E Students who get low MCAT scores would certainly find it difficult to enter in any medical schools that require it. a retake should be an immediate option. So if ever a student gets a below average score. . Those who get low MCAT scores can easily retake the exam.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 42 To avoid getting low MCAT scores. It can be improved by retaking the exam and preparing adequately. On the other hand. The mock tests will improve the abilities of students to take the MCAT exam. students can also look for other medical schools that do not require an MCAT. This will give enough time for students to re-learn science subjects and review on important concepts and principles. students are advised to have at least two to three months of solid preparation for the MCAT examinations. The time allowance will also give students enough time for taking numerous MCAT practice exams. It can sharpen the understanding of students on the different aspects of the MCAT exams. . Getting a low MCAT score is not the end of everything.

implemented in 2007: 1. all MCAT administrations are computerized. Examinees can also change answers to earlier questions until the time limit for that particular section is up. exam takers are not permitted to view or change answers once a section has already been completed. making it more convenient for exam takers. MCAT is now offered in English only. Transition to Computerized MCAT Exam: As of January 2007 onwards. Here are some of the great improvements to the MCAT exam. . as significant enhancements were made to the MCAT exam itself. Since MCAT is a four-section test. and exam results scored in the same manner as traditional paper-based exams.43 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets 2007: ONE OF THE BEST YEARS FOR M C AT 2007 was a great year for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) examinees.

More frequent MCAT Exam Offerings Throughout the Year: The MCAT exam is administered more or less 20 times per year with 19 testing dates to choose from. Roughly 4 hours and 20 minutes can be spent in answering the four sections of the exam with optional 10-minute breaks that can be taken after completing each section. 3. . in the event that they were unsuccessful in passing the exam on the first and second attempts. Examinees can also take the exam three times per year. the MCAT exam is about one-third shorter than previous versions. Registrations.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 44 2. cancellations and rescheduling of exam appointments are still done via the MCAT Web site. and 4. Shortened Exam: Because of computerization. Test Scores Received Quickly: MCAT results are revealed approximately 30 days after the completion of the exam. Scores are available for distribution through the THx system.

Considering that the MCAT exam consists of four sections designed to assess one’s readiness in taking up a medical course.45 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT B O O K S : A M U S T. two of which are The Gold Standard MCAT and Examkrackers Verbal Reasoning. there is a need to read books that are specifically written for those who aspire to become medical professionals in the future. It also has useful segments that include a how to guide to prepare for medical school interview. . In it is a bonus section entitled The Recipe for MCAT Success. improve grades and a lot more. There are even online shopping sites that offer these books at a discounted price. It contains 842 pages with over 100 diagrams and illustrations. Brett Ferdinand MD’s The Gold Standard MCAT remains as one of the best selling MCAT study guides as it includes a comprehensive and easy to understand review of the MCAT exam. a detailed plan on how to excel at MCAT. examinees should definitely take advantage of various MCAT books that are available on leading bookstores.R E A D F O R EXAMINEES To tighten one’s commitment in passing the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. Dr.

proportions.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 46 Next is Examkrackers Verbal Reasoning book written by Jonathan Orsay.g. . Now on its 7th edition. This is highly recommended for those who would like to practice answering Verbal Reasoning within specific time limits. This book contains 114 pages with three 30 minute verbal exams that can be found at the back. It also contains a brief discussion of time-saving math techniques (e.) that can be used when taking the actual MCAT exam. rounding. this book explains the most effective technique to score well on MCAT s Verbal Reasoning section. graphs etc.

Taking an MCAT course is definitely a must for you to be guided with test taking strategies essential in passing the exam.47 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets C O N S I D E R I N G M C AT C O U R S E F E AT U R E S Do you want to ensure your way in getting the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT? If yes. A good MCAT course should provide its students sufficient reference materials that contain topics that are most likely to appear on the MCAT exam. Not only that this course can help you in making the MCAT exam easier to accomplish. but it also provides you a brief background on what to expect once you are already inside medical school premises. here are some of its features that you should be considering: A. . as well as enhance your knowledge and skills of the various subjects enveloping your soon-to-be medical course. Since an MCAT course is your guiding light in achieving MCAT exam supremacy. then might as well enroll in an MCAT training course.

every single minute counts to make way for more interesting discussions. An effective MCAT course offers practice questions and sample tests to be completed within time limits to give students an idea on how it feels like to take the actual MCAT exam. and D. C. This will give you a great chance of enrolling to an MCAT course that fits your needs.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 48 B. . it will also help to ask fellow MCAT aspirants feedback on the MCAT course to attend. These persons do not only to teach MCAT exam basics but also motivate students in reaching their goals. Instead. An excellent MCAT course does not waste time. An MCAT course will not be complete without the presence of dedicated teachers and instructors. Though it is impossible for one to know these features by just merely checking the course Web site or looking at a brochure.

Taking either one of these courses usually depends on availability. Since you are in direct contact with real persons. An MCAT coaching course is like a typical classroom setup wherein training topics are discussed by a facilitator or teacher with fellow enrollees around. . it helps build up an environment of study that makes everyone do better. so you must have a flexible schedule for you not to miss any coaching session. However. location and money. time. you get to be more interactive as topics become more interesting. Currently. MCAT courses supply reading materials and practice questions that will definitely make it a lot easier for examinees to achieve MCAT exam supremacy. and second is through online training courses. there are two ways in which an examinee can take up MCAT courses.49 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E T W O F O R M S O F M C AT C O U R S E Enrolling in an MCAT course is not really a requirement. coaching classes are delivered in a fixed timetable. MCAT courses are designed to increase the chances of examinees in passing the exam. First is in a form of a coaching class. You also learn from the experiences of others and because of this. Instead.

you have to be committed in completing it. This type of MCAT course is more flexible since you have all the time in the world to access it. then might as well take up online MCAT training courses. you initiate your own learning for this type of MCAT course. It is also more informative as it presents a concrete flow of topics that you need to know in preparation for the actual MCAT exam. Because of this.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 50 If you are more of a home buddy and you have a computer with Internet connection. . However. as this will definitely have a bearing on your MCAT score.

. the administrator of the MCAT exam. F I R S T. candidates are required to visit the MCAT exam registration site wherein they can choose the location where they would like to take the test. They will also be given the prerogative to choose their desired testing center. AAMC or the Association of American Medical Colleges. On any given year. but can only register for one testing session at a time. It usually takes two days before the last exam when candidates are granted another testing schedule. exam date and time. the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is used to check an incoming freshman s readiness in getting hold of a degree in the field of medicine.C O M E . Canada and 15 other countries worldwide.51 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT T E S T D AT E S : F I R S T. To register for a testing session.S E RV E D A standardized exam taken in the US. examinees can take a maximum of three attempts. conducts registration and scheduling online.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 52 Testing options are more like on a first come first serve basis . which means specific selections will be closed as they are filled. Payment Information such as MasterCard or Visa. Registration will usually open 120 days before a scheduled test date. B. Social Security or Social Insurance Number. Requirements include the following: A. Email Address. Cancellation or rescheduling of the MCAT exam can also be done through the MCAT exam registration site. and D. C. so this one should be noted by interested applicants who would like to schedule for a more convenient MCAT exam date. . Contact phone numbers.

53 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT E X A M PA R T I C U L A R S The Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is being administered by colleges and universities to test an examinee's knowledge and skills in preparation for a future medical course. There are four sections in the MCAT exam. Exam takers are allotted 60 minutes for this section. Second on the list is the Verbal Reasoning (RS) exam. It can be taken either in the morning or afternoon as brought about by the recent changes made in the exam structure wherein it was shortened to more or less 5 hours. . Next is the Written Sample (WS). Another multiple-choice type of exam follows with questions related to Biological Sciences (BS). an essay type of exam wherein examinees will be given 2 questions separately timed for 30 minutes each. MCAT is being offered a lot of times per year at various testing dates administered by Thomson Prometric centers. First. This 52-item test should be completed within 70 minutes. another multiple-choice type with 40 questions. examinees will take up the Physical Sciences (PS) test consisting of 52 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 70 minutes. It is previously a paper-and-pencil test but later changed to a computer-based exam since 2007.

and E. . B.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 54 Since this is a life-changing exam. viewing or making changes on previous exams is no longer permitted. The MCAT exam is only offered in English. examinees are required to bring valid forms of identification such as passport or driver s license. C. Examinees will be given scratch papers to be submitted also after the exam. Examinees can change answers for as long as it is still within time limits. Upon registration. Examinees are not allowed to bring anything inside the testing room. bear in mind these important reminders: A. Once the examinee is taking the next section already. and D.

. and can be applied to almost anything. especially college admission tests such as MCAT Medical College Admission Test. There is no other way to assess an examinee s readiness in passing the exam other than taking advantage of MCAT practice questions available in the Internet today. practice plays a very important role in getting into a medical school to pursue a lifelong career in the field of medicine.55 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets TA K I N G A D VA N T A G E O F M C AT PRACTICE EXAMS ‘Practice makes perfect’ is a well-known saying. Though the MCAT exam can be taken three times a year. Yes. it is still critical to pass it on first attempt to save valuable time. effort and money.

In addition. and Biological Sciences) and one essay type (Writing Sample). . There are also practice tests and sample essay questions available at the MCAT Practice Online Web Site. These are also designed and developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges or AAMC. examinees will be given the chance to develop strategies and techniques to complete and successfully pass the actual exam.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 56 Currently. Verbal Reasoning. which is great because examinees can take it at their own convenience. the MCAT exam consists of four sections and these include three multiple-choice type of tests (Physical Sciences. Taking an additional dose of practice can definitely open more opportunities for more interesting learning about medicine in the years to come. With the MCAT Practice Exam around. MCAT Practice Exams can be accessed either online or downloaded on the computer. Each of these sections should be answered within specific time limits. An exam taker also has the option to take up reading comprehension classes before the actual exams to get extra help on test taking skills.

However.57 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT P R E P : G E T T I N G R E A D Y F O R THE EXAM There is no such thing as a lucky date on when to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). it would be preferable to have it on the first quarter to give way for more options if ever one failed to deliver satisfactory results on the first attempt. there are a lot of different strategies and techniques to conquer the MCAT exams but the end result lies on the candidate s determination and perseverance to succeed as a future medical professional. . With the exam being offered to more than 20 times per year to be taken on 19 different testing dates at any Thomson Prometric centers. But then again. Indeed. It usually depends on the examinee as to how he or she is prepared in taking the exam. an exam taker does have a lot of test options to choose from. there are also some who focus on reviewing and take advantage of the ample time for exam preparation. since the MCAT exam can be taken three times in a year.

how important is preparation in getting that much coveted spot as a medical student? It is really big as the scores of the MCAT exams and the examinee s GPA are being considered in the admissions process on most medical schools. .MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 58 Now. This is the reason why it is critical to take enough preparation as possible. Aside from reading books and other reference materials. establishing a good foundation gained from actual MCAT training courses is indeed something that has to be taken into consideration. There are some that puts more weight on the MCAT exams if discrepancies arise between the GPA and the result of the exam.

They normally give weigh to MCAT results than to GPA ratings. For some schools who would wish to look at the score of the student may request the AAMC for a paper version of the MCAT result. . The MCAT THx transmits scores to medical institution where you would want to be admitted. One of their requirements is for one to have taken the MCAT. Medical schools mandate that aspiring medical students should have taken the Medical College Admission Test. the MCAT results are available to examine 30 days after the exam through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MCAT Testing History (THx) Web application. These schools have set standards in the selection. With the discontinuance of MCAT paper exam in 2006 shifting to computer-administered test. Some schools set a cut-off score as to who is qualified to enroll. Examinees results are not provided to them via mail thus it can only be viewed via MCAT THx.59 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets K N O W Y O U R M C AT R E S U LT S You should realize that medical institutions do have their criteria in selecting students who are eligible to enroll in their institution.

Remember that the MCAT score depends on how well the entire group performed during the exam. Make the best of what you can. which allows students the chance to retake should they fail over the maximum of three years.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 60 The MCAT test is given around 22 times in a year. . and achieve for a high MCAT score result. MCAT scores that are more than three years old are not recognized by some medical schools and you may be required to retake the MCAT. The MCAT result is your passport to medical school. The waiting period is likewise not defined as to when you can retake.

the higher chances of getting enrolled in a good medical school. Test preparation companies offer review course for those who aspire to take the MCAT exam. it would be best that you prepare yourself for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The higher the score. schools do not just accept students who do not deserve. The increase number of students seeking enrollment to medical schools made colleges difficult in selecting the students. It becomes mandatory for medical aspirants to take the MCAT before being admitted to a reputed medical institute in the United States. . The review course covers forms and papers of previous MCAT examinations. After all. I T HELPS If you have planned to pursue a medical degree after college. You need to have a score average of 30 to pass the MCAT test. verbal reasoning and writing skills. It tests your aptitude in the area of medicine. Review may be done through private tutoring. MCAT is a test that assesses your physical and biological sciences. group tutoring or MCAT classroom course.61 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets TA K E T H E M C AT R E V I E W. You should remember that what makes a good student is a good school.

. Solution set is made available and practice tests can be undertaken using the online version or paper version.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 62 Courses include extended sections of each of the six categories in verbal reasoning. The same amount of preparation is needed in the MCAT test as when you prepared for the SAT. Most of the questions are taken from question papers of the mid90s up to 2000. Just like in taking any admission test. we need to plan and prepare. In everything that we do. writing sample and biological sciences. physical sciences. you will need to assess yourself if you are fully prepared.

and . Verbal Reasoning. If one would like to audition for a singing contest. people are required to take extra load of preparation to always be on the top of their game. Writing Sample. C. So if you would like to get into the field of medicine. B. it is the only accredited exam recognized by most medical schools in the US and Canada.63 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets TOPICS TO CONSIDER FOR AN M C AT R E V I E W To be successful on any endeavor. he or she can take up voice lessons to enhance his or her vocal prowess. one can take up courses to learn new drills and techniques. This is also true in conquering admission tests such as the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. However. Physical Sciences. then it is critical to pass these four sections of the MCAT exam: A. If one would like to try out for the college basketball varsity team. MCAT is just like any other college admission test that one can take.

and • Biological Sciences deals with topics surrounding biology and organic chemistry. • The Verbal Reasoning section is more of like an exam in the English subject used to assess an examinee s understanding of human communication. Following are some tips on review for each section: • The Physical Sciences test consists of a series of questions relating to physical and inorganic chemistry.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 64 D. Biological Sciences. . • The Writing Sample is an essay type of exam is given to measure technical writing correctness as well as its overall impact. it would be best to read on MCAT preparatory books and other reference materials to gain better chances of getting into med school and pass the exam. To be more familiar on what to expect on the exam.

who might have better qualifications and higher MCAT score than you do. Being admitted to a medical institute is not that easy. . Sample questions are guide questions. You will have to be competing with other medical aspirants. They give the feeler of how things would be like during the actual examinations. Companies that provide services on test preparation do include in their review course outline sample questions on MCAT. if not better.65 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E A I D T O PA S S I N G M C AT: M C AT SAMPLE QUESTIONS There is a saying that it takes practice to do things perfect. These sample questions are normally taken from previous MCAT exam from the mid-90s to 2000s. You need a lot of preparation prior to taking the MCAT.

. This is to test not only your writing skills but as well as your reasoning and judgment. The answers to the questions and explanation of how the answer was arrived are provided in the test preparation forms. There are also sample questions on writing. It seeks to test their abilities if they are fully prepared and ready for the MCAT. but at least you have an idea of what lies ahead of you come MCAT day. MCAT sample questions given during review give no assurance that these are questions will be given during the exam. MCAT sample questions are prepared by difficulty level. These questions are answered in multiple choices.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 66 MCAT sample questions allow the student to have a grip of the type of question that they may encounter during the exam. These questions are answered in an essay form.

.67 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W M C AT E X A M I S S C O R E D The United States and Canada require aspiring medical students to take the MCAT exam prior to their admission in medical institutions. the MCAT passing mark is not defined. Unlike in any other exam where passing mark is defined. The final score is based on the performance of the testing group. Some schools give weigh on MCAT scores rather than on the GPA scores. The MCAT exam raw score is scaled to curve the performance of the entire group. The score for admission to the institution would depend on the institution s cut-off scores or requirement. The MCAT score shows if your score is far above or below the average raw test score. which covers those who took the exam over the past years.

Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences the score ranges from 1-15 (1 being the lowest and 15 being the highest score). one human and one computer grader using a six-point scale will read your essay. there are 2 essay questions given and these are scored on a J-T scale. For each of these sections the average score should be at least 8. Your essay shall be graded from 1-6 and the numerical scoring is converted to a letter score. Under the Writing section.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 68 For the Physical Science. You may want to consider researching as to the test preparation companies you may want to avail the service. Two readers. There are test preparation schools that guarantee enrollees of an average score of 30 or higher. You need to be careful of scam as well. Remember the MCAT is your ticket to the field of medicine. Make sure that your choice is based on their past records. .

The following are the number of questions to answer and the number of time required to finish the exam. respectively: A. which are offered either on morning or afternoon session. on multiple testing dates. Most often testing dates offer both morning and afternoon sessions. . Physical Sciences (PS): 52 questions to complete within 70 minutes. These exams are held at Thomson Prometric Centers. The MCAT exam is offered numerous (20+) times in a year. The MCAT exam will take 4 ½ to 5 hours. The MCAT exam covers 4 sections. B.69 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets W H E N I S M C A T AVA I L A B L E F O R YOU? With the computer administered MCAT exam. aspiring medical students have more time to review and prepare for the MCAT exam. Verbal Reasoning (VR): 40 questions to complete within 60 minutes.

Prior to computerization a lunch break of 60 minutes was allotted for examinees. and D. first served basis. A ten minute break is given for each section. . Biological Sciences (BS): 52 questions to complete within 70 minutes. lunch break was allotted only for 10 minutes. the date and time you prefer take the MCAT exam. You may chose the location of your desired testing area. But with the computerized MCAT exam. Under the writing section of the MCAT exam. Registration for the MCAT exam can be done online through the MCAT exam registration site. examinees are allotted 30 minutes for each prompts. The registration is on a first come. Don t let your chosen medical school close it s doors for you come school opening. Writing Sample (WS): 2 questions to complete within 60 minutes. Get prepared and choose your schedule ahead of time.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 70 C.

Rescoring of MCAT exams may require examinees to pay an extra fee. confirming the correctness of the original exam score or the corrected scaled scores for each exam section. Though discrepancies on exam scores are unlikely to happen. two or all three multiple-choice sections of the exam. the re-scoring of the exams will still be provided to the examinee in a form of a letter. exam takers may request to re-score their MCAT exams. Though AAMC and the MCAT CBT Program Office maintain a variety of quality control schemes to ensure the accuracy of exam scores. If this is the case. they still permit rescoring to give the examinee the benefit of the doubt. This is applied to the rescoring of one. .71 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E C A L L F O R M C AT S C O R E R E E VA L U A T I O N There may be some instances wherein examinees felt that they have passed the exam but the results proved otherwise.

This person is different from the ones involved in the original scoring process. Any differences in scoring will be resolved by a supervisor reader. To request for rescoring. Reevaluation of the scores for the essay type of exam will attract a nominal fee. Once a request to reevaluate the essay scores is granted. an experienced reader will do the rescoring.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 72 Rescoring of the Written Sample section of the exam is also allowed. But then again. . request for rescoring must be received within 30 days after score release. an examinee should write a formal letter to the MCAT Examinee Services Manager with other personal particulars including full name. a computerized program called Intellimetric and two humans. mailing address etc. AAMC ID. and copies of the essays will not be provided or released to the examinees. The essays were read and scored by three readers.

It is divided into four sections: three multiple-choice exams and one essay type. Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences. Writing Sample. which is a computer program developed by Vantage Learning. Intellimetric is the first reader. The second and third readers are humans. The score ranges from J being the lowest and T as the highest. This program analyzes both the syntax and creating writing of the examinee. Scores for these three sections range from 1 to 15. is graded by three different readers. The essay type exam. The three multiple choice exams are the following: Verbal Reasoning. .73 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W M C AT S C O R E S A R E COMPUTED The computer-based Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) was implemented in January of 2007. in which they generally look at the overall impact and true essence of the essay rather than grammar and spelling.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 74

The overall score of the examinee can then be determined by adding together all exam scores, resulting to a composite score. The highest composite score is 45T, which means that the examinee scored 15 on all three multiple-choice exams and a T for the essay type. The average score is 30P, which means that the examinee did fairly well. However, examinees are also encouraged to balance their sub-scores. Say for example, getting sub-scores of 13, 12 and 11 for the Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences sections of the exam is more favorable than getting 13, 15 and 8. This only goes to show that the examinee is well-rounded, even though adding these score sets will still lead to a composite score of 36. Indeed, reviewing all sections of the MCAT exams is a must to achieve a good composite score.

75 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets


The development of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) can be traced back in the 1920 s. During these times that dropout rates in medical schools in the US ascended from 5% to 50%. Because of this, a physician named F. A. Moss and his colleagues had sought the importance of assessing one s readiness before getting into a medical course, thus the Scholastic Aptitude Test for Medical Students was developed. The test consists of multiple-choice and true or false questions divided into 6-8 subsets. However, some did not quite get its essence because the test appears to only measure an examinee s memorization ability and readiness for the first 2 years of medical school. Though this has somehow decreased the national dropout rate from 20% in 1925-1930 to as low as 7% in 1946, a new test was developed and was called Professional School Aptitude Test .

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 76

The Professional School Aptitude Test underwent three major changes. First is that questions are all in multiple-choice format. The exam consists of only four subsets namely verbal ability, science achievement, quantitative ability and understanding modern society, wherein each subset will be given a single score. The total score will be derived from the sum of all subset scores combined, which may range from 200 800. This test was later renamed to Medical College Admission Test under the supervision of Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Through the years, MCAT still went through a lot of changes. At present, the four subsets were renamed to Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Writing Sample. Questions are still in multiple-choice format, though the Writing Sample section requires examinees to answer 2 essay questions. A computer-based version of the MCAT exam was also introduced in January of 2007.

Canada and in 15 other countries to assess their knowledge of scientific principles and concepts. MCAT is being administered for prospective medical students in the United States. then you have to first pass the Medical College Admission Test or also known as MCAT. and D. Aside from this. Physical Sciences or PS.77 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT: A B R I E F I N T R O D U C T I O N Do you want to pursue on getting a medical course in the future? If yes. B. This entrance exam was designed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). C. problem solving and writing skills. Verbal Reasoning or VR. Now a computer-based standardized exam. Biological Sciences or BS. MCAT is a half-day exam consisting of four sections: A. . students will be given sets of questions to test their critical thinking. Writing Sample or WS.

For the WS section. A lot of books can also be purchased as reference materials. VR and BS sections are given in multiple-choice type format. on the other hand. VR is used to assess an examinee s understanding of the various subtleties involved in human communications. PS. contains questions relating to biology and organic chemistry. There are even some training institutions that offer classroom-based courses. as the world needs more and more professionals in the field of medicine. Indeed. aspirants are taking advantage of various preparatory materials. BS. To have better chances of passing the MCAT exam. . exam-takers will be given 2 questions to be answered in a form of an essay. If PS contains questions on the field of general chemistry and physics. MCAT is one of the most in-demand exams today.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 78 The four sections of the MCAT exam are also being administered in this order.

TA K E R S MCAT 45 is an online community of MCAT service providers. and aspiring pre-med students preparing for the MCAT exams.79 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT 4 5 : P R O V I D I N G B E N E F I T S FOR M C AT T E S T. sample questions and books necessary in preparing for the MCAT exams. This will help students manage their testtaking skills. . medical students. references. The community offer different services related to MCAT test taking activities. These study materials and guidance can significantly help students to grasp the different elements of the MCAT examination. develop their analytical and critical thought processes. The most important MCAT tools on MCAT 45 s community are the practice MCAT exams. MCAT 45 offers different prep materials such as study guides. and improve the ability to write excellent essays. electronic books.

The forum has members that are active in the medical profession. which could widen the resource base of MCAT examinees. and students. system.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 80 The MCAT 45 community also offers an interactive forum site where critical question and inquiries can be addressed to experienced MCAT takers. IT is a good method of MCAT preparation. Students can resort to individual tutoring if they want to really get a very high MCAT score. Probably the most useful MCAT exam service preparation is MCAT 45 s individual coaching and tutoring service. All these activities and tools can surely improve the score of students in MCAT exams. . The intense coaching methods will surely boost the ability of students in understanding the flow. A member could ask questions and someone will surely provide an answer. successful MCAT takers. and details of the MCAT examination. Some events and useful links are also posted to forums.

. Good scores in both MCAT and GPA could be an assurance for aspiring medical students that their applications will be considered by medical schools for serious attention.81 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets A D VA N T A G E S O F H AV I N G G O O D M C AT A N D G PA S C O R E S MCAT and GPA scores are important requirements for admissions in medical schools. It can show the intellectual potential and study habits of pre-med students. These two academic and aptitude measures could determine the ability of students in handling the courses in medicine. GPA is the weighted average of the student s academic performance. A high GPA means that the student did well in the undergraduate courses. It also reflects the ability of students in understanding complex concepts and principles.

. A high MCAT score means that the student is well equipped and ready for medical studies. It is administered 25 times in a year and those who get low MCAT scores can improve their situation by retaking the aptitude exam. Medical schools normally look for applicants with good MCAT and good GPA averages. It is a major requirement for admittance in almost all medical schools in the United States and Canada. the application letter. Although it is important to note that there are also other factors that may come into play during application evaluations. There are instances that a good GPA will be compromised by a low MCAT score and vice versa.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 82 The MCAT on the other hand is a standardized examination administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges. It is always best to have good scores in both GPA and MCAT. Such factors include the Letter of Recommendation. and the interview process.

. Some auction sites are also displaying MCAT audio materials. MCAT audio contains valuable lectures and discussions on the major points of the MCAT exams. There are glaring testimonials on the benefits of MCAT audio. It can be purchased as a single disc or it can come packaged with Gold Standard books.83 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT A U D I O : H I P T O O L T O G E T H I G H M C AT S C O R E S MCAT audio is a good study material in preparing for the MCAT exams. MCAT audio is widely available on the Internet. These CDs were owned by former examinees that have taken the MCAT and proceeded to medical schools. It is a very convenient study kit because it can be taken anywhere and students can play it anytime of the day. This is a good material for repetitive learning method and ideal for those with high retentive memory. Some medical students attest that the MCAT audio played a big part in their learning and review process. MCAT audio is a compact disc media formatted normally in MP3. The format enables users to play the media in any standard CD audio player. The MCAT audio has different lesson tracks and the whole lecture series lasts for about four hours.

Because the audio only focus on the main points of MCAT exams and lessons. . it could be useful as a memory marker for the MCAT lessons. The main written tract of the MCAT study materials are contained in books of the MCAT Gold Standard. The MCAT audio is designed for easy memorization of concepts and major formulas.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 84 The MCAT audio is not designed for note taking.

The audio track has superb playback and tracking capability making it ideal for constant repetition. The MCAT audio osmosis can be purchased on the Internet.85 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT A U D I O O S M O S I S : S T U D Y I N G FOR THE M C AT E X A M M A D E E A S Y MCAT audio osmosis is a comprehensive MCAT study material consisting of 12 audio CDs. The audio CD study material was produced by MCAT exam experts Jordan Zaretsky and Jon Orsay. The collaborative work is a very rich resource of detailed lessons on almost all aspects of the MCAT exams. The two MCAT gurus painstakingly explain the lessons in easy to understand terms and the quality of intonation can be understood easily. It is widely available and payments for orders can be done online. This will facilitate easy recall and memorization of different concepts and formulas. The audio package then can be delivered right at the doorstep of students. . It is designed to give students a convenient and easy way of studying for the exam. and formula of the whole MCAT exam. concepts. The MCAT audio osmosis comprehensively explains every topic.

Students should have a volume of this audio osmosis. it could be possible to get high scores in the MCAT exams.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 86 MCAT audio osmosis is an ingenious way of studying for the MCAT exam. . Through the audio osmosis. Students can afford the comprehensive 12 CD package. It could greatly help their studies and review for the MCAT examination. It is priced reasonably in order to benefit a great number of students who have little resource at their disposal. It facilitates light learning but it could impact significantly when the MCAT exam arrives.

It is one of the most difficult categories of the MCAT.87 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets B A S I C P R E PA R AT I O N S T E P S F O R THE M C AT B I O L O G Y T E S T The MCAT biology category is a major area of the MCAT exam. The biology exam actually is easy especially if the students could remember the lessons and procedures learned during their undergraduate studies. examinees must first unearth their books and lecture notes taken during their undergraduate years. In fact no new information or advanced concepts in biology will be introduced in the MCAT biology category. These study materials will be very useful for self study and students will not spend on new books. It tests the proficiency of examinees and measures their knowledge on basic biological concepts. procedures. and general knowledge. . journals. To overcome the biology section. Everything is basic science and some are common biological knowledge. and other reference materials on biology. terms. It is therefore easier to review the terms and concepts in biology because it will just be a refresher course.

. However the questions only demand general practical knowledge of biological concepts. These general concepts can be acquired from basic biology books and medical encyclopedia. This will keep them updated on the current developments and discoveries in the field of biological science. MCAT examinees must also read lots of medical and science journals.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 88 Students must also read a lot of medical encyclopedia especially on the functions of the human system. There are questions that will center on these concepts. Some MCAT biology questions contain new science updates and it should be considered in the pre-exam reviews.

MCAT books are probably the best study materials available for students. Students preparing for the MCAT exam should prowl these book centers to get the best MCAT review book. MCAT books can be purchased in any book shop or bookstore. there is still no alternative for the old fashioned MCAT book. University presses also publish MCAT books for their pre-med students. .89 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT B O O K : O L D FA S H I O N E D B U T E F F E C T I V E S T U D Y M AT E R I A L F O R M C AT E X A M With all the high technology and hip study materials being marketed for the MCAT review and exam preparation. Students should rely more on MCAT books to get high scores in the exams. These study materials could significantly help them. methods and techniques for the MCAT exams. Books can be read and reread for a thorough understanding of basic concepts. they could go to libraries and look for MCAT exam books. MCAT books are also relatively cheap compared to other study materials formatted in different media. For students who do not want to spend on books.

In fact. . They could also fund their PayPal accounts because some publishers allow payments through PayPal. Students can have their own MCAT books in as little as twenty four hours. the publishers will promptly send the MCAT books via courier.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 90 MCAT books can also be purchased online. some of the best MCAT exam books are available only on the Internet. These MCAT study books should be ordered online so students should have a credit or debit card to place their orders. Upon receipt of payment. Ordering MCAT books via online purchase system provides convenience.

and compact CD players. Some students find it difficult to solve physics problems without a calculator. This should be considered during the MCAT exam preparation. Students should check with the AAMC Websites before the day of their scheduled MCAT exam to determine the prohibited items inside the exam venues.91 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E M C AT C A L C U L AT O R B A N : HOW TO SHARPEN SKILLS IN M A N U A L C A L C U L AT I O N S Calculators are banned in the MCAT exam venues. mobile phones. Any types of gadget actually are prohibited such as watch calculators. They should sharpen their skills in using the standard formulas for any mathematical computations that could be included in the MCAT exam. Students must constantly practice manual calculations to solve given scientific problems. . pagers.

There are also tricks in solving difficult problems using the hands as markers. During simulated MCAT exams.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 92 It is also best to buy math tricks book. . This will improve the mathematical abilities of students and will prepare them for the actual MCAT exams. every physics and chemistry problem should be solved using manual methods. A student can be disqualified by exam administrators if they violate certain rules of the MCAT exams. students should avoid using calculators to lessen the dependence on the gadget. The lessons learned in these mathematical trick books could be very valuable during the actual MCAT exams. As much as possible. Knowing prohibited items during MCAT exams can save examinees from trouble. This information is available on the AAMC Website so there should be no reason to overlook this crucial information. These materials offer a quick guide for solving problems using only mental calculations.

. The computerization of the MCAT exam was implemented by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in the 2007 batch of the exam. In fact. It stands for MCAT Computer Based Test. Most students are proficient in the use of computers so the change of method will not have adverse results. This development speeds up the exam proper and results were delivered to examinees faster. It made the MCAT exam efficient and easy to manage. the computerization of the MCAT exam improved the system.93 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT C B T: C O M P U T E R I Z AT I O N M A K E S T H E M C AT M O R E EFFICIENT MCAT CBT is not a new concept.

Students should also practice on computers when they take MCAT practice exams. The software should be installed on local computers. . From the pencil and paper practice exams. A computer based practice test is very ideal in order to know the flow and actual system of the MCAT exam. Through this preparation method. It will then create a mock MCAT CBT scenario. they changed their system to computer based methods. students can easily answer questions during actual tests. This will greatly enhance familiarization to MCAT exam environment. There is free MCAT CBT provided by major training centers. But this method can still help students get the feel of actual MCAT exams. So when exam time comes.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 94 To match this development several training centers also changed their MCAT practice tests. students will not experience difficulty adjusting to the computer based MCAT exams. The difference is the practice exam uses Web technology and interfaces to mimic actual MCAT exam conditions. Students on the other hand can also purchase MCAT simulation software.

These new methods of study offer unique and convenient form of learning. Students can also take their DVD MCAT materials wherever they go. First. Third. For the CD packages.95 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets 6 S T E P S TO P R E PA R E F O R T H E M C AT C H E M I S T R Y E X A M S To better prepare for the MCAT chemistry section. students have six options that they could do. Second they can buy MCAT chemistry book packages. they can easily listen to the lessons and enhance their memorization skills for the chemistry exam. This is probably the most cost effective method of preparation. they should review old lecture materials from previous chemistry classes. students can buy multimedia study materials such as DVD and CD formatted lessons. They could also get valuable tips and advices on how to solve chemistry problems as well as how to manage the MCAT chemistry exam section. Students can get updated techniques and concepts in new chemistry review books. .

Finally. This will improve the abilities of examinees in solving various chemistry related problems. During the MCAT exams. students could enroll in an online MCAT course dedicated solely for the chemistry exam. . It could be costly but the investment could be very rewarding especially if the results of MCAT exams would be good. Fifth. Online courses provide tutoring and individual coaching so this will be good to achieve superior study focus.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 96 Fourth. students should regularly take simulated MCAT chemistry exams. students are generally advised to learn mental calculations. use of calculators is not allowed. This is ideal for those who are weak in chemistry subjects. So it would be best to know a few tricks about solving problems using manual calculations.

. richer ideas could come out. which is lacking in online courses. This will lead to enhanced knowledge of new concepts in solving MCAT problems. That is why some students take the August MCAT exams in order to have enough room for the MCAT preparation. Through classroom discussions. Adequate preparation is a must for the MCAT exams. For some students. MCAT class has definite advantage over online courses. taking a formal MCAT class is the most ideal method of preparation. Through actual classroom sessions. The techniques used by other people can be learned. students can benefit from the experience of their peers.97 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E A D VA N T A G E S O F T R A D I T I O N A L M C AT C L A S S E S The key to get high MCAT score is preparation. There are numerous methods to prepare for the MCAT exams. This is due to increased human interaction. An MCAT class is a traditional classroom review sessions designed to give a more interactive and thorough tutoring for students.

An MCAT class probably is one of the most effective methods to prepare for the exam.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 98 MCAT instructors can also give more focus to their students. There is an increased motivation to attend and finish the review courses because of human interaction. Students will also learn discipline by attending MCAT classes. normally students can retain lessons learned through this process. MCAT classes provide a good venue for increased interaction. Other modes may be more suitable for different sets of students. the tutoring and coaching of students would be greater that through teleconferencing. . This will significantly improve the learning process of students reviewing for the MCAT exam. There are still other methods of preparation for the MCAT exams. Through an MCAT class.

It could help them significantly for the actual MCAT exams. To solve this problem. Online MCAT classes are ideal for students who have very hectic academics schedules. MCAT review centers provide other methods such as online courses. MCAT classes have its own advantages but traditional methods of learning are not always suitable for every student. Students can greatly enhance their learning experience if they combine traditional MCAT classes with other forms of learning. . They could easily enroll in it and proceed to take course. individual tutoring.99 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets D I F F E R E N T T Y P E S O F M C AT CLASSES MCAT classes should be accompanied by other review methods to effectively prepare for the MCAT exam. This type of MCAT review is more flexible and convenient than traditional classroom sessions. and MCAT practice exams. There are numerous online MCAT courses available to pre-med students.

This will sharpen the skills of students in test taking. Tutoring may be expensive so the cost should be considered also. Traditional methods of study should have regular Computer Based Tests for MCAT. Online courses must also incorporate MCAT simulated exams. So during the actual MCAT exam. Practice tests should always be part of any learning solution. But individual tutoring can be a very effective review method. . students would be better prepared for it.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 100 Individual tutoring can be online or a formal one on one learning method. This is designed for MCAT crash courses or if the students want in-depth learning of the MCAT exams. It is very intensive and the student can have one hundred percent focus on the lessons.

The MCAT is a trademark owned by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). This is a major requirement before they consider the application of aspiring medical students. . There are regular schedules of exams beginning the month of January then starting again in April until the month of September.101 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT C O M B A S I C S : T H E S I G N I F I C A N C E O F M C AT The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is a standardized admissions and aptitude testing system designed to measure the abilities of students for medical courses. The AAMC administers the exams in designated testing centers. It was devised to screen numerous applicants to the medical schools. Almost all medical schools in North America require its applicant to take the MCAT.

A good showing in the MCAT exam could mean increase in their chances of being accepted in the medical schools. the chance of being admitted to medical school is also higher. Students therefore should always maintain their good grades. Students should do well in school in order to get high GPA mark. However it should be noted that the MCAT is not the sole requirement of admissions to medical schools. As a general rule. They must also prepare early for the MCAT in order to master the intricacies of the exam.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 102 Because of the increasing popularity of the medical profession. They usually prepare very hard for the MCAT exam. . This is important because it is also a major factor for admissions to any medical institutions. If these two factors are good. more and more students are trying to get into prestigious medical schools. students should have high MCAT scores as well as High GPA average.

Once they are able to pass the actual MCAT. as are the potential outcomes for examinees. doors will be opened for them. This also encourages the examinees to take the MCAT as seriously as possible. This is the set cost for the test.103 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets C O S T O F M C AT As of 2009. and actually getting to pass it is another. The cost of taking this exam is significant. Persons who deem to be qualified for the test will surely enough be able to pass it. which everyone must pay in order for them to take the MCAT test. which is one reason why the fee for the examination is not inexpensive. . Taking the Medical College Admission Test is one thing. Applying for fee assistance is what a lot of people who are financially illequipped would more often than not resort to in order for them to be able to take the MCAT. the cost for persons wishing to take the Medical College Admission Test is set at USD $225. but not everyone is financially capable of spending as much as the asking cost. A majority of medical schools observe of the test results of applicants with the Medical College Admission test.

they will be able to apply for top medical schools. which can significantly decrease the cost of their Medical College Admission Test. which all observe the outcome of each MCAT. .MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 104 Passing the Medical College Admission test means that the student is a heavily qualified person whom greatly excels in the medical field. the cost of taking this exam is fair. especially if a student has previously applied for fee assistance. Therefore. Considering the possibilities after taking the MCAT.

For example. The extent of the time frame for the taking of the test is usually set at four years for each student.105 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets S E T D AT E S F O R T H E M C AT There are set dates appointed for students from medical schools to signify when they should be taking the Medical College Admission test.e. the students in that set must have been able to take the MCAT as early as four years prior. This four years time period is dependent on the date of the incoming batch of students in the school. i. 2005. for the incoming set for the year 2009. which was September 2008. is varied. up until the last available date. . depending on the medical school each student belongs to. The length and time frame of the given period of which the taking of the actual exam is set.

these policies of dates by which MCAT should be taken are primarily set down by the schools themselves. medical schools tend to set the four year time line for their students to take the MCAT.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 106 However. It is recommended that the student take the Medical College Admission Test as early as spring. then his chances of making it into a medical university will be almost definite since most medical universities require students to pass the test results of their MCAT. they will already be able to receive their test scores for submission to their intended universities. More often than not. as previously indicated. . If the student fails to take the MCAT within the allotted set period of test dates. so that by the end of the year. in fall.

based on the essay topic.107 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets E S S AY W R I T I N G S E C T I O N I N T H E M C AT The Medical College Admission Test is split into four different sections. This is so because the admissions officers who will be checking the essays will be analyzing the ideas included in each essay. . covering the subjects on biological sciences. Being able to present the student s ideas in the essay in a clear and cohesive manner will prove to be essential. The fourth section is a writing sample section. the writing sample part can still be a deciding factor if the student will pass the Medical College Admission Test. and physical sciences. verbal reasoning. Three of the four parts are multiple-choice sections. The students are advised to include their own personal insights on the subject. This writing sample section involves requiring the student examinee to write an essay on a topic in the medical field. Even if the three other sections of the test cover a huge portion of the exam. This particular section in the test will assess the students’ skills in being able to develop their own ideas and concepts. or fail it.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 108

This particular portion of the Medical College Admission test should be taken seriously by the examinees. With many scheduled opportunities to take the test, examinees should be in a position to schedule the timing of their attempts strategically. That said, preparation for the writing sample portion of the exam should also be taken into consideration and not be taken lightly.

109 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets


Every individual who is aiming entrance to medical school would really want to pass MCAT. Without which, he cannot study medicine and join the medical profession. If passing is that important to him, he must realize that exam preparation is also that important. For many, getting into MCAT courses is the solution. They would get the reading materials, instructor support and even practice exams. Others would find a review center in their area and review for the MCAT there. Some, however, would prefer to prepare on their own. All the materials can be bought from the bookstore and especially through the Internet. Getting hold of the reading materials is quite common. But review vendors have now become creative with coming up with MCAT flashcards. Well, MCAT flashcards come in two forms. There are the traditional ones and then the MCAT flashcards software.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 110

The MCAT flashcards software is actually nice because the student will get used to reading the materials through his computer. This is an advantage since the exam is now computer-based anyway. Some software would even let the student add some more questions he would want to review. And then he can also print them out so he can take his review materials wherever he goes. The traditional MCAT flashcards are helpful in their own way. They are very portable and so the student can study anywhere and anytime. They can be comprehensive too. Studying MCAT flashcards can be fun and the student will be able to gauge if he is learning from any of the materials and the questions. And what s even better is that using MCAT flashcards is also cheaper.

The MCAT or Medical College Admission Test is a major requirement for aspiring medial students. A typical MCAT forum is populated by medical professionals and medical students as well as pre-med students preparing for the exams. Those who want to study medicine should pass this test before they will be allowed to enroll in a medical school. That is why these forums offer valuable information. and practical tips about the MCAT exam. resources. .111 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT F O R U M : E X C E L L E N T V E N U E TO P R E PA R E F O R T H E M C AT MCAT forums are excellent online venue for those wishing to take the MCAT exams. The MCAT is provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges and almost all medical schools in the United States recognize it.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 112 Through MCAT forums. new members can fully access the MCAT forum s different threads and discussions. One needs to register to a forum site. After the registration process. Membership is open to all interested medical students or MCAT examinee. There are also medical professionals who normally give valuable advice as well as links to good Websites that offer tons of MCAT review materials. These tips may include the methods of preparation for the exams and the resources they use to successfully hurdle the MCAT. It is easy to become a member of any MCAT forum. students can get valuable tips from previous test takers who usually share their MCAT exam experience. . MCAT forums can be considered as a method to prepare for the MCAT exams. Membership in it is essential if examinees want to succeed on their first attempt at the MCAT.

in their effort to pass MCAT. enroll in MCAT review centers or in MCAT courses online. They would buy self review kits. Passing the MCAT exam means that one has the makings of a good medical student and a medical professional. Almost all aspiring doctors. instructional videos and take various practice exams. That is because it is a prerequisite for getting accepted in medical school.113 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets GET THE BEST TIPS THROUGH M C AT F O R U M S Getting through the MCAT successfully is a must for every individual aspiring to be a future doctor. Some would opt to self review too. .

It is also a way of connecting with fellow students who are undergoing the same things. Many students join them to ask around about the various MCAT sites and review centers. Others just want to get review tips and ask which reading materials would be helpful for them. many individuals who are taking the MCAT exam join MCAT forums. A lot of them are offered as a part of the MCAT courses. The advantage of joining MCAT forums is that it is usually free. Students get free tips and study guides from fellow students and even from those who have taken the exam already. A good MCAT forum would really be a good and a complete MCAT resource. Some may also have a few questions about the exam. There are many MCAT forums now on the Internet. In this way. . They serve as a communication medium between the instructors and the students. There are other MCAT forums that are independent from any MCAT review sites too. students can consult with their instructors whenever they have questions. They get moral support from fellow students and they also exchange study tips and ideas.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 114 In addition to that. Sometimes there would be individuals who would also sell their used MCAT materials for a cheaper price too.

It usually measures the ability of students to overcome rigorous studies and is also an indicator of good study habits and persistence. The MCAT is a general exam that can measure the aptitude of med school applicants in the field of science.115 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E M C AT G PA G R I D : H I G H SCORES MEAN HIGH CHANCES OF A C C E P TA N C E The MCAT and GPA scores are very important requirement for admission in any medical schools. The GPA on the other hand will show the performance applicants in their undergraduate studies. comprehension and reading skills. general medical knowledge. .

But always remember that these are only rare exceptions. an applicant will normally be interviewed. those whose MCAT scores are lower can still be accepted to med schools if their GPA scores are high. . However. This shows how important the GPA is in measuring the capabilities of students in finishing med school. These will count on the overall evaluation of applicants. These interviews however will be extended if the applicant has composed a stellar application. There are exceptions to this rule that should be considered also.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 116 Students with high MCAT and GPA scores are almost assured of acceptance into any medical schools. So. During the screening process. On the other hand. A GPA score below 3 and an MCAT score under 21 points are indications that the applicant will really have a difficult time enrolling in a medical school. there is really a MCAT GPA correlation in the evaluation of students aspiring to get into a medical school. those with lower GPA can still barge into any medical school as long as their MCAT scores are high.

he must go through the MCAT exam first. would need a fair amount of preparation to be able to conquer this examination. Not all individuals take and pass the exam quite easily though. Before an individual can enter a medical college.117 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets G E T T I N G M C AT H E L P I S O N LY T H E FIRST STEP The MCAT exam has been taken by individuals who want to become doctors for more than 60 years now. And there are those who just make it a point to really prepare before taking the said exam. . there are many vendors and review centers who offer MCAT help to them. It serves as an assessment for these individuals' ability to succeed in medical school and in their careers as doctors. Knowing this. Many. if not all.

MCAT practice tests are given by these review vendors and even by AAMC too. There are also MCAT CDs. If he wants to pass MCAT. Some even give video instructions and have instructors to provide more MCAT help to the students. he has to prepare and so he must get MCAT help. Reading materials for every subject covered in the exam are provided. DVDs and flashcards for more creative review sessions.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 118 These MCAT help would range from MCAT review kits to whole MCAT courses. Classroom MCAT reviews are also available. . There are some software developed to aid the students prepare and pass the exam. He must do his best on the review and then on the exam as well. The student really has many choices when it comes to MCAT help. He only has to be committed to pass the exam.

In this way. MCAT online courses offer convenience and flexibility for test takers. and practice exams. To better prepare for the exams. . Individual coaching through teleconferencing can also be arranged to better grasp techniques in test-taking. Trainees can log on based on their schedule and proceed to study the online lessons. They could schedule their trainings according to their specified time. Online courses can also be taken at home or anywhere as long as there is a reliable Internet connection. It could be a little costly but those who wish to pass the MCAT on their first attempt should seriously consider online training courses. their regular class schedules or other activities will not be sacrificed.119 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT O N L I N E T R A I N I N G : H E L P I N G E X A M I N E E S PA S S T H E T E S T I N O N E AT T E M P T Preparation is the key if one wants to pass the Medical College Admission Test. These online trainings provide weeks of intensive coaching. aspiring MCAT applicants can take MCAT online courses. excellent study materials.

MCAT online training centers also provide practice tests and simulation. practice exams and study guides could really make a difference during the actual MCAT exams. . It actually mimics the exact exam scenarios from specific time limitations to the general subjects that will be covered. These materials can be studied if there are no schedules of formal training. These MCAT online practice exams could prepare students to the rigors and pressures of actual MCAT exams. It could be very handy especially to those who have busy schedules. The training course.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 120 Because MCAT is now a purely computer-based exam. Online MCAT training centers also provide useful study materials and references for their trainees.

He must therefore demonstrate knowledge in the sciences. All individuals who want to study medicine must pass MCAT first. Basically what the exam really wants to assess is the individual s abilities to do well in medical school and to do well as a doctor in the future. in problem solving and also in writing too.121 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets MAKE THE MOST OF THE ORGANIC CHEMISTRY SECTION OF YOUR M C AT C O U R S E The Medical College Admission Test has been a prerequisite to medical school admission for so many years now. verbal reasoning and writing. . He must be seen to have to capabilities in critical thinking. That is why many people really try their best to pass this examination.

this subject is relatively not easy to many so one must really study and prepare well to get the questions right. Some courses would have MCAT organic chemistry videos. there would be a section dedicated just for MCAT organic chemistry. should take note of these questions and if possible make the effort to learn how these questions should be answered on the test as well. on his part. The questions would be in multiple choices anyway so it would be easier to master the review questions. He must take advantage of this and study really well. If he takes an MCAT course.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 122 Part of the science section is the MCAT organic chemistry. Others would also give out review questions on this subject. If there are reading materials. he must read and understand them thoroughly in order to score well in the exam. He must pay attention to whatever is being demonstrated and taught in it. The student. . Admittedly. This would even better so the student would have an idea of how MCAT organic chemistry questions are going to be asked.

and Verbal Reasoning are all included to this. Meanwhile. The 15-point scale scoring is made by converting the 45 possible scores into 15 possible points. . This is only applicable to the multiple-choice types of exams where scoring is based on numbering. Physical Sciences. Biological Sciences. There are many interpretations of one s MCAT exam results and among these will be the MCAT percentile. For example.123 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E M E A N I N G O F M C AT PERCENTILE Percentile ranking is commonly used for standard exams in determining the ranking of a person s score in regards with other persons who took the test. In scaled scoring. Scaled scoring is done by converting the raw score to a 15-point scale. This is determined through the scaled scoring. the Writing Sample is scored through T to J where T is the highest and J is the lowest. This is just the same with the Medical College Admission Test. the person s raw score is 40 to 43. this will be converted to 11.

The scaled score will mean the standard deviation of a person from each section of the exam while the MCAT percentile rank ranges will determine the person s score so he can compare it among other students. This is comparing the rank ranges of one person s competitiveness among other exam takers during the same period. Though scaled scoring is used to determine the MCAT percentile ranking. this scaled scoring is interpreted through MCAT percentile. This is important in the evaluation of the person s academic background and records. . MCAT percentile will just be someone s way to enter a prestigious medical school. both scoring methods still has its own differences and purposes. Determining ones percentile ranking will represent his capability and competitiveness among individuals who took exam of that same year or same administration.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 124 Now.

Also. MCAT percentiles are important to exam takers.125 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT P E R C E N T I L E S : T H E A R T O F C O M PA R I N G M C AT R E S U LT S In any standard examination like the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. This scoring method can easily tell if a person trying to enroll in their institution is among the intelligent exam takers or belongs to the average group. But how does the MCAT board determine MCAT percentiles? . With this. Even medical school administration can easily have a common figure about the exam results with the MCAT percentiles. they will know where there performance stand among a certain group whether a group of examinees in one administration or candidates for the entire year. determining the percentile ranking is very important. This will provide the figure of how many students have high scores and how many have low scores. In general. MCAT percentiles determine the whole picture of a certain exam given in a year or in a certain administration.

and Verbal Reasoning. Meaning. The raw score is the real score of the person. . This will help interested people in comparing ones scores from the other takers of his batch. scaled scoring is determined by placing the rank of the raw score from 1 to 15.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 126 The examinee s score is determined into raw score. One scorer may give a different score from the other. This is provided for this specific exam since scoring an essay is very subjective. this scaled score is used to determine the person s MCAT percentiles. Meanwhile. this is the number of correct answers he got from the multiplechoice type of exams that include the Physical Sciences. the Writing Sample is scored based on letter J to T where J is the highest and T is the lowest. scaled score. Biological Sciences. However. Finally. and percentile ranking.

and 4.127 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W T O PA S S T H E M C AT P H Y S I C S The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) gauge whether an aspiring medical student is capable of pursuing his enrollment in a medical school or not. 3. There are four sections to the MCAT: 1. Verbal Reasoning (VR). it may seem that physics is not included in the test but a closer look will see a very different picture. 2. . Biological Sciences (BS). A very important focus of this exam is the MCAT Physics. At a first glance. Physical Sciences (PS). Writing Sample (WS).

However. and momentum. and projectile. and books that could prepare an aspiring medicine student to pass the examination. temperature. currents. software. Moreover. energy. waves. vectors. Forces and motion are also included like the forces. especially if the topic is about heat. There are physical equations and relationships to memorize like Newton s laws of motion and other difficult Physics-related topics. Study on currents. sound. and graphics. electric potential.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 128 A serious medicine student must burn eyebrows just to pass the MCAT Physics. linear motion. These tools are updated with the latest MCAT and one could find a lot of sources online. and calorimetry. thermodynamic laws. . there are tools like MCAT Physics videos. and atoms are also a big help to pass the MCAT Physics. forces with friction. forces. units. simple harmonic motions. Fluid and solid should also be studied and its subtopics like the work. filed. Some effective MCAT Physics reviews for determined aspiring medicine students are Basic Trigonometry. and circular motion. and electric circuits. They should also focus on different motions like a falling body. induction and fields. equilibrium. Including Thermodynamics in the review is also important. MCAT Physics may also include subjects on electromagnetism.

This is the first challenge for anyone who dreams of becoming a medical practitioner. he needs first to pass the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test. The MCAT practice questions are sample tests that mimic the usual examination for MCAT.129 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT P R A C T I C E Q U E S T I O N S Being a medical student is a way to being a life-saver. These can be downloaded via the Internet or through the MCAT Website. . Some books on MCAT practice questions are also available for review. The good news is anyone can have practice before taking an exam the MCAT practice questions. But before a medical student hears the clapping hands during his graduation rites. Enough preparation and tedious studies should be undertaken in order for someone to become a trusted medical practitioner.

Verbal Reasoning. Taking this will surely pave the way for the start of anyone s medical dream. Anyway. The section for verbal reasoning practice questions are patterned to test the student s comprehension of various concepts involving human understanding and communication. and physical sciences are in multiple-choice type of exam while the writing sample is composed of two essays encoded into a computer. MCAT practice questions for the science sections consisting of the physical sciences and biological sciences are made to challenge the logical cognitive and analytical abilities of the student. The MCAT practice questions are designed for better studying method of students. These are the Physical Sciences. there are a lot of online sources for MCAT practice questions. and Biological Sciences.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 130 The practice questions for MCAT may consist of four sections patterned the real admission test. Writing Sample. . Practice questions for verbal reasoning. These include the same format as the actual MCAT. biological sciences.

Normally. MCAT practice tests can simulate the real thing. However.131 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT P R A C T I C E T E S T: S H A R P E N I N G M C AT E X A M S K I L L S MCAT practice test can offer actual test experience for those preparing for the Medial College Admission Test. some free practice tests offer limited questions but it could serve as a start for more intensive MCAT trainings. This will sharpen the skills of students in managing their time during the exams. it facilitates a computer-based exam that covers all the sections of actual MCAT. Practice tests also match the time allowance given to test-takers during MCAT exams. These practice tests can be taken anytime. There are many ways to take MCAT practice tests. examinees could take advantage of free MCAT practice test provided by some Websites. First. A practice test will better prepare students in facing the challenging medical admission exam. .

aspiring medical students can enroll in online training centers for MCAT. There are also tools for diagnostic analysis of results. Finally.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 132 There are also MCAT practice test applications that can be purchased from the Internet. The test simulations can significantly improve the testtaking abilities of aspiring medical students. The tests provided by these training centers match the details of actual exams. This option could cost more but it is also probably the best preparation for the MCAT exams. The test software also offers a rich resource of study materials as well as numerous MCAT questions. which could be very helpful in determining the examinees strength and weaknesses in the exams. These training centers normally provide regular practice tests to measure the abilities of students in taking the MCAT exams. .

40 questions for the Verbal Reasoning. MCAT practice tests are just like the real admission exam. Verbal Reasoning. and the same number of sections as the real MCAT. there s what they call as the final practice where the artists will have to perform as if it s already the real-time event. This is known as the MCAT practice tests.133 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT P R A C T I C E T E S T S : J U S T LIKE THE REAL EXAM For the performing arts. the same number of questions. the MCAT practice tests also have time limits just like the real MCAT. . These practice tests also has 52 questions for the Physical Sciences. The practice tests for MCAT also include the four sections of MCAT: Physical Sciences. there s also what they call as the real-time practice. and Writing Samples. To add to that realtime practice. and 52 for the Biological Sciences. The examinee will be provided with a set of questionnaires with the same type of exams. For MCAT or Medical College Admission Test. 2 for the Writing Samples. Biological Sciences.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 134 Seventy minutes is given to finish the Physical Sciences. The Physical Sciences. and the Biological Sciences have a multiple-choice type of exam while the Writing Sample is an essay-type done in a computer. If not. There are many Websites offering easy download of this review material. 60 minutes is also allotted for the Writing Samples. All these four sections of practice tests have the same format as the MCAT. try at bookstores for MCAT practice tests for sale. taking an MCAT practice test is a great choice. If anyone is interested to practice their skills and see if they can pass the real MCAT. 60 minutes is the maximum time for the Verbal Reasoning. Verbal Reasoning. . and 70 minutes to answer all the Biological Sciences questions.

That is why preparation is very important to get high MCAT scores. As at 2009. The Medical College Admission Test is a very challenging exam. always remember that the MCAT exam will cost money. Applicants who get low MCAT scores will find it more difficult to be accepted in a med school. .135 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets A G O O D M C AT P R E PA R AT I O N C A N M E A N H I G H M C AT S C O R E A good MCAT preparation could spell the difference between success and failure during the actual MCAT exams. MCAT costs $225 USD and if examinees live far from the testing center transportation and hotel accommodation should be added to the expenses. First. which could be a guarantee in gaining a slot in some of the most prestigious medical institutions. There are 3 basic guidelines in preparing for the MCAT. So this aspect should be considered. It is a major requirement for enrolling in any medical school.

MCAT training can be a good preparation method.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 136 Second. examinees should also consider taking an MCAT training and review. They could take simulated tests or online MCAT practice tests. For those who are self-studying for the MCAT. they could take advantage of free Web-based MCAT practice exams. Some training centers provide practice tests as part of their service. Trainings and review hone the MCAT examination skills of students. They could also purchase MCAT test simulator software that is widely available on the Internet. Third. . MCAT applicants should regularly practice for the exams. It could be very helpful especially for those who want to get high scores. Training centers can also provide good study materials as well as different tools to better prepare for the MCAT exams.

There are several MCAT examinations given each year from late January to September so pre-med aspirants really have a lot of chances and they can choose the ideal time for them to take the exam. verbal reasoning.137 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E R I G H T M C AT P R E P C O U R S E H E L P S Y O U PA S S T H E T E S T Every individual who wants to enter medical school needs to pass the Medical College Admission Test or most commonly known as MCAT. The aim of the exam is actually to test the individual s readiness and aptitude to be successful medical students and future doctors. writing sample and biological sciences. one has to prepare for it. So if one wants to pass the exam. The exam consists of 3 multiple choice exams and a writing assessment exam and covers physical sciences. . It is also administered in hundreds of testing centers in the different parts of the world.

Online MCAT course would range from self study kits to more comprehensive ones with up to date materials and realistic MCAT questions as well. The cost of each review or MCAT course varies depending on the completeness of the course. He should take the one not only covers all the materials but also enhances his problem solving. schools and online. Classroom MCAT courses would have a team of experienced instructors to teach the examinees. . As an examinee one must make sure that he will take the MCAT prep course that would be most helpful to him. writing skill and critical thinking capabilities. Each instructor would have his specialty to teach the students.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 138 There are many different MCAT prep courses in review centers. Most would give the examinees the reading materials and even video reviewers.

Passing MCAT has been a requirement for entrance to medical schools. a computer-based exam. And the exam has evolved from once a written exam to what it is now. There would be written instruction and verbal ones. Review materials are also provided in this setting. . And there would be practice MCAT exams. Not only that they also offer free a MCAT practice test on their site. There are numerous companies. Because of this every single aspiring doctors must really prepare themselves for the exam. Classroom MCAT prep courses are also available. These courses usually would provide students with knowledgeable and experienced instructors to help students prepare for the various topics of the exam.139 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M A N Y M C AT P R E P C O U R S E S B U T NOT ALL WILL BE MOST HELPFUL The Medical College Admission Test has been given to all students who want to go into medicine as a profession for more than 60 years now. sites and schools offering their hand all offering their brand of MCAT courses. The Association of American Medical Colleges itself offers an MCAT course.

If one wants to pass the MCAT exam he must bear in mind that he should demonstrate an amount of knowledge and capabilities in physical sciences. Some provide instructional videos too. biological sciences.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 140 Online MCAT courses also offer almost the same coverage but through the Internet. They would sell CDs and DVDs. . Some site would just sell the materials. There would be comprehensive courses that really have instructors to assist and instruct the students. So he must therefore choose the MCAT prep course that will help him improve his skills in these areas. verbal reasoning and writing. Reading materials are provided as well. And then some would also give practice exams.

But it is not the aim of the student to take MCAT several times though. As much as possible one would want to pass it the first time. There are multitudes of courses to choose from. There are MCAT classes offered in review centers and medical schools. It is therefore imperative that he prepare himself well for the exam. One has to be successful in this exam first before he can enter medical school and become a doctor. So if one does not make it the first time he can take it two more times during the same year.141 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets E V E R Y M C AT Q U E S T I O N Y O U KNOW IS AN EDGE Passing the MCAT exam is important to everyone who wants to become doctors. the MCAT is give many times during the year. . Many would enroll in MCAT courses and classes. Luckily.

Others would give all of these and provide MCAT practice exams. And then they would also give the solutions to every MCAT question they give out.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 142 There are also quite many courses online. And hopefully. Some just sell the CDs and DVDs. Having a feel of the real thing would give them the confidence in the exam proper. They would also have an idea as to how each MCAT question needs to be answered. They would also be most guided and prepared for the exam. They would have a firsthand experience as to how questions are going to be asked. This would be a most advantageous to the students. Many also provide support to their students by providing them instructors as well. . Many sell the written reviewers. this advantage would give them enough edge to pass MCAT too.

the MCAT exam consists of more than a hundred questions. It covers verbal reasoning. and writing ability. The MCAT is composed of four general sections and the aptitude of examinees on each section will be measured. The test is a very important requirement for almost all medical schools in the United States and Canada.143 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets FA M I L I A R I Z AT I O N W I T H M C AT QUESTIONS COULD BETTER P R E PA R E E X A M I N E E S The Medical College Admission Test is given to those who want to be admitted in medical schools. . Four and a half hours is devoted to the multiple choice section and one hour for the writing test. In all. general principles of Physical and Biological Sciences.

These could be a good study material to better understand the intricacies of MCAT exam. There are many Websites that provide free sample questions with ready answers and explanations. Training and review centers also provide hundreds of MCAT practice questions. For the essay writing questions. Some of the best sample MCAT questions can be availed through the Internet or by purchasing MCAT test software or books.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 144 To better prepare for the exam. Applicants who will take this route can also get valuable techniques from coaches who will instruct examinees on how to answer MCAT questions quickly and efficiently . The questions can really help them learn the general flow of MCAT exams. This then could guide them during the actual test. MCAT applicants should familiarize themselves with the types of questions that will be asked during the exams. Those who will self study should acquire as many MCAT questions they could get. there are sample writings that are available which could serve as a guide in answering essay questions.

. he must first read the MCAT essentials. since policies and procedures are continually being changed and revised. During the registration the applicant would be asked to certify that he has read and understood the MCAT essentials.145 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT R E G I S T R AT I O N E S S E N T I A L S Before a person can actually MCAT register. the policies on the day of the exam and the policies after the exam. It is also explained there how the test is going to be scored. Even examinees that are retaking the exam are required to read this. It is where a guide is written about the registration process. An overview of the coverage of the exam is also written there. There are even some suggestions and recommendations on how an examinee can better review for the exam.

and funds should be payable in US dollars.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 146 Individuals who aim to enter into medical school and apply to health professions are eligible to take the exam. Late registrants and those who want to reschedule or change their test center will also attract a nominal fee. Those who are taking it in international sites have to pay an additional fee. Those who don t plan to apply or are already in enrolled in medical school may also take the exam but they have to seek special permissions first. . Registration is done online. The 2009 fee for the exam is USD $225. There is also a late registration period for those who missed the regular registration. Applicants will have access to the system about 12 weeks before the examination day. Payments must be made through a MasterCard or VISA credit card. And the deadline for regular registration is usually 14 calendar days prior to the exam.

examinees should follow some of these valuable MCAT registration tips. In this way. To avoid unnecessary inconveniences. examinees should ensure that they can register as soon as the MCAT registration process is open. MCAT registration should be done two months ahead of the scheduled exam. First.147 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT R E G I S T R AT I O N : 4 B A S I C T I P S T O AV O I D I N C O N V E N I E N C E Registration is the first step to the whole MCAT procedures. Registering and booking a seat for the MCAT exam could be accomplished through online processes. . examinees can prepare better and ensure that they can take the exams on their preferred examination date and test center location. Usually.

So it would be best if examinees can do a final check on their schedule before going to the testing center. There are times when last minute changes of schedules have been made by the test administrators. It would be best if the examinees can provide valid and working email addresses to get the updates.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 148 Second. Third. These changes will normally reflect on the examinee account. Exam administrators will normally contact affected examinees about those changes. . So it would be the responsibility of the examinee to make their contact information available to test administrators. Fourth. There are instances when the MCAT test will be rescheduled or transferred to a different location due to several factors. test administrators also utilize emails to broadcast updates or changes in MCAT exams. a day before the actual date of the MCAT exam. examinees must log in to their registration accounts to verify the time and location of the scheduled exam. examinees must always ensure that their contact information is updated and correct.

And there are some suggestions for the exam preparation too. It has been administered for more than 60 years. He would have to read this material in order to better understand the policies and the coverage of the exam. . A brief description of the exam coverage is also given. The first MCAT requirement prior to registration is that an applicant should read the MCAT essentials.149 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets K N O W T H E M C AT R E Q U I R E M E N T S FOR A H A S S L E F R E E R E G I S T R AT I O N The Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is a standardized exam devised by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The MCAT essentials explain in detail the registration process and the test and post test policies. The aim of the test is actually to assess as to whether an individual planning to enter into medical school and work in the medical profession is ready for such endeavor.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 150 The examinee would be required to testify that he indeed read and understood the MCAT essentials during the registration process. And then the applicant would be required to pay an examination fee of (for 2009) USD $225. Other fees apply for those who are taking the test in international sites. both MasterCard and Visa are accepted. but are liable for an additional fee as stated above. They would not be eligible for the AAMC fee assistance program and no special permissions would be granted. rescheduling of exam date. Late registrants are also given a period to register. late registration. The registration begins 12 weeks before the exam date and it ends 14 calendar days prior to the examination. Payment is done through credit card. and change of exam center. .

. But the results of MCAT are very much worth the effort put into it. The MCAT exam is administered through a computer system. Indeed it can be said that the MCAT is a grueling test. The said exam helps gauge an individual s over all scientific knowledge especially within the field of biology. This exam also screens the medical aspirant in terms of writing skills and verbal reasoning. three ten minutes of optional breaks are allowed within the examination period.151 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E S P E C I F I C S O F M C AT S C O R E RELEASE The MCAT score release is among the most important things considered in the field of medicine. It lasts for over five hour s duration. However. Those who wish to get into a medicine degree must first of all be a passer of the Medical College Admission Test.

. If the exam taker wishes to obtain his score privately. Usually. Of course. this option is favorable for those who scored low on the said exams or may not have passed it.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 152 Another feature enjoyed by takers is that MCAT score release can be done in a confidential manner. he only needed to notify the AAMC to prohibit releasing his scores to specific medical schools who are known to participate in the MCAT results. they will only be doing so once they have taken the MCAT once more and this time successfully passed the exam battery. This feature is taken advantage of by those who did not pass so that various medical institutions will not have any biases against them should they wish to apply in the future.

153 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E S Y S T E M O F M C AT S C O R I N G MCAT scoring ranges from 1 to 15. Letter J is considered the lowest while letter T is the highest writing score. and Biological Sciences. These three sections are Verbal Reasoning. This is called the scaled score. These scaled scores are the ones that will be considered by the medical schools as the official MCAT scores of applicants. . The scaled score for the writing section starts with the letter J ends at letter T. On the other hand. the MCAT scorecard will include the percentile and the mean score of examinees on each MCAT section. with the number 15 considered as the highest score. the essay writing test will be scored alphabetically. Aside from the raw score and the scaled score. Physical Sciences. The scaled score is derived from an examinee’s raw score. The raw score is the actual points of from the three sections of MCAT exams.

For the most prestigious and elite medical schools however. Biological Sciences. So if an examinee gets an MCAT score of 12 and above they can easily enter any medical school. . If examinees can get scaled scores above the national averages. and Physical Sciences sections.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 154 Number 8 is normally considered as the average scaled score for the verbal reasoning. they can be accepted by most medical schools. they usually require a scaled score of at least 11 or 12 from the examinees. Letter N on the other hand is the average scaled score for the essay writing test. Their chance of getting a slot in the elite medical institutions is also higher.

This entrance exam is being utilized to help ensure that only those who deserve to become doctors are able to enter into medical schools without the bias of money or power. The said entrance exam banks on the aspirant s skills and knowledge more than anything else.155 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets A L L A B O U T T H E M C AT S I G N . .U P PROCESS MCAT is one of the most taken exams in the field of medicine. Those who wish to become doctors with their particular specializations should be MCAT passers first before they can freely apply to their particular medical school of choice.

Nowadays. However. the person who wants to access the site must not open lots of different browsers at one sitting as this is known to slow down the loading process. . a person can find the MCAT sign up a hard process to take. there may be times that the sign up site may be logged down due to excessive traffic. the MCAT sign up used to be a rigorous process because you have to go to specific authorities to fill up forms. Before. It also involves submission of proper credentials to assure that the person is even eligible to take the said exams. This is actually expected because there are so many aspirants to get into the field of medicine. It is advised that if such happens. The sign up procedure does not just include giving one s personal data into the authorities and then obtaining a proper schedule in the testing day. These forms are used to know the person s personal information and data. the whole MCAT sign up can already be done through an online process.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 156 However.

concerned authorities have wanted make the said exams more useful by segregating the MCAT statistics into different categories. it is not surprising to see irregular fluctuations in terms of the MCAT statistics. The exam itself proves that the dream of being a doctor is really being earned the hard way. Because of these. sex. With so many aspirants hoping to make it through their personally preferred medical schools. At present. and legal residence is taken into consideration when identifying specific MCAT statistics in terms of passers and the number of those who failed. This is because the said examinations serves as a screening process to determine whether an individual possesses the necessary attributes to become a doctor.157 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E N E W M C AT S TAT I S T I C S The MCAT is one of the most vital things in the field of medicine. . Even the demographic facets like age. test results are being presented according to the scorer s institution and overall MCAT score as well as GPA.

. In this way.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 158 More than anything else. schools that may have not produced too many passers may be able to look into their curriculum and revise it accordingly. the revised take on measuring the quantitative substance of the test s results is proving to be more helpful. In addition. even demographical factors can now be looked into if it indeed has an effect in one s chances of passing in the MCAT. At least students can now prepare themselves much better for taking the examination and target perceived weaknesses according to results of this new basis of statistics.

159 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets 5 S I M P L E M C AT S T U D Y T I P S There are 5 MCAT study tips that can be used in order to get a high score in the MCAT exam. But it would be best if examinees can have at least three months of preparation before the actual MCAT exam. it would be good if examinees can allocate longer period for their MCAT preparation. Second. The MCAT is a highly analytical exam that measures the critical abilities of examinees in understanding and answering basic sciences questions. in relation to the first study tip. Cramming for the exam could affect the composure of examinees and hinder their ability to think critically. examinees must avoid cramming for the MCAT exam. It should be noted however that these tips are for guidance only and not a sure fire guarantee of success in the MCAT exam. Ideally. First. . two months of review and study is enough.

always take regular practice tests.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 160 Third. There are also MCAT test simulators that can be purchased. Fourth. These study guides can familiarize examinees on the type of questions that will be asked during the exams. . So it would be best to have a lighter term load during the MCAT review period. There free practice tests available online. Study materials should also include guide questions and actual MCAT test questions. they should purchase study materials provided by the AAMC. examinees must ensure that their review will not be hampered by heavy regular school loads. Finally. for those who are self-studying. MCAT practice tests and simulation could sharpen the abilities of examinees in answering MCAT questions. This will allow examinees to focus on the exam. These materials are very valuable during MCAT preparation.

It simply helps trim down the options but it is not exactly the same as the MCAT itself. Because of this. Among the best ways to do this is by using a MCAT study guide. it still would not be enough to really cover entirely what the field of Biology has. It would also be such a waste of time to review books from cover to cover. The MCAT study guide is important because it helps give a more practical structure and point of review. . the said entrance examination should be taken seriously and must be prepared for at all costs. However. While the MCAT is a long 5 hours exam.161 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets W H Y Y O U S H O U L D U S E A N M C AT STUDY GUIDE The MCAT is a rigorous examination that covers the wide field of biology. The MCAT study guide will help the person prioritize only the essential things that will have a high probability of actually being covered in the exam. Apart from this the MCAT is also composed of rather rigorous questions on verbal reasoning and even one s capacity in terms of written skills will also be put to the test. it should not be expected that study guides will be the same as the exams itself.

MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 162 Another good thing about such a study guide is that it helps a student gauge his capacity in actually taking the test. This is an important thing to know before the exam so that precious time can be saved it allotted for the harder questions. . He can see where he should focus on and what particular aspects are his strengths.

This will give them enough time to retake the MCAT exam on the following months until September.163 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets C H O O S I N G T H E B E S T M C AT T E S T D AT E S There are numerous (20+) MCAT test dates each year for examinees to choose from. . For those who want to enroll in a medical school immediately. it would be best to take the exam as early as possible or in the first week of April. they should take the January test schedules so that they can get the MCAT scores before the August admissions. MCAT tests are normally scheduled between the months of April to September. If examinees are unsure of their MCAT performance. This will also give them more time to retake the MCAT exams if their scores fall below the required general average. The AAMC allows students to take the exam for a maximum of three attempts in a year.

Choosing the right MCAT test date is important in order to prepare thoroughly for the exam. .MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 164 The MCAT exam can be taken in half a day. These exams are purely computer assisted because the paper and pencil test has been dropped by the AAMC. Actually. Normally they schedule their exam in May so they can get the results before the June and August medical school enrollment. These students usually schedule their MCAT test dates in late summer. Some students can manage to squeeze MCAT preparation with their regular semester schedules. It can also allow students to properly time their applications to medical schools. there are morning and afternoon 5-hour MCAT exam sessions in a day. Some however find it difficult to prepare for the exam during regular school days.

Those wishing to take the MCAT in one attempt and get a high mark must get hold of these MCAT testing resources. and sample test questions. Some study guides however are widely available on other Websites devoted to MCAT. The AAMC Website offers many MCAT study resources for examinees. These materials can be downloaded and stored on personal computers so that it can be studied at a later time. The MCAT is a recognized aptitude exam and most book shops offer related literatures and materials for the MCAT exams. in major book stores. . The Website is a good place to start in finding valuable study materials. These resources are widely available on the Internet. test preparation kits. Students can also look for study guides in book stores or even in school libraries.165 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E A D VA N T A G E S O F M C AT TESTING RESOURCES There are numerous MCAT testing resources that can be acquired in order to ensure a high score in the exam. and university publications offices.

students will better understand the questions that are normally asked during the MCAT exams. readings. and practice MCAT tests. These programs are actually computer applications that can simulate an online training center.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 166 Examinees can also purchase MCAT training programs. Through this. The good thing about these online tests is they provide explanations for the answers of the MCAT test. . there are free MCAT tests that can be accessed through standard Web interface. For those who are low on budget. The training program may consist of multi-media lectures. valuable tips and information. Examinees need only to go to a specific Website and follow the links leading to the online practice tests.

weekdays or Saturdays. MCAT sessions include options for the morning or afternoon. An examinee who takes the January test date has the advantage of being able to re-sit the exam. He wants to get it over with soon. When is the best date? 1. But first. he needs to consider the best date that must take the test. should they fail. making it paperless and more convenient. . is to pass the test on the first take. MCAT test is now being administered multiple times each year.167 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W TO C H O O S E T H E B E S T D AT E FOR M C AT An aspiring medical student always wants to pass the MCAT test as soon as possible. passing the test needs timing and planning. Although an examinee has three chances to take the exam in one year. The plan. of course. The test has also been computerized.

Should an examinee wish to submit an application to their proposed medical school earlier than other candidates. make sure that there is enough time to prepare for the test. of course. Taking the test during the late spring and summer months (April to September) is ideal for those students who are busy during the college semester. . providing that examinee is in a position to study for MCAT during the college semester.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 168 2. and / or 3. an examinee has many options. The main purpose is. Making a decision on when to take the MCAT can spell a big difference for an examinee. the April or May test dates may prove suitable. In this way. to pass the test. However. This would be beneficial as some medical schools make early admissions decisions.

An outline for the study is a must. Credentials and good grades are also the other factors that they consider. Making plans shall make studying systematic and focused.5-hour exam? Here are a few tips to remember for MCAT test preparation: 1. Passing this test is a necessity if he wants to take the first step to becoming a doctor in the future. that this is just one of the devices used by medical school s screening committee. Prepare a study plan. But passing the MCAT is supposed to be the hardest part in entering medical schools. . It must be noted. setting specific goals for the week by reviewing material notes and textbooks during the undergraduate courses. however.169 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W T O G E T T H E B E S T M C AT T E S T P R E PA R AT I O N The Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is a standardized test required by all medical schools in the United States. The question is how to be assured that an examinee is getting the best MCAT test preparation? Is he confident enough after all his preparation to sit and tackle the 9. For example.

it is necessary to make MCAT test preparation as systematic and real as the real MCAT test. Examinees are not expected to be specialist in the topics of MCAT and must therefore have some general knowledge of humanities.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 170 2. including practicing MCAT under timed conditions. There are courses being offered to mirror real-life MCAT. To really be exam-confident. Sometimes. to answer practice question that are MCAT type questions. As an aspiring medical student. and 4. test preparation can be costly but then it is always worth the money invested. 3. as opposed to indepth knowledge of these. Do as many practice questions as possible. however. taking an MCAT test preparation course is a good investment. There are available question bank available online. . social sciences and natural sciences. Make sure.

chemistry and physics lessons. This assertion however is very far from the truth. MCAT tests can be considered as an in-depth exam on the basic sciences knowledge of students and how they express themselves through written exposition. students must thoroughly review their biology. So it would be best if examinees can finish their undergraduate biological and physical sciences subjects before taking the MCAT exams. Majority of the exam questions probe the scientific knowledge of examinees.171 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT T E S T S : H O W T O P R E PA R E FOR THE D I F F E R E N T M C AT SECTIONS MCAT tests are sometimes derided as sets of questions that can be answered though memorization only. It is also a good measure of how examinees understand the questions and situations provided to them. it measures the ability of student to think critically. Specifically. MCAT test is one of the most challenging and difficult aptitude exams. To get high scores from MCAT. . Far from being a memorization test.

The best way to prepare for this section is to read lots of current information. Examinees must also prepare for the verbal reasoning section of the MCAT exam.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 172 Examinees must also practice their writing skills by reading sample essays from the past MCAT exams. Examinees are given one hour to complete the writing questions. This will help examinees overcome the reasoning section. These samples could give examinees a general idea on how to answer the essay questions. So it would be best to find sample MCAT writings. . It is also good to practice fast reading methods and sift the essence of what was written on the reading passages.

Where should he look then for his scores? The answer is MCAT Thx. MCAT Thx has implemented a Full Disclosure policy. As of 2003. The MCAT Testing History Report System or MCAT Thx is an online system designed to simplify the access of MCAT scores for both examinees and schools. Subsequently. all MCAT testing history reports shall be sent to medical schools at the request of the examinee. as Additional Score Reports is that MCAT Thx is free and it shows the scores as soon as the information is available. which means that the American Medical College Association Service (AMCAS) shall handle all MCAT scores. The main difference between the old system formerly known.173 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets H O W D O E S M C AT T H X W O R K ? Once an examinee has finished taking the MCAT test. . He even has a medical school in mind for which to send the scores. he is very excited to see his results.

You do not have the option to withhold information during these periods. if you have taken the test prior to 1993. In cases when an examinee needs to provide MCAT scores to the schools. . For AMCAS institutions. then printed and mailed to the relevant school. The MCAT Thx is an improved system that makes access to MCAT scores easier. This system shall show all your MCAT testing histories from 1993 onwards.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 174 MCAT scores from 1993 onwards are released to AMCAS. Moreover. If an examinee is applying for a medical school that is included in their list. which in turn shall be put to the MCAT Thx. this shall not be reflected in your testing history except if you want to report them to AMCAS. When sending scores to non-AMCAS (Association of American Medical Colleges) institutions. it is free. the following processes apply: 1. or 2. specific application materials plus MCAT scores must be provided. scores can be checked online. However. everything is automatically finished in no time.

2. and 3. . What should an MCAT examinee know before taking the exam? 1. A well-prepared study plan shall make an examinee more confident and knowledgeable to take the hurdle. An examinee should make sure that he has enrolled in the introductory science course in biology. The MCAT test is the ultimate passage to entering medical school and can be compared to a battle. The ideal preparation time for the test is 3 to 12 months. physics because these subjects consists two sections of the MCAT test. chemistry.175 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T I P S O N PA S S I N G T H E M C AT T E S T Nothing is more important than going to a battle well prepared and in full gear. He should study MCAT review books and use his reference books and course notes as guides. He should be able to understand the concepts behind the ideas and not just depend on memorizations of facts.

a stopwatch to pace his time. He should bring things that shall make him comfortable during the long hours of test. The night before the exam. a cushion for the seats. He should arrive early to the testing center and should avoid feeling stressed. Not using this while doing your practice test can aid you later. the examinee should try to have a hearty dinner and a relaxed sleep. and B. He must also remember that use of calculator during the exam is not allowed. A. These basic tips make a big difference in the hurdle with the MCAT test-. food to make his sugar high to keep him awake and others. There are more things that an examinee can do to prepare for the MCAT test. He must eat a moderate breakfast. a sweater in case it gets cold.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 176 Doing as many MCAT practice tests can also be helpful for an examinee.hopefully on the first try. . It is better to make a list so that he would not be missing the small details. For example.

What topics should examinees study? The test has four MCAT topics. among other requirements. These two has 7 to 9 passages each with approximately 250 words per passage. All the questions have multiple choices. . An examinee should prepare well because the exam is not easy and it can be heavy on the pocket. which are the following: 1.177 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT T O P I C S : L E A R N I N G T H E BASICS The MCAT is the first hurdle that a wannabe doctor would have to pass through. Moreover. Biological Sciences section measures your knowledge of biology and organic chemistry concepts. he has only have three chances in this lifetime or say goodbye to becoming a doctor forever. 2. Passing this test. is needed to enter a medical school. Physical Sciences section measures your grasp of basic physics and general chemistry concepts.

. and 4. which consists of two essays. The essays are a way to judge how well a student can develop an idea and then connect them with other ideas resulting in a well-written. the Physical science section is considered to be the most difficult among all. Among the four sections. which are commonly in introductory courses. grammatically correct and comprehensible essay. The wide coverage of MCAT topics can make an examiner feel stressed with the upcoming test. he must remember that you he needs to have a basic grasp of the concepts. The subjects are not related to science and will be on assigned topics. a study guide is a must to assist him in knowing what to study and what not to study. The last is the Writing Sample section. To grasp how MCAT test are. social and natural sciences. These covers topics that are not in the physical or biological science sections like humanities. Verbal Reasoning section assesses your ability to understand and apply information from a prose passage. However.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 178 3.

The verbal reasoning part of the MCAT makes this test an all rounded aptitude exam. On the other hand. It is therefore wrong to belittle the verbal reasoning part and take it for granted.179 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets T H E K E Y S I N A N S W E R I N G M C AT VERBAL REASONING TEST The MCAT verbal reasoning section measures the ability of students to read passages and comprehend the essence and main ideas being pointed out in a selected passage. It will determine the knowledge and appreciation of students in the field of social science and the humanities. . Failure to overcome this part of the exam would definitely result to lower MCAT scores. a good showing in the verbal reasoning test will increase the chances of students in getting a remarkable grade in the MCAT.

there are 65 questions to be tackled in the whole section. which should be finished within 77 minutes. . requiring superior comprehension and knowledge of the humanities. to very difficult. In all. It would not be a good idea to leave some questions unanswered. requiring only common.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 180 The MCAT verbal reasoning section normally consists of 9 passages with approximately 7 questions for each passage. examinees must quickly finish those that they find easy and proceed to tackle each difficult question carefully. To be able to answer everything. Questions would range from the very easy. The key to getting a high score in the verbal reasoning test is to answer everything that will be asked. The easy questions usually covers the social science and general information aspects while the most difficult ones will normally come from the humanities related questions.

it determines if the examinees have the ability to communicate their ideas effectively. and general knowledge. current events. the student’s opinion will be asked regarding issues about politics. art. examinees must follow the basic tenets of writing composition. Usually. communication. Specifically. In composing essays.181 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M C AT W R I T I N G : D E T E R M I N I N G APTITUDE FOR INTELLECTUAL DISCOURSE The MCAT writing sample section measures the ability of students to think critically and put those thinking into coherent intellectual exposition. . It should be noted that communication is very important for the medical professional that is why the MCAT tries to test the aptitude of students in this field. The writing sample section of the MCAT will require examinees to compose essays based on broad propositions covering different subjects.

At the end of the essays. concise. This will show the ability of students in expressing themselves and putting those expressions in an intellectually organized written tract. . conclusions should seamlessly synthesize the different ideas presented in the composition. This must be supported by ample evidences either through factual information or theoretical assumptions. Getting good marks in the MCAT writing sample section would significantly enhance overall result of the MCAT exam. Writings should state clearly a defined purpose. Examinees should be able to decide immediately what could be the thesis of an essay and from there develop its anti-thesis. and easy to understand. This section of the MCAT must be accomplished within an hour. a body. and conclusion or recommendation. That is why the essays must be concise and should immediately answer the questions being asked.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 182 Essays should start with a compelling introduction. The ideas presented in the writing sample should be coherent.

The national MCAT score average is 8 points.183 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M E D I C A L S C H O O L M C AT: M A J O R REQUIREMENT FOR ADMISSION Aside from the undergraduate transcript and excellent letter of recommendation. Almost all medical schools in North America require students to take the MCAT. the MCAT score is also a major requirement and usually a big factor for admission in medical school. Score above this point could be a guarantee for easier acceptance to medical schools. It is very important therefore to get a high score in the MCAT examinations. MCAT scores that range from 12 to 15 are considered highly competitive. The MCAT or the Medical College Admissions Test is a standardized examination designed to measure the aptitude of students in pursuing a medical degree. . It will naturally highlight the application of any aspiring medical student. High MCAT scores will normally boost the chances of med school applicants while low scores could result to outright rejection. The test will serve as a comparison tool of medical institutions in determining who among the thousands of applicants deserve admission in med school.

which is an independent nonprofit group of recognized medical schools. The MCAT is divided into four major exam sections. . Examinees must get high marks in each section in order to get higher MCAT overall scaled score. Biological Sciences.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 184 The MCAT is administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges. and medical teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada. professional medical associations. These are Verbal Reasoning. It will be advantageous if examinees can thoroughly prepare for each of the exam section to ensure high MCAT score. and Writing Sample. Physical Sciences.

185 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets M E D I C A L S C H O O L S M C AT: G U I D E L I N E S T H AT C O U L D H E L P GUARANTEE ADMISSION TO MEDICAL SCHOOLS Good MCAT results are very important for admission in medical schools. Taking the exam early is ideal if only enough preparation has been made to take the MCAT exams. . First. It is true that it would be advantageous to take the MCAT exam in April or August but it will do nothing if the student is not yet prepared. Pre-med students wishing to proceed to formal medical studies must prepare early for the MCAT and carefully consider their options when taking the exam. The best measure for this purpose is the student s readiness for the exam. There are four general guidelines that any pre-med student should consider before applying to medical schools. students should carefully choose the best schedule when taking the MCAT.

there are medical schools that accept students with low MCAT score.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 186 Second. Some reputable medical schools require an average score of 11 in all MCAT exam section. Most medical schools usually deny admission if a student has below average MCAT score. Fourth. students should generally strive for a general average of 8 for each of the MCAT exam section. Third. . if a student gets a below average score in the MCAT. In rare cases. pre-med students who perennially get low MCAT scores should consider looking for other medical school that does not require an MCAT. It is best however if examinees could get at least 10 or 11 in a section in order to enhance the chances of admission in medical schools. This would save a lot of time and money. it would be best to retake the exam.

.187 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets P R I N C E T O N M C AT R E V I E W OPTIONS TO ENSURE HIGH EXAM SCORES The Princeton MCAT review program and study guides are considered one of the best solutions for getting high scores on the MCAT exams. The Princeton MCAT review method utilizes a so-called Hyperlearning approach where students can fast track their review process using advanced methods developed by the institution. Students who take review classes in Princeton normally get an average of 30 overall MCAT score. This is considered highly competitive score and could guarantee acceptance into any medical schools especially if the other equally important requirements could be met. The good thing about this program is its guarantee that examinees can retake MCAT courses for free if they are not satisfied with their MCAT results.

the Princeton review program also offers books and sample test questions for the MCAT. Students can also take the group review option if they want a livelier group study with their peers. For those who wish to self study. . These study materials are generally recognized by most medical schools and training centers as some of the best in the market. It could definitely help students get stellar scores in the MCAT examinations. This could also be more enjoyable and a lot cheaper too than individual tutoring. This could certainly improve learning and retention and could guarantee a high score in the MCAT exams. This is a little costly but it has the superior benefit of getting intensive and highly focused review procedures.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 188 The Princeton review program also offers individual coaching and tutoring. A marked advantage of this method is the ability to learn from others and get numerous inputs from different ideas.

Even international students can take advantage of the Princeton review methods because the training institution provides facilities and new technologies for online MCAT review classes. Students can also utilize the Princeton MCAT review tools to better prepare for the exam. . These tools include MCAT events.189 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets P R I N C E T O N R E V I E W M C AT: P R O V I D I N G VA L U A B L E M C A T T E S T TA K I N G TOOLS Students can get excellent review and refresher courses from the Princeton MCAT review centers. and special reports. Through the Princeton review methods. practice tests. The Princeton review for MCAT has been calibrated to match the new computer-based examinations that have been recently implemented by the AAMC. pre-med students can confidently take the MCAT exam.

This is probably the best MCAT review tool that can be availed in Princeton MCAT review centers. . There are also free online practice MCAT exam that are being provided by Princeton review centers. or inspirational talk led by professional instructors. The most popular event offered by Princeton is the session on how to raise the MCAT scores through effective test time management. students can get valuable insights on different test taking techniques. These practice tests simulate actual MCAT test-taking scenarios to better prepare students for the exam. Students can also acquire special reports of recent MCAT exams.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 190 The Princeton MCAT events consist of seminars. Through these events. conferences. important tips and advices from experienced MCAT facilitators and instructors. Some of these events also discuss topics that can help students manage their efforts in finding the best medical schools. These reports offer solid analysis of latest exams and provide expert explanations on how to handle the different MCAT exam sections.

Students who are enrolled in MCAT review centers usually are provided with sample test questions to help them get a grip on the flow of actual MCAT exams. sample test question can be very valuable and could reinforce their readings. For those students who are selfstudying for the exams. Some test question meanwhile can be downloaded and printed so that students can answer the practice exam offline. Some of these test questions can be taken online and usually answers are supplied with annotations and explanations for each question.191 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets GET HIGH EXAM SCORES USING S A M P L E M C AT T E S T Q U E S T I O N S Sample MCAT test questions are useful study tool in preparing for the MCAT examinations. . Sample MCAT test questions are available in numerous Websites over the Internet.

they could easily gain a slot in some medical schools. Students should strive to get high GPAs and write compelling application letters. . However there are also MCAT test simulators that include thousands of test questions. By having a competitive MCAT scores. However it should be pointed out that there are also other requirements in entering medical schools. They should also try to get excellent recommendations from prestigious medical professionals.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 192 Some of the best MCAT sample test questions can be purchased on the AAMC Website. Students can practice taking the exams using simulator software. The sample questions of AAMC are the most updated because they were derived from recent examinations. Sample MCAT test questions could certainly help pre-med students raise their average scores. This can sharpen their test-taking skills and could better prepare them for the actual MCAT exams.

. and logical reasoning. scientific vocabulary. In addition to stricter medical school admission procedures and higher educational standards. later scholars denied this. pre-medical information. Topics tested included visual memory. leading to the development of a test that would measure readiness for medical school. Moss and his colleagues developed the "Scholastic Aptitude Test for Medical Students" consisting of true-false and multiple choice questions divided into 6-8 subtests. Though it had been criticized at the time for testing only memorization ability and thus only readiness for the first two years of medical school. The score scale varied from different test forms. scientific definitions. understanding of printed material. dropout rates in US medical schools soared from 5% to 50%. the national dropout rate among freshman medical students decreased from 20% in 1925 to 1930 to 7% in 1946.193 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets E V O L U T I O N O F T H E M C AT The Moss Test: 1928–1946 In the 1920s.A. Physician F. memory for content.

economics. The individual scores helped medical school admission committees to differentiate the individual abilities among their candidates. Questions were all in multiple-choice format. science achievement. which included knowledge of history. . Admission committees.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 194 A Simpler Test: 1946–1962 Advancements in test measurement technology. and understanding modern society. Each subtest was given a single score. The test underwent three major changes. Committees placed greater emphasis on scores on the scientific achievement section as it was a better prediction of performance in medical school. quantitative ability. It now had only four subtests. The total score ranged from 200-800. however. and changed views regarding test scores and medical school readiness reflected the evolution of the test in this period. including machine scoring of tests. and the total score was derived from the sum of the scores from the subtests. government. and sociology. including verbal ability. did not consider the "understanding modern society" section to be of great importance. even though it was created to reward those with broad liberal arts skills.

thus six different scores for the whole test were reported. Phase Four: 1977–1991 During phase four. the Graduate Record Office (under contract with the AAMC) merged with the newly formed Educational Testing Service (ETS). topics tested included scientific knowledge. though the "understanding modern society" section was renamed as "general information" due to its expanded content. Status Quo: 1962–1977 From 1962–1977. The "general information" section was eliminated and a broader range of knowledge was tested. which was then in charge of maintaining and developing the test. and quantitative skills analysis. Handbooks at the time criticized the test as only a measure of intellectual achievement and not of personal characteristics expected of physicians. At this point.195 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets From 1946–1948. In 1960. the test was called the "Professional School Aptitude Test" before finally changing its name to the "Medical College Admission Test" when the developer of the test. reading skills analysis. admission committees took different approaches in measuring personal characteristics among their applicants. science problems. and physics rather than a composite science score. the MCAT retained much of its previous format. the AAMC transferred its contract over to The Psychological Corporation. chemistry. the MCAT underwent several changes. . Responding to this criticism. Individual scores were reported for biology.

and physical sciences. data analysis. is graded on a letter scale from J-T. Though the AAMC claimed the new version intended to evaluate "information gathering and analysis. The total composite score. biological sciences. New Changes: 1991–present The test changed again. This question structure and scoring scale still exist today. Cultural and social bias was minimized. discerning and formulating relationships. though the majority of the questions are divided into passage sets. and other problem-solving skills." no research supported this claim. Passage-based questions were implemented to evaluate "text comprehension. or apply knowledge from the passage to other contexts. The writing sample. biological sciences. which ranges from 3-45. ability to evaluate an argument. they were renamed to the verbal reasoning. and writing sample sections. Though still divided into four subtests. . which consists of two essays to be written within 30 minutes for each.MCAT 100 Success Secrets | 196 The score scale changed to 1-15 as opposed to 200-800 from previous versions of the test. which each have a score range of 1-15. is based on the individual scores of the verbal reasoning. physical sciences. Questions retained the multiplechoice format." A new scoring scale also came about.

197 | MCAT 100 Success Secrets On July 18. offered the computer-based version for trial purposes throughout 2005 and 2006. the AAMC announced that it would offer the paper-and-pencil version of the MCAT only through August 2006. A computer-based version of the test was implemented in January 2007. and scored more quickly. Select testing sites. however. 2005. The computer-based version is shorter in length. . offered numerous times annually.

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