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. • Identify the different pressure belts and their location.• Identify the different wind system and its path.

prevailing easterlies PRESSURE BELTS 1. horse latitude 3. doldrums 4. prevailing westerlies 3. trade winds 2.• Wind system – the pattern of wind movement WIND SYSTEMS 1. polar low 2. polar high .

*Siberia & India → → → North Pacific Ocean Ans: cold air What turns this mass of cold air to the right and passes over the Philippines? .brings cold mornings and heavy rainfall along the eastern coastal regions of the Philippines. .• The Philippines is affected by these wind systems: A. . Northeast monsoon – known as amihan.experienced from October to February.

2.B. . South Pacific Trades bring humid weather in July c. Southwest monsoon – known as habagat . .brings heavy rainfall along the western coastal areas of the Philippines. Trade winds . C.experienced during June to September. c.1.the prevailing winds in the tropics . North Pacific Trades bring warm weather during April and May.affect the Philippines whenever the monsoon weakens during the rest of the year.

winds that are bent westward coming from the east and moving toward the subpolar regions.1. . ___________ 2. ______ 3. calm winds near the equator. cool air that descends at about 30 degrees north and south of the equator because of the rising warm air at the equatorial region. __________ 4. steady winds that blow toward the equator.

Wind blows from a warm place to a cold place. When warm air over the sea rises and the cooler air over the land goes toward the sea this causes land breeze during daytime.Modified True or False. 3. 4. 1. . The rotation of the earth affects wind movement by deflecting the wind sidewise. 2. Trade winds is the deflection of the wind.